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Separation Anxiety and Sleep Patterns

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#1 chelley


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Posted 28 November 2012 - 03:53 PM

Raffie is going through a bit of a stage at the moment and I am unsure whether it is teeth or separation anxiety. Or both wacko.gif I am pretty sure it is separation anxiety because he calms down a little if I kneel next to the cot and when I lean over to kiss his cheek.

Even with his sleep issues, having reflux and needing CPAP he has generally been an excellent sleeper and was sleeping through from 5 weeks.

He is now crying HYSTERICALLY as soon as he sees his sleeping bag and more so when I lay him down in the cot. I KNOW he is tired, I can see all the signs and yet he just cries... and cries...and cries.

He has always self settled. He is now 7.5months.

Any tips please. I really would like him to be able to self settle and having him needing to wear the CPAP having him get so distressed makes that difficult.

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 06:24 AM

Hey Chelley, not sure I can be of much help but my DD has pretty serious separation anxiety (although she has just started to improve recently). Like Raffie she has pretty much always self-settled (well from 6 weeks old) and has generally been a good sleeper, sleeping through the night.

Even though she gets a lot of separation anxiety she is normally fine with sleep when she is in her own bed, with her own comforter etc. She doesn't freak out if she wakes up, she knows where we are. When there are problems it's when she is sick or teething. She often needs assistance during the night when unwell and teething, and once it passes she goes back to sleeping through and self settling.

It may not be the same for Raffie, but my guess would be it's possibly a teething issue and just go with it and settle him if needed for a few days and hopefully he will go back to his normal pattern soon. Others may have better advice though smile.gif
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