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SIL Bridesmaid woes- the next chapter

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Posted 22 April 2007 - 01:28 PM

Well if you have read my other post 'SIL bridesmaid woes' you would know that i am quite upset with my future SIL as she did not include me in her wedding but that is not the major issue this time.
She also did not include my 3 yr old son, who is her nephew (the only one old enough to be apage boy), instead she asked her godson who has only just turned 1.

Last night we were at a mutual function & she came up to me & said:
" you know how X (my son) was going to be our page boy"
to which I said:
"well you never said he was you wanted Y (the godson)"
she said: "well we do want X (my son) so we've decided that we will pay for everything so you dont have to pay for anything" and then she walked away

Now she never told me she wanted my son as part of the wedding, it was always the godson. When we got home I asked H2B if his sister had asked him anything about our son being in the wedding & he replied she has said nothing, I then told him that what she had said.

I later found out that she only asked him cos the godsons parents have decided that they cant have him be page boy as it would be too hard to look after him (they are both in the bridal party) so he is not goin 2 be page boy, and they think he is 2 young.

Here's my dillemma:
-I am very angry that she did not ask if my son could be part of the wedding, she just asssumed that he could be page boy
-Even though in my last post I was upset that she hadnt included him now i am just upset that she has now only asked him as godson has pulled out. I would have thought she would ask her nephew before her godson.
- My H2B have also decided that he is our son & as we are getting married we would like him to be in our wedding b4 anyone else's

I need advice, I really feel strongly about this, but I want to know what you would do?
Would you allow your son to be part of the wedding? How do I tell her the truth without seeming horrible?
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