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Have you ever received a pet as a gift?

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 11:40 AM

QUOTE(Puggie @ Dec 14 2012, 08:34 AM) View Post

I agree with all you've said - but I did want to point out that (as I discovered) even a 'registered' breeder does not mean the person is not running a puppy farm.

My now deceased female pug came from a registered breeder and the conditions she endured were horrific. She was bred and bred and bred until she could bare no more pups and then she was shipped off free to good home to die. It's only that we were willing to invest a couple of thousand in Vet bills that she lived another 10 or so years with us.

My now deceased male pug was also from a (different) registered breeder and he was reared the way I'd like to imagine all registered breeders raise their pups. He was much loved, had been showed and studded, and then his breeders vetted potential families so he could have one of his own.

I guess my message is not all registered breeders are equal - so check out the breeder as well as the sire, dam and pups!

That is a great point too Puggie. Both my cats have come from registered breeders who regularly showed their cats. To me that shows passion and dedication for the breed. And we keep in contact with one of the cats breeders regularly.

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 03:26 PM

QUOTE(Kookies @ Dec 12 2012, 10:08 PM) View Post

Very responsible of the shop. Thankfully no one I know would be stupid enough to buy a pet for someone else unless they knew it was very wanted and the right time. It's really like giving someone another family member... Such a thoughtless thing to do.

Agree with this. I'd adore a pet but it's a massive responsibility and I currently don't have the time or the commitment. It's much the same as bringing a child into the family. And whilst I threaten to do so on the odd occasion I'm not in the habit of giving away babies so I won't be giving away a pet anytime soon.

In saying that my sister was given a pet bird by a friend who shrugged and said "and if you don't want it, it's just a bird". sad.gif
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