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#16 Vik


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Posted 01 June 2007 - 06:36 PM

I will do mine in point form.

- Watching the cricket
- Glenn McGrath was on a hat trick
- He didn't get the hat trick
- He went up to the study
- He asked me to go up
- He got down on bended knee and asked me to do him the honour of being his wife
- I said yes
- I thanked him for waiting until Glenn McGrath's hat trick chance was over

So 18 months later we got married. We are now in the process of living happily ever after. We both still love the cricket. smile.gif
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#17 Mellybel


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Posted 02 June 2007 - 02:31 PM

OMG Alaia, that souns wonderful - Eddie is a legend for organising it, how lucky are you

Luke took me away for the weekend, ran a bubble bath with bath bomb from lush (my fave) and brought me champersin bath and was cooking my fave meal downstairs all day

At dinner he proposed and I realised why he was so insistent I not sit on a particular chair (I'd be sitting on a ring) and of course I said yes (and bawled very unattractively)

When I told my parents my stepdad and mum said they already knew, stepdad asked if ring smelled of socks because he carried it in a sock in his suitcase from Melbourne a few days before tongue.gif

Mel x
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#18 Avery



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Posted 02 June 2007 - 03:38 PM

I'll take a leaf out of Vik's book and do mine in point form too, shortens the story up tongue.gif

- He asks me to go with him to pick up his new KTM dirt bike, I reluctantly agree

- Bike isnt ready when we get to the shop whic is about 3 hours from home, the guy in the shop suggests we go for lunch and come back in about an hour

- We order lunch at a gorgeous little country pub, He looks nervous, can hardly string a sentence together and has trouble maintaining eye contact

- Out of the corner of my eye I see the watress bringing over our meals just as he says "Ive got something to ask you..."

- I know what he is about to ask but dont want the watress to witness it, so I get nervous and tell him to wait a second! wacko.gif

- He looses his nerve and we hardley eat our lunch because we are both so nervous

- After lunch he drives me to a gorgeous park and tells me that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me wub.gif of course i get teary and say yes

- We go back to the bike shop and pick up his bike.

Perfect day, I get engaged, and he gets his bike tongue.gif

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#19 loveheart


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Posted 03 June 2007 - 03:32 PM

from our wedsite smile.gif

we organised to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in style! We booked into one of the luxurious rooms at the Sofitel in Melbourne, one of our favourite places!

Little did i know that Chris was planning one of the most exciting surprises ever! i had always joked that if I had any clue what so ever I would say no! He has spent most of the afternoon, waiting for me to leave the room so he could hide the ring!

Chris also had the task of asking my parents permission... he's such a romantic! Off in the guise of looking for something for dinner, he went and rang mum and dad. Therefore poor mum and dad sat by the phone waiting and waiting.....

What did we have for dinner? Mcdonalds! yep, all class!

We then went back to our room, as we planned a night in the most amazing cocktail bar in the hotel. As usual I am having nightmares with shoes, outfits and hair frizzing out of control! Chris is trying his best to get me to come have a glass of champagne by the window (the hotel room has floor to ceiling windows with the most fantastic views across Melbourne) Finally I make my way over, I notice that he has become a bit nervous, still didn't make the connection smile.gif

Chris then gets down on one knee... I of course immediately burst into (happy!) tears, asks me to marry him! I still say it felt like an outer body experience, I have dreamt of this day but you can never prepare yourself for the emotion it brings. Of course I said yes, and could he stand up now!!

We then decided to put my parents at ease, mum did her best at acting surprised! We called Chris' family and the excitement built from then on!

We thought we had definately deserved a drink by now, headed to the bar and had some fantastic cocktails! I remember being in the lift full of people on the way there, just wanting to scream "i am engaged!"

You could not wipe the smiles of our faces for days, We were so happy! Chris hand picked the most beautiful ring, he does have great taste!

Chris and I have always have had so much fun together, getting married is the most exciting step in our lives.
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#20 Crelb


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Posted 03 June 2007 - 04:22 PM

My story is an old one...

on my 25th birthday (6 years ago ohmy.gif ) Craig took me and our familys and friends to witches in Britches theater resturant for what I thought was my birthday party.
As the show started Craig had the urge to go to the loo. mad.gif
The actor on stage went around the room embarrasing everyone who was celebrating somthing but when he got to me I was told to come on stage to play a game! unsure.gif

As I got up there the guy handed me the mic and sid he had forgotten something and would be back in a sec.
The next thing I knew Craig walked out,told everyone how much he loved me then he dropped to his knee and propossed... biggrin.gif tongue.gif biggrin.gif
The whloe place cheered and all night compleate strangers were buying us drinks,,, It was great.

Craig even had a guy come to him while he was in the toilet and tried to shake his hand (right at the wrong time IYKWIM?) ph34r.gif

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#21 bec : o)

bec : o)


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Posted 03 June 2007 - 05:16 PM

Derrick rang me on Melbourne Cup day asking what I was up to for the weekend. I said nothing except for a dinner with friends. He said don't plan anything for the weekend because he had booked accommodation for us on sat and sun. I was very excited, but typical me did not think anything of it.

When he arrived home on the 10/11/2006 we got ready to go out to dinner. When we were leaving he asked if he could drive. I thought it was a bit weird as he had just driven 4 hours from Melbourne. I got in the car and he turned the wrong way to dinner. I asked him what he was doing and he said it was a suprise. I said that I like suprises, but hate not knowing. He assured me that it was not very far so I would not have to wait long.

He pulled up at the local river where we walk our dogs all the time. He asked me to get out and we started to walk. He was saying how much he loved me and how he never imagined meeting me. I agreed, then he bent down on one knee and proposed. As he bent down I said "Oh my God", then of course said yes when he asked me to marry him.

He got up and said that he didn't choose a ring because he wanted me to choose one. Then he asked me to ring my parents to let them know as he had been around there previously to ask them permission. I rang with excitement straight away.

The next day we went and bought an engagement ring. It turned out that the one I ended up choosing was a ring that Derrick had pointed out to me in the shop.

#22 amway



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Posted 07 June 2007 - 04:42 PM

Mine started off with my boyfriend arriving home from work on 30th December 2006 and saying he didnt want to spend a boring saturday at home and that we would go the movies and then to dinner. Whilst i was getting ready he said he needed to help my sister and brother in law move some things in there home, i told him i would meet him there as i wanted to go see my mum who lived 6 doors up from my sister. After leaving my mums house i drove past my sisters house and noticed my boyfriend, sister and brother in law all standing out the front talking, i pulled up to say hello to my sister and ask my boyfriend when he would be coming home. They were all acting very strange and smiling about something. My boyfriend told me to go home that he wasnt finished and he would meet me ther soon tp go out. As i started to leave i noticed my parents drive past (as we all thought to go out for dinner, but later turned out to be just dropping dvds off at the video strore) and my brother in law started going uh oh they are going out , and my boyfriend and sister seemed so shocked and nervous by the fatc my parents were going out, at this stage i thought they were all a bit weird, as i couldnt figure what the big deal was that my parents were going out? My boyfriend met me at home and we went to see a movie and have dinner, we left at aprox 11:30pm to go home but my boyfrien all of suddely said "i need to go the toilet really bad" i asked him why couldnt he wait till we got home (it was only a 10 min trip) he insisted i took him to s set of toilet blocks at the beach, thought this was a little strange but took him anyway. He was in the toilet for a long time and when he finally came back he made me hop out so he could drive. We ended up going for an hour drive through jamberoo and robertson. at the top of robertson i told him i needed to go to the toilet so could we head home (we were now 1hr away from home and it was nearly 0ne in the morning) he insisted he find a toilet nearby, and eventually did ( i could have waited till we got home but he wouldnt listen to me!) finally he pulled up at a deserted spot which was the place we first kissed! after mumbling and fidgeting for 15 mins he made me hop out of the car and knelt down and proposed ( i had always wanted us to get engaged at the place we first kissed as it had so much meaning and was a beautiful spot, but he hadnt know this and was where he had always wanted to do it) as it turns out it was just a story he made up about going to my sisters to help her, he was actually going to ask my parents permission but as i went to my parents house he had to sit at my sisters house until i went home, they were all shocked as my parents went out and my boyfriend hadnt had a chance to ask them yet! So we went to dinner, and his way of asking them? he pretended to need to go to the toilet but was really ringing my parents to ask them!
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#23 Butter Head

Butter Head

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Posted 07 June 2007 - 04:51 PM

We went to our fave restaurant as usual after some shopping... and I remember it being hot so after lunch fiance asked if we should have some ice cream too so I said yeh why not. Fiance goes to the counter to order it and I'm oblivious... so he comes back and I'm yakkin away about some sort of crap, then the waiter brings our ice cream on a plate, and in chocolate topping are the words "Will you marry me?"..... so funny cuz all I saw was the ring in the middle of the plate, I didn't even see the writing!!

So I just ball and ball and he comes over to me and says "Well?" and i'm like "well what?" and he's like, "did you read the question???" and it's only then that i saw it on the plate lol!! And I was wondering why he didn't verbally ask me!

So of course I blubbered yes and all is well in the world tongue.gif

(Sorry for all the "like" in the story lol)

#24 ~Jo~


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Posted 07 June 2007 - 05:31 PM

It was h2b's 29th birthday and we organised to go out to dinner for both mine and his birthday (both Jan babies). So we went to our favourite sushi restaurant with both sets of parents and some close friends.

I had injured my knee in Sept the previous year and was waiting to have surgery and was not able to bend down and sit properly and because it was an authentic restaurant, we had to sit on the floor which was hard for me. So it took me about 10 mins to sit and then Matt asks me to stand up for a second and i whinge and whine that i just sat down. so i got up and looked at him and he was on bended knee asking me to marry him. All the while his mum was screaming!!!!! I just burst out in tears.

Afterwards we call his little bro who is in England who started screaming at his work....... (he has been waiting as long as I have...lol)

He told me that he was so worried that I would say no that he had to skull a beer to get the courage!

It was TOTALLY unexpected! and at least we won't forget the date!
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#25 **Aida**


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Posted 07 June 2007 - 09:51 PM

It couldn't have been more perfect!!
My gorgeous fiance took me to South Stradbroke Island for a week to celebrate my 21st birthday.

On the night of my birthday after keeping me guessing all day (and even searching our apartment for soemthing the size of a shoe box!) we were going out for tea and we had just walked out the door onto the beachfront and he told me I looked stunning, however there was something missing, which surprised me until he got down on one knee and said " I was hoping you might wear this too!" and pulled out a ring! I was speechless, literally I think I actually said "are you serious?! I could not stop smiling all through dinner I must have looked like a fool tongue.gif

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#26 Jaydee


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Posted 07 June 2007 - 10:20 PM

The week before....
*DH and I were out clubbing.
*I put a ring on my ring finger to wave at girls who tried to feel his pecs (after a previous clubbing session)
* I thought he gave me a weird look and I pulled him outside to say..."I know I want to marry you, we have problems if you cant even think about being engaged to me..."

The proposal
*In bed
*Dh was cuddling me and saying "will you........go to work tomorrow?" "will you....stay vego?".... tongue.gif and I kept saying "if you dont want to ask me, just kiss me goodnight and roll over and go to sleep" laugh.gif and then he whispered "will you marry me?" wub.gif

#27 shelly_belle



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Posted 08 June 2007 - 09:29 AM

Hubby had been working overseas for 6 months, so i flew over to stay with him for two weeks.
Poor hubby has never had a musical bone in his body (this is important for later).

one morning when i asked what he wanted to do that day, and he said he just wanted some time on his own - he was acting really weird, and i got quite cranky and had a bit of a storm off, but he called me later asking me to meet me in Russell Square. When i got the there he was sitting in a clearing & then played me a song on the guitar which he wrote for me, the last words of the song being "shelly will you marry me" - aww... I started blubbing! I felt so bad for being mad at him, as he wanted to stay at home and practise his song.

In the time he'd been overseas, he'd been taking guitar lessons so he could propose!

#28 Primm



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Posted 08 June 2007 - 01:45 PM

This is my story (from our website).

After checking Ruth's roster to find a free weekend, Alan dipped out of organising the car club run already scheduled for that date ( a huge sacrifice, as anyone who knows him will testify!) on the pretext of having something else planned.

The instructions in the envelope in the car were fairly explicit, but given Ruth's sense of direction (or lack thereof!) she decided to let Alan drive, so if she gave him the wrong navigational directions, they might still reach their destination.

After a drink stop at Samford, they reached the site of their first picnic date (the one in which the Exa broke down and had to be resuscitated). The same table as over two years earlier was selected, and the picnic basket produced.

But...no picnic! Just a pile of beautifully wrapped boxes, numbered in order. Under instructions, Ruth began opening them.

Number 1 was full of lovely chocolates...hooray! Breakfast!

Number two had a hammer, and number 3, nails. Ruth was quite confused by this stage, and needed another chocolate.

Number 4 had a book. THE book. See the photos in our gallery for details. Here. Needless to say, by the time Ruth had finished reading the book she was in tears, and mumbling something unintelligible. She managed a definite yes though.

Number 5 was an engraved plaque, which read "Alan proposed to Ruth on this spot on 14 April, 2007". At last, a clue as to what to do with the hammer and nails! The plaque was promptly nailed onto the underside of the picnic table.

Number 6 contained a series of gift vouchers, details of which shall remain private!

Number 7 had details of a romantic stay that night at the Treehouses in Montville. Yes, Alan had managed to pack bags into the car as well without being detected.

The cabin was lovely, with a spa and a fireplace. A little tip for you all though, don't light the fire if the weather isn't that cool. What starts off as a romantic glow, ends up being an uncomfortable heat at about 3 am!



#29 melsa



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Posted 09 June 2007 - 08:03 PM

My fiance took me down to the Opera Bar in Sydney where we first met for some 'Christmas drinks' with friends which we normally do with friends around that time of the year.

At about 9pm, he walked me over to the foreshore in front of the Opera House, said his little 'you're everything to me' speech, lit a sparkler (which I was later informed was 'the' signal) and BOOM !!! Fireworks started to go off in front of the Harbour Bridge and then, just to the right of them, another barge of fireworks went off in front of Luna Park which was a massive sign lit up by fireworks that read "Marry me Mel".

The fireworks were incredible - went for about 5-10 minutes and the most amazing part about it was that everyone important to us was there and, above all, it was so nice that hundred of people around us, on the foreshore, enjoying a drink and a night out, ran over to watch them like it was New Year - they all cheered afterward and it was nice that my partner brought joy to everyone who also enjoyed watching the fireworks.

Our bank account went to $0.00 the following day and he was worried I would open a serious can of whoop-ass for him having exhausted all of our funds, but I thought it was money well spent.
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#30 Miss_Lisa


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Posted 09 June 2007 - 09:34 PM

QUOTE(melsa @ Jun 9 2007, 09:03 PM) View Post

Our bank account went to $0.00 the following day and he was worried I would open a serious can of whoop-ass for him having exhausted all of our funds, but I thought it was money well spent.

LOL! Quote of the year! ^^^ laugh.gif

Mine's copied and pasted from another post.. geez, sometimes it feels like I've been hanging around this forum FOREVER ph34r.gif

Yes, Anthony proposed to me on Monday (Boxing day!) WOOHOO! it really was the most beautiful, wonderful day of my life cool.gif I still can't believe that the bugger had me sooo convinced that he'd ask when we went to Singapore in February, he's usually so transparent laugh.gif

We started the day with me stressing out majorly because we had about 20 of our friends coming for a Boxing Day bbq.. and because of Xmas I hadn't cleaned the house in about 2 weeks rolleyes.gif Anyway, everyone came and we had a great afternoon, it was gorgeous smile.gif

At about 3pm a bus came and took us all to this huge outdoor concert, we were all sitting on the grass together chilling out listening to The Herd when I started to feel a bit sick sad.gif Anthony came and cuddled me on a little hill away from the stage until I felt a better, and as the sun set over the hill with the concert lights behind us, he popped the big Q!

I was soooo shocked ohmy.gif I just stared at him for a good minute (my face must have been priceless, Anthony said to me later that he'd originally wanted to get a photo of me just as he proposed, but he said "it doesn't matter, I'll never forget that face"), I didn't cry like I thought I would, I think because it was so unexpected tongue.gif He actually had to ask if I was going to give him an answer, whoops! laugh.gif I said "of course!" and we sms'd all our families and friends, and our friends at the concert with us came rushing up the hill to give us big congratulation hugs. My best friend was in Melbourne and she cried her eyes out, and my other friend (who I asked to be a bridesmaid) couldn't stop squealing down the phone! It was such a memorable moment and we danced and partied til the very small hours afterwards.. I couldn't have asked for a better proposal, it was very 'us' and very sweet and great to be surrounded by people that we love smile.gif

P.S I was going through his sms's later, reading what he sent everyone and what everyone sent back (for the record.. he sent "Lisa is now my fiance!" to everyone we know wub.gif and he'd sent a message to one of our friends who was at the concert with us saying it wasn't going to happen because I wasn't feeling well.. I can't believe they were all keeping it from me the whole day dry.gif laugh.gif

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