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What amount does your family/self live on?

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Poll: Each year, what are your living costs/wage etc?

Each year, what are your living costs/wage etc?

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#16 melhoneybee


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Posted 25 January 2006 - 06:18 AM

we bring in over 100k between us, but we manage to spend it pretty easily biggrin.gif
I remember the days of being a broke uni student though and living on $20 worth of groceries a week.

#17 ~Alicia~


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Posted 25 January 2006 - 09:48 AM

Bugger i should have read responses before replying. I voted on what we actually bring in not after everything has gone out.

After all of the bills and stuff have gone out Not a hell of a lot we live from week to week atm due to the fact that hubby got a really high paying job last year and we are paying out debts so we can be in the clear and get a house

#18 Raelene


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Posted 25 January 2006 - 10:05 AM

When Adam and I first got together we were both on Austudy and living separately. We were each having about $10 a week to live on and that was just after paying rent and bills. We still needed food!

Our family assistance now doesn't even cover half the rent!

We keep asking each other how we've gone from earning stuff all and surviving to earning a reasonable amount and using the credit card to pay for stuff?!?!?! Its madness

I did the same as Alicia and responded with what we earn, not our spending money after paying bills etc. I think we drop quite dramatically after taking all of that out

#19 little leisa

little leisa

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Posted 25 January 2006 - 10:24 AM

I just finished doing my budget for this year. The breakdown for my income is below - you’ll notice the credit cards & personal loan which gives you an indication of our champagne taste & beer pockets that we are now paying for from our previous lifestyle now that we are in the higher bracket earning category:

$530 per week on:

$175 = rent
$100 = VISA
$100 = store credit card
$25 = household bills etc
$95 = car payment
$35 = personal loan

$200 per week

ING Savings

$191.54 per week

Leftover for food, entertainment etc.

I don't have anything to do with my husband's budget as yet but we split the car, loan, rent & bills costs.

#20 siobhan1980


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Posted 25 January 2006 - 02:30 PM

I'm sorry that things are tight right now Cassarilda- I know how pooful it can be when you are studying.


When I met my husband I was working and studying and half my income went on rent and I remember I had to CAREFULLY budget each item on my groceries and my weekly treat was a pack of marshmallows and a 1.25L of diet coke if it was on sale smile.gif

I think my "spending money" was about $50 a week...but usually I went over and used my "savings" money and then some (hello Mastercard unsure.gif )

I lived like this for many years so I am the bargain hunter of Australia! Oh and I am only now paying off the Mastercard purchases from yesteryear (and Amex and Myercard...)

We are in the middle of doing our family budget for 2006 now- thanks to me finishing my articles our combined gross income is about 140K, but we probably won't get to enjoy the increase because it's deposit saving season dry.gif
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#21 laurenmc


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Posted 28 January 2006 - 06:36 AM

I know how you feel, when I was at uni it was scrimping time, but a lot of fun and totally worth it, sometimes I really miss the simple life and wish I could go back to uni, live at home and not worry about anything! Now we are on a combined income of over 150k a year, but it just seems like the more money you have the more you spend!
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#22 Tennille75


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Posted 31 January 2006 - 03:15 PM

Our combined income is around 100 thousand. At the moment we're not being as careful with it as I would like. It seems to disappear so quickly. I'm happy that in almost four years we've halved our mortgage though. Too much of it gets wasted on meals and spending for the sake of it. I told Adam recently we really have to start being more careful, this year will be hard with me off work for hopefully seven months.

Lauren is right, the more you have the easier it seems to spend it!

#23 hearts_in_asia


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Posted 25 February 2006 - 05:25 PM

I keep finding these posts way late...
Erinna we're in the same boat as you, I'm not sure exactly what amount we use but I've voted the lowest bracket. We're two students, renting and working casually (actually right now I'm not working at all and D hasn't been but starts next week) currently we're basically living off of our youth allowances which gives us $330 each week (BEFORE tax) to play with. Right now we have no spare money whatsoever, it bites because we've both worked a lot more in the past and had a lot more to play with. I keep telling myself we'll get through it, it's only a couple of years but it's hard.
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#24 ~BecD~



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Posted 25 February 2006 - 06:46 PM

Aww hon, i know how it feels to be scrimping!

When I first moved out of home, i was only on youth allowance for uni, and it was a real struggle. I got into a fair bit of debt and ended up having to quit uni and work fulltime because i just couldnt do it

Nowadays things are a lot better, I have a fulltime job that pays well, and Murray earns a fair bit too
Combined we earn about $85k before tax, which sounds like alot, but we are just buying our house, so instead of paying $130pw rent, we will now be making $305 mortgage repayments! which is a little scary!!!!!!!!!!!

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#25 kils


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Posted 28 February 2006 - 11:00 AM

I didn't vote as I'm a bit confused whether we're supposed to choose what we spend each eyar, what we earn each year or what we have left over after bills/mortgage payment?

We earn almost $90k after tax combined, which works out at $1680 a week.

After bills, food, mortgage etc we're left with $160 each to spend on whatever we like.

However, we're funny in how we split costs, so that $160 for me goes on haircuts & colour, gym, wedding savings (for my things like lingerie, jewellery etc), presents etc so that I'm left with $20 each week to spend on entertainment/dinners out etc.

h2b has to use that $160 for cigarettes, (about $80) any beer, birthday presents, saving for wheels for his car etc and also entertainment.

Once the wedding is out of the way we'll have all the money we're saving for that which we'll probably put on the mortgage.
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#26 BeeJay


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Posted 28 February 2006 - 04:28 PM

I know just how you feel. When I was a student and living with a girlfriend who was also a student some nights we would just have scrambled eggs or toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner - no wonder I was alot thinner in those days!

Today things are a bit different for me. I chose the $60 - $100k option. H2B is on about $55k, I'm on about 18. We live in a company provided house (no rent) the company pays most of our petrol as well as our elec, gas, water & phone bills. Our living expenses are food and foxtel.

We've spent alot this past year on stupid things (and some good things too) - video camera, new computer, car (decided commodore was unsuitable for the outback so traded in for a 4WD) , clothes, DVD's, PS2 games (that we rarely play). We also go to Kalgoorlie once a month cos aside from a small supermarket there's no shops in our small town. For the Kal trip our company doesn't pay Petrol so that is costly, plus we have to pay accomodation, and we go on a bit of a spending spree just because it's been a month since we set foot in a real shop, lol.

We also have paid for 3 lots of H2B's fmaily to come over from VIC to visit us, and we've just paid my sisters airfares for June (airfare for 1 person from Melbourne to Perth to Kalgoorlie return is about $800 - $1000)

So when I put it like that I can see where alot of it has gone, but still, I feel having just decided to have a wedding within the next 12 months that we've missed a great chance to do some serious saving.

I know things are tough for you right now but it will get better. I really belive that.

#27 Hamilton_angel


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Posted 10 March 2006 - 04:39 PM

It doesn't seem to matter with my Husband and I, so many pay rises have came and gone and we feel no better off.

I think you just get used to what you earn and always want more. I think the trick is making the most of what you have and being happy and appreciative for the things you have in life.

Easier said than done, but I'm trying...

#28 lori_lee69


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Posted 11 March 2006 - 07:55 PM

QUOTE (siobhan1980 @ Jan 25 2006, 02:30 PM)
I was working and studying and half my income went on rent and I remember I had to CAREFULLY budget each item on my groceries and my weekly treat was a pack of marshmallows and a 1.25L of diet coke if it was on sale  smile.gif

How does that song go... "Welcome to my Life"? lol

H2B earns pretty reasonably but also has a lot of money to pay out from his income, including $150 every Monday for his Mums carer.

I'm studying and only working 9hrs/wk (I'd work more if they'd stop being so stingy with the hours!lol) which is $126. From that i pay my half of the rent, the internet bill, most of my own food (i'm vegetarian and like spicy food, H2B is allergic to spices...and vegetables! wink.gif lol), my own bus/train fares. Anything I can't cover, H2B covers... but it shouldn't have to be like that sad.gif

Starting tomorrow I'm screwed for 2˝ weeks coz H2B is going to the Commonwealth Games to do first aid and he's just started a new job, so it's 2 and a bit weeks of unpaid leave, not to mention paying off the airfare (on credit card) so I'm the breadwinner for 2wks with my $126/wk ohmy.gif blink.gif

Still, i should lose some weight... a lot of weight! Say, how does grass taste if you put tomato sauce on it? tongue.gif lol
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#29 pezoma


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Posted 11 March 2006 - 10:52 PM

We are really poor right now, and almost struggling to get by to be honest.

We are both at uni, me full time and pete part time. I don't have work, and Pete's work is on hold at the moment (building site and the engineer and architecht anren't speaking to eachother-- don't even get me started.!)
We are lucky to have $200 a week at the moment, with Pete going to brisbane for 1.5 days (that's as much as he can with uni) and thats before tax. Out of that is $165 rent. We're lucky to have about $30-$40 for groceries, and we haven't quite figured out where we will pull money from when bills start rolling in.

We have just started to realise how bad it is when I looked at our account the other day after we had just been paid and rent has come out. Haven't done groceries and I have $20 left for a whole week. And we have to put fuel in the car so Pete can drive to Brisbane next week!
Just makes you want to cry. I'm so p!ssed off at how selfish these stupid building people are being. We need to live!

Pete's going to go to Dom!nos this week and ask about delivering pizzas. There is just hardly any work around where we are. I have applied for heaps, they either want me to have more experience in retail, or don't like my uni timetable. It's so frusterating, and it's really really hard at the moment.

Oh, and centerlink is going to take another 3 weeks to assess our claim, because this is such a busy time of year for them. Then we'll have to go in for more interviews, and then they'll decide whether or not they'll back pay us. Oh, and they are'nt really keen on us already because we have to pay our own tax with Pete's job (biggest bugger ever!!) and I hate going to centerlink to ask for handouts and feeling like the lowest dregs of society. It's so humiliating but what else can you do???
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#30 Profile Removed

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Posted 12 March 2006 - 12:24 AM

We're on a combined income of about $80k, it would be more, but I'm only working (and only willing to work) part-time.
At the moment, we're not really left with any sort of 'play money'. We're trying to make 2006 the year of paying off all our debts (excluding car and the house), so we're willing to sacrifice the $$ for that.

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