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How often do you eat out?

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Poll: How often do you eat out?

How often do you eat out?

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#16 MrsS


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Posted 24 January 2006 - 12:32 AM

We eat dinner out once a week...usually at our local sports club. Mind you, they have fantastic deals like a 2-4-1 Asian Buffet for $11....there's about 7 different dishes, plus mini spring rolls (my weakness!) and dim sims. At $5.50 each, how can you go wrong? Tonight we got 2 lots of 200gm rump steaks with vegies and sauces (plus chips and salad) for $8.90. biggrin.gif
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#17 mum2boys



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Posted 24 January 2006 - 07:39 AM

Usually once a month. But sometimes its not that often depends on if we can get sitters for the kids and wether I can be bothered... I would actually rather spend the time at home cooking I really enjoy it and my son jumps in and helps his mum which makes it more enjoyable

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#18 siobhan1980


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Posted 25 January 2006 - 02:59 PM

Hi Cate

Clayton and I have been talking about this very issue as we are trying to tighten our belts to save for a deposit this year.

We usually have breakfast out once a week, dinner out 1-2 times and we get takeaway dinner another 2 nights (just Subway or cheap fish 'n' chips)....

I could not be a*sed cooking after a day at work and Clay can't cook very well so this is how our current lifestyle developed laugh.gif
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#19 julz


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Posted 25 January 2006 - 03:18 PM

We eat out a fair bit by ourselves and with friends and we have takeaway probably once or twice a week.

We really shouldn't but we do sometimes I just can't be bothered cooking after work. We would spend a lot of money on food and alcohol
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#20 Bubble


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Posted 27 January 2006 - 10:07 AM

I must admit latley we have been eating out heaps or getting take away. I find being preggers it is hard to cook and when the weather goes over 35 I refuse to cook as our kitchen has not got air con.

The past few weeks have been really bad, but we do use the entertainment book and get 2 for 1 meals or some discount which does help.

I am sick of eating out, but I dont have the energy to cook when I get home from work and hubbie is not much of a cook.

Once baby comes and I am home I plan on cooking heaps more, I do like to cook I just need the energy to do it!

I also voted a few times a week

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#21 invisigirl23


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Posted 29 January 2006 - 09:09 AM

eek, we eat out/ get takeaway far to often.. we both love thai and have over 15 different thai menus in our drawer that all deliver.

plus we are less than 2 mins walk to the best pub grub pub ever- meals there aren't that dear, but the 5 or 6 drinkies that often go with it add up!
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#22 allure


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Posted 20 February 2006 - 12:22 PM

I voted incorrectly. H2b and I eat out for dinner once a week but we'll often go out for breakie as well. So on average we eat out about twice a week.

But that doesn't count h2b and I buying our lunch everyday. That is really naughty and something I'm trying to stop. The problem is I'm not organised enough to make my lunch each day. I've really got to try though because we're spending about $15 - $20 between us each day ohmy.gif

We are trying to be more careful with our money but I'm not prepared to sacrifice a dull life to save a few dollars.

We used to eat out 3 or 4 times a week. I now think that was a bit excessive.

I now try and balance eating out with entertaining at home.

#23 Hamilton_angel


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Posted 10 March 2006 - 04:46 PM

I was unsure if eating out meant take-away. We have take-away maybe once a week but only eat out at a restaurant once a month.

Take-out is a deadly trap as sometimes a $6 pizza is much cheaper than steak and vegetables totalling almost $10-15.

But then if you calculate the gym bills to work off the pizza, I think the steak and vegetables works out cheaper lol. unsure.gif

#24 Busterella


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Posted 12 March 2006 - 03:54 AM

OMG, after reading this I have decided that hubby and I have no life. Before we got engaged, we would have take away or go out for a meal maybe once a fortnight but since we got engaged, we didn't eat out at all. Now we are married and not saving for a wedding, we are saving for house renovations so we still don't have a life. We decided that we would eat out once a month and that is it.

Every Saturday, I treat ourselves to a home made curry!! laugh.gif

We always make our lunch, never go out for breakfast either. I love cooking and so does hubby so we have no problem there. Next weekend is our night out for dinner!! YAY

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#25 loni



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Posted 12 March 2006 - 04:07 AM

We eat out at least once a week as we're not great cooks and frankly dont like it much! Living in london with loads of great restaurants around and having a small repetoire of recipes we can do makes it hard to eat at home all the time.

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#26 Lollies


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Posted 12 March 2006 - 10:20 AM

We eat out way too much! We'll probably go out for dinner 2 nights a week, I'd go out for lunch 3 days a week (not including bought sandwiches on work days), always go out for breaky on sunday mornings.... I'm waiting for h2b to pick me up for Sunday breaky right now!!

H2b has been renovating his house & hasn't had a kitchen for a year so the only meals he doesn't buy are the ones I cook him! (we don't live together).

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#27 Jazz


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Posted 12 March 2006 - 01:25 PM

I feel like I'm going against the grain here tongue.gif

We only eat out as a special treat (birthdays, farewells etc). Occassionally, we'll eat out at a Turkish place just before/after dancing classes, which is a cheap version of a 5 star restaurant here in Canberra (same owners).

I LOVE eating out, but we just can't afford it - not when we have 3 mortgages, and house renovations to pay off!

#28 toffee


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Posted 16 March 2006 - 03:31 PM

I'd say once a fortnight, sometimes once a week? But generally my eating out is cheap like $20-$30 each time.

and i buy lunch every friday & eat with 2 of my work friends but that's generally only $10 a week.

#29 Allee


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Posted 17 March 2006 - 07:16 PM

I voted several times a week, but would have voted "every day, at least once a day" if it was an option. ph34r.gif

Today I ate out for lunch at the Myer cafe, then tonight we got Chinese takeaway for dinner. I eat out for lunch (at cafes etc, not McDonald's or KFC etc) nearly every day (Mon-Fri) and we get takeaway for dinner at least three nights a week. We don't actually go out to restaurants for dinner very often, though.

We REALLY need to cut back, I don't even want to think how much we spend a year on eating out. We're not on high incomes and we're paying off a pretty big mortgage (and making additional repayments on it). At the moment we're saving NOTHING. Eating out is definitely our biggest unnecessary expense, we're going to have to start being more disciplined, especially with our wedding 12 months away now we REALLY need to start saving.
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#30 em2007



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Posted 19 March 2006 - 12:13 PM

We have takeaway Friday nights usually at around $25. Then have breakfast out once a weekend and dinner out every sunday night with friends. So I would guess we spend around $100 a week (but it is probably more). However, we don't go to the movies, hire DVD's or spend much on clothes etc so it is our main 'leisure' expense. I think about cutting down - but I also don't want to be stuck at home all the time just so we can pay our mortgage!

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