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stocking up on baby items

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#16 lexwithbub


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Posted 27 November 2004 - 05:43 AM

I would also stock up on staples for your pantry... ie pasta, rice, canned food, long life milk and juice, jars of pasta/simmer sauce etc As well as laundry powder and napisan.

Take advantage of when they are on special to save money, and it will save you trips to the shops in the first few weeks.

Collect as many samples of baby products as possible.

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#17 emurray


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Posted 29 November 2004 - 09:42 AM

Hmmm, that's a big question!!!

Lets see ...

NAPPIES and lots of them!
Facecloths or terry towelling nappies - excellent bibs/towels/whatever
babygros - those all in one suits. Get a different array of sizes.
Toys - I'd say a playgym - they'll be on the mat in no time and hitting out at toys. A mat and some kind of toy they can look/play at from their tummy.
A ROCKING CHAIR - a must in my opinion. Mine has been invaluable.
Bottles/steriliser/breast pump. These are completely personal choices but I found them very handy when breast feeding and needed to express. The Avent Isis pump was very good and very gentle after those hospital milking machines!
A good nappy bag - it will become your handbag!
A crash course in patience whilst a baby is screaming!!! It took me a while to learn that babies stress out more when you're stressed so learning to be calm is a biggy.

Personally, the biggest thing I would suggest is to keep mum happy! So that means asking hubby for a bit of pampering or time to yourself to pamper. Everybody seems to forget the mums from the time you become a host organ, to the time you become a cow's udder (in the nicest possible sense of course). So take care of yourself.

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#18 RhiannonMichael&Baby


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Posted 25 January 2005 - 03:58 PM

I bought 2 X boxes of 108 newborn nappies, plus three bags of 54, plus one bag of 36, so thats an awful lot of newborn nappies!

At first I panicked about having so many, I never thought I'd get through them before Imogen needed the next size up, but she is now almost 8 weeks old and is still in them! (We're now down to our last row of 36! & will probably go into the next size up, although its not necessary as yet!)

Another thing I've found of great use is cloth nappies. I got a stack of 12 for my baby shower and now use them as 'spew rugs'. I find them excellent.... super absorbent, much better than bibs!

Bought lots of maternity pads (five odd packets) and still needed to buy more!

On another note, I also have lots and lots and lots of powder & baby talc.... haven't used any of it yet!

Hope this helps!


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#19 Guest_beautybug_Guest

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Posted 25 January 2005 - 05:04 PM

We had cloth nappies so that wasnt a problem for us. When we shopped each week we got the specials on Nappy san.

I got my baby wipes on Ebay in bulk. 24 packets of 180 wipes for only $57 this was including the cartage. Ithink my bid was $31. I saved heaps because theses packs retail for about $7

Small 0000 singlets are handy and also little jumpsuits. Target have a huge sale on a present and we got Hannah little shorts and top sets for only $7 reduced form $22 the other day.

Shampoos, Massage Oils, Nappy San, Baby wipes and disposables if you are using them would be what I would suggest.

If you are having a baby shower ask for these things in your list.

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#20 ~Alicia~


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Posted 16 April 2005 - 05:41 PM

Ok im about to do this for the 2nd time around.

-if you have a deep freeze start to make larger meals at night and freeze them in disposable containers so you can heat and throw, less washing up, more time with bubs.
-Huggies Unsented wipes
-any johnson&johnson wash (they are great)

my biggest suggestion to you is to invest in some baby mittens, they will stop bubba scratching his/her face they were a priceless investment you can buy them in most department stores and they dont cost much you could even personalise them by dyeing them blue or pink they are just cotton but are huge lifesavers

good luck everyone else has sort of said everything

but watch buying clothes it is really hard to estimate i had all 000 and when bubs was born he was in 0000 so i really messed up and had to buy a whole heap of new clothes

#21 Mrs K

Mrs K

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Posted 16 April 2005 - 07:35 PM

Adding to the lists:

For baby:
*Fess Nasal Spray- you may not use it, but if you need it it's there
*Baby Balsam - same deal
*Baby Panadol - again, same deal
*Bonjela or Herron Teething Gel - adds up at $5 a pop
*Milton Tablets or liquid, if you want to use the Milton sterilising method
*Tops and bottoms in 0000 - even if you don't use them, Eloise (a 4kg baby) was in them for until she was 2 months old. - I found Tops and Bottoms a lot easier - you don't have to get them totally undressed when you change their nappies (thinking winter babies moreso than summer babies) or if they puke on their front .
*Bibs - never underestimate how many of these you'll go through - I like the press stud or velcro backed ones - I bought the PP ones on sale - 2 for $6 - they still look good with washes every other day today. I also bought about 6 mini ones - I bought at DJ's - no gaps!

Agree with Baby Wipes, nappies

Other consumables buy up when on special or buy up on bulk specials
*Glad Wrap
*Aluminium Foil
*Garbage Bags
*Exxy type cleaning stuff like Domestos/furniture polish
*Light globes
*Easy sauce recipe mixes
*New Mops etc.
*Dishwasher Powder

*Laundry Detergent
*Napisan (which is incidently $12 for 2kgs at Coles atm)
*Lux Flakes/Prewash spray

*Pay small top ups to your bills every week via internet banking
*Arrange to have windows washed/Home maintnenance done before you go on Mat Leave
*Car serviced a little before it's due
*Insurances paid in advance

I know it seems like I'm going/'went over the top, but you won't believe how much it helps!

#22 deez


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Posted 13 May 2005 - 02:20 AM

This idea isnt exactly stocking up on bubby items, but what we did was start to pay DOUBLE the amount on bills as they arrived when I first found out I was pregnant (while we still had double income). Then for the next 8 months after bethany was born, all we paid were credit cards and rent, because we had already "pre-paid" our bills. It works for some, and not for others, but it really really worked well for us.

#23 ~MrsB~


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Posted 16 September 2005 - 09:08 AM

This time around, every grocery shop I am going to buy a $10 or $20 vouchers (either woolies or coles, and alternate), so we will have $400 odd in vouchers to use for groceries, clothes and cleaning products, which should get us through the first month or so. They also won't take up too much valuable space!

I definitely agree with paying extra on bills/mortgage/car loans, and get your credit card debt GONE.


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#24 ~BJL~


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Posted 10 March 2006 - 08:05 PM

okay ... here is my list so far. We want to start buying baby stuff now bit by bit (we are also going to try to do the buy other household things we need too) This is what I came up with for when the baby comes, taking into account that we will be given alot of clothing. F

Feel free to tell me I need more of something/something else or if something doesnt need to be on the list!

I will be trying cloth nappies:
1 x bummies original cover
3 x bummies print covers
12 x bubblebubs prefolds
4 x bubblebubs AIO
12 x terry flats
1 box of newborn disposibles for going out/nighttime
dummies (2 pack of different brands)
Nappy Bin
Cotton Buds
Wondersuits in 0000 & 000 x 6
Zinc/castor oil
Wraps (Muslim if hot, flannelette if cool) x 5
Paw paw cream?
Disinfectant gel
Baby nail set
Singlets x 6
Breast pump - I plan to breastfeed, but I am going to be a SAHM for at least 7 months, will I still need one?
Nappy bag
Maternity Pads x 4 packs
Breast Pads x 4 packs
Baby mittens x 2
Baby panadol
Bibs x 3
Night Light
Matteress protector
Cot sheet set x 2
Baby suncream
Baby Monitor
Baby sounds CD
Baby hats x 2
Own towels for baby
Capsule (already have)
Carseat (already have)
Pram (already have)
Cot (already have)
Highchair (already have)
Change table (already have)
Baby bath (already have)
Bath stand (already have)
Boomerang pillow
Bouncer (already have)
Rocking chair

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#25 Alison


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Posted 23 March 2006 - 10:36 PM

I'd still get the breast pump Bianca, you never know when you may need to go out for the day or night. You may want to get a few more bibs too, I've got heaps and I still dont have enough laugh.gif
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#26 MrsS


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Posted 23 March 2006 - 10:52 PM

I bought terry flats, nursery furniture and half a dozen Bonds wondersuits before Bronte was born....I knew we'd be given HEAPS of stuff for her (and we were!) so I didn't worry too much. I did convert some of my shopping for baby clothes money into Westfield vouchers/Coles Myer vouchers so I could stock up on things that we didn't get given (bibs, strangely enough!) so it was fine.

What I did stock up on was stuff from the supermarket....washing powder, napisan, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper (think I had about 15 packets!), paper towels, glad wrap, alfoil, gladware disposable containers, cleaning products, packet mixes, tinned veg (especially tinned tomatoes coz you can use them in just about anything!) and Woolies/Coles Myer vouchers for extra groceries. I only recently had to start buying toilet paper again and Bronte is 4 months old! laugh.gif Everything went into "The Cupboard That Does Not Exist" and Marty wasn't allowed near it! When I actually opened the cupboard once I was on Mat Leave he was amazed by all the stuff in it.....and it certainly helped us out. It's amazing how much easier it is when you go shopping and can skip those expensive cleaning and toiletry aisles. biggrin.gif
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#27 beckabunny



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Posted 26 March 2006 - 04:38 PM

QUOTE (~bianca~ @ Mar 10 2006, 08:05 PM)
Nappy Bin
Cotton Buds
Zinc/castor oil
Paw paw cream?
Capsule (already have)
Carseat (already have)

Just a few questions:

Nappy bin/pail:- do you still need one if you're planning on using disposables?
Coton buds:- what for?
Zinc/castor oil:- is this for nappy rash?
paw paw cream:- what for?
Sling:- what for?
Capsule and Carseat:- do you really honestly need both? If so, why?

Also, i would like to know things like;

How many sheet shets should i buy? How many towels?


P.S. yes, i know i'm not pregnant yet, but i'm just trying to get a clue so i can make a budget

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#28 ~BJL~


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Posted 26 March 2006 - 05:28 PM

Beck - I am having both a capsule & carseat as the capsule will only last them until a certain age. Many on here have a convertable carseat though, that can be used from birth so they only need one.

the zinc/castor oil was for nappy rash, same with the paw paw cream, and the cotton buds for changing tiny bottoms smile.gif

I want a sling so that I can have my hands free to do things, and some babies prefer them to prams - but I will have to wait and see!

I am sure other people can help you with your othet questions smile.gif
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#29 Nisha


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Posted 28 March 2006 - 07:21 AM

As far as sheet sets and towels go. I have 3 of each going in rotation.
If you have the baby in a bassinet first dont bother trying to find sheets specifically for that. Just buy some cot sheet sets that way you can use them while bubs is in the cot also. The bassinet sheet sets are hard to find plus you'll only get about 6 months wear out of them.

We used the smaller baby towels on both boys when they'd get washed in the baby tub, but if they go in the shower with us we just use our own big towels. Keeps them much warmer.

Actually i was given quite a few baby towels at my baby shower and after bubs was born- maybe hold off buying them untill after the baby arrives. Once they are 6-9months old they outgrow the towels anyway.

And we used cotton buds for cleaning the umbilical stump. Dont use them in or around baby's ears.

#30 bridgetjayne


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Posted 10 April 2006 - 11:32 AM

That is such a great idea to stock up on the laundry items etc.

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