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#31 ~Kristy~


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Posted 09 June 2007 - 10:18 PM

oohh i love great proposal stories..they are all so great i had to share mine aswell smile.gif

NYE 2005/06 at southbank fireworks in brisbane, we were there on holidays and id months earlier commented on how nice it would be (and cliche) to propose on nye and start the new year with a new phase of our relationship.

well the countdown was over and i was watching the first fireworks turned around to see if he was watching and there he was on bended knee in amongst thousands of others telling me about how great i am and how much he loves me then proposes. i was crying and so shocked i replyed with oh my god about a thousand times and he was like so??? im like yeah of course.. with his parents there and all it was lovely very romantic and spontaneous he actually hadnt planned on doing it then but decided it was time at about 11.59pm lol

he then took ages to ask my parents as he hadnt planned on proposing and was scared they'd say no-not likely! a couple of months later he got brave & got the permission to which dad replied why are you asking, do you young people still do that?

so that night he made a beautiful dinner and did it all again at home with the ring id been in love with! im always bragging now that h2b loves me so much and is so keen to marry me he asked twice smile.gif lol but the unofficial engagement was great it gave us a couple of months to enjoy being engaged without 50 thousand questions about the wedding smile.gif and it was as beautiful the 2nd time around as the first as id been at work one saturday and hadnt realised he'd visited my parents that day and had the ring id been dreaming about! yay awww my fiancee's the best love him so much smile.gif proposal feels like ages ago now

keep the stories coming love reading them smile.gif sorry this is so long but i had 2 proposals!
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#32 MsKara



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Posted 10 June 2007 - 01:53 AM

I'd been away for work for 2 weeks and had come home for the weekend. Being away reinforced how much I loved my H2B and what he means to me.

We went to a family gathering and my grandfather had said something rather hurtful during his speech. It really upset me so I went outside. I was quite drunk already and wanted to go home, so mum dropped both of us at our house. I was still blubbering like a fool and H2B was comforting me saying that he'd never treat me like that and how I meant everything to him. It was such a perfect moment, so I proposed and he said yes, even with my puffy eyes, running mascara and messy hair.

It wasn't really as I'd planned, but it would have ended up the same way anyway!
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#33 dancey



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Posted 15 June 2007 - 11:44 AM

Oooh i just found this topic now and it's all sooo romantic!
I'm very lucky I got 2 proposals as well! (odd i know but there was a reason!!)
He proposed last Feb while we were living overseas and bought me a small silver ring with a pearl with the intention of us picking a nice diamond one when we got back to Aus and resetting the pearl later.
He had his proposal planned for ages, he was going to get down on one knee on top of a cliff overlooking the sea, but on the day it absolutely bucketed down with the heaviest tropical monsoonal rain but he was already too hyped up and didn't want to wait for another day! So he drove me to the cliff anyway and proposed inside the car with the rain pounding down around us (which was actually kind of romantic anyway!) It was very sweet because he presented me with a box he's been secretly keeping which has every card and note I 've ever given to him, even little ribbons and paper from gifts I've given him, and he hid the ring at the bottom. He made a gorgeous speech about how everything I've done means so much to him as he was pointing out various things in the box. He said he wanted to give something back to me and when he got to the bottom of the box he pulled out the ring and proposed, then took me to a nice restaurant to celebrate.
He was dissappointed he couldn't go down on one knee so last month when we finally bought my diamond ring he surprised me by taking me to our fave park and getting down on one knee this time to present me with the ring! So I feel extremely lucky, I got two rings and two awesome proposals and an awesome man!
oh and the best part- I kid you not- at the park last month it was an overcast day and he was thinking "oh no it better not rain!" and then the moment he got on his knee the sun came out, it was amazing and made the moment so unreal!

#34 Tinky


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Posted 19 June 2007 - 02:34 PM

Gosh I have been reading all these, and it has bought tears to my eyes, so I thought I would add my own story.
Michael and I were on a cruise of the South Pacific and on Valentines Day 2007 we were docked in Noumea. After doing the tourist thing and exploring it was time to go back to the ship and get ready for dinner. Michael was bieng so fussy. Everything I pulled out of the wardrobe to wear he didn't like. I told him I was wearing the particular dress I finally got out or I wasn't going to ruddy dinner at all!!! He was happy with that choice.
After getting ready he was fidgeting terribly and I told him to stop fidget farting around, by this stage we were in the ships dining room. I also told him to tuck his shirt in as it looked untidy. As we sat down he was still fidgeting and I said " for goodness sake stop the fidgeting" I asked him what was wrong and he said his shirt was too tight. I told him it was his own fault for eating so much on the cruise and it was probably coz he put on weight. Unbenown to me he had a huge ring box in his pocket and he was trying to take it out without me seeing it and placed it between his legs on the seat. Then he asked another person whom was sharing our table if she wouldn't mind taking photos of us as his flowers had arrived he arranged for me. She agreed, and as she got the camera ready to take a pic he looked at me smiling and I didn't understand what was going on till I looked down and saw the ring box opened in his hand. I just looked at him speechless and the tears started, he was also crying. Everyone started clapping and cheering in the dining room and an elderly lady at a table behind us said .." well are you going to ask her or not" He asked me, I said yes and for days later we were bieng congradulated by people everywhere we went on the ship. It was wonderful and very romantic. Our friends and family were over the moon when they found out. As it is 2nd time round for both of us my kids were so excited when he asked them when we got home for thier mothers hand in marraige. We didn't tell them before then. Most of our friends said it was about time as we have been together 3 years now.

#35 Sarah'81


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Posted 20 June 2007 - 08:54 PM

Here is a photo of how my fiance proposed. I knew it was coming, we had chosen the ring together, but I didn't know how he would ask. We were both so excited after we chose the ring that we didn't sleep properly for a week until he collected the ring and officially proposed. There were also lots of rose petals and candles all throughout our apartment in motifs of 6, as we had been together for 6 years. After the proposal we had a very special bottle of champagne, oysters, brie and all my favourite foods, and then had dinner with my family and surprised them with our news.

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#36 Gem11


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Posted 23 June 2007 - 10:00 PM

I know this thread has been going for a while but I've only just discovered it and wanted to share my story! Reading all the others (which sound soooo romantic) I think mine was as unique and everyone elses is! Here goes!

Well, I knew he had the ring! I came home from work in tears (my boss had been really mean to me at staff drinks on friday) and my FH was trying to console me and told me he had the ring! (We absolutely can't keep surprises from each other! We are the type to give birthday presents weeks early if we have already bought them!)

Anyway about a week later FH suggested a bush walk - I have preface this with - I don't exercise and we hadn't been for a bush walk for about 9 months!

So having an idea what was going on I agreed and he took me to Mt Warning Northern NSW - this is a mighty mountain! We walked for 2 hours and I whinged on the way "there better be someting good at the end of this" and he assured me there was! If any of you have been to Mt Warning you'll understand how much of a hike it is! so when we finally got to the top after the rock scramble (literally pulling yourself up a cliff face with a chain!) We wondered around for ages to find an area that was free of tourists - its a really busy place! He got down on bended knee (on the iron grate that makes the lookout - ouch!) and proposed with a beatiful ring that he picked out all on his own!

The view, the romance, the man and the moment were all perfect! My legs hurt for a week later from the walk but it was absolutely worth it!

I hope that all the brides here are having as much fun planning their special days as I am!


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Posted 24 June 2007 - 07:24 PM

It was our 2 year anniversary and we went to our favourite restaurant for dinner. I did hope he would propose but as we walked out the door, I snuck a glance at his pants pockets - nope, no bulges there.

On the way to dinner, he asked if we could go and look at the water as he was going fishing on the weekend (he is mad keen on fishing). No worries, so I drive down there. He said he was going to get out and walk down to the water to look and to come with him. I said no, because it was really windy and I had spent ages straightening my hair laugh.gif He went on and on about me coming down too and finally I got really cranky and said "Fine" and stomped down there with him!!

When we were down there, he must have been nervous, cause he starting acting like he was a weatherman or something and giving a forecast!! I told him he was an idiot (nicely - I was laughing about it!) and he said "Yeah, but do you love me?" I of course said yes I love you and he reached down, pulled up his pants and there was the box in his sock biggrin.gif

Then he asked me to marry him. And I said yes!! Then we went to dinner, but I was waaay too excited to really enjoy it - I just wanted to get home and get on the phone!!!
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Posted 27 June 2007 - 11:58 AM

Blimey you guys have some great engagement stories there! Now for mine.. lol

My partner's sister was coming up for a few days to sort through a few things that were left to them from when their grandmother died a couple of years before (we had it stored in boxes...took up a whole bedroom in the house LOL). I wondered why she was going to his work first, as she was coming in on the other side of town,but I thought nothing of it. Me and her spent the day going through boxes while he was at work.
He got home a bit later then usual that afternoon which I thought was strange as his sister was here. He was standing in the sliding door when he got home talking to us. I said to him, why are you standing in the doorway? he came around the front of the couch and pulled me up and my head started to spin. He dropped down on one knee, said my full name, and asked me if "you will do me the honor of becoming my wife" and I couldn't speak. Great time to lose your voice. I managed to whisper of course I will!
He then told me the whole story. His sister had bought the ring up with her (as it was the family heirloom) and had dropped it off to him at work. He then spent an hour or so on the phone to my Dad, asking his permission. The funny thing was my mum was next to him in the car, and Dad wouldn't tell mum what was going on. After the initial shock of being asked to marry him he took a photo of the ring on my finger and sent it around the family, on the mobile phones. Next thing I know my sister is ringing me in hysterics with mum in the background lol. Mum thought it was her getting married and had gone to her place to see what was going on. She of course had no idea until we sent the photo.
So yeah, now thats where we are at! We have set the date, we just now need to book everything!

#39 tess88


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Posted 27 June 2007 - 04:37 PM

Last year at the start of October my h2b sent me an email at work saying he had to work in Sydney(we live in Melbourne) on the weekend of October the 7th. He said work was paying for him but he would pay for my flight so I could go up there with him. On the Saturday morning we got up really early to catch a plane to Sydney. Once we got to Sydney we went to the hotel to drop off our bags. I was amazed that his work was paying for us to stay at such a nice hotel(he booked it through an online company to make it look like his work was paying for it). After that he wanted to go to the Opera house so we followed a sign that said Opera house but somehow ended up on the bridge. But we eventually made our way to the Opera House. We got to the Opera House and started walking up the stairs and I was talking away(I talk heaps). He stopped at the top of the stairs and got on one knee(took me a while to realise he had stopped walking. I saw the ring and knew he was proposing so I said yes but not after making a fool out of myself and asking if this was for real. I spent pretty much the rest of the day in a daze and had to keep looking at my hand to make sure it did happen.

He knew not to ask my parents because my family are not very good at keeping secrets. I was amazed he went to so much effort to surprise me.
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#40 Jo!



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Posted 14 July 2007 - 12:43 PM

biggrin.gif Well I love our story.....
Its been about 6 months and i still feel the tears welling in my eyes!!!

It was Friday the 1st of December 2006, two days before my birthday.

My partner had told me that morning that he needed to take my car to work as his was low on fuel and didnt have any cash to put fuel in it. mad.gif

Steve had picked me up from work that afternoon, in my car and on the drive home told me that we would be celebrating my birthday early and when i got home i needed to get ready for a night out. He shuffled around the house getting ready and he seemed very wound up about something..... huh.gif

I asked him where we were going and he told me that he had organised a beautiful dinner for me and then the night was free for "whatever".

Well I was very surprised when i was all dressed up and Steve had pulled the car into his parents driveway. blink.gif Nobody was home but Steve got out of the car with out saying anything so i followed. unsure.gif

I was once again surprised when i saw in the pool yard a table set for two with candles galore, a single red rose and party and fairy lights around the whole pool area with VERY romantic music playing in the background. biggrin.gif Steve pulled out a chair for me and told me he would be back in a moment with our dinner (Steve's dad is a Chef, and a great one too!)

He returned with our dinners, and proceeded to pour a glass of champagne for us both.
I was busy looking around the garden setting of the pool with its gorgeous candles and lights which looked BEAUTIFUL, when he slipped the ring into my glass of champagne!!

'Here's your drink" he said to me and i turned to him and was watching the bubbles do their thing in the glass- Yes in know a bit strange of me- and it didnt even click that there was something in the glass until the bubbles started to settle down! rolleyes.gif

I was struck speechless! I was getting very emotional and couldn't speak properly when i asked him "what is that?'"

"Its a ring"

"what KIND of ring is it?"

"its the kind of ring where i ask you to spend the rest of your life with me"

From there i was an absolute emotional wreck too stunned to even cry to get it all out and i proceeded to drink the champers like there was no tomorrow (I don't like champagne) just to get the ring out!!!

Steven took my hand and pulled from my chair placed the ring on my finger and hugged me tighter than any time in my life where i replied

"of course, i would love too!"

Thats our story I hope you enjoy it as much as i did!!

PS- I have a better story of Steve trying to ask my Dad for permission to marry me!! What a classic!!!
Congratulations and Good Luck!!!!

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Posted 14 July 2007 - 02:04 PM

What an awesome post all given me goosebumps!!

My proposal while quite memorable too, we went to watch a mowtown tribute show at the Basement in Sydney, It was asell out crowd, we went with a group of friends and had dinner and watched the show, I was half way through my dinner when H2B excussed himself to go to the bathroom, I didnt think anything of it, I kept eating and the MC said "please bear with our next preformer his message is more inportant than his voice", I didnt even look up, Next thing I heard H2B on the microphone he said "please bear with me it will only take 5 mins of your time" I though oh my god who has dared him to do this, The band started to play Al Green lets stay together, Then it hit me what was happening!! The sound man said "someone grab her she's going to pass out!!" HAHAHA
The organiser of the night (also H2B's Cousin) walked me down to the dance floor where I watched him sing (hes not normally a singer), he got down on one knee and the crowd SCREAMED!! He proposed and of course I said YES!! The band finished the rest of the song and we slow danced by ourself while everyone watched on! It was unbelievable!! Just like a fairytale biggrin.gif

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#42 -Megs-


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Posted 30 July 2007 - 10:12 PM

Oh I love proposal stories wub.gif

Here's mine as posted way back in 2005 when it first happened wub.gif

It's official......

We're ENGAGED!!!!!!!

And it was sooooo amazing!!!!!

It all started on Thursday night when he surprised me and showed up at my house a day early. Then when I got home from work today he gave me a beautiful card (our anniversary is on Monday) and I cried, then he sang a song that he had rewritten the lyrics to and I cried some more.

We went into the city and recreated our first date, wandering along the Yarra and through the Botanic Gardens. Then he whisked me away to a secret dinner location, a gorgeous restaurant on Elwood beach, and after ordering drinks he started saying some gorgeous things but got interrupted by the waiter returning with our drinks! lol

After the waiter was gone he came around to my side of the table, got down on one knee and pulled out a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him!!! I cried some more biggrin.gif

I could barely eat dinner and after we left the restaurant I got told there was a part 2 to my surprise.

He drove me to the top of Mount Dandenong parked overlooking the gorgeous view where he jumped out of the car and rummaged around in the boot returning with a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses.

*Sigh* He's soooo sweet, love him sooooo much!!!!!!

Oh my god!!!! I'm ACTUALLY engaged!!!!!!!!

#43 Racheous


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Posted 31 July 2007 - 09:20 PM

After almost three years together, we had not been apart for very long at one time. So when Michael went skiing in New Zealand for a week and left me here alone it really put it into perspective how much he means to me. Little did I know that Michael was planning to propose to me when he returned. I managed to set up a plan for renting our first property while he was away and decided that I was ready to make that move.

Upon getting back from NZ, Michael and I were discussing future plans together when the topic moved to marriage. I casually said how I felt ready to marry Michael. Right there and then in Michael's arms he asked me if I would marry him! After (of course) saying yes and much tears and laughter I called Mum to let her know what was happening! Michael then asked my Dad for approval. I waited nervously as Michael explained how much I meant to him and I heard Dad say thank you and how happy he would be to have Michael as part of the family!

With that we went in seek of the perfect ring and we found one! (Update: After almost a year of trying to find a wedder to this engagement ring, Michael has bought me a new bridal set that is PERFECT... Picture updates soon!)

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#44 Saffire


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Posted 01 August 2007 - 10:33 AM

I loved Vik's bullet point proposal story so here goes:
  • Flying to Brisbane to celebrate our 3 year anniversary
  • Upon arriving @ Brisbane, Alex whisked me off to the International Airport
  • That night we flew to Singapore (I still had no idea what was going on)
  • Alex proposed in the hotel across the road from Tiffany's where he had put aside my e-ring
  • I couldn't say no as he had my passport laugh.gif
  • We spent the day ring shopping on Orchard Rd....just in case I wanted something else but I ended up getting the ring he originally put aside smile.gif
  • We spent 2 days in Singapore before returning to Brissie to celebrate with family (who had all been prewarned in advance.

Everyone's proposal stories are so wonderful.

#45 SEA


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Posted 02 August 2007 - 11:08 AM

Stephen proposed on 30 September in 2005. We had been discussing getting married and I went with his sister to choose my ring because he was playing soccer! I was impatiently waiting for him to propose and kept bugging him about it.

We went to Wollongong for the night (my cousin was having her 21st birthday dinner) and in the morning we ended up having a fight with me telling him to "Just do it and stop teasing me!". Little did I know he had brought the ring with him. We walked down to the harbour and around to the lighthouse where he started behaving pretty strangely. He then pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me! He didn't know at the time, but it was at the same location where my dad had asked mum to marry him, so it was pretty special. Most of our wedding pictures where taken at the lighthouse, including one of Stephen bending down on one knee!

We had to keep it a secret that night because I didn't want to ruin my cousin's birthday - it was very hard putting my ring back in it's box!

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