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How much for Photography?

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Poll: How much did / are you going to pay?

How much did / are you going to pay?

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#1 babybeatlebug


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Posted 29 February 2004 - 09:04 PM

Sorry if this is a personal thing, you dont have to answer or go into details, but I'm just interested in the price people are going to pay / paid for their wedding photography. Don't include videography if you had it.

We are lucky enough to know someone who does wedding photography as a hobby but his work is really professional. He has done 60 weddings this past year and has never advertised.

For $700 we are getting 2 sets of approx. 280 photos (one set displayed in 2 albums the other set loose) in the larger 5" x 7" prints, this includes a roll of black and white and borders on the prints and all the negatives. He is going to come to my parents house, where I will be getting ready and take photos there, at the church, formal wedding party photos and photos at the reception for about three hours to cover speeches etc.

We thought that this was a great deal, but there is also the fact that we do know this person, however his prices are generally around this mark anyway.

Katie. xxx.

#2 Lara



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Posted 29 February 2004 - 09:31 PM

Hi Katie,

I can't remember all the details of our photography package, but we paid about $1100 I think. That included our professional album and the proofs. We ordered reprints etc separately, and the negatives were not included (this didn't concern us).

I think it was well worth the money, we were completely satisfied with the great service, and everything turned out beautifully. Rob was very prompt in getting our album finished, I was very impressed as it was over the Christmas period.

We opted not to have a professional video done, so we had a little more money to spend on photos.

Lara and Ryan

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#3 Portess


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Posted 29 February 2004 - 09:49 PM

Ours was about $1700-1800.. but it included 7 hrs, album, all proofs, some enlargements (on top of the ones in the album) and the negatives.


TOTALLY worth it, and would pay it again!
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#4 Mel W-C

Mel W-C

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Posted 29 February 2004 - 10:01 PM

We payed $1000 and we got 4hrs(getting ready,ceremony,formal and fake shot of the dance and cake cut at reception)prints of all the shot taken normal photo size(166 shots) 36 prints enlarge and put into an album for us and a big (i think its 20 by 14 or something like that)reprint with a photos frame of our choice(so we picked this really nice wooden frame that was about $100)and we also got the negatives which was something that we really wanted.
The photogragher was really good to as it was 3degree that day and really wind so he found new places for us to have pics cause we couldnt go where we had planned
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#5 USANatalie


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Posted 01 March 2004 - 04:51 AM

The base rate for our photographer was $2400, that included coming to my house, church, locations, and a few hours at the reception, can't quite remember how many, oh, and a twelve page album (which we got more pages in).

However, we also took this photographer to London to do our wedding there. She covered two days. I won't go into total price, except to say we ended up with two fabulous albums and it was worth every cent!


#6 Gretchen


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Posted 01 March 2004 - 06:33 AM

We will end up paying under $200 for ours!! A friend of mine is also a professional photographer and she will be doing the photos on the day and not charging us so it is going to only cost us to have them printed out!! Yay! And I might add that my friend is invited as a guest first not just the photographer.
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#7 Shaz :o)

Shaz :o)

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Posted 01 March 2004 - 08:18 AM

We paid $1980 for our photographer. That was 400+/- photos in a proof book, he also spent time with Steve and I separately before the ceremony and stayed at the reception until 10:30pm which meant we didn't have to do a pretend cake cutting or anything like that.

We loved him, he was great! We haven't seen our photos yet (I CAN'T WAIT!) but everything else we were very happy with.
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#8 Mrs_Thingo


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Posted 01 March 2004 - 08:45 AM

We paid around $1800 for our photographer (plus $200 non refundable booking deposit). This included unlimited photographs with her and unlimited time. She took pics of us getting ready (went to Matt first and then came to our house and photographed the girls and I), ceremony pics, around two hours on the beach and other location shots, about half an hour in the suite at the hotel prior to the reception, and then about an hour at the reception. We also got a proof album with all the pics in it and an 18 page professional album.

Enlargements were more (the cheapest was around $23) and we have also requested our pics on a CD which is an additional charge.

We are thrilled with our pics though and would do it all over again! It is well worth the money to have a professional photographer to take pics.


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#9 Bronwyn



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Posted 01 March 2004 - 11:04 AM

Ours was $499 but was with a family friend who would have been coming to the wedding anyway. We got him for unlimited time and received a velvet box with 190 5x7 photos.
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#10 ButterflyKisses


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Posted 02 March 2004 - 01:55 PM

Ours is costing $2,800 and we got a free engagement shoot and $200 worth of photos for the wedding album.
He is a pretty good photographer and all the ones I went to were around this price.
We get the album and two enlargements with this package but I need to ask about proofs cos the engagement ones were too small and showed little details....
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#11 karma


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Posted 02 March 2004 - 07:20 PM

our photos are costing $2300, this includes pre-wedding portrait, photographer all day (from when i get ready to when we get in car to leave) 400+ 5"x7" photos, album and i think thats it... hope they turn out- thats one of my biggest worries unsure.gif , we saw him at a bridal expo and out of all the photographers we liked his work the best, all very natural and candid pics. xx
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#12 Alison


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Posted 02 March 2004 - 07:20 PM

I paid alot for my phographer. But i thought i know his work and he was a fantastic guy so i was happy to pay the money.A friend of mine got married a few months after me and went for a cheep photographer and her photos were crap she was so dissappointed she wished she had spent a little more so she got better qualitypictures.The other good thing for me was my proofs were bigger then normal size photos so i put heaps in frames and they look fantastic.And remember what they say you only get what you pay for (well most of the time anyway) biggrin.gif
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#13 danie



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Posted 03 March 2004 - 12:43 PM

Im cant say how much we paid for our photos (mates rates), but it 'should' have been about 5k huh.gif

We had the photographer at the guys house, my house, ceremony, 3 hours of location shots and then the start of the reception, unlimited photos, and a proof album of all shots taken on the day.

We also got a big 15 page digital album with 110 photos in it!!! Had we gone for a standard album we would have had to cut it down to about 50!!! It was hard enough getting down from 340 to 110!!!

If it hadnt have been a friend we would have gotten a much smaller package, but the standard of the photos is phenomenal!!! We have had comments from lots of professional photographers about how great the photos are, so they must be pretty great(to others that is, not just me!!!)!!!

There is no hard and fast rule about how much to spend, the most important this is to find a photographer that you are comfortable with, who shows you lots of previous albums they have done, and definitely tells you exactly what is included with the package you are purchasing (definitely in writing!!), and also that is adaptable to your style of photos, you dont want someone who only takes 'formal' shots if you want very candid, fun photos!
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#14 nads78



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Posted 17 March 2004 - 12:22 PM

Well we spent a total of $850, which was 140 photos in the larger size, plus all negatives. We didnt want an album or anything like that.

Im going to say the opposite and totally NOT recommend our photographer to ANYONE.
Most of the photos were fantastic, a few could have been better (photography is a hobby of mine so I am very fussy and I know what to look out for) but the actual SERVICE was disgusting.

The owner of the business was all nice until our balance was due a fortnight before the wedding. He contacted me and abused me over the phone, was a very smarty pants and even said horrible things about my husband. He questioned why everytime he spoke to my hubby, hubby didnt know anything about the details of the payments etc....Its because I was organising every detail of the wedding myself (this is how we agreed) so I knew all about it. The owner questioned whether my husband knew the date of our wedding!!!
He yelled at me over the phone, and got me very upset. At the time, I was 5 months pregnant.

The actual photographer, I didnt meet beforehand but I had seen his work and had spoken to him on the telephone and he sounded nice and professional.
On the day, he was very sleazy and spoke to the guests in a horrible manner. He even made sexual remarks about the bridesmaids and one of my S-I-Ls.
The way he was talking to me while I was posing, I felt like I was posing for a Playboy shoot, not my own wedding day.

The hard thing was, I had to shut up the whole time because I had total trust in this guy to take nice photos. If I had caused a scene, he would have ruined my photos for sure.

This business is in Melbourne. If anyone has booked anyone or is looking to book anyone in Melbourne, PM me and I will be happy to let you know who the business is so that you hopefully dont have the same experience.

On a happier note, yesterday when I collected my photographs, I told the owner what I thought of him and how unhappy I was, infront of a couple who were potential clients...... wink.gif

#15 Megan



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Posted 17 March 2004 - 01:30 PM

OMG - this sounded just like my phototgrapher, but ours wouldn't hand over the photos (very long story, some here know all about it )

He was reasonably priced for what we got, and did take nice piccies, but was an absolute a**hole, not to mention a bit loopy-loo-la in the end. He used to advertise in Bride to Be, but seems to have vanished off the face of the earth now (too bad if we wanted reprints eh!)

The saddest fact was he was recommended to us, but Anths cousin who happened to work fot the mag!

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