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HUGE Decision to make

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#1 Erasing the digi footprint

Erasing the digi footprint

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Posted 26 August 2004 - 11:56 PM

Okay.... I (well me and my DH) have a huge dilemna. I need some sound advice..

Let me first preface this by saying that I have no option but to return to work at some point- we simply have made financial obligations that we need to meet and this makes me returning to work absolutely essential. (and if I am being totally honest I planned on returning for my own sanity as well)

Now....I was planning to return to work later in the year..maybe Christmas time. I wouldn't be leaving Hugh in daycare (until maybe next year) as Alex works shift work and his mum lives a few streets away so he would be either with his daddy or his grandma in our house. I was really looking forward to staying home as long as I could, and doing all the 'mummy' things as well as taking him to swim class, mums groups and being a great mummy.

I have since been contacted by work with an opportunity that is perfect except for one thing. (one HUGE thing)

Here are my choices:

Option A

**Stay at home until I planned (about Xmas time) then see what positions are available in my company at that time.
** This would mean going back into a role that is a 7 day rotating roster... (no option here as all our offices in QLD are pretty much open 7 days now)
** Dealing with the public (ie..walk in "Joe Public")
** Usual amount of conferences etc (both in Australia and overseas) so several a year
** Could end up anywhere in bris thus meaning significant travel time if in the suburbs or public transport if in the city.
** Having to put Hugh in daycare at some point but not able to pin down days due to rotating roster. ( i always knew this would be a drama but figured I would tackle it when the time came)

Option B

** Start 8 weeks earlier than I planned or want
** Work in an office 3 mins from home, across the road from inlaws house and can drive and park there
** Mon to Fri ONLY ...no weekends, no late nights, working daylight savings hours (8-4 during the summer, 830-530 in winter)
** No dealing with the public, only corporate clients plus my own existing clients
** One or two conferences a year- usually in Australia.
** Significant pay increase (approx $12-16K)
** Can pop home at lunch to see Hugh and be home in 3 mins at end of day
** When daycare comes up, can nominate and stick to days allocated as no shift
**...BUT starting 8 weeks earlier than I planned.

Do I suck it up for the pros that option B allows me and leave my baby earlier than I planned???

Or I do I 'wait and see' and end up wherever there is a position later in the year?

Guide me oh wise ones..... I am in two minds about it and need some advice

#2 *Shell*


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 12:31 AM

Hi court...

got your PM so came straight in here...

Option B would be my first choice.

I think I know which department you have been offered - I would personally jump at this chance!

Think of the hours in retail, think of the ugly 7 day roster (trying to get out of this myself at the moment), and think of the unpredictability of the commission in retail (a personal problem) of option A.

Everything you put down there was a con - the only con you put down for option B was that you would be going back to work 2 months early.
I know that this sucks - and I know how you feel, as I would love to take forever off when the time comes too. But I think in the long run you would spend more time with Hugh, due to the nature of the role.

I have also learnt my lesson in our company - never wait for the perfect opportunity, if it is what you ultimately want... go for it.

My dream position came up 2 months before the wedding, and I turned it down because of the wedding and other reasons. I regretted it almost instantly.
It has now come up again - I am obviously going right for it - but I am now 6 months behind in moving further in my career there.
I hope all this makes sense!!!

PM me if you want to talk more smile.gif
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#3 Vicki


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 01:43 AM

you know my vote and I still think you know your vote smile.gif I hope more than anything is you can feel comfortable with the decision. I didnt tell you this the other night but I am considering returning to work on Mondays (hehe it will be around the corner from your office so we would HAVE to do coffee) and leaving Abbi with Andrew, as you know I dont want to ever go back to work but it really comes down to money so I truly know where you are coming from

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#4 Luca's mum

Luca's mum

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Posted 27 August 2004 - 08:17 AM


I think Option B is best. You need to think of things in the long run, and for the future you get much more benefits from Option B. Yes, you will miss out on 8 weeks with your little Bub, but in the long term, you will end up seeing him more due to less travelling time for work etc.

Hope that helps. smile.gif
Maria & Steve
11 October 2003

#5 Anita


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 08:50 AM


Having worked 7 day rosters around trying to bring up children I can tell you after 3 months in that position you would be run ragged and absolutely kicking yourself for not going back to work 8 weeks earlier! Working a roster like that (I had my roster up to 4 weeks in advance and never less than 2 weeks) it was VERY hard to maintain a routine at home (even though David was quite often home when I wasn't) and even harder for the children to understand what was going on - when you were and weren't going to be home to read them a story, when we would and wouldn't be able to go out on family outings, etc.

Like Vicki said, I think you know what you want to do, but like most Mummys you just want to be with your baby all the time - oh for the ideal world. The only other thing I can say is that once you have made your decision don't linger on it, banish the what if's and think only of the future.

#6 kylie9A


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 09:21 AM

Option B sounds better than option A. Although you are going back to work earlier you will ultimately get to spend more time with your husband and baby anyway.

Hope it works out for the best
Kylie & Ben
Married 9/4/05

#7 Tennille75


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 09:24 AM

I currently work a 7 day, 24 hour rotating roster and would kill to get out of it. (Well, not really, but YKWIM) I am so exhausted that most of the time I can't keep up with the housework and I don't have a social life at all. I'm bad enough looking after Adam and I, there is no way I could work this kind of thing with a child as well.

Soooo... I've definitely gotta take option B. I can imagine it is going to be really hard to leave bubs earlier than you wanted, but the others are right, with less travelling time and how close you would be it definitely sounds like a wonderful opportunity to me.

Good luck with the decision.

#8 Megan



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Posted 27 August 2004 - 09:27 AM


Speaking from non-Mummy perspective I reckon Option B.

Sure, you are returing 8 weeks early, but over time, in the long run, aren't you going to get more time (albeit not necessarily in one big chunk) with Hugh and hubby too for that matter! And have a much better, regular routine.

I am sure the extra $$$ and less travel will be a nice bonus for you too.
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#9 ~*MrsD*~


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 09:31 AM

Hi Court,

After reading both your options A and B it sounded to me like you've already made your decision! As Shell said, you listed mainly negative things about option A and totally positive things about option B, except of course for the going back two months earlier thing.

I can only imagine how hard it would be to leave Hugh earlier than you really wanted to, but I agree with the other girls - in the long run you will end up being there with him more with option B (and you'd probably be a much happier mummy anyway!).

Good luck with whatever you decide. smile.gif

Susie biggrin.gif
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#10 allegro



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Posted 27 August 2004 - 09:49 AM

Option B will give you the best of both worlds.

I had to go back to work after 3 months and I really didn't want to do it, but with the financial obligations that we sometimes have to face, the choice is made for us.

Option B will give your baby stability and routine and they really need that for the first few years of their life and it should be a high priority.

The benefits of such a large increase in pay is quite beneficial too, but I was looking at it from your babies aspect.

Personally, I am very ambitous, so the job would be a big pull for me, but in saying that, I would always consider my family and the impact that my work may have on our home environment.

I think you know the option that you will choose. wink.gif wink.gif


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#11 cassarilda


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 11:05 AM

I would choose Option B... the extra 2months you take away from your baby fulltime, will be made up with weekends, and less travelling time, which you wouldnt get with Option A.

I know dealing with the public can be stressful, and post-pregnancy can still be a very emotional time, so anything that will reduce the stress is good!

And being able to check up on your baby and have lunch with him will be good for your soul.. smile.gif AND you save money on parking. smile.gif

Oh, and the extra money will help out with baby finances, AND you will take an extra large chunk from your financial responsibilities.. smile.gif
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#12 CharlieLexie


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 08:26 PM

Option B would be my choice. I reckon the pros far outweigh the cons.

Good luck hon! biggrin.gif
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#13 Raelene


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Posted 27 August 2004 - 09:04 PM

It looks like a landslide victory for option B. As much as it would suck to have to go back early I still think you're better to take that job and be close to home than wait and see and end up having to travel for hours every day

#14 MrsCrispy


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Posted 28 August 2004 - 06:25 PM

Option B - its only 8 weeks earlier not say a year earlier. Plus its all known quantities - ie you know where you'll be working, your hours etc so you can save a heap of stress and worries about Alex. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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#15 Erasing the digi footprint

Erasing the digi footprint

    muchacha feliz en la tierra

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Posted 30 August 2004 - 03:07 PM

hmmmm Well that's 100% for option B.

I will let them know to consider me available and see what happens....

Still not so sure about it but I do know that it is the best decision.

Who knows...lots can happen in a few weeks or so and things might change (both with the start date and how I feel) So we'll see what happens.......

Any "returning to work mums" with any advice for me??

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