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    Finally Mrs P!!

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:33 PM

wub.gif Oh MegLegs I love your proposal.

Here is mine.

It all started on Boxing day when L asked my dad for my hand. Dad was thrilled and said "yep, she's all yours." Dad told my mum that night. L had told his mum on Christmas day that he was going to propose.

Skip to early Feb, L suggested we take a quick trip Narooma for the long weekend in March. So we planned that then L asked if I could get a couple of extra days off so we could spend a couple of nights with my parents in Mollymook. Narooma is a special place for us, it’s where we had our first holiday together and realised how much we wanted to be with each other.

Anyway we head off last Friday afternoon to Narooma, shocking trip up through all the rain - it didn't stop the whole way! Sunday started with pouring rain. L was gutted he had this whole plan of a seafood picnic on the beach at our favourite spot, Mystery Bay - we had a picnic there 5 years ago on our first trip there. Luckily the rain cleared fairly quickly. We went and got some lovely seafood & fresh bread from the bakery.

We packed up the picnic and headed down to Mystery Bay. The beach was stinking hot, we were both beading with sweat and the sun was stinging! But we persevered, lathered in sunscreen.

I said to L "you look so hot babe, why don't you wipe your face with your hanky?" So he got a hanky out of the backpack - he also managed to slip the ring box into his pocket at the same time! This is where is gets funny- L faked (so I later found out!) a leg cramp to get up on one knee. He said to me "babe, I've got a question for you" I was still concerned about his leg cramp at this stage. He got the ring out and asked "Will you marry me?" (Oh god, I'm tearing up as I type this!!)

I start crying and flapping my arms like a spastic seal and saying “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god” over & over! I did say yes in amongst all of that though. I just kept looking at L then looking at the ring then bursting into tears saying “I don’t believe this, Oh my god” I couldn’t stop laughing and crying at the same time – L didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at me either!

We popped a bottle of champagne and had a toast. Then we realised we didn’t have any phone reception so we decided to pack up and head back to our cabin. The whole drive back there I was doing the crying/laughing thing. Then I was a bit sad because L’s mum wasn’t there to be included on the celebrations.

We started to ring people starting with my parents first, but L’s mum answered the phone. I thought L had rung the wrong number but then she said she would pass the phone to my mum. Then I twigged that his mum was at my parent’s house. L’s mum had caught the bus in Gippsland up the coast to Ulladulla! I was super excited then! We continued to make phone calls and that’s when I realised exactly how much planning L had done. My parents, his mum, my brother and a few of our friends were all in the proposal. I still can't believe our mums were able to hold the secret in!

We spent Sunday night just us. It was fantastic! We had dinner, chicken parmas at Bunka’s Bistro – not what we planned but hey at least it will always be memorable! Monday morning we headed up the coast to my parent’s house. And of course it was tears all round when we arrived!

The next two days were wonderful! We just spent with our parents, talking about our vision for the wedding and even checking out a few locations.

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Posted 16 March 2011 - 11:42 AM

Its been a few months since the last post here, but I read them all and I wanted to share too~

My story went, I was still living in California temporarily with my partner. We had a couple weeks left before my visa ran out and I had to come back here, so he wanted to take us out for a date. He planned for us to wake up early and take a long drive for a mountain/forest hike.

He seemed to be acting really strange all morning, thinking I was being moody or not wanting to go, when I was really just still a little tired after having just woken up, but he wouldnt believe that for some reason. That started to get on my nerves and I got frustrated, which made him frustrated, we ended up arguing that morning resulting in me telling him I didnt want to go out anymore as we just got in the car...to which he stayed silent for a bit then proceeded to back the car out with me still in it (which bothered me more at first, but we got over it and made up after about 20 minutes of driving in silence).

When we finally get to this national park...we realise we have to pay an $8 fee, and we needed exact change which we didnt have. Being out in the middle of nowhere, we had to drive another 15 minutes to the next town just to get to an atm, then 15 minutes back again.

While climbing the mountain, I started having problems with my back. He really wanted to keep going to make it to the top, but could see I was in pain, so we turned back. We started driving back to san diego, but taking a different way home. Asking him where we were going, he said we'd stop at a nice little sandwich shop he knows of. We reach the area around 4.30pm, but had to park a little far away since there was nowhere else to park, he starts rushing me out the car because it closes at 5..we get to this 'sandwich shop' which I realise isnt one at all, its some little gift shop I recognised him telling me about once before, that has a secret door only known to locals that leads down to a sea cave that opens up to the ocean. But despite us getting there at 4.30 and it was meant to close at 5....the place was all locked up with the lights off. Somebody had decided to run off early from work.

Now, my boyfriend was getting very angry, and I was starting to suspect just a little about what was really going on..and that suspicion only continued to grow as he still refused to take us home and instead started driving us along all these beaches looking for a nice spot to stop at.

Now, we were both worn out, and tired, it was getting dark and cold, we sat on a bench looking at the ocean cuddling together, and by then, I was really starting to think 'this is it!'..until he finally says depressed 'well..we can always go out again next week' and gets up to leave. I felt so disappointed, partly because I had gotten my hopes up, partly because of how down he seemed that our day had just not gone to plan at all. I'm walking back to the car until he stops me saying he forgot something. I turn around to see a little black box sitting on the bench.

I dont think he even managed to get the whole question out of his mouth before I had my arms around him hugging him.

He had several plans to propose across the day, and none of them worked out, but he kept trying which I love him for even more, and its an amusing story to tell my friends!
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Posted 20 October 2011 - 06:47 PM

This story would make us seem a bit 'bogan'.. laugh.gif
But my husband to be proposed at a Drive In!

Our first official 'date' was at a Drive In and a year later we packed the car up...
pillows, blankets, food and drinks and got there early, settled in. Midway between the movie Transformers and Bridesmaids he slipped a lolly snake onto my finger and I jolted slightly and then said "That was mean!"... had a bit of a giggle, kissed him and said I love you...
and then he pulled out the ring and said, "so... how about this one?"

Can't remember much of Bridesmaids tongue.gif

I love his sense of humour and it was so typically "him"... I guess that's what I liked most about the way he did it and because it was just the two of us out on a typical date night, doing something we enjoy... it wasn't forced or out of character.

If he had of taken me to a really fancy restaurant or done something out of the usual I probably would have expected it and it would have taken all the fun out of it.

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 02:09 PM

Any new proposal stories? I love reading them <3
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Posted 21 September 2012 - 07:52 AM

My lovely Partner proposed to me right at the tip of Australia.

We were on a holiday to cape york and on a secluded white beach ( The nicest beach you have ever seen! ) and he asked the question.

I knew about the ring before we left for our months holiday but it was going to be a surprise as to where he was going to ask the question.

When he got down on one knee he had mates calling out his name in the background to come and look at the fish they had caught - luckily he ignored them and continued on haha.

We spent the evening having drinks with our friends that we went on the trip with ( Lucky we were not in a dry community when he did it!)

We are now looking at getting married on the beach to tie it all together.

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Posted 23 March 2014 - 03:36 PM

He gave me a card from my mum and it had some money in it for my birthday, so i said I was just going to call her to say thank you. He said hang on a minute and gave me a bag from the jewelers - i thought that he had bought me a necklace that I'd seen in the shop.

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