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Work Love?

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Posted 21 May 2014 - 09:19 PM

Hi All!

First time user and have joined up hoping that someone could please help with some clarity. I haven't discussed this with anyone as I like to keep my work and personal life very separate but i am starting to send myself crazy!

So this is how the story goes:

Started a new job 2 years ago and meet an attractive colleague who sat in a separate building. That was it. There was a strange connection & I felt like he would seek me out for general conversation when there would be company meetings. He would always stop and talk to me should we bump in to each other. A year comes and goes and nothing is said. Then the 2013 Christmas party takes place. We didn't spend too much time together during the day but spent time chatting towards the end. Then it's time to leave and a few of us live near one another so we all get a lift home together and there are six of us so I end up on his lap (oh what a shame). Somehow I end up holding his hand then a passenger gets dropped off and I sit next to him and he looks for my hand again and not just holding hands but fingers intertwining and stoking palms. I,e the hands weren't still. There was a strange electric pulse so strong between us.

The Christmas break happens without a word. Head back to work and all of a sudden he's popping up everywhere in my building. We bump into each other in the car park and always smiling and bopping around and talking so fast. Nearly every night I would have the most realistic dreams of us kissing or holding hands with this urgency.

Then the emails start, pretty much daily but about nothing. Just general work chat or the weather. He never flirted and neither did I. Nothing really personal about our lives said either. I finally got the courage to email him about the Christmas party night and asked how drunk he was. I got a simple reply that no he wasn't very drunk. I asked was I imagining what was between us, whatever 'it' was and he said 'no you're not'. Nothing more was said.

The emailing continues, the strange vibe is still there. Then there comes a birthday party for a colleague that he came later to (drunk) I was sober. Nothing said but his attention was on me and whilst things were going on he would lean hard up against me. I offered to drive him & his friends home (his friends going somewhere else) but he said they'd walk. Then at 2am he sends me a text about how shattered he never got a kebab.

The next morning he messages me and says he should have gotten me to drive him to get his kebab. General chat. Nothing more.

By this time I'm feeling crazy and worrying people at work will notice. I would sit strained for his voice and when he would be in the building I would go to the photocopier a million times.

I decided time for a new job and I left a few weeks ago. He made sure he was 'around' a lot on my last day, but we missed an official goodbye. I texted him and he said 'we will miss you around here' & to stay in touch.

A few weeks into my new job and our emailing continues with its normal general vibe. I had a massive family situation which I spoke to him about and he offered several times that if I needed to vent I know how to find him.

And that's it. I am confused!! He's early 30s & never been in a serious relationship. He's quite a personal guy but very good looking and intelligent so never shy of female attention. He never flirts with me but we chat almost all day every day.

Please provide some clarity!

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