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The arrival of our little guy JJ

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#1 K+J


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Posted 21 May 2013 - 11:48 AM

Thought I would write this before I forget everything!

DH and I has been trying unsuccessfully for a bay since our wedding in October 2010. We had two early losses in 2011 and after continued trying went to see a FS in 2012. We started IVF in June and had success on our second round in August 2012. I unfortunately spent a large portion of my pregnancy worrying. Worrying we would sve another loss, or that something would go wrong... Needless worrying I have now realized! Hormones are a killer though.

OB decided to induce me at 39+4 (Monday) I went in on the Sunday night to get the gel and have my waters broken the following morning. Had a sleeping tablet and slept very well!
Next morning at 9.30am OB broke my water, I was already 1 cm but cervix wasn't effaced yet. I thought being 1cm was awesome.. If only I knew what was to come!
10.15am went on my first (of three!) syncto drips with pur first of three midwives Victoria (who was lovely). sucked being strapped to the monitor all day, but I was ok and not feeling the contractions at that point. I was either on the bed or next to the bed bouncing on the fit ball. I couldnt believe how much fluid was coming out each contraction, i had no idea there was that much in there. I was in good spirits, couldnt feel anything much and baby's stats were good. My DH and best friend were in with me, we watched funny things on Youtube with our midwife for a few hours (second midwife Amy who was amazing). I think it was about 3-4pm i tried the gas (i didnt like the idea of it at first) as the contractions were starting to ramp up a bit. Apparently i was only 2cms still at 5pm (my notes say established labour was at 5pm... Felt a lot earlier than that to me!) amy the midwife kept saying i wasnt in real labour just yet, but the gas really helped for about 3-4 hours. Only thing was i was so confused between contractions, as i was only getting about a 30 second to 1 minute break in between. Apparently i was saying all kinds of crazy things! I really wanted my epidural but kept getting told i needed to be 4cms first. I remember at one point Amy said i had to go and do a wee. I refused to go until she got a tube long enough for me to take my gas to the toilet! Then i refused to get off the toilet for ages! I think it was at that point i got nude too as i was sweating so much. gets a bit fuzzy from then on, I think I got an epidural at about 9-10pm as I was 4cm and can you believe it didn't work! The anesthesiologist was apparently a massive jerk, really rude to the midwives and was arguing about where the gloves should be rather than doing my epi, but I dont recall. I loved him and told him that as he was there to make the pain stop! Well supposed to! So after the first one didn't work and I convinced everyone it didn't work I had to wait another 30 mins for him to come back and try again. I was not in a good way by this point. I was doing animal type groans (DH said i was moaning quietly, i felt like I was screaming on the inside!) . It was those noises you see on tv and think "ill never make that noise" but yes i did! It was really the only thing that helped at that point. The pain and pressure down in my bottom was so intense i didnt think i could control things coming out of me much longer! by this point and I think I was pretty much ready to go, but they didn't check me (I don't think they thought i was going to progress as quick as it did after my slow start, but I felt very ready to push... But I wanted my epi and didn't want to say that I was ready!) and he came and did it again (worst part was sitting still, didn't even really notice the needle at all by that stage). I was in agony, i was sweating like I was running a marathon and i felt like i had totally lost control of my mind and body. I was so scared it wouldnt work at all and i grabbed my best friend and told her if it didnt work she had to go and get me some other drugs, anything. I made her promise!
The contractions in between trying to sit still was torture. I was so delirious too and babbling. My poor DH And bestie were in tears watching, they said it was the worst part. So in the epi goes and it feels wonderful. I had the shakes so badly but i didnt care, i felt nothing! So then my (third) midwife susan did the ice test to see where the numbing was and unfortunately it over numbed me all the way up to my neck and had to be turned off! I kept asking her if we could just leave it and she said it could make me stop breathing.. I said I didn't mind! She did not agree though sad.gif
So I got about 30 mins to an hour of epi bliss, my DH had a nap and my beastie fed me a cup of tea (I wasn't allowed to eat in case I needed a c sec) as I was shaking so much. Then I could slowly feel my legs coming back and then that painful pressure building back up... Oh no. I was lucky I still had some residual epi left when Susan checked me at 11.30pm to find I was 10cm, fully effaced and ready to roll! There was so much pressure in my bum (yep, in the butt!) that pushing was ok and quite a big relief. That burn sensation was there and I held back a little when I could feel his head I was scared of the pain, but then I thought of the epi and what if it hadn't fully worn off yet... So push with all my might I did. 17 mins after I started, out he popped! I was totally in shock and didn't cry until the next day! Second degree tear, but I didn't feel it through the stretchy burn of pushing (tearing was my biggest fear).
Having him put on my chest after years of waiting for him was beyond anything I could have imagined. He was so perfect and beautiful.
All In all, birth was ok. Yep, it got sore and I felt out of control, but women are amazing and our bodies are so cool in what they can manage. The midwives said I was amazing and it was very straight forward once it got going. Apparently I was very polite and quiet and kept apologizing if I was scaring people in between!
My OB didn't make it and told me if I have a second baby and go into labour on my own I'd better go straight to the hospital as having an epi and first baby with induction it's unheard of for baby to come out so quickly. She said she was sharpening her scalpel when she heard I was only 2cm! I was lucky I had her though as she told them to turn my syncto drip up to 240ml from 180 ml whe I was 2cm which the hospy would not have done on their own and I might have ended up with a c sec in that case. OB was amazing my whole pregnancy though and stitched me up and I didn't have any pain at all with my stitches.

Looking back, I'm so proud of myself for getting my baby boy out happy and healthy, which is all that really matters after all.

J ames R ichard (JJ for J ames J unior)
He came out 6.5.13 at 11.57pm. 3.74 kgs, 52cm long and head was 36cm
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Posted 21 May 2013 - 12:59 PM

Wonderful story, he is beautiful wub.gif Congratulations!
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#3 lil bloom

lil bloom


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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:07 PM

Thank you for sharing your story.

And congratulations on your beautiful baby, I'm very happy for you smile.gif
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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:13 PM

Beautiful story K&J and what a handsome little man you have there, he is gorgeous! wub.gif

As I said in the birth annoucement.... I love a happy ending! wub.gif
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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:39 PM

Thank you for sharing, I always love reading birth stories!

Congratulations on meeting your long awaited boy wub.gif
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Posted 22 May 2013 - 01:45 PM

Thanks for sharing K, I love reading these and I can't wait to add my own. Your boy looks like he was well worth it all wub.gif
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#7 Shellsibelle


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Posted 22 May 2013 - 03:19 PM

Thank you for sharing your story! I laughed when you said you didn't mind if you stopped breathing from the epi! laugh.gif

Your little boy is gorgeous - congratulations! wub.gif
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M+B 10/5/08

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Our little Dandy Lion
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#8 KiJo


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Posted 22 May 2013 - 09:31 PM

So lovely to read your birth story Kay.. Thank you for sharing! wub.gif

Your birth story sounds sooo similar to mine - I was induced (altho only needed gels to kick things off), got an epi which didn't work properly, ended up with the shakes as they topped up the drip 3 times to try and get it working, was about to get 2nd epi when they checked me and realised I was ready to push! We were almost same times as well, just other side of the day.. So established labour 530am & DS was born at 1148am!

Hope you r enjoying finally being a mummy smile.gif
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#9 Amelia Jane

Amelia Jane

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 10:46 PM

He is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations! Sounds like a bit of a whirlwind for you, well done!!!
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#10 LoveSweetpea


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Posted 31 May 2013 - 01:09 AM

Huge congratulations! What an absolutely gorgeous little man wub.gif
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