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The arrival of Our little man

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 07:55 PM

Ok, so I apologise in advance for the length... but once I started writing, I wanted to record as many details as possible! So, grab a cuppa & enjoy! smile.gif


I’ve always loved reading other peoples birth stories, & already the details of N’s birth are abit hazy, so I want to write it down so I can look back in years to come & remember the precious moments leading up to my gorgeous mans arrival.


After a year of deliberating over when to start TTC, we decided to finally take the plunge in December 2011 – the month after I was MOH in my best friends wedding. Originally my plan was to just take it easy and let the fertility gods work their magic, however I quickly became obsessed with counting cycle days, OPKs, and POAS! After just 2 months of this, I realised how exhausting that was, and decided to just take a step back, enjoy whatever time I had left with hubby before our family dynamic changed forever, and stop obsessing over every possible ‘symptom’. Feb 2012 rolled around, and it was a very busy, stressful & emotional time for us. My hubby developed a pilonidal cyst which had him in extreme agony for 2-3 days, and involved endless hours of pain relief, dressings, & tears on both our behalf. In amongst all of this, we got news that hubbys best friends dad had unexpectedly passed away while they were overseas... it was extremely traumatic & emotional for us all – particularly on top of the pain my hubby was experiencing. So it’s safe to say that I have absolutely NO idea when we managed to DTD that month, but obviously we did at some stage, because by the middle of March I realised that my period was 2 days late... After having had a false alarm the month before, I decided not to get my hopes up & hubby & I agreed that I would wait until I was a week late, and I would test then. Well, my patience got the better of me & Monday 19th March I had a sick day from work & snuck down to Coles first thing in the morning to buy a test. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got home, did the test & the 2nd line came up immediately, way before the control line even did! It was super dark & definitely a positive! I remember just staring at myself in the mirror, not knowing whether to laugh or cry... I just couldn’t believe it!!! Hubby was at work, and I wanted to tell him in person so I decided to wait until that night to tell him. I remember he was sitting on the lounge, and he made a joke about whether we should keep the BabysRUs catalogue in case we needed to buy anything in the near future.. it was then that I whipped out my test & told him we were going to become parents!!!! (Amazing how your body works when you just relax & let things happen on their own!)

The next few weeks were a very exciting but anxious time for us. I struggled to believe that I would actually be blessed with a baby at the end of it all. I kept saying things like “if it sticks” etc, which took me by surprise as I was normally a very positive & optimistic person. I felt 100% healthy & had not one ounce of sickness so I suppose it didn’t help that I didn’t have any telltale pregnancy symptoms that I’d obsessed about for so long. We decided to wait until after our first scan to tell our parents, which also coincided with my brother being home (who lived overseas at the time). After a scan in my Obs office at 10 weeks revealed a healthy heartbeat, we decided it was time to break the news! Both of our families were absolutely thrilled & there were many happy tears all round!
The rest of my pregnancy continued along as smooth sailing as it had started & to this day I have still not had one bit of nausea, tiredness, cravings etc! The only ‘symptom’ I had was some pretty bad reflux/heartburn, but thanks to some Quickeze & some changes in my diet, I was able to manage that pretty easily. From the minute he was conceived, our boy was very easy going, albeit abit stubborn! At all of our scans, he hid behind his little hands & refused to show us his face! We managed to get a couple of little glimpses, but that was it! He also decided to stay breech until 35weeks, and didn’t appear to be at all interested in coming out & meeting us! We decided not to find out his gender, but from the minute I got my positive pregnancy test, we were both convinced baby was a boy – for no reason, other than I just knew.

The Birth
My due date rolled around, and it didn’t look he was ever going to come out! My Obs performed a S&S at 40w2d (20 Nov) and it was decided that I would be induced on Tuesday 27th November (9 days over) if nothing happened before. While we were at my Obs office, my hubby was complaining of severe groin pain, which had me a little frustrated (typical male always wanting the attention!!) but also worried that it might be something more serious. He ended up coming home from work the next day as I insisted he get it checked (I was worried it was a hernia), as I didn’t want to have to deal with it while also worrying about going into labour/caring for a newborn! The Dr diagnosed it as a muscle strain, which was a little weird, but a big relief. I lost my mucous plug the following day (2 days after the S&S) which excited me a little bit, but nothing followed, so I mentally prepared myself for an induction the following week. That night hubby came home from work & could hardly walk. I checked him out, only to find a huge abscess under his butt cheek! I couldn’t believe the timing! So much for a muscle strain! An emotional me, insisted we head up to the emergency department at the hospital as I was getting this resolved ASAP. I think it was probably lucky that I was 5 days overdue, as he was seen immediately by a Dr & the abscess drained straight away. They wanted to admit him & operate, but for obvious reasons decided that the quicker/less invasive fix was best in our circumstances. We got home from hospital at about 11pm that night, and I was absolutely mentally and emotionally exhausted. Why was this happening now?!?! Hubby was dosed up on a huge amount of antibiotics & was given strict instructions (by me & the dr!) to stay home & get better quick smart! By Sunday he was starting to feel a fair bit better & could actually walk, sit & stand without being in agony. Thank the lord – could I now please have a baby?!?

Monday afternoon, we were to go to the hospital to get the gels, so we went out for a final lunch, cleaned our house & packed our furbabies up to the in-laws as they would be staying their while we were in hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 4pm & had an hour of monitoring. Gels were inserted at 5:15pm, and within 10 minutes I was having some bad cramping every 2 minutes, lasting 30 seconds. The midwife said that it was probably due to the internal, but she also said she didn’t think I’d need the induction in the morning as she believed the gels would be enough to put me into labour. We were sent home with some sleeping tablets & pain relief & told to rest up! The cramps never really went away, but they sort of died off a little. But by 11pm I couldn’t ignore them anymore & had to get up out of bed. I left hubby sleeping as I wanted him to have some rest. I laboured quietly in the bath for an hour or so, and then in the loungeroom, bracing myself through every contraction, rocking back & forth, focusing on my breathing the whole time. By 1am it was all too much, and I woke hubby up to tell him that it was happening. I had him ring the hospital to let them know, but I decided to stay home for abit longer. My contractions were between 3-4 minutes apart, lasting 30-45seconds. The next 2 hours are abit of a blur, but I think involved some more bath time, some massages from hubby, and some more heavy breathing & rocking. By 3am I couldn’t handle it anymore, and we decided to head up to the hospital. The lure of their nice big baths (compared to my tiny one!) & endless hot water, was too much!

We arrived at the hospital, met our lovely midwife Sue, and as soon as I could, I was in the nice warm bath, lights off & music playing quietly in the background. I pretty much kept my eyes closed the entire time, and just held/squeezed hubbys hand during the contractions. Because I had my eyes closed, I needed his hand as reassurance I was not alone. I was totally zoned out & it was wonderful! The only thing disrupting me was an intense pressure on my bladder and the need to go to the toilet, so every 30 minutes or so hubby had to help me out of the bath and onto the loo. I had a massive gush of fluid while sitting on the toilet and I mentioned to Sue that I thought my waters had broken. She thought it may have been just more of my plug coming away. By about 5am I needed something to take the edge off, but was scared of using the gas for fear of it making me feel sick. I explained my concerns but Sue assured me that she would coach me through it and it would be ok. She was right & it was fine. Altho after another hour, the heat from the bath & possibly the gas, was making me feel abit lightheaded and the contractions were getting worse. I asked for more pain relief options... she suggested an internal to see how far along I was. Her words were ‘fantastic... fully effaced & 3cm”.. 3CM?!? Are you kidding? I could not put up with another 7 hours of this.. so I asked for an epidural. Timing was perfect as the anaesthetist was in the very next room administering one to another lady, so within 15 minutes I was sitting up on the bed getting it all hooked up. Thank god for the gas at that point as I don’t know how else I would have coped sitting still through 3 contractions! It was 7am by this stage and it was time for a shift change so we bid farewell to the lovely Sue, and hello to Judy... hmm my first impressions were not great – she didn’t even introduce herself to us, he just stormed in & starting fiddling around. She didn’t seem to be impressed to be at work.

Pretty much straight away, I had some intense, painful pressure in my pelvis, bladder & bum. It wasn’t a ‘push’ pain, but man it hurt! It coincided with my Obs doing his morning rounds, so Judy was going to ask him to break my waters which she hoped would ease the pain. When he checked, he discovered my waters had already broken – turns out it was them I lost on the toilet! During the examination, he mentioned that he’d just stretched me to 6cm, baby was in a perfect position & the pressure was from his head which was very low.. but he couldn’t figure out why nothing more was happening & why I was in pain – the epidural should have stopped that. He reassured me that everything was looking wonderful, told us to try & get some rest, and predicted that we would have our baby before lunch. In an attempt to combat the pain, Judy topped up my IV a few times, and basically told me that was all she could do. Over the next couple of hours the pain moved from pressure down low, to shooting pain down my left butt cheek & leg. It was horrible, particularly when all I wanted to do was get up and stretch it out! Judy kept muttering along about how she had no idea why I was in so much pain and I specifically remember her saying “In all my 30 years of nursing, I’ve never known anyone to go through so much drip in such a short time & still be in pain”.. way to make me feel good, love! It was about this time that I decided that it wasn’t going to go away & I just needed to try & ignore it.. and Judy! I asked her to turn me on my side & I tried to get some rest. After an hour or two of dozing, the pain was getting unbearable and I asked her to turn me over... she didn’t seem impressed & was obviously far too busy to be ‘dealing’ with me! I also was taccacardic (sp?) so my pulse was ridiculously high & kept making the alarm go off. That, combined with some serious shakes I was experiencing from all the fluid, had me a little anxious. I remember her storming in at one point and saying “geez, would you just calm down abit... stop being so anxious!”. Yeh, sure lady.. you’re doing a great job of reassuring me. Thank god for my hubby who reassured me that the shakes were completely normal & nothing to worry about.. I started to feel abit better after that.
10 am & the pain had gotten worse, so she was going to get the anaesthetist to come back and do the epi again. Before she called him, she decided to examine me again to see how far I had dilated. She got a big shock when she straight away could see the head! She told hubby to come & have a look and he said he could see our baby, with hair on it’s head! It was time to start pushing..!

After about 20 minutes of pushing, my contractions started to disappear, and our babys heart rate started to drop. We could hear it on the monitor and it was so slow. She put me on my side, and told me I wasn’t allowed to push again until my Obstetrician was here. She pushed the emergency button, and told someone to get my Obs, immediately! Within 10 minutes he was at my bed, and informed me that the baby would need some help getting out. The Ventouse was attached to our babys head, and I was given the go ahead to start pushing. It must have been about 1130 by this stage. It was pretty hard to push when I didn’t really have any contractions, but I was determined to get my baby out quick smart as I was not going through all of this to be rushed off to theatre at the final minute! 3 lots of pushes later and I could feel his head was starting to come out. He told me to just pant, and his head & body came out in one go. My darling baby was lifted up onto my chest & he was beautiful! I asked hubby ‘what it was’.. and he proudly declared that he was a boy! Our instincts were correct! Our boy was crying, albeit not that strongly. I asked Judy if he was ok, and she said he was.. but he’d pooed while he was inside me so he was just abit blocked up. She told me to keep rubbing him and he would be fine. I couldn’t believe it. We had a son, and he was the most gorgeous little thing I had ever seen! .

My placenta came out shortly afterwards & my Dr worked away down below while hubby and I soaked up our little miracle man. I had a 2nd degree tear, and received 8 stitches, but my Dr said it all looked really good. Hubby phoned his parents & let them know that our baby had arrived & mentioned that they could start making their way up to the hospital. My parents were already in the waiting room & my brother was on his way up from Sydney.
N started doing the ‘breast crawl’ pretty much straight away which I found totally amazing to watch! The ‘lovely’ Judy decided she didn’t want to wait for him to attach himself so she decided to lift his head and try and shove him on. When he didn’t attach immediately, she moved him back up under my chin & declared that he wasn’t hungry & that I needed to eat something! Shortly afterwards he made his way back towards my breast & it wasnt long before he had attached himself, no thanks to her.
We spent the next few hours with our parents & siblings in the room gushing over how gorgeous our little man was. Aside from being weighed & measured, he stayed on my chest the whole time, as we wanted him to smell only hubby & myself for the first 24hours. Eventually everyone left, and I was given the go ahead to try & have a shower so I could be moved upstairs to the postnatal ward. It felt amazing to be finally standing up, although I was very light headed & nearly fainted! Turns out it was really busy in the birthing suite by this stage, so Judy was very keen to get me out of there.. her words “don’t be in there forever” still stick in my mind. Next thing I knew, I was in a wheelchair, being wheeled upstairs to maternity. We were shown our room to discover that we’d been given the only DOUBLE room in the whole ward! Our room was also right at the end of the hallway, so it was very quiet & away from all the hustle & bustle. It was bliss! I couldn’t believe how lucky we were!

We spent 4 nights in hospital and N was a perfect angel. All of the midwives upstairs were amazing and we did not have one bad experience. N breastfed perfectly right from the start, and my milk came in on day 3. We were inundated with lots of visitors, which made it abit tiring, but we were very proud to show off our new little man.

We came home from hospital on Saturday 1st December and our new life is everything we expected and so much more. N is such an easy going little boy. From our first day home, he’s fed roughly every 3 hours in the day, and 4 hourly overnight. I’m managing to get between 7-8hours of (broken) sleep every night, which makes everything much easier! I hope he remains as calm & chilled out for many years to come!

Well if you’ve read through all of that, you deserve a medal! Instead, here are some photos of our gorgeous little man... hard to believe he’s 17 days old already!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Birth Stats:
27th November 2012, 1148am
3.41kg (7pd8), 49.5cm long

(Edited to remove photos)
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Posted 14 December 2012 - 08:27 PM

Congratulations - he's lovely!

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 08:49 PM

Sounds like you're having a really chilled experience, what a lovely story!

I think most people get at least one dodgy midwife - it's a shame yours was during the birth, but it sounds like you handled it very well.

Congratulations! He's gorgeous!

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 08:52 PM

What a beautiful story and one very hansom little man. Congrats!
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Posted 14 December 2012 - 09:50 PM

What a beautiful baby - congratulations!

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 09:55 PM

He's beautiful! Congratulations smile.gif
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Posted 14 December 2012 - 10:10 PM

Congratulations Kijo! Noah is adorable wub.gif great to hear you are having a lovely time getting to know your beautiful boy smile.gif

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 10:19 PM

Oh, he's so beautiful (and you're a bit alright, too! laugh.gif )

Well done, what a lovely birth. I can't believe you pushed him out in one go, you legend!

I, too, loved that first skin on skin time with both my babies; it was a heart stopping moment. Both of mine did the breast crawl, too - awesome!

Welcome little Noah! wub.gif
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Posted 14 December 2012 - 10:20 PM

Congratulations. Welcome to the world gorgeous boy.
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Posted 14 December 2012 - 10:28 PM

He is lovely! Sounds like that midwife was a real witch - what a shame! But so glad everything is going well at home.
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Posted 15 December 2012 - 06:08 AM

He is so gorgeous wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

What a great story, I love the detailed ones! Sounds like you had a dream pregnancy and a pretty good birthing experience (aside from that horror midwife, who makes me angry). I hope you transition into motherhood continues to be so smooth. Feel free to post as many photos as you like tongue.gif
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Posted 15 December 2012 - 11:11 AM

Wow I had tears reading that!!

It was so similar to my experience but mine went pear shaped and we had to be rushed off for a c-section so I'm so glad yours turned out!!

And he is a definite cutie!!! Those eyes look like they've been here before!!


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 05:27 PM

Congratulations, such a lovely story wub.gif
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