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stocking up on baby items

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#1 Mrs_Stevo


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Posted 23 November 2004 - 11:34 AM

I think this has been asked before but I did a search & couldn't find anything.

We are keen to start stocking up on items like nappies, wipes etc so that it will be less expense once we are on a reduced income.

I noticed some nappies on special this week when we did the shopping so bought a packet of newborns but have no idea how many I will need. I guess it depends on how quickly they grow out of each size? (I intend to use disposables - have researched this & both of us agree that it is the option for us)

Just as a general guide what sorts of things have others bought in advance & what sorts of things should I NOT get until the baby arrives. (A friend was suggesting not to get some things in case bubs has senstive skin or I find I don't like them.)

#2 mayap


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Posted 23 November 2004 - 02:02 PM

Growsuits and singlets (i love the b*nds ones), though size might be difficult to estimate now, you would probably be safe buying 000.

Breast pads (if you will be using disposable ones), these get pricey

Baby bath oils etc???
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#3 Supa Mama

Supa Mama

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Posted 23 November 2004 - 02:05 PM

Nett, i started stocking up on nappies too. We got 3 boxes of newborn nappies and will buy more as we need them. Some people have mentioned that they have had bubbas that haven't been in them for long, but if we don't use them all, i can either sell them on ebay (they are unopened) or give them to someone.

And at shopping every week i have bought a couple of bottles/jars of creams, wipes, shampoos etc. And i can buy more as i need them.

I have also bought a few little items of clothing, bibs, dummies, nappy sacks, cotton buds, rattles, bottles etc, just to get us started.

And believe it or not, we have even lay-byed the baby furniture etc too as the lay-by runs for 4 months which will enable us to continue to pay off as we go along and will be perfect timing when the time comes to get it out and organise the nursery.

I like being prepared and very organised, it can't hurt and will work in our favour.

Let us know what you end up buying. Buying for babies is so much fun.

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#4 Puggle


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Posted 23 November 2004 - 02:08 PM

Whatever you do, keep your receipts for nappies. Tape them to the boxes or packets. As cute as they look in a nappy stacker, if you keep them in the box with the receipt, you can take the unopened box back if your baby grows out of them. For example, Dylan didn't even need the newborn sized Huggies, but he wore them until he couldn't fit into them as I had so many of them!

I wouldn't buy that much stuff actually as you don't know yet what ones your baby will like or not like. For the first few weeks, plain old water and tissues or cotton wool squares really are the best thing for newborns.

In our house, we regularly go through these things:

Aloe Vera tissues (we used to use Dove Swissper pads). Even when I used to use baby wipes, I would use a tissue to dry him off.

QV Lotion (as a moisturiser and as a botty cleanser squirted on the above tissues)

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (buy a separate tube for little scratches and one for the botty). Nothing sticks to this stuff which is excellent in a bum situation!

Sudocrem - for when bub starts sleeping for longer periods. Gets rid of nappy rash within one nappy change for us.

Desitin - This is like Sudocrem but thicker. We use this for swimming and overnight. Also good for getting rid of the teething nappy rash Dylan is so prone to.

Curash Fragrance Free baby wipes - DH uses them on his botty. I prefer the QV-d tissues. Great for wiping up little hands and faces and an excellent carpet cleaner!

Dermaveen Shower & Bath Oil - we wash his hair with this as well as his body. Keeps his skin gorgeously soft and the eczema at bay.

I liked Huggies Newborn, but once Dylan got older, Huggies aren't so great for us anymore. When he's in disposables, we use VIPs, BabyLove or Snugglers.
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#5 Mamma Mia

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Posted 23 November 2004 - 02:24 PM

I would only buy 2 boxes of newborn nappies (at the most) and if you buy more which I did, keep the receipts so you can either return or exchange them for the next size up (only the 36 and 54 packs can be exchanged for infant (4-8kg)size 32 packs and 48 packs). Mia was only in newborn for 5 weeks and probably should have only been for 4 weeks - I just wanted to use all of the open packets up! BTW nobody guessed that she would be as big as she was (4275g) as both Jason and I are small builds!

Definitely buy breast pads (again keep the receipts, in case b/feeding doesn't work out for you).

Like Maya said, bonds suits and singlets are a must, BUT if you are like me you probably will want to buy pink or blue depending on Pawdy's flavour - so I returned heaps of white and yellow to get everything in PINK!

Don't buy heaps of lotions and potions either. ATM we have got heaps of JJ stuff but I am not using it because of little Miss M's rashes etc. Probably a good idea to buy some zinc/castor oil cream too.

I have found the H*ggies unscented wipes to be okay though?

Something to remember is that you will be absolutely amazed at how much you get given! We are still receiving presents from our parents' cousins best friends daughters (you get the picture!).

Have fun though - I still love spending money (what money I hear you say wink.gif) on my little girl biggrin.gif

#6 ~MrsB~


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Posted 23 November 2004 - 02:25 PM

I agree with Kimba about the nappies. We had to take our newborn sizes back!!! Generally, if you keep your receipts for everything, you can take them back.

I find Huggies nappies give Lachlan nappy rash, but they are the best for night time!

We bought everything for "sensitive skin", plus we were given stacks of stuff too. It is surprising how slowly you go through nappy rash cream and talcom powder....

I would buy:
- a few packets of nappies when they're on special (generally 35c each or less)
- disposable breast pads
- sensitive wipes (I like the Curash ones)
- Bonds suits (or equivalent) - mainly 000 to start with, a few 0000 suits
(we took Lachlan home in 000 and it was huge, and he was 8p 15!)
- BIG wraps. No silly little bunny rugs! Must be at LEAST 1m x 1m (or make your own)
- sunshades for car
- hat for bubs
- play gym for bubba

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#7 Cath H

Cath H

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Posted 23 November 2004 - 02:58 PM

* baby panadol
* paw-paw cream - can't go wrong
* bonds singlets with press stud crotch (i found the normal ones just ended up under their armpits and it irritated me)
* large wraps like Katy mentioned, pref stretchy fabric if you can as well as muslin
* soft face washers
* cloth nappies even if you're using disposables, great as vomit rags, poo cleaners, change mats etc - VERY versatile!!
* a small nappy handbag for short outings (that fits your wallet and phone plus a the bare necessities for a nappy/clothes change) as well as your bigger one
* fragranced nappy sacks of some description
* no-rinse hand disinfectant (aqium gel? from chemists) for your outing bag
* board books, a cloth book or two, flap books
* plastic rings for bub to play with or to attach toys to

Umm sure there's more....

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#8 Cath H

Cath H

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Posted 23 November 2004 - 03:55 PM

In addition to the baby panadol I'd grab a few other first aidey type items:
* a thermometer (I highly recommend the digital one-second ones even tho they're more expensive),
* nail clippers,
* nasal aspirator,
* some mini hot/cold gel packs (great for stuffing in your bra if you get mastitis or blocked ducts as well as easing newborn tummy pain) Avent make some that they intend for use to keep milk warm/cold but they're a perfect size for those other things too!

There's a safety first pack that has a thermometer, medicine spoon, medicine dropper, nasal aspirator (not the best kind i've seen), clippers etc. in it that's not bad value for $

Should also mention that I agree with the others about holding off with too many lotions/potions until you know better what your bub likes (except for paw paw cream!). You'll get lots of samples in your various bounty bags (get a coles and target one too - sign up!) as well as some clues by what your hospital stocks and whether bub reacts to it.
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#9 CharlieLexie


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Posted 23 November 2004 - 08:44 PM

All the hints given above by the girls are great, but I would also like to suggest that you could stock up on some non-baby items. I did this and found it really handy not having to buy things like washing powder, toilet paper, Napisan, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, dishwashing liquid etc. I didn't have to buy Napisan for 2 years after I had Charlotte! biggrin.gif

I used Huggies unscented wipes (green pack) - I've tried others but always come back to the Huggies ones. As Cath said though, you will find you develop your own preference for certain brands, so I would be more inclined to buy a few smaller packs and not stock up on any one brand of anything, just in case you (or bub) doesn't like it.

Paw paw cream is fab, the thermometer is also a good suggestion to buy beforehand, or ask somebody to buy it for you as a gift suggestion - it will be a handy tool in your household for yonks.

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#10 Puggle


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Posted 24 November 2004 - 08:29 AM

Ah, the clothes issue! Katy, I'm so glad I only bought one 000 outfit (that he wore home from hospital) as we had to go shopping our first week home to buy some 00 clothes! You will also be incredibly surprised at how much stuff you're given.
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#11 Vicki


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Posted 24 November 2004 - 10:06 AM

As boring as this may seem, stay away from all the J&J stuff and just get almond oil, that is honestly all you will need. Something I had no idea about when I was pregnant is pretty much the whole J&J range is not suitable for a babies skin, for example baby oil is made from mineral oil, most of the washes etc have petrolium or carsenagenics in them I was shocked when I found out. Also baby powder blocks the poures of their skin so you should use that either.

I have so many products that I cant use on Abbi and she doesnt even have sensitive skin! Something to keep in mind also is Abbi cant wear disposables, I had her in 1 for 2hrs and she got a nappy rash so definately keep your receipts in case that happens as well smile.gif

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#12 Raelene


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Posted 24 November 2004 - 12:04 PM

We bought 2 boxes of 108 newborn nappies and 2 bags of 54. We're onto our last box now and we're very close to having to move Ashleigh up into infants anyway so it will work perfectly.

We bought bibs, singlets and a few suits but got lots of hand me downs from my SILs for other stuff. We bought a few unisex type outfits and then stocked up more once Ash was born.

I also bought maternity pads when they were on special and have still had to buy more.

We took up a policy from as soon as we found out I was pregnant that we would buy at least one baby item each time we went grocery shopping and it worked well because we would just get something that was on special.

We also did as Narelle suggested and stocked up on laundry powder (about 8 boxes because it kept coming out on special), napisan (same applies) and toilet rolls etc. We don't have a lot of storage space so couldnt' really get too much but filled up all the space we had!

#13 Mrs_Stevo


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Posted 24 November 2004 - 02:37 PM

Thanks everyone, some great suggestions there! I will print this off & show to Mark. I like the idea of stocking up on other things like laundry powder etc.

#14 Una


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Posted 26 November 2004 - 11:38 AM

All I brought every week when shopping was laundry powder and napisan, I am still in stock with napisan.
Also baby bath, firstly I used the in bath wash and now the top to toe wash for Elliot and have found them to be great.
Oh and another tip, go to your pharmasist and ask at the counter if they make a nappy rash cream called 'zinc and icthamol', the BEST cream ever and blows all the others off the shelf, well worth asking for.
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#15 Nisha


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Posted 26 November 2004 - 03:10 PM

I stocked up on lots of face washers - they are more absorbant than bibs and are good for mopping up little faces when they spit up milk and for throwing over your shoulder when burping.

I used to go through a bib per feed because they'd go soggy!

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