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Passports - DFAT said I have to use my MAIDEN name

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#16 Alani


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Posted 07 March 2005 - 11:17 PM

I don't see the big issue. If you want the whole world to know put a full page ad in the Sunday Paper. Besides the travel agent will have already let everywhere know you are on your honeymoon.

Everyone has to do it unless they wait until well after the wedding to honeymoon. All your important stuff like drivers licence and medicare card will have your maiden name on it for at least a couple of weeks usually after you get married

Hell we've been married 5 yrs this year and I still have my maiden name on my passport rolleyes.gif
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#17 pinkbutterfly


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Posted 08 March 2005 - 10:33 AM

Travelling on Documents which have your maiden name on them is just something you have to do!

There is no way around it and frankly, I didnt think it was an issue worth worrying about.

Everyone calls you Mrs when you get there and everyone treats you really special because they know you are on your honeymoon.

Once you are through customs, you jsut book all your day trips and restaurants etc in your married name. Its all good.

THis might be hard adbvice to follow, but just forget about it. There is nothign you can do to change it. It's the law honey!

Your energies will be much better used in worrying about things you can change or even better not worrying at all!


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#18 monkey


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Posted 09 March 2005 - 09:55 AM

QUOTE (Alani @ Mar 7 2005, 11:17 PM)
I don't see the big issue. \ Besides the travel agent will have already let everywhere know you are on your honeymoon.


If it is such an issue for you then you can change yor name by deed poll prior to the wedding and have all your docs changed over to your 'new' name.

H2B and I will be travelling with different surnames on our passports and H2B probably will continue to do so until his expires and will then have the next one in his new name.

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#19 Barb



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Posted 09 March 2005 - 11:38 AM

Who cares? I'm still in the process of changing one month down the track.
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29th January 2005

#20 MrsPotamusCheeks


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Posted 12 March 2005 - 08:06 AM

I wouldnt worry about it, youre still married after all. You'll have the wedding ring on your finger to prove that.
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#21 Debb


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Posted 12 March 2005 - 10:36 AM


I, like some of the girls here had some of our honeymoon accommodation booked in my maiden name because that's what the travel agent used. The Novotel even gave us a bottle of champaign and chocolates with a card that said Dear Mr and Mrs Evans (my maiden name) we just laugh it off. It's only a name.

However if it is that important to you - You can legally change your name at any time through BD&M and they will issue you a certificate with you new name on it. There is a fee though. So why not do this option now and that way you can change your passport and all other I.D. in preperation for you marriage.

Hope this helps.

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#22 camdenlass


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Posted 26 March 2005 - 03:13 PM

I know of two ways around this problem,

one is to change your name by deed poll, at the registry of births deaths and marriages, forms are available from any magistrates court house.


have a quick registry office wedding at least a month before the big wedding day, then you can have all paperwork changed first. this option is cheaper both for the certificate ( you'll pay for one anyway) and many places change your name details for free after you marry.


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#23 Carlajust


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Posted 26 March 2005 - 03:25 PM

This post has cracked me up!
Sorry to be insensitive...but who cares??? You'll know you're married, isn't that what's most important?

Life would be great if that's all I had to worry about right now!!! laugh.gif

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#24 mrssc


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Posted 12 April 2005 - 11:50 PM

I went through the same problem with bookings for our flights that Melanie had. My Dad surprised me by organizing with H2B to pay for our honeymoon tickets using f/flyer points. He (after being assured this was ok to do by Qantas person!!) booked us both in H2B's name.

My sister then a day later informed my Dad we couldn't fly with me using married name & Dad rang passports to check if this was true. They said I'd have to fly using maiden name.

Dad very annoyed rang Qantas & sat on the phone for nearly 2 hours arguing with Qantas staff & finally (after threatening him to have to buy new tickets) got our tickets changed to right names with no extra cost incurred by us.

Big mess - but don't stress it's only a small formality!!

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