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Posted 01 May 2009 - 04:50 PM

I thought I would have written in here, but I haven't.
I've been with FH for almost four years, he proposed just over a year ago.
Dec 27th 2007- FH and I investigate Tiffany's in Melbourne.
March 29th 2008 - FH takes me away for the weekend, Montville QLD, I was suspecting he would propose somewhere between Jan-June 2008, so I bought a new dress and perfume to wear to dinner on the second night (in my mind the most logical time to propose on a 3 night away).
On the second day when walked up and down the montville main road, on the way back to the cabin I was cranky about something and FH just laughed at me.
We got back to the cabin, I was sitting on the couch (cranky) and sucking on a sour apple lolly I bought in Montville.
FH went into the other room, came back and knelt in front of me sitting on the couch pulled a ring from his back pocket and asked me to marry him.
I just burst into tears and said yes.
He proposed with a tempory ring so I could officially decide which ring I wanted.
May 2008 - Back to Tiffany's, size me up and FH buys The Ring.
June 5th - The Ring was due to arrive in store on the 6th, but it arrived early! FH picked it up in secret and smuggled it home.
- FH disappears while I'm watching Grey's or some equally involving TV show.
- after an hour I realise he isn't anywhere to be seen and call out
- he collects me and walks me into the bed room
- with tea candles, on our bed, he'd spelt out Will You Marry Me?
- I pointed out, he'd already asked
- he pointed out you cannot just hand over a blue box
- he knelt (again) and asked (again) I said yes (again) and collected the blue box from the middle of the bed and opened it to find my ring. wub.gif
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Posted 08 July 2009 - 08:31 PM

My Proposal Story
On Saturday May 9th 2009
In Paris, France

My boyfriend, sister and a friend all went to Europe in April/May for 4 weeks on a Contiki Tour. The second last day of the trip was my birthday and we would be spending the night in Paris. The coach dropped us all off at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower and would be there to pick us up again 2 hours later. We lined up, bought tickets and made our way to the second level of the tower as the very top level was closed due to large crowds. We made it to the second floor and were enjoying the view (my boyfriend was a little nervous because he's not a fan of heights) when my sister noticed a sign stating that the top floor was now open and that we should go up. My boyfriend wasn't keen due to his fear, but saw how excited we both were so agreed to give it a go. We got to the very top just as the lights show was starting, and were in awe of the view. My boyfriend was still a little shaky, so I did my best to put him at ease. He seemed to feel better and as we were walking around to the other side of the tower he asked my sister to give us 5 minutes alone. My sister obliged and while we were admiring the view, that's when it happened. It went something like this...

My boyfriend: You know how much I love you, right?
Me: Yes.
My boyfriend: Well, I want you to marry me.
Me: I already know that (We had already discussed marriage and knew that we would eventually)
My boyfriend: Yeah, but I'm actually proposing. I bought a ring.
Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
My boyfriend: So is that a yes?
Me: Of course it is!!!!

My boyfriend then pulled out a little bag from his pocket and said that he bought the ring from a market in London (2 weeks before my birthday), and that it probably won't fit, but that he'd buy me the real deal when we got back home. He said he didn't want to risk losing the real one, or being pick pocketed, or have me not like it, or it not fit me, so he bought a cheap one that he thought I'd like as a temporary ring and would take me ring shopping as soon as we got back so I could find the perfect one. It was gorgeous and the style suited me perfectly, but just as he predicted, it was waaaaaaay too big for my ring finger. I put it on my middle finger instead because I didn't want to lose it and hugs and kisses were shared before I told my sister. She was over the moon and we made our way back to the coach. I announced it to all of our new friends who were in complete shock. A few of them thought it might happen since it was my birthday and we were in the city of love, but I had no idea!!! We got back to the hotel and after we called our parents and I rolled a bandaid around the ring to make it fit on my ring finger, we stayed at the hotel bar for a few hours having celebratory drinks. My fiance told me that he had asked my father's permission two months earlier, which I knew nothing about and had been planning to propose for a long time and decided that Paris on my birthday was the perfect time to do it. We got back home a couple of nights later, then went ring shopping. I found my dream ring in the last store we went to, which was Michael Hill. It's a princess cut diamond, set in a white gold band, with 5 smaller diamonds on the shoulders (either side of the main stone). I fell in love instantly, tried it on, it fit perfectly and that was it.
Everytime I put that ring on it reminds me of Paris and everytime I see the Eiffel Tower it reminds me of that night. It was the perfect proposal that I hope will be followed by the perfect wedding and the perfect marriage.

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Posted 28 July 2009 - 06:54 PM

Here is our proposal story. Some of it is probably irrelevant to the proposal itself, but made it special for us.

A couple of months ago my watch needed a new battery so Justin and I went to our local jewellers J.M. Leech to get a new battery. Whilst there Justin and I had a browse at rings and I found the ring of my dreams and so generously and thoughtfully asked the lady to write the serial number on a hint card. She also wrote my ring size on it. I gave it to Justin when we got home.
A couple of weeks ago mum and I went back to the jewellers when she was paying off a lay-by and I noticed my ring was gone! The very smart shop assistant said a lady had been in and bought it.
It was my birthday on July 20 and Justin's dad called me at work to say happy birthday and told me Justin had just left their place and was on cloud 9 and felt like he had accomplished something great. Justin came home and gave me a card; inside it was an info sheet to a B & B in Hepburn Springs, Daylesford. He had paid for our first ever weekend away.
The following day mum suggested I get my nails done, just in case.
So with ring missing, Justin's Dad and Mum's suggestions I had a seed planted in my mind he might propose.
I finished work on Friday, gave Jaksen a big kiss (he was staying home with his Nana) and we made our way to the B & B. I was so thrilled to be having our first childless weekend away; I sprinted from the car with bags to our "Champagne Room with Balcony". He had also organised a big bouquet of flowers, tickets to the Convent Gallery, handmade chocolates, massages and 2 hours dipping in mineral springs.
Saturday morning we were up, had breakfast and went to hop in the car to go to the Gallery when my car wouldn’t start. I had left the interior light on all night and drained the battery.
We hitched a ride into town and walked to the Gallery. We laughed all the way. It was fantastic.
Justin was admiring the function rooms at the gallery and suggested I leave my details for an information pack but I thought that was odd, considering we weren't engaged!
Saturday afternoon I was checking facebook on my mobile when he noticed a couple of friends had asked if he had proposed. He asked me if I had thought he was going to propose and I explained how I had gotten several impressions and he said, "Sorry love, I feel awful. I wish I had the ring but someone has obviously bet me to it".
That night we went out for dinner to a little old pub with shabby décor and we were the only 2 people in the room. Over the course of the weekend, every time he put his hand in his pocket, or left the room… or did anything I was waiting, but I really thought if it was going to happen it would happen now. Nope.
Then we went back to our room and had takeaway dessert and he knows how much I love cake so I thought maybe it would happen now. Nope.
After dessert he put the footy on TV and settled in and I was so exhausted I fell asleep. No hug. No goodnight. No kiss. Nothing.
Morning came and I was worried we would miss breakfast at 9 am in the dining room but Justin kept insisting I lay there. The phone rang and it was the host of the B & B. She wanted to know what I wanted on my pancakes.
Justin said “stay there, we are having breakfast in our room this morning its part of the Champagne Room package”.
There was a knock on the door and the lady gave us the tablecloth for our table from the balcony. I asked Justin if he could get me a glass of water. So off he went downstairs.
Christine came in with Justin’s Breakfast and behind her walked Justin with a tray with a tea towel over it. I remember looking at the tray thinking, “why would he need a whole tray for just pancakes” – but thought not much of it.
He sat the tray in front of me and as I whipped off the tea towel he was on one knee in front of me.
“Shone, I love you… Will you marry me? Will you drive me crazy forever?”
I looked over at the ring box in the pile of rose petals and then back at Justin and then I whipped him over the head with the tea towel. We were both crying and I said yes and put the ring on.
… And then we headed back home (via the Chocolate Mill of course) and rang our families and friends.

That’s our story. Thanks for reading!! wub.gif blush.gif rolleyes.gif

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Posted 29 July 2009 - 04:10 PM

Here is mine.

Adam and i having a fight in bed about something stupid, he gets up out of bed (in his undies) and i say to him oh where the hell are u going rabbitting on at him, he comes over to my side of the bed opens my bedside table drawer and im still going on at him what do you want out of there blah blah blah, next thing i know he is down on one knee opens up a ring box with an IOU note in it (we didnt have the money for a ring at the time as we had just brought our house) and ask me will i be his wife i say yes, he then asks me will i stop yelling at him now LOL.


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Posted 29 July 2009 - 08:35 PM

so cute Meg. Proposing in your undies after an argument = gold.

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 12:38 PM

Just noticed this thread! Adam and I have been together for near on 5 years now [August 15!], and he decided to propose on May 10th, this year. There was no ring, as he'd bought me a diamond commitment ring back on our 3rd anniversary - he was never one to be interested in marriage, and I was [sort of] ok with that. We were living together, had a cat together and combined finances, and I really wasn't expecting to EVER get married to him! I'd made it clear that I'd love to, but if he felt that it wasn't the right thing for him, I'd be happy growing old without the legal part of it.

So when we went away for a long weekend on Moreton Island in QLD, I thought nothing of it. It was just another weekend together, only this time we didn't have to make our own beds! Or cook! And we could sleep in and spend the day drinking and sliding down sand dunes and walking and swimming! I love holidays like that!
We were only there for 2 nights, and we enjoyed the first night very much... we took our beers for a walk along the beach and watched the [beautiful!] sunset, had dinner and a couple of drinks in the bar before heading back to the room for an early night wub.gif

The second day was much the same as the first, and I didn't think anything of Adam's suggestion that we go back to the beach again for the sunset. We took a couple of beers down this time, as we turned up well before the sunset, and just sat and drank and talked about anything and everything.
Adam drank his first beer rather quickly [nerves, I assume], and just as the sun was going down, he turned to me and held me hand. He said some lovely romantical things about how much he loves me, how well we work together and how he couldn't imagine living the rest of his life without me... I honestly had no suspicions, as we'd had talks like this before! Then he managed to surprise me by saying that he would be honoured to have me as his wife... "Sarah, would you like to marry me?!". I got a bit teary, said 'OF COURSE!' and enjoyed the rest of the sunset snuggled into his chest trying not to cry.

We then proceeded to get raucously drunk at the resort bar, went home the next day and called all the family and changed our Facebook status'! It then took us 3 months to set a date, and now we're getting married in March next year biggrin.gif
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Posted 05 August 2009 - 12:58 PM

Ozfire - you got me all teary!

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 01:27 PM

I got teary writing it myself! It's been a little while since I talked about the proposal, so got a sudden rush of emotion again blush.gif
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Posted 05 August 2009 - 07:06 PM

Awwww, I can share mine here too!! smile.gif

S & I go to an event in Whitecliffs (near Broken Hill) every year for a 4wd event. This year S was asked to be official photographer, which was really exciting, and on top of this S decided that on the lead up to the event we should go for a detour up to Cameron's Corner (cnr of Qld, NSW, SA).

So time comes for our hol. A few weeks prior we had gone to a few jewellers so that I could point out a design I liked. I found one not long after, a gorgeous radiant cut single solitaire and told S that this was the design I loved.

I thought nothing of it for the next few weeks. As I said, time comes for us to embark on holidays. I really didnt think that he would have bought the ring nor would he take it to outback NSW!! huh.gif

So on the way back from Camerons Corner going back to Whitecliffs we decided to set up camp along the Silver Hwy. We set up our camper trailer tent and set to cooking some yummy lamb chops for dinner. After dinner we sat by the campfire in the middle of pretty much bum F&^% nowhere in the pitch black apart from our campfire, me drinking wine, S drinking Scotch & dry.

So, he is back and forth to the car and I thought that he was fiddling around with his camera gear, fixing things, charging batteries, just general fart ar5ing around. I was thinking to myself 'stop fussing and just come and sit down and RELAX!'

At this point S comes over to me and says 'You look rather cosy there'. I respond and say something along the lines of yes, I am enjoying sitting by the campfire just relaxing and having my glass of wine, nothing gets better than this, etc.

S then went down on one knee and said 'Well, I was wanting to know if you would like this' and he holds up the ring and is smiling very sweetly at me!! I started laughing AND crying at the same time and put the ring on straight away and obviously answered yes!! laugh.gif

We just relaxed and talked by the campfire till bed time, and then just before we left in the morning S saved the gps co-ordinates so that we would forever have the spot where he proposed.. We looked up our spot on google maps when we got back and saved it to our files!! wub.gif

BTW - this all happened on 3rd July 2009.. smile.gif
Scott & Di - Married In Vegas 30th Sept 2010... Just how we wanted it to be...
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Posted 06 August 2009 - 09:46 AM

That story gave me goosebumps! Congrats, miss happy.gif
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Posted 07 August 2009 - 08:08 PM

congratulations girls. Both great tear-jerkers. smile.gif

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Posted 30 October 2009 - 02:03 PM

Just stumbled across this topic, and thought I would share wub.gif

FH&I have been together for 5.5yrs and overtime have always spoke about getting married, like it was a given. It was always a matter of "when we get married we will.." etc, so I knew all along that we would one day marry, but never thought he would be able to keep a secret from me!! So anyway, I went travelling for 6 weeks around Europe with my Mum & Brother over xmas & new year 2009. My boy stayed at home with my dad & they played house while we were gone. I thought it was very cute - my dad and BF had always been pretty close, but I thought it was really sweet that my BF moved in to "keep my dad company" while we were all away at xmas time. Prior to me leaving, we were both still living at home, (even though we pretty well spent every night together..) because I wanted to wait until I finished uni before moving out.. anyway, I graduated before I left, and we had bought a house and were planning on moving out together (finally after having NO privacy for 5 years!!) when I got home..
Anyway, I arrived home mid-Jan and was so happy to see my boy, as it was the longest we had ever been apart, and especially harder given I missed out on celebrating xmas and new year with him...
My friends had all told me how much he missed me while I was away, and they wouldnt be suprised if he proposed in the coming months... I secretly hoped that would be the case, but didn't ever imagine him actually doing anything about it - I thought it would always be one of those proposals where we "decide" to get married together..anyway, back to the story..
So got back home, settled in nicely & it was coming up to valentines day...my parents were supposed to be going away for the weekend, and so we were supposed to have the house to ourselves.. as it turned out, it ended up being shitty weather, and they decided to stay home.. My BF was really pissed off (at the time I had no idea why!! blush.gif ) because he had arranged to have the weekend at home with me, and was gunna do the whole "romanitc" proposal with rose petals and candles etc.. the morning of Valentines Day I was actually talking about "when we get married", and he tried to throw me off, by saying "You don't want to get married for awhile tho, do u??" I then came crashing down, and thought that all the ideas my friends had, about him proposing was so wrong, and that I shouldn't have allowed myself to get excited about it!! anyway, since his initially plans got ruined, he decided that he would wait until we were in our own house (about 4 weeks until we moved out), and would do it then.. the next weekend came around, my parents went away for the weekend, we went out for dinner for a friends birthday, came home and had a couple of drinks...we were sitting at home, and finally I decided I couldn't hold it in any longer - I asked him "what you said last week about not wanting to get married for awhile, how long is 'awhile?".. his reaction: got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket and said.."well what about now?"... I was in SOOOOO much shock!! Apparently he was about to ask me (he decided that he had kept it a secret from everybody for about 6 weeks, and couldn't hold it in any longer! plus he was so worried about losing the ring that he wanted to hurry and up give it to me! haha), and then I bought it up, so he used it as a perfect time to ask me!! I always told him I let him off the hook, by giving him a perfect opportunity to ask me, without having to bring it up!! He apparently had bought the ring (The ring was AMAZING a beautiful gold band with a brilliant solliataire (sp?) diamond - he picked it out himself, with NO help from anyone, and it was perfect...)while I was overseas coz he "missed me so much, that he realised that he couldn't live without me" wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
His mum, sister & best friends couldn't believe that he had spent 6 weeks at home, without me around, and had resisted the urge to spill the beans! It was lovely and I wouldn't have it any other way.... wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
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Posted 10 September 2010 - 03:54 PM

We were due to go on an annual camping trip to Winton, Vic for a round of the V8 supercars (we are car freaks, we go every year.) But the night before we were due to leave, our car was broken into, windows smashed ect. I was devestated and adamant that I WASN'T GOING ANYWHERE !!
Dave ran around getting the windows repaired, speaking to police,organizing the insurance and trying to coax me into going..Only after i took some pretty extreme security measures did i end up getting in the packed car.. it was 6pm by this stage and we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us..i wasn't thrilled with having to put up a tent in the dark or at having to leave the house just after the car had been broken into.. so i was a touch grumpy.

As the weekend progressed i started to enjoy myself..after a couple of drinks on the Saturday night i noticed Dave had gone to bed earlier than usual (we were with a big group of friends) the weather was arctic so i went and joined him in our tent..We were chatting about nothing in particular and somehow the subject moved on to weddings/engagements/marriage.. the sort of things that would normally have him breaking out into a rash..He said something along the lines of "I will propose just as soon as i can afford a nice ring".. i replied "People get engaged all the time and often just buy the ring later".. it was just a discussion, i wasn't expecting him to then say "In that case, will you marry me then ?"

Me: Are you drunk ?
Him: No.
Me: Are you going to remember this tommorow ?
Him: Yes ! (laughing)
Me: Can i run outside and tell everyone ?
Him: Yes !
Me: Can i change our relationship status on facebook ?
Him: Yes ! (still laughing)
Me: Yes ! (laughing) Yes ! i'll marry you.

I run outside to announce it to our friends still sitting by the fire and am BOMBARDED by people flinging themselves at me with congratulations.. even people i don't know ! LOL
We call both sets of parents in the morning and his parents are delighted ! My dad asks him if he's suffered a head injury lately ?! LOL
And we both laugh at explaining that we got engaged, in a tent, in our UNDERWEAR ! at a v8 supercar race. (anyone that knows us knows that's very typical of us)
To top it off, our favorite driver James courtney won that round AND sent us a quick email of congratulations wub.gif

We went ring shopping as soon as we got home and Dave picked an absolutely stunning ring, totally his choice and absolutely my style.

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Posted 10 September 2010 - 09:39 PM

Such a wonderful thread full of love and happiness!

Well FH and I went overseas just under 12 months ago and managed to come back with some extra $$$ (amazing i know!). So at the time he just casually said "oh we might have to get you a ring...". I then went into bridezilla overdrive, googling, emailing, looking at wedding mags... until he told me to pull my head in, that it was HIM proposing to me and to cool my heels a bit

Forward to February when we flew down to Melb as he wanted to formally ask my parents to marry me. Again soon after i started excitedly waiting... waiting... waiting for the question...

By Marchish we had started to talk about "october", i was allowed to bring wedding mags into the house and had started tossing around ideas - all the while not "formally" enagaged. Telling people to be free in October without giving a reason why and acting all mysterious was hard work!

So mid April rolls around - just over 6 months until "W" as it was also known. I knew FH had ordered the ring, because i had been sized for it. But that was all i knew

Mid week and a crappy day at work. I bombed out on an internal job interview and was pretty down in the dumps. FH came past to drop off a coffee and saw how sad i was - and decided today was the day (apparently the origional plan had been to wait until the weekend and text my BM to get me out of the house for a coffee so he could prepare!)

I get home from work, walking up the stairs to our unit. In all honesty my mind was off and i didn't think he was home. Then i could smell incense.. i thought to myself "if that bugger has gone to gym leaving incense burning, i'm going to kill him!". I walk in the door and my jaw drops. Our unit is dark, with tealight candles everywhere. Just by the door was a rose and a note saying the rose represented out past, and that he loved me. Continue on through the unit and there's another rose, saying it represented our present, and that he loved me - NOW BEAR IN MIND UNTIL THIS POINT I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON - i just thought he was being nice cause he knew i wasn't feeling happy.

So into our room where FH is waiting, sitting on our bed in a suit. On the bed is a heart made of dried roses from the first bunch of roses he ever bought me. In the middle of the heart is a photo book he had made online (without me knowing!) with photos of all the things we had done together - overseas, holidays, weddings etc. So i'm flipping through the book, thinking mmmm this might be it! At the end of the book, in print it said "will you marry me" - FH then got off the bed and down on bended knee!

Now considering we had been talking about for a while, and i had been nagging him to death - i actually asked him "are you serious"! And then quickly said yes!

Such a romantic boy - very proud of him!
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Posted 08 November 2010 - 04:32 PM

Nawww wub.gif I thought I had posted in here, read through them all and need tissues!! laugh.gif

Cameron proposed to me @ the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France while on our 5-week overseas trip in July 2009. We had spent the morning at the Louvre, trekked to the top of the tower and just before venturing over to the Arc Du Triomphe we decided to take a break and chill out on the grass area just under the ET. (little did I know this was his plan all along!)

We were sitting down, I was looking up at the tower in awe (it was the main purpose of my trip) and kept giggling that we were here, I couldn't believe that it was right infront of me. Cameron gave me little kisses on my cheek, neck etc and started telling me how much he loved me, so I started kissing him back and saying "I love you more", which is an ongoing little thing we have going on.

Cameron starts fondling in his bag, as if looking for something mid-kiss and the pulled out this little black box and said "Well I love you more, see?" and in it was my exact dream ring. He had gone into my laptop and found the jpg of the Tiffany ring that I was drooling over, and had it custom made, so you can imagine how giggly I was at not only being at this place I had dreamed about my whole life, but having my dream man present me with my dream ring... it was perfect!
We then celebrated our engagement that night with dinner @ Moulin Rouge wub.gif
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