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#61 louise_charlt31



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Posted 13 April 2008 - 09:53 PM

My proposal story is pretty long, but will try and make it as short as possible... It started by FH telling me to have a day off work so we could go shopping in the city (ps he never wants to go shopping with me!!) but i thought it was to get me new work clothes as i just got a new job. But we got to the city and he took me to a jewellers that we had been to before... and told me to pick out 5 rings which i loved.... was soooo shocked at this!! but i picked them out (had sooo much fun doing that!!)... and then FH just said ok and then we left.. had no idea what was going on... for the next week i couldnt stop asking him if he had bought a ring, if he was going to propose!!! I hated suprises!!! But came home the next weekend to find my overnight bag packed, and FH told me to wear something nice... We drove into the city where we had a beautiful hotel room in the Shangri-la overlooking the harbour... after few champagnes we went to dinner on the top floor overlooking the opera house and harbour bridge... it was so beautiful but absolutely hilarious... the food was soo posh and we didnt know how to pronounce any of the things on menu!!! We couldnt stop laughing because everyone in the restaraunt was so quite and serious... totally not us!!!! The waitress actually came over and told us to keep our voices down!!!! That made us laugh more!! Anyways, FH suggested we go to Mcdonalds cos we were starving after dinner... it had started raining so i suggested we just go back to hotel... but fh really wanted to go to mcdonalds.. or so he said!! anyways while we were walking i saw a horse and carriage (something i have always wanted to go on but FH was too embarresed to go on one!!) and i actually made a joke to him saying how romantic it would be to go on one... It was for us!! He had organised it!!! but when we reached it the guy said we would get too wet cos it was really raining by this stage... i was sooo upset, we walked back to hotel but i couldnt help but get teary... went into the bathroom to clean my face up.. came out with FH standing there with the ring... he said he was so sorry that we didnt go on carriage but would i marry him anyways!!! hes such a dork!!! of course i was soooo emotional and happy...
We got to go on the horse and carriage the next day anyway.. and it was just as romantic as i always thought it would be.. even if the proposal didnt happen on it!!!

Sorry that was really long!!

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Posted 22 April 2008 - 09:46 PM

My FH proposed to me while we were in Hong Kong, he took me completely by surprise. We were in the roof top lounge in the Sheraton over looking the light show of Hong Kong Island. I was too busy admiring the view that I didn't notice him get down on one knee. I couldn't stop laughing and crying when he asked. We celebrated with pink Moet champagne and mini desserts. He took me shopping the next morning for my beautiful engagement ring.
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Posted 23 April 2008 - 10:38 AM

We won tickets to the 06 NRL grand final.
Had a great day, loads of beers etc etc.
When we got home we were in bed laughing about the day and how much we had had to drink.
Hubby then proposed, I cried as he told me all along he didn’t want to get married, he was committed and wanted to have kids but not get married.
I thought he was joking, I obviously accepted but in the morning I had to check that he was serious and not drunk when he asked, he said he was.

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Posted 23 April 2008 - 02:12 PM

Beautiful story, La jeune mariee. You write very well! smile.gif

My proposal story is told in pictures on my wedding webpage. Look at all seven photos and read my story smile.gif

Have a looksee here.

~Michelle happy.gif

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Posted 23 April 2008 - 02:12 PM

Here is mine ........ i am not sure if i have posted in here before.............


Cam is the most wonderful guy but he is totally hopeless in the romance department . This was his proposal. We were looking at rings in the jewellary store and he said , " Why don't you try it on" and when it fitted and i loved it he went " Let's chuck it on the credit card" and i said " Are you asking me to marry you ? " and Cam said" duh".
The poor Jeweller nearly fell over. blink.gif

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Posted 23 April 2008 - 06:19 PM

mine is utterly unromantic.

i had just been on a 4k run and hoped out of the shower with my hair in a towel turban
and my old shorts and shirt jammies on ready for bed and i walked into my bedroom
with my FH a little quite and weired and he just came out and said "so do you wanna?" lol

i replied "do i wanna what? "

and then he said "do you wanna marry me?"

i was very shocked and said "YES!!!" of course.

we called his parents and told mine. i was still living at home at the time and while i was out he had asked my parents.

later that night after i had realized that i was engaged and we had started drifting off to sleep i sat up and said
" you could have made it more romantic what are we going to tell our grandchildren" lol.

i now love how he proposed it was his way and
i will always know that no matter what i look like he will still love me.


#67 starry eyes

starry eyes

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Posted 22 May 2008 - 06:13 PM

LOL... seeing as I'm now married... I only just find this one now! Oh well - I still remember it all... biggrin.gif

I was out the back of our house mowing like a crazy banshee when I saw him coming straight for me. Home surprisingly early - nice! He turned the mower off & said C'mon - have a shower, do you feel like fish & chips at the Spit? (The Spit is our favourite place to go to on the Gold Coast & Pete's fish n chips are my all time favourite). It was 2 days before my 26th birthday & the next 2 days were filled with lunches & dinners & fun times with family & friends, with my parents meeting luke's mum for the first time ever on the Sunday (my birthday)! I showered & then we headed off with Storm (our little man - staffy) hopping in for the ride.
All the way down to the Spit Luke was chatting non-stop - at the time I just thought he had a big day cos he does that sometimes but now looking back i think he was nervous smile.gif We ordered our fave fish n chips & then he drove us up to our fave spot at the Spit, right where the sun was just setting. He asked me if I knew why he'd brought me there & for a split second I thought 'Could it be?' but then I thought No Way, & I said to him that it was 'cos we wouldn't have any time on our own over the next couple of days & he said no... I felt the butterflies starting up & he said "Actually I wanted to ask... as he pulled out a little white box.... Will you marry me?" - I was stunned! Amazed. I looked at him & he had this smile on his face & I managed to finally say "Yes of course! Yes!" Then I made him ask me 2 more times cos i couldn't believe my ears! And I didn't even end up really eating my fish n chips, we just snuggled up on our little picnic rug watching the sunset & enjoyed the moment with our little stormy boy aswell!

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#68 Butter Head

Butter Head

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Posted 23 May 2008 - 03:55 PM

Gee I love engagement stories!!

My DH and I were doing a spot of Christmas shopping one hot day then we decided to go to a lebanese restaurant that we'd been going to since we'd met and I'd been going to since I was 4 years old... so we're eating away at our usual dips and kebabs then DH suggests we get some ice cream since it was hot (unusual, he's not a dessert man) so I say why not?

Off he goes to the counter to order it while I'm just gazing at all things around me... then he comes back to the table and off I rattle about something insignificant I'm sure.... then the plate of ice cream comes... and all I see is this beautiful diamond ring next to the ice cream.... I stop talking and just gape at it all... then just burst into tears.... DH comes around the table to hug me and say "you didn't answer the question..."
"what do you mean?? You didn't ask anything"
" Yes I did, look..."

and on the plate in chocolate sauce are the words "Will you marry me?"
and off I start crying again and of course mumble yes through my years and snot tongue.gif
I still have a photo of that plate to this day smile.gif

#69 Doll Baby

Doll Baby

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Posted 25 May 2008 - 08:54 PM

My beautiful boyfriend took me on a wonderful holiday to Thailand.

After a wonderful candle lit dinner we went for a walk along the beach and he got down on one knee and popped the question.

Fantastic holiday!

Little did i know that he had already asked my dad for permission before our trip.

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 11:00 AM

These stories are just so wonderful!

Everytime I think of how H2B proposed I just start smiling smile.gif

We were doing a tour around Europe for a month, and we happened to be in Prague over Easter. Prague at Easter is even more spectacular than usual, with the Easter Markets in Old Town and Wenceslas Squares. We were wondering around Old Town Square just as the sun was going down and the Markets were starting to light up. It was just before 6pm and I said seeing as we are here why don't we watch the Astrological clock? H2B was a bit hesitant saying how about we going in a horse and carriage ride? Me being dense said, nah I'm enjoying the markets and it is a bit too cold to be in the open air... H2B said well when am I going to get you alone? I replied still just as cluless "well we are in Europe, about the only time that we are ever alone is when we are in our room"... Just ask the clock struck 6pm he asked if I would marry him.... Apparently it took me awhile to say "Yes", I just kept asking "really?" When I finally said yes I had to ask him if he was going to put the ring on tongue.gif

After always wanting to propose in Prague, he had the ring in his pocket for two days waiting for the perfect moment smile.gif

Got to love him wub.gif
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Posted 26 May 2008 - 05:19 PM

QUOTE(la_jeune_mariée @ Apr 23 2008, 01:48 PM) View Post

- We then went to our favourite tapas bar and had a bottle of Billy cart and called our families

My Sam did a good job smile.gif

Yum Billy cart is my new favourite bubbles after Nick bought me some for my birthday. Your Sam did a wonderful job!!

#72 Maudie



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 02:15 PM

The best thing about my proposal I think, is that he really had me by suprise and he chose the ring which is scarliy close to a secrect drawing a drew in my diary!

Anyway, he picked me up from work (I was working in retail then) and started for home. I said first I wanted to to to Glenferrie Road to pick up a few things. We were buying crap stuff like tisses and handwash when he started to get a bit whingy, "I want to go home, can we go now?"

We went home and he was behind me on the stairs (we lived on the first floor). He said, " I just have to get my golf clubs from the car." And he was swaeting like he'd run a marathon.

So I opened the door to the apartment. There were rose petals in the vauge outline of a heart, (the wind from the door blew them around a bit). Now, at this point in our relationship I had been half joking, half seriously asking him when he was going to proposed, " When?" I would ask, "when?" The one word was all I had to ask, he knew what I was waiting for.

The rose petals snaked their way to the lounge room. On the coffee table more petals were strewn about. I really thought that he was giving me some very nice earrings or something as a peace offereing for me to stop bugging him!

On the coffee table was a jewellry box and a bottle of Krug (I'm pleased to say we drank the Krug at dinner that night... very nice champagne).

Robbie Williams' swing CD was playing softly and HTB came up behind me moving me closer to the coffee table. By now I was thinking, "This is it! No it can't be. It is! Is isn't" etc.

He took my hands and knelt down and said, "Will you marry me?" The rose petals on the coffee table, upon closer inspection said MARRY ME

Hugs, kisses and a hasty grab at the diamond ring and the rest is history! wub.gif

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#73 Katemz



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 08:50 PM

Hey everyone,

I was in a state of shock with what FH planned for the proposal. He has been known to be quite the 'unromantic' by many of our friends, but this story is a contradiction:
he picked me up early the morning of my birthday, on the premise of going into town for a brithday brekkie. Past the city we drove and we ended up parking our car just past the airport. I was stumped, didnt know what FH was up to. A few minutes past and a taxi pulled up alongside us and drove us to the airport (a decoy!)....flew southt to Albury. Still unaware of where we were going! You should have seen me at the airport...i was wired with excitement! So we flew to Albury, walked out to the carpark, where we FH walked to a random car, knelt down and reached for some keys (without saying a word). He asked me to hop in the car, so I did so, but with a dozed questions(!).
So we drove south to mount buller, where a helicopter (Ohhhh!) was waiting. So we climb aboard and by this stage i am speechless. I dont think i said a thing on the flight over. After 30 mins we began to descend on top of a mountain where Craig's Hut (from the Man from Snowy River) was. By this stage i was teary and overwhelmed by the whol;e experience (and everyone watching us). We found a quiet place and FH knelt to bended knee and proposed. ohhh, how sweet is that memory!
Then we did the whole trip in reverse order, in time to meet up with both sides of the family in the evening. We were so excited and for me, i dont think i slept properly for a fortnight after.

Anyway, thats our story.

Ive enjoyed hearing everyone elses stories....


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#74 Miss Em

Miss Em


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Posted 30 May 2008 - 08:33 PM

My proposal was a complete surprise. We met on the 26th of Nov but we often celebrate the "26th" of other months as it is a special date for us. So he suggested going to dinner at this lovely restaurant by the river, as we often celebrate this date it wasn't anything unusual.

On the night he was pretty quiet and I noticed he only ate about half of his main meal so I kept asked him if he was feeling ok. He finally said he wasn't feeling well. He was so pale, I was really worried about him thinking he might have food poisoning, so I asked him if he wanted to leave. He said that he just wanted to sit for a while so I left it at that. I went off to the toilet and when I got back he said they were bringing us a complimentary dessert platter. So I went along with it - who would say no to free dessert?? When it came out they sat it in front of me. It was a platter with all sample size desserts and in the middle was the ring box and around the edge in chocolate writing they had written "Will you marry me Emma?"

At first I didn't even notice the writing and I thought maybe he got me earrings or something. So I looked at him and asked what it was. When I looked back I noticed the writing and after I read it I burst into tears. I kept asking if he was serious. Haha. He then opened up the box and asked me officially. I was so teary I couldn't even see the ring properly. Haha. I obviously said YES!!! After that he quickly returned to his normal colour!! He told me later he was so nervous just due to all the anticipation and he was worried that I wouldn't like the ring. I loved loved LOVED the ring, so all that worry for nothing...

Here is the pic... the dessert had started to melt!

IPB Image

#75 RubyTuesday


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Posted 30 May 2008 - 09:51 PM

Dont tease!! Can we see the ring in the box?? Please?? biggrin.gif
Scott & Di - Married In Vegas 30th Sept 2010... Just how we wanted it to be...
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