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Posted 02 August 2007 - 02:33 PM

My hubby proposed to me on Valentines Day 2005!!

I'd been down in Newcastle for the weekend for my cousin's engagement party, and I flew back to Brissy on Valentines Day, and hubby came to the airport to pick me up!! He'd booked us in for a nice dinner, so we went straight to the restaurant.... I was so completely oblivious, and just chatted non-stop the whole car trip there!!

He had planned to propose over dinner, but the restaurant was so packed (due to V-Day), and the food took ages to arrive, so I got all grouchy cause I was sooo hungry (as I was on NSW time, so it was about 10pm for me by the time we got our food)..... so I kinda ruined the moment for him! ph34r.gif

Anyway, so we went home, and went to bed wink.gif, and afterwards we were lying in bed together, and he just said he had something else to give me!! He said it was chocolate, and me in my completely naivety believed him! I heard him rustling around in his drawer, before he crawled out of bed (completely starkers by the way), and got down on one knee to ask me to marry him!! I was completely gobsmacked, but said yes!! I was so excited!!

By this time it was almost midnight, so he wanted to go to sleep as we had to work the next day.... but I was far too excited to sleep! Just kept jumping around the bed all night! hehehehehe tongue.gif Probably made him regret asking me! hehehehe

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Posted 02 August 2007 - 11:25 PM

I can't believe I haven't posted in here yet!

Taken from Wedding Website;

"Well, on Friday 12th January Daniel proposed to me after 5 1/2 years together. It was so beautiful. I came home from work and from the front of the door all the way to the lounge was a trail of rose petals. I followed them around and their was Daniel surrounded by a circle of rose petals holding a bunch of lillies. Music had started to play when I entered the house. Lifehouse's You and Me. I met him in the middle of the circle he held my hands and got really teary and told me a few things before handing me the flowers. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I started to cry (happy tears of course!) and we hugged for so long.

He then told me that we were going out and to be ready in an hour, but I wasn't to know where we were going. A limo pulled up and we went on a romantic ride around the city for an hour before pulling up in front of the C Restaurant (Perth) were we had the most romantic dinner. We were having dinner and he told me that there was another surprise. He had booked at executive suite at a hotel nearby. So after dinner we walked down to the hotel. He told me on the way that there was another surprise! When we got to the hotel he brought out a bottle of my favourite champagne - Moet & Chandon!!!!"

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 11:18 AM

Another story here... smile.gif

I'd been overseas studying for three weeks, and Peter decided to take me for a picnic the day I got home. Mum just happened to have some really nice picnic food in the fridge which she said we could take (no, I wasn't suspicious...I thought if he was going to do it, it would be at the airport.. tongue.gif).

Unfortunately, we ended up sitting in the medical centre for 2hrs though while I had blood tests and stuff cause I'd picked up a nasty virus overseas and they thought it was whooping cough. wink.gif So we ended up sitting in the park a couple of hours later (I'd been talked out of going straight home and was feeling a bit better).

While we were eating Peter pulled out a piece of paper, which was an acrostic poem saying MARRY ME down the side in big blue letters...the only problem being it took me a while to realise, so I think he was getting a bit nervous. When I did realise I started crying, at which point he became even more worried, and asked "Is that a yes??" laugh.gif

Turns out Mum and Dad already knew, cause he'd been to ask permission the week before...while Dad was holding a carving knife... ohmy.gif

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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Posted 04 August 2007 - 05:54 PM

I have just come across this thread, & just because there's so many lovely romantic proposal stories, I just have to add my terribly unromantic one!! tongue.gif
We'd been together nearly 8 years & knew that it'd happen at some stage, and at the start of 2005 I told DH that he'd better propose to me by the end of the year or he was in big trouble! I had also told him that he wasn't getting a new motor bike until there was a ring on my finger (why should he have 2 bikes and me 0 rings??). biggrin.gif
So one afternoon (in Nov '05) while we were cleaning out the wardrobe in the spare room, DH makes the comment that 'maybe we could go to Torquay at xmas on the new bike' to which I replied 'well you know the deal, once there's a ring on my finger, you can get a new bike'. So with his head up the top of the wardrobe his reply was - "Well go get a ring & we'll say it's done"! - Well lets just say I didn't need to be told twice! tongue.gif laugh.gif
Funnily enough, no one that knows us was at all surprised about how this happened!!

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Posted 04 August 2007 - 11:15 PM

How romantic are our guys ? wub.gif

Here's my story, I will do it in point form too, in the same order of events for the day.

* I was treated to a shopping spree
* Beautiful lunch at our favourite pub
* Booked our reception ( yes that's right, before I had been officially proposed too ! )
* Went home to pick up suitcases ( at this stage I was thinking what for ? ! )
* Checked in at one of East Sydneys exclusive hotels
* Got to our room, to find rose petals scattered all over the floor and bed
* Dinner waiting for us
* Had dinner
* Took me out to the balcony overlooking the Bay and dropped to his knee and asked me to be his forever wub.gif

It was the most romantic thing I had ever experienced, our families were in on it, looking back they would have had to be, as I missed out on my aunts bday dinner !
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Posted 05 August 2007 - 02:47 PM

For the week before this night Craig had told me to keep the Friday night free and he was taking me to my fave Indian place Raj on Taj for dinner which I was very very excited about. I get home from work to a rather fidgety and jumpy Craig which I thought was odd but got ready in just my jeans a nice black woollen jumper and my boots but for some reason Craig thought I would look nicer in my black work pant to which I was a bit baffled. You see Raj on Taj is a little Indian take away place with tables and chairs so I didn't see why I would need to dress up. Anyway off we go when Craig decides since Friday night traffic would be busy to take a detour when all of a sudden we end up at Cafe Lago a beautiful Italian restaurant on the river. Now I was starting to get a bit suss.

We go in and I feel mighty out of place in my jeans but thanked the heavens above I wore a nice Jumper and boots haha; we are then seated at a lovely table by the windows. We order and start chatting well try to as for some reason Craig seemed nervous and he wasn't eating much which was another dead give away something big was going to happen or he was going to throw up. We finish our meals and just sit there talking away when he starts to tell me how much he loves me and wants to be with me when all of a sudden he gets down on one knee pulls a ring out and says' Will you do me the honour of becoming Mrs Larry' (funny story behind the Larry part considering its not his last name lol) to which I was in shock and crying then a dozen red roses came out and two glasses of champers and obviously I said yes.

It was one of the most romantic nights of my life, even if I was in my jeans at a fancy restaurant hahaha.

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 08:29 PM

This is my story that I posted wayyyyy back in April 05. *sigh* so long ago and still a wonderful memory...

My boyfriend and I celebrated our nineth year together by going out for dinner.

My boyfriend booked a table upstairs at the Stokehouse and kept it a surprise.

We went for drinks in St Kilda beforehand and I cottoned on that we were going to the Stokehouse. I was thrilled we were going there for dinner but had not an inkling of what was to happen next.

We arrived and were seated at our table and my boyfriend took my hands and said how much he loved me. At that point I was all gooey and said I loved him to. I then realised very quickly that he was still talking and continued by saying he would be honoured if I'd agree to be his wife...at which point I burst out crying and all the people at surrounding tables starting tapping their glasses with their knives and clapping and cheering for us. We had strangers approaching our table to offer their congratulations.

The waiter brought us complimentary Veuve Clicquot champagne and then moved us to a table on the balcony with views over St Kilda. We had a fantastic night.

I still can't believe my reaction to being asked to marry him...I had no idea I'd be so emotional!

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Posted 25 August 2007 - 07:09 PM

i love how i was proposed to - even tho i probably should hate it smile.gif

it was my fiance's birthday and we were having a big party at our place. i get nervous when we have so many people over and it looked like it was going to rain so i had started drinking some beverages fairly early on and was beginning to get annoyed when my partner and my sister kept insisting i should stop drinking. he had been telling me for a while now that he wanted to say a speech at the party, mainly just to thank everyone for coming and he wanted to say the speech that bilbo baggins says in the lord of the rings (he's a big lord of the rings dork so it's all so fitting smile.gif)
now, neither of us are very loud or outspoken so i thought him actually wanting to make a speech seemed all a bit wierd but since it was his birthday i figured he could do whatever he wanted to do!
anyway, he gathered everyone around in a front yard and started saying his speech. he then proceeded to say that 'if he was a hobbit and had a ring he would disappear (like in the movie), however he's not a hobbit...but he does have a ring', at which point he walked towards me, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. i sobered up really quickly at that point!

i don't think i even technically said 'yes', just a little something like i was going to hurt him for doing this infront of so many people!

what gets me tho is how oblivious i was. my sister had known about it for months, he had asked my mothers 'permission' while we were all at the video shop, most of our friends at the party knew - some even brought cards and champaigne! and when i got all cranky when a friend of mine starting talking about getting engaged he saw it as an opportunity to go shopping for rings with me to make sure he was on the right track, and to get my finger size while he was at it - i just thought he was humouring me!!!

in this case tho i thought it paid off me being so oblivious smile.gif

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Posted 03 March 2008 - 08:19 PM

Bump! smile.gif

Anymore proposal stories girls??
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#55 mrs. w. to be

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Posted 04 March 2008 - 02:25 PM

I would like to share my proposal story. Its nothing fancy.

It was a tuesday afternoon and i was just watching tv on the lounge. FH ( his name is Nathan) was home and he was watching tv beside me. There was a knock at the door and i started to get up as i am ususally the peson that answers the door. But Nathan jumped up and rushed to the door which i thought was a little weird as he hates answering the door.

I didnt think anymore of it and i went back and sat down. He came back to sit with me and i asked who was at the door. And he said it was a courior, we had just recently bought quite a few things off ebay so i assumed that it was just one of the items we had bought. I asked what it was and he mumbled sumthing but i couldnt hear him so i got up to have a look what it was but there was nothing there.

I turned around to ask him again cause i really wanted to know what it was. But when i turned around he was in the middle of the lounge room floor on one knee with a small box in his hand. As i walked towards him he started to open the box and asked me if i would marry him. I was soo shocked i didnt know what to do. I was speechless. I quickly grabed the box out of his hand and pulled out the ring. I still hadnt said anything and i was shaking like a leaf. he got up then and took the ring from me and placed it on my finger and he said "Well?". I was still speechless so i kinda nodded my head franticaly and managed to get out a "yea of course".

After i calmed down i asked him who was really at the door and he explained to me that he had ordered the ring from a friend of his thats owns a jewlery store in melbourne (we are in sydney) and that it was really a courier at the door.

That had to be one of the best tuesday afternoons i have ever had
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Posted 05 March 2008 - 11:19 AM

biggrin.gif My hubby had gone and asked my Dads permission so I knew it was on the cards...but the when I had no idea.

He came home one afternoon from the shops and told me to stay in the loungeroom so he could take something to our room. I was a bit curious but thought that I would just wait and see.

I think it was a few days later that we were sitting in the loungeroom watching tv when he told me to go look in a certain spot and bring back the bag. I jumped up and went and brought in a lil bag (from a Jewellers store).

Next think I know he has slide down off the couch and on bended knee asked me to marry him.

It was so romantic - it was a warm night so he was sitting on the couch in his most comfortable jocks, orange with the elastic going and holes in them everywhere. wub.gif

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Posted 05 March 2008 - 11:38 AM

My DH had planned to propose on our annual camping trip after Christmas 05 with our daughter and our friends at the spot where we had our first date.

A few things went wrong for him ( I was oblivious) poor thing!!

* A mini tornado came through the camping site while we were back at home having christmas with our families and wiped out our tent and soaked our bedding etc in side it.

* he forgot the ring!! he realised as soon as we got to the camping grounds and we'd tried out best to fix our tent and layed out our things to dry. He promptly took off with a mate to go surfing (drive an hour home to get the ring) leaving me with the mess and an excited 2 year old. I was furious!!

* The ring was locked away in his best mates glove box and no one could find the key!!

We spent one night camping (the night before New Years Eve) with a tent that had it's poles snapped and dodgy'd back together, and had suffered a few rips and tears as well. I woke up in the middle of the night and the wind had picked up and snapped the poles again and the tent roof was lying on top of us. We spent the rest of the night sleeping in the car.

The next morning I said 'that's it, we are going home. We can't spend NYE like this!!" so we packed up and then DH took my daughter and I for a walk down along the beach where we had a lovely time as a family.

Little did I know that the family walk down to the beach was a ploy to get me out of the camp site so all of our friends could search for the key to unlock the glove box!!!!!!!

They apparently found it just before we got back!

As we were driving out of the campsite DH said - "oh lets just go up to Queens Head for a quick look before we go" This a headland that we visited on our first date. All I wanted to do was to get home and have a bloody shower but I said OK. I thought I saw him fumble with something in his pocket as he was getting out of the car and though "OMG!!!" but then quickly dismissed it because - I would KNOW if he was ever going to propose.

Once we go to the top I was taking some pics of the view to the North. I turned around to find DH down on one knee clutching our Daughter Holly in one arm and a sparkling antique diamond ring in the other, tears in his eyes squeaking out a barely aduible "will you marry me?"

Of course I said yes and gave him and Holly the biggest hug ever and we all layed in the grass on top of this beautiful remote headland giggling.

I was shocked when he told me that he had been planning it for months and that my best friend knew all about it! I was so sure that I'd catch on when he finally got around to organising it.

I was also very touched when he told me that he had asked my Father for permission when he had been to visit us a few months earlier as he had passed away from a sudden heart attack the month before.

#58 WinterBerry


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 08:15 PM

my boy took me completely by surprise
i had just got out of the shower and fh yelled from our room 'come here the cat has something on her foot'
so i go in still wet and wrapped in a towel to see our kitten laying on the bed with a post-it on each foot! one said 'will u marry daddy? and the other said 'please say yes!'
i was speachless ( a first in my entire life!)
fh was behind me on his knee with a gorgeous vintage silver ring! (i got to choose the 'real one' so i got two!)
so i said...
'you cant propose when im naked!'
then i recovered and said yes and promptly called in sick to work and we went ring shopping!
i had to wait four days to tell anyone because we decided to announce it at fh's bday party that weekend and that was agony! noone could belive that i kept THAT a secret for 4 days laugh.gif

ps we are having personalised post-its as place cards at the wedding!

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 09:43 PM

We had been together just over a year, and while I hoped a proposal was coming, I kept getting 'I just don't think I'm quite ready yet' - I was thrown completely off the scent!

I had been working late at my school's fete, on a really hot December evening. I was on my way home when FH rang me and suggested we head to the beach (a regular occurrence, so I was completely in the dark). I was exhausted and didn't really feel like it, but he persuaded me with the idea of a nice swim.
When we got to the beach it was getting toward sunset, and I wanted to swim before it got dark, so I left him fiddling with his stuff on the sand, taking forever as usual and waded into the water.
I swam toward him once he was finally out near me, and he called me over, saying
"Tash, come and have a look at this, there's something in the water!"
The beach we were at, although beautiful, has a bit of a rep for being dodgy, so when he showed me the little plastic bag he'd pulled out of the water, I thought he'd found some junkies stash.
"I think you should open it, Tash"
Still completely confused, I opened up the little wooden box that was dripping with water - and inside found a beautiful ring!
Speechless, for once, the penny having finally dropped, I looked up at him, with the sun setting behind him, and he said
"Tash, will you marry me?"
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Posted 28 March 2008 - 12:44 PM

FH and I had been together just over 4 and a half years when he proposed - exactly one week before Christmas 2007.

We take part in an activity called geocaching. (which, in short is basically treasure hunting using GPS co-ordinates. People stash random crap like keyrings, tazos etc with a logbook in a small container, hide it and record the GPS co-ordinates, then mark the co-ords online for other people to find and sign the logbook)

That Tuesday, I'd been at work, but FH had the day off. When he came to pick me up, instead heading towards home, he went the complete other direction. I asked him where we were going, and his reply was that someone had recorded a new "cache" that day not far from my store and he wanted to see if we could be the first to find it. I said ok, wasn't hugely in the mood, but we always have fun when we go searching. He took me to a nearby beach, we parked and got out of the car. (I should note at this point that I can't go on a beach without taking my shoes off - it's an impulse I have) So halfway down the track to the beach we have to stop so that I can take my shoes and socks off and roll up my work pants (at this point I'm very disappointed that I'm in my uniform still)

At the edge of the beach are some shrubs, and a huge driftwood log for us to sit on. FH "searched" for the cache and found it. I made mention that the container it was in looked just like a unique container that we had ourselves been saving for a cache of our own, and "how cool that someone else locally has one too") Inside there were some normal looking swaps, like tazos, a keyring, rubber snake, etc. There was also a small giftwrapped pressie. I asked him why someone would leave a present in it (starting to get suspicious - but trying not to think about it because I'd been disappointed so many times in the past) and he told me it was the "first to find" gift. He gave it to me to unwrap and started to sign the logbook. I opened it to find my beautiful ring, and looked over to see him writing "Will you marry me?" in the logbook. Unfortunately I was too excited to wait for him to get down on his knee (my one and only requirement for a proposal!) so said yes straight away!!

When we eventually decided to leave the beach, we debated whether to tell our families that night, or wait until Christmas Day and see if anyone noticed the ring on my finger first. We ended up calling everyone instead though, and our Christmas celebrations were extra special. wub.gif
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