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Korean Air

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#16 RolyPoly


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Posted 16 February 2006 - 01:32 PM

Being married to a commercial Airbus pilot and having an aircraft as a second home, I can honestly say that each airline has a range of planes, some are new, clean and have in-built TVs in the seats etc, and some are old (doesn't mean that because they are old they are not as safe!!). Obviously the prime airlines invest more $$ into the service and upkeep, but this transcribes into the price of your ticket.

But even on the better airlines you can have one lag with the top experience, and on another one which will suck - that's just the nature of the business.

Personally, I view air travel as exactly that - air travel. And what matters to me most is safety. So I fly airlines which are most selective about those who actually fly these jets - and Cathay, BA and Qantas are at the top.

Now although the food and service might not be at the top, I would say Korean have decent pilots and for a fact these guys are no worse than the pilots at Emirates or Singapore Air - I can tell as some of hubby's mates try with the best airlines first, and if they don't get through the rigorous tests then they go to the less strict airlines, then to third tier etc...

... so if $$ is an issue and you can't get another similar deal with another airline, I would go Korean. The check-in cues can be long with any airline and it depends on your particular flt on that particular day, the food might be average but it's one or two meals you are talking about and in 12-16 hours you will be at your destination...

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Posted 16 February 2006 - 02:42 PM

re queues I took my mother to the airport yesterday. She was flying Qantas. She was very concerned she would miss her flight. She was getting very stressed and they kept telling her it was fine.

What bothered me was (I waited with her) they 'cut' the queue in half and took half those people to the other side of the counters so basically many people not waiting as long as she did (and others) were served quicker. After I parked the car and went up to departures there was heaps of people behind her in the queue but almost 1 hour later she was still in the queue and there was hardly anyone left behind her.

By the time she finally got to check in (which took all of about 1 minute) she had only 10 mins to get to the boarding gate.. yeah, try going through x-rays, bag checks, customs/immigration, walking long distances blah blah blah etc in 10 mins - impossible! I don't know how she did it but she made it through (she must've cut the queue somewhere)... only to be told the flight was delayed 20 mins. Hmm... dry.gif

Personally I'm not a fan of Qantas at all. Their safety record is great, but their food is bland and boring, their customer service (to me) is shoddy.. I'm sorry, just because I'm not male, tall, good looking, rich looking, smartly dressed, Caucasian, and flying economy... does not mean I should be treated any less than your other passengers!

I don't mind them for domestic flights though.

#18 Christian Troy

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Posted 20 February 2006 - 02:46 PM

bit morbid but this site tells you the airlines to avoid

Plane crash info

#19 Christian Troy

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Posted 20 February 2006 - 02:49 PM

that is such a good price though....

what are the dates you are travelling? I can do some research

#20 melanie s

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Posted 21 February 2006 - 08:45 PM

Nope i wouldn't recommend them. Haven't flown them myself but their aircraft are a lot older than some of the better brand airlines. I recommend Emirates or Singapore Airlines. They are best for both comfort and safety, plus their stopovers, Dubai and Singapore are on the way to Europe so no time lost in going out of the way for a stop.

I realise airfares are expensive but you should put comfort and safety above price, it is a long trip!
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Posted 02 March 2006 - 06:13 PM

Korean air is perfectly fine. its not 4.5 star like Qantas - more a 3 star airline. you wont have the mini tv's or anything fancy. You will get there safely but it wont be anything flash.

You would have to have an overnight stop over in Seoul (at your own expense) is the only thing as their flights don't connect straight through.

tha t is a really great priced airfare though. It would probably have very inflexible change rules. We don't sell a lot of it ph34r.gif ...
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#22 loni



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Posted 02 March 2006 - 11:10 PM

I flew Korean on a trip back to Sydney in 2003 and it was fine...the best thing was the 3 hour stopover at Incheon Airport which has awesome transit shopping! Even better than Singapore I think.

For my recent trip back to sydney I flew qantas which was ok, nothing to rave home about although I did get a good deal on the price which is why I went with them...
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#23 phoenix


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Posted 03 March 2006 - 03:23 AM

I flew Korea to and return from New York last year with stopover in Incheon. I thought it was fine. If you do not travel often and this is a one off trip then go for it.

I have flown business class and economy on Singapore and Lufthansa and obviously both were excellent. Economy in Singapore is excellent but Lufthansa I didn't like so much ... the crew was bad that day.

The Korean crew was very helpful but as I said, their English wasn't crash hot. There were only 2 food choices (fairly standard for economy) and one of them was a Korean dish. I would recommend getting the Korean dish for all your options and just watch what everyone else does ... its really yummy!

They did not have personal TV sets which is a pain on such a long haul.

I think the most valid point raised here is the distance. Flying to Korea and then across will make your journey much longer.

All in all, if cost is your primary consideration and this is the cheapest then go for it. Also, IMO, United Airlines would have to be the worst airline by so far that I have ever flown and the only airline I would actually avoid flying with again, even if they were the cheapest.
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#24 Christian Troy

Christian Troy

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Posted 03 March 2006 - 07:42 AM

Yeah I hated United, I had to literally beg them for a can of water! I was so dehydrated on the flight and they would only give us a glass of water, when I asked for a can of sparkling I got treated like a criminal and told I had to hide it from all of the other passengers. We had an unscheduled stopover in Hawaii for four hours, no personal tvs (I was always sitting UNDER one and the next one was too far away). I got upgraded to economy plus, absolutely nothign to write home about.

Will fly Air NZ if I ever fly that leg again

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