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How DS2 came to be

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 08:32 PM

When we were pregnant with DS1 I always thought we would just have one child. One seemed like enough surely?! A few months after DS1 was born I got incredibly clucky and craved having another child, around the 4 month mark DH & I started talking more seriously about TTC again and then started our 2nd TTC journey in November of 2011. We were very lucky and managed to fall pregnant in January 2012 and thus began the journey of DS2.

From the minute we started trying I knew I would love to have another little boy. DS1 was such a delight and when I pictured myself with two kids I would always instantly picture two boys, I could never imagine a boy and a girl in a way that made it feel real. When I reached the 2nd Trimester I had convinced myself that I was having a girl, even though my cravings, weight gain and the way my belly was growing were almost identical to DS1's pregnancy. I think because ultimatly I wanted a healthy baby and I didn't want to taint the pregnancy with disappointment so I convinced myself that I was carrying a girl so I wouldn't be disappointed if I was right. We turned up to our 20 week scan and after getting the good news that bub's was healthy we asked about the gender and were overjoyed to find out we were having another little boy.

The pregnancy overall was a lot harder than my first, there is a 17 month age gap between DS1 & DS2 so running after a toddler whilst being heavly pregnant was pretty tiring. I was counting down the days to meet our little man and just wanted to not be pregnant anymore and have our baby here.

I had a few concerns over the birth as DS1 was a 4hour labour (active labour, I did have 6 hours between first contraction and meeting him) and I had a third degree tear. We also live up to an hour (in peak hour) away from the hospital. So I was concerned that I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time and I would also have another third degree tear. Our hospital had advised us to leave at the first sign of labour (though we would still have to wait for my parents to arrive to watch DS1 & they live an hour from us!) and I also had a great talk with a lovely midwife in the last few weeks who gave me some great tips on avoiding another bad tear.

In the last week of the pregnancy I had been pretty tired and over it. I was experiencing a lot of prelabour and was getting very frustrated. We stayed close to home for most of the week. On the 28th of October I got a burst of energy. DH was at work and DS1 was going a bit stircrazy from being stuck at home the last few days so I decided to go meet our mother's group down at a local park. DS1 had a good run around and then we came home and I had a cleaning frenzy. The house was spotless by the end of the day. I was looking forward to the next day and having a quite day at home with DS1 (DH would be at work for another 12hours +)

Saturday 29th October

Our day started as normal DH had left for work early early that morning. DS1 got up in a great mood and while I had been looking forward to having a quite day I had a major urge to nest. The house was already spotless but I had been meaning to clean the front porch for a good couple of weeks then so I decided if I was going to do that then I may as well do some weeding too! I bundled DS1 into the car and we went to get some gardening gloves and came back to get stuck into it. I managed to clean the front porch, weed the front gardens, clean up the carport, clean up the back entertaining area and weed some of the back gardens (we are on 1/4 an acre so a few gardens here and there). DS1 had a ball helping me garden but we were both so filthy at the end of it that it was straight to the shower for both of us. I managed to get DS1 clean, we had some lunch then he went down for a nap while I had a rest.

I started dinner at 5 (DH was due home at 6) and since I was feeling a bit sore from the busy day I decided to just cook vegies and chips and heat up one of our frozen meals that we had prepared for after bub's arrival. I noticed that I was getting cramps probably around every 6-8 minutes apart though they were pretty mild. I could still talk to DS while I had them. I almost called DH who was now on his way to home to tell him that I thought things were starting but I stopped myself thinking that things would just fizzle out.

I still had the cramps when DH got home, I told him what I was feeling and we decided to start eating and see how I felt after. The three of us ate together which was nice but unusual since DS eats earlier but since he had had a later lunch he was having a later dinner as well. The stomach cramps ramped up a little while I was eating and I had to stop what I was doing during each one to concentrate through them. DH was asking if he thought we should call my parents or the hospital but I still wasn't convinced that it was real labour so told him I would start timing the contractions after dinner.

We finished eating and I started timing the contractions. They were coming every 4-6 minutes and while I had to concentrate through them they weren't to painful yet. I still wasn't convinced that it was real labour so we decided to put DS to bed and wait a bit longer. Just as DH was changing DS's nappy I got hit with my first really intense contraction. I was leaning over the cot biting my tounge so I wouldn't swear since DS was watching me laugh.gif I gave DS a super long hug just in case this was the real thing and I wasn't at home in the morning.

DS went off to sleep and DH and I went back into the lounge room. The contractions were getting very intense now but they were still 4-6 minutes apart. DH was due to work the next day so he arranged for someone to replace him. I asked him the call the hospital and see if they thought we should come in. After they said it was allright for us to come in DH called my parents and asked them to make their way over (and again I still didn't think it was the real thing laugh.gif )

While we waited I was on all fours on the floor, leaning over the couch. With DS1 I tried to fight the contraction which made it way worse. This time I tried to breathe through each contraction and focus on something else which was hitting the lounge with my palm. I handled the contractions much better than I did with DS1's labour. Each time I tried the move positions I ended up going back to leaning over the lounge. I didn't talk much throughout all these. The only things I remember saying is "Why did we decide to have another baby?" during a particulary intense contraction and also "I want drugs this time, F@ck doing it without drugs" as with DS1 I was 8cm's when arriving at the hospital and wasn't allowed any drugs (the gas made me sick as well)

Finally after just over an hour (7:30pm) my parents arrived. We had heard their car pull up so were waiting by the door (I know new I was in real labour and wanted to get to the hospital ASAP). We gave them a quick instruction that DS was fast asleep and where they could sleep for the night and then headed to the car. Since it was a Saturday night there was next to no traffic the way we were heading so made it to the hospital in 1/2 an hour. By the time we got the hospital contractions were coming a good 2-3 mins apart and I was extremely glad to get out of the car (contractions in the car suck big time!)

We found a parking spot quickly and nice and close to the entrance. It was just past 8pm so we made our way to the emergency entrance as we had been told that's were we had to come after 8pm so we could receive a security escort up to delivery. DH went up to the emergency desk while I hid around the corner near the payphones trying to deal with my contractions. There were a few people in emergency and I didn't fancy having them watch me while I was in labour. DH returned and told us that we could go up ourselves since it was just past 8 and a couple who had just walked through the emergency doors stopped to wish us the best and let us know they hoped it was a speedy labour.

We arrived at the delivery ward (a few contractions later) and were suprised to see how busy it was (it was busy when DS was born but this night was even busier, we got the last room!). As we were waiting for one midwife another came up to us and escorted us into the examination room. This particular midwife had seen has with DS1 when I had preterm contractions, she was lovely and I was delighted to get her.

She asked the usual questions and my first query was how soon can I have some drugs laugh.gif she hadn't examined me yet (and probably assumed I was in early labour) so she asked "do you mean gas or trying the shower or bath" I replied with "NO an epidural or morphine / pethadine" and explained that with DS1 I was to far along to receive any pain releif so I would like to orgainise something as quickly as possible before it becomes a nonoption. She got me up on the bed to do an examination and I was met with "I'm so sorry but your 7cm's already so we can't give you any drugs" while I was releived to hear that I was 7cm's I was upset that I would have to have a drugfree birth again (which is hilarious as that's what I wanted all throughout the pregnancy).

We moved into a delivery suite and she set me up with the gas and asked me to try it for at least three contractions and explained that just because I got sick the first time I might have a different experience this time. The first contraction it seemed to help slightly, the second not so much and the third it made me feel sick again so I left the gas alone and decided to head into the shower (all the rooms with bath's were taken).

I'm not sure if the showers were being used a lot that night as the water kept going from hot to cold quite quickly and everytime it went cold DH would move the nozzle away from my back to readjust the temperature which was frustrating me to no end. I ended up only staying in the shower for about 20mins. Jenni our midwife came in to see how we were doing and asked if I minded getting on the bed so she could have a proper look (I think she knew things were going to progress fast). She also asked if I wanted to consider an episotomy since I had already had a third degree tear. I didn't even realise that it was an option as no one had mentioned it before and even though I wasn't thinking straight at all it just didn't feel right but I said I would think about it.

I moved on the bed and actually felt comfortable lying on my back, I was still handling the contractions reasonably well and hitting my palm against something to distract myself from them. I was a little worried that being on my back laying down would slow everything down but Jenni said that I was so far along it probably wouldn't slow down things to much so I decided to stay there. She was handling two other woman that night so left to check on one of them and asked us to call for her if I felt the urge to push. She covered me in warm blankets before she left and DH and I relaxed a little and listened to the radio that was playing.

Not long after Jenni had left the room I felt the slighest urge to push. Than during the next contraction I felt myself doing three small pushes. Jenni had walked back in during this contraction and when I told her I felt like I was pushing she said she could tell. She said that she would let me push for a few contractions but if she didn't feel like anything was happening she would do an internal in case of a cerival lip. She asked again about the episotomy and I declined. I also let her know that I would like to try pushing on all fours at some point.

After a couple of pushes on my back I literally felt like I couldn't do it. There was so much pressure and I was so uncomfortable now...I just knew that I wouldn't be able to push this baby out in that position, I decided to give one more push in that position and right then my water broke everywhere, I thought that it might have relived some of that pressure but nope, I could still feel it and still felt like I wouldn't be able to push him out like that. I asked to turn on all fours, DH helped me over while the 2nd midwife raised the bed head for me. This position was so much better, the pressure was still insane and I was still crying out that I couldn't do it but in my head I knew that I could and I would. I gave another couple of big pushes and then Jenni asked me to pant through the pushes and as hard as I tryed the pressure was just to much and I wanted him out so alternated between pushing and then panting when they yelled at me to slow down they then told me his head was out. I had expected to feel an immense amount of releif as I did with DS1 but I still felt a massive amount of pressure. I kept asking them if they were sure the head was out because I felt to much pressure. Finally the next contraction come (though they had to stop me pushing between contractions as I wanted it over) and his body was born. I couldn't hear him cry and he was slightly blue though after what felt like an hour (but was probably a minute) I heard that beautiful cry and DH exclaim "he is a big one". I turned onto my back and met my beautiful baby boy. We had some lovely skin to skin time and after about 1/2 hour and latched on for his first breast feed. He has been a champion feeder ever since.


B.owen C.hristoper
Born 29/09/2012 @ 9:34pm
Weight: 4.125kg (9pd)

4.5 hour labour (3.45 active) with a 2nd degree tear (and DS2 was 700grams larger than DS1).

Thanks for reading if you have made it this far. We have settled in nicely and I am delighted to be the mother of such two beautiful boys.

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 10:10 PM

Oh congratulations and thank you for sharing your birth story!

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 08:10 AM

Congrats Nic, lovely story!!! Bo is gorgeous wub.gif
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Posted 16 January 2013 - 03:44 PM

Congratulations wub.gif I love reading these so thank you for sharing your story.
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Posted 16 January 2013 - 05:14 PM

Congratulations smile.gif
Awesome effort X

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 08:45 PM

Congratulations! You did so well smile.gif I love his name - great sibset x

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 11:38 AM

Awww, great story. Loved every minute of it. wub.gif

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 09:27 PM

you did so well, amazing job delivering another little man into the world. Congratulations.
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