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Meeting Emmett Michael

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 11:09 PM

Thanks to Heather, I finally got my butt into gear to write up the story of Emmett's arrival (I can't believe how speedy you are Heather, very impressed!! ). It is crazily long blink.gif Good luck if you can get through it all...

Emmett is eight days old today and I feel both as if he has been here forever and as if that time has flown by in the blink of an eye. I have to write his story down before I forget even a moment of it because his arrival in our lives has been nothing short of spectacular wub.gif

We had planned to have a third child (God willing) and had pencilled in returning to our fertility specialist in March 2012 (both Cate and Seamus were �€˜Clomid Babies�€™). We hoped for a quick and easy road to conception but neither of us imagined we�€™d be able to conceive without assistance. Yet that is exactly what happened. On December 20th 2011 I woke up to the sensation of a milk let down in my breasts which I thought was very odd. Odd enough indeed that, coupled with a very late period (no surprises there but still, we�€™re talking a 45 day cycle, which was the longest cycle I�€™d had since conceiving our eldest child in 2008) was enough to have me pulling out my secret stash of pregnancy tests. I took the test in our upstairs bathroom, left the room to make the bed and returned three minutes later to flip it over�€�and discover with ecstatic delight two very definite, bright pink lines. I sobbed with joy and gratitude and couldn�€™t stop beaming at myself in the mirror: we had done the previously impossible and made a baby ALL BY OURSELVES!

I decided to hold off telling Justin until Christmas Eve so I had four long days to get through. I didn�€™t tell a soul our secret (except for the i-do girls of course�€�where I went anon�€�even though I was terrible and guessed by everyone). It was very, very difficult but I knew that surprising Justin on Christmas Eve would be an amazing way to share the news�€�and I was right. Revealing my pregnancy to my husband and immediate family was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life and a memory that I shall treasure forever: it was most certainly a magical Christmas, made even more so by the fact that my baby sister also revealed her pregnancy that very same night. TWO beautiful babies were on the way wub.gif

I had a boring, uneventful pregnancy. As per usual I loved growing my big belly but, third time round, I did find the going tough the bigger I grew. I suffered from varicose veins in my vulva again (hideous) which meant I had a mean waddle going on from as early as 17 weeks. As I grew and grew and grew I found it tricky running around after a three year old and a one year old �€“ certainly the last month of being pregnant felt like very hard work indeed. Still, I treasured the time as I knew it was my last pregnancy: every kick, roll, bump and hiccup was something I wanted to hold on to. I loved watching my two children kiss my belly, talk to my belly, rub my belly. I didn�€™t enjoy pregnancy insomnia and the constant, constant peeing of the last trimester: the head was fully engaged for the last three weeks I was pregnant and it was hell on my bladder. But I tried to cherish the good and let go of the bad and I know that I will forever miss the feeling of a baby inside me, there�€™s truly nothing like it.

As I mentioned above, my sister was also pregnant and due just 11 days before me. Kat had been present with us at the arrival of our two children and I was desperately hoping that she would be able to be with us third time around. On top of this, Kat also wanted me to be with her when she gave birth and I desperately hoped I would be able to join her for this experience. We knew we were asking a lot: that each of us would be there to support the other with due dates only 11 days apart. We decided to leave it in the hands of the universe and to hope for the best. We didn�€™t know it but the universe was about to play very nicely indeed.

On Monday, August 13th 2012 I received a phone call at 3.30am telling me that it was time, Kat was in labour. I bounced out of bed, flew down to Melbourne and spent the next nine hours by my sister�€™s side, watching on in awe as she laboured like an absolute pro and delivered her first born child after 17 minutes of pushing. At 38 weeks pregnant everyone (including my sister) was a little concerned I�€™d get tired or overwhelmed but it was so empowering to watch her labour so beautifully and I revelled in being there for her in whatever way I could. I sobbed like a baby when Olivia Anne entered the world and I felt so honoured that I had been there to share in that mind-blowing experience with my sister and her husband. Mind you, it was incredibly full on seeing a baby be born when I was only weeks away from delivering one myself and I must admit that I spent the next few days feeling terrified of giving birth�€�I cried a lot and quietly revealed to Justin that I was very afraid. He helped me get over it by reminding me that I had done it all before and I had done it �€˜beautifully�€™�€�his confidence in me put me to rights quickly. Holding my beautiful new niece (and God daughter wub.gif ) also encouraged me: I wanted my own baby out and safely in my arms.

I had Cate at 39 + 4 and I went into labour with Seamus at 39 + 6 (and he was born at 40 weeks exactly, on his due date) so I was fully expecting that my third baby would be here by August 24th, my due date. I was carrying very low by this stage and feeling every day�€�and having Olivia here meant I felt I could tell my baby it was okay for him or her to arrive. For many weeks I had been telling my baby to stay on the inside so I could be there to support my sister, now it was time to start encouraging the Little Human to come on out. Lo and behold, Friday August 24th came and went with not even a niggle. I was gutted and spent the whole next day in bed, sulking: how unfair that a third baby should make mummy wait!!

I saw my midwife on Monday and she booked me in for a stretch and sweep with the doctor on Wednesday. No one seemed remotely concerned about me with both midwives assuring me that �€œyou�€™ll have this baby any minute�€�. At no stage was induction mentioned, everyone (right down to the practice receptionist) just kept saying �€œyou�€™ll have this baby�€�. Yes people, BUT WHEN?! blink.gif We were both being inundated with texts, calls, emails and Facebook messages asking if there action any �€˜movement at the station�€™ (which I thought would be annoying, but I actually found it very comforting that so many people cared). I was sick of everyone being on �€˜stand by�€™ too: my mum who was in charge of my kids and Kat (and her hubby Dan) as our support team. I was worried about how it would all fall into place and just wanted it to HAPPEN. At the same time, I was trying to enjoy the last few days pre-baby�€�spending lots of time with my kids, soaking them up, having naps, trying to enjoy the sensation of being hugely pregnant�€�it was all headed to an end and a large part of me was sad to say goodbye.

On Wednesday 29th August, we showed up for our stretch and sweep at 9am. I finally had it done at about 10am and wouldn�€™t describe it as a pleasant experience�€�but at least something was being done to get the ball rolling. We drove straight home after the S & S and my mum, who had been minding the kids, left immediately because she had things she needed to get done just in case I decided to go into labour that day. I started experiencing �€˜twinges�€™ every half an hour or so from about 11am and I had a small bloody show as well. I didn�€™t want to get my hopes up though so we kept on keeping on.

I made the decision that we would walk Cate to kinder at 1.20pm because, in the past, a walk has always ramped up contractions for me. Sure enough the slow waddle up and back to kinder (usually a 20 minute round trip, it took us about 50 minutes this time!!) kicked things off nicely and I was having the �€˜twinges�€™ every twenty minutes or so when we returned home. I told Justin I was off for a nap and that if the �€˜twinges�€™ kept me up during that time, I�€™d finally give in and call them contractions. I had a lovely hour long nap�€�but I was woken every 15 minutes for a �€˜twinge�€™. At 3.45pm I got up and decided this was it, something was definitely happening. I rang mum and left a message on her machine, I checked Facebook and my mummies group on there and I walked downstairs to tell Justin that �€œthis was it�€�.

At 4pm I rang my sister and said I thought I might be in labour. I told her we would pack the kids up, drive them the 25 minutes to mums and that we�€™d meet her and Dan and Olivia back at our place by 6pm. I told her not to come any earlier because I still wasn�€™t 100% sure it was definitely happening. Fortunately Kat decided to ignore me and started moving things at her end immediately: when I text her half an hour later to say �€œplease come NOW it�€™s definitely happening�€� they were already in the car and on the road. It seriously went that quickly from �€œmaybe�€� to �€œdefinitely�€� and by 5pm I was having full blown contractions every three minutes, lasting for 40 seconds to a minute: holy crap ohmy.gif !!

Justin was in a bit of a state trying to keep an eye on me inside and an eye on the kids whom he had herded outside in a bid to give me the space I needed to labour. The kids were running in and out and driving me batty and I couldn�€™t wait for mum to arrive to take them away. Finally we had to tell Cate what was going on and I am so glad we did: as soon as she knew it was the baby arriving she went into �€˜mummy mode�€™ and just wanted to care for me, it was gorgeous. Trying to battle through a contraction with a three year old and a one year old patting and kissing my face was still bloody hard tongue.gif , even though I desperately appreciated the way they were trying to love me though it wub.gif .

Mum arrived and whisked the kids away�€�I think she struggled with watching me through a few contractions, she isn�€™t good with watching her kids in pain. I felt a huge relief knowing my mum was taking my babies away safely and promptly forgot about them as soon as they drove out the drive way. Now I desperately wanted Kat and Dan to arrive and I got my wish at about 5.45pm. They�€™d had a nightmare run with traffic but they were finally here and we were together: I could relax, the team was assembled!!

Watching me labour, it didn�€™t take long at all for Kat to suggest we head to hospital. I had spoken to my midwife at 4.30pm to say �€˜this is it�€™�€�at 6.20pm, Frances rang and asked me to come into hospital given it was my third baby. Justin had had twenty minutes or so to shower, pack the car and get everything else ready so fortunately when Frances said �€˜move�€™ we were able to walk immediately out the door. As Justin sprinted to start the car, I held on to Kat for dear life in the drive way as a contraction ripped through me�€�and I caught myself staring at an �€˜almost�€™ full moon�€�.looks like my third baby was about to arrive with the moon, as had my first two�€�how weird is that smile.gif ?!

I sat across the back seat, Justin drove and Kat took the front passenger seat. Dan and Olivia followed behind us in their car�€�I was stressed that Dan didn�€™t know the way and Kat told me to stop focusing on Dan�€�unless of course, doing that was helping to keep the pain at bay, lol!! The contractions continued coming thick and fast and they were now lasting a minute every time. I was no fan of labouring so intensely across the tiny back seat of the Getz (sharing that space with the baby capsule), I couldn�€™t get comfortable at all and just desperately wished the 25 minute drive away.

We arrived at the hospital and headed straight for the birth suite�€�I had two intense contractions as I waddled down the long hall way to get there. As the second one tapered off I could hear someone telling me what a wonderful job I was doing, I couldn�€™t help but smile at this random encouragement even though it was hurting like crazy at this point and I was starting to freak out: I knew there was no way I could do hours more of this. We hit the birth suite at 7pm�€�the same room both of my babies had arrived in, I have only wonderful memories of this special room (well, actually I have some bloody scary memories of the room too: but the good outweighs that bad!! laugh.gif ).

Frances needed to check the vital things: my blood pressure and the baby�€™s heartbeat. I lay on the bed for this to happen but it was horrid, I couldn�€™t handle the contractions this way at all. Fortunately, Frances was quick (although she scared us half to death when the first Doppler remained silent�€�turned out it was broken and I heard a very happy and healthy heartbeat a minute or two later, but jeez, that moment of silence, it was awful sleep.gif ) and Justin was close and I used him to get through it: smashing his arm into my forehead and moaning my head off. As soon as I was released from the bed, I started stripping off and headed for the shower�€�oh the sweet relief!!

Dan and Olivia were set up in a tiny waiting room opposite the birth suite and Kat was in the bathroom taking photos of me labouring in the shower, Justin had his togs on by this stage and was helping me through each contraction. He would press very hard on my lower back whilst using the shower head to circle around my back. At the same time I was moaning: loudly. I gripped the bar in front of me and also tried stamping my feet. Between contractions Justin encouraged me and everything he said helped me relax, gather strength and generally feel better: he is a pro at helping his labouring wife by now wink.gif . I could still talk normally between contractions but they were coming thick and fast and I was having to �€˜sing�€™ (or �€˜ahhhhhhhh�€™ like a cow having an orgasm, whichever takes your fancy wink.gif laugh.gif ) through them. At roughly 7.30pm, Frances stuck her head in the bathroom and asked me where I wanted to have the baby because it was almost time: WHAT?! ALREADY?! GAH!!!! ohmy.gif

Kat went out to help Frances set up a mat on the floor on which I would deliver (as I did with the other two children). When she returned to the bathroom I was on my hands and knees in the shower, rocking through each contraction and now groaning at high decibels. Frances took one look at me and told me it was time, could I possibly stand up to start the move into the birth suite? I stood up and announced I could feel something �€œhanging out�€� (ewwwwwww). Fran had a quick look at said �€œit�€™s your membranes bulging�€�. She stood behind me and told me she would cradle them and she asked me to start walking. I took two steps, cried out �€œI can�€™t�€� and with the next contraction my waters burst (all over Frances�€™ arms). I leant over the sink and basically lost it, I started screaming and I felt that hideous �€˜out of control�€™ sensation that overcomes me in transition. This time I recognised it and I yelled out �€œCONTROL! CONTROL!�€� and Fran said �€œthat�€™s right, control!�€� as she recognised that I was trying to reign myself in. The next contraction rolled on top of that one: I collapsed to the floor, pushed with everything I had and I felt the head , shoulders and body burst out of me in one go. Kat hardly managed to capture the big moment on her camera it was so quick, Frances only just caught the baby before it fell and my second stage was listed as one minute in the official birth record ohmy.gif : it was bloody fast!!

Fortunately, at some point Kat had ripped into the birth suite, grabbed the mat and had thrown it on to the floor so my baby was born on to a mat, not the cold bathroom tiles. Frances passed the baby through my legs and lay the baby there where I could see it: I kept saying �€œI�€™m sorry, I�€™m sorry�€� over and over and, for some reason couldn�€™t even pick the baby up. Finally I looked an saw we had a BOY, he was howling and I picked him up and clasped him to me, laughing and crying out his name �€œIt�€™s Emmett, it�€™s Emmett, hello baby boy, hello Emmett, I�€™m sorry!�€� wub.gif The midwife covered him in a blanket, Justin grabbed me and held me and I beamed: it was over! He was here! Bliss!

Frances asked if it would be okay if I delivered the placenta on the bed so I stood up and we moved to the bed after the cord had been cut. Emmett was the most beautiful colour and his skin was to die for�€�his Apgar�€™s were 10 and 10, impressive. He was screaming his head off and would simply not settle�€�his arrival was a huge shock. We welcomed Dan and Olivia into the birth suite and they met their nephew and cousin. Emmett screamed and cried for just over two hours, stopping only for a quick nuzzle at each breast. We tried to make excited phone calls but I kept getting drowned out by my baby�€™s cries!! He was weighed and the weighed revealed a VERY healthy baby boy at 9 lbs, 6 oz or 4.395 kgs: I almost fell off the bed in shock!! He was HUGE, a whole pound and 6 ounces bigger than Seamus had been!! Finally, after two hours, we settled him into his dad�€™s naked chest for skin to skin and he stopped crying: we breathed a sigh of relief, cracked the champagne and started to enjoy the take away dinner Dan had ducked out to buy us to celebrate!

It was such a quiet, special time once Emmett settled: just us and my sister and her little family�€�two little families caught up in a love bubble wub.gif . Eventually I got up and showered�€�I forgot to mention that, though I felt I had torn and although Emmett was so big�€�I had one tiny little first degree tear that DID NOT REQUIRE STITCHES!!! Cue insane excitement! I had previously been stitched with both babies�€�to hear that I didn�€™t have to suffer through that indignity was a wonderful gift. To realise I pushed out almost 4.4 kilos of baby after only four hours of established labour with only a teeny tiny tear requiring no stitches�€�.awwwww, heck, it was God damned wonderful and made me feel like superwoman, lol!!

The hospital was packed that night so we ended up sleeping in the other (smaller) birth suite. It was fairly horrid: the bed in the birth suite was like sleeping on a table it was so hard and poor Justin got stuck with the floor (fortunately Kat and Dan had packed a mattress and bedding in their car otherwise I don�€™t know where Jus would have ended up). Emmett, of course, decided that he would like to be fed all night, just after I had settled down to sleep. When he wasn�€™t feeding he was snuffling and snorting (he had a lot of mucous to bring up after such a speedy arrival) and Justin snored�€�it was a LONG night!! When they told us at 7am that we were welcome to go home as long as we returned the next day to see the doctor, we jumped at the chance. By 12pm I had had a bacon and egg breakfast, a long bath with my brand new boy and was wrapped up in my own bed with my book, the ipad and my baby boy�€�it didn�€™t get much better.

Emmett is feeding well, sleeping well, gaining weight, smiling occasionally and filling my heart. Life is crazy as our two big kids adapt to a new brother and less attention but it�€™s also delightful watching them fall in love with their beloved baby brother. My husband is being a super star and friends and family are spoiling us half to death. Feeling blessed beyond measure right now and trying to enjoy each and every day with this beautiful newborn boy: the final addition to our family and a perfect one at that.

If you got to the end, well done you!! laugh.gif

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 11:25 PM

Photo overload...

IPB Image

The big moment of his arrival. I LOVE this picture!

IPB Image

Enjoying skin to skin with daddy.

IPB Image

Team Birth: Kat's holding Emmett, Dan's taking the pic.

IPB Image

Emmett and his cousin Olivia: Olivia was 16 days old when Emmett arrived and a whole pound lighter (she was almost two pounds lighter than him when she arrived). He looks huge next to her!

IPB Image

A week later: so handsome.

IPB Image

Proof that he smiles already!! Gorgeous!!

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**** Sarah and Adam ****

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 11:58 PM

I'm so glad Jemima decided to feed just as you posted this. Loved reading it, was positively enthralled. I would like to order you and Kat as my sisters, I love the love and support, I love that her husband was so helpful and I love how you just left it all to fate. What an incredible labour effort you did, I'm so pleased Emmett made his arrival quick and without disturbances.

I love your terminology, a cow orgasm biggrin.gif:D:D

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 07:04 AM

Congratulations. What a great story, I too couldn't stop reading to find out what happened. He is just gorgeous, I love the photo of Emmett and his cousin, so cute! The joy & excitement in your photos is beautiful.

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 07:05 AM

What a beautiful birth wub.gif

Congratulations, he's just perfect blush.gif
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Posted 07 September 2012 - 07:22 AM

I've actually got tears in my eyes. That was awesome, absolutely awesome. Carla, you're a birthing wonder woman! I laughed at your description of the one-minute second stage and if I were to have another baby, would you send Justin up please? biggrin.gif

Master H was 4.15 kgs. Big babies rock. wub.gif

QUOTE(Porthos @ Sep 6 2012, 11:25 PM) View Post

IPB Image

This photo is fantastic. wub.gif

{Insert witty line/ticker/photo here}

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 07:35 AM

Oh my what a gorgeous man you have there and a beautiful birth story!

You made me tear up several times!

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 08:01 AM

That was an incredible delivery and I loved your birth story. He is such a handsome little fellow and looks so alert already.

Congratulations again smile.gif
IPB Image

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 08:06 AM

Loved your birth story and the photos, he's so handsome wub.gif
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Posted 07 September 2012 - 10:02 AM

What a great birth story! Thank you for sharing smile.gif

We had to drive for about 25 minutes to get to the hospital too - contractions in the car are no fun at all!! And mine weren't as intense as yours were at that stage either, so I have complete sympathy for you!

That first photo is BEAUTIFUL wub.gif

Congratulations on the arrival of your handsome little man x
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Posted 07 September 2012 - 10:05 AM

What a beautiful birth story.. thank you for sharing wub.gif

This fills me with lots of warm & fuzzys inside & I can't wait til it's my turn wub.gif
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Posted 07 September 2012 - 11:31 AM

You are amazing Carla. wub.gif
Congratulations!!! Emmett is a beautiful name wub.gif

These 3rd babes love to tip the scales, Ry was 9lb 3oz a whole pound above his big brother also, lol

#13 Lanny


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Posted 07 September 2012 - 11:40 AM

What a great story Carla, thanks for sharing it! Not surprisingly, tears were flowing all the way through.

It was lovely to remember back to the "Baby Hush" days and remember the excitement you shared with us in the lead up to revealing your BFP to DH. You have been such a great support to me throughout my first pregnancy and I am so happy that Emmett's arrival was such a beautiful, positive experience for you - it makes me want to go back a second (and possible third) time!! You are a SUPERWOMAN!!
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Posted 07 September 2012 - 01:02 PM

Thanks for sharing, I always love your birth stories, totally amazing!!!

I can absolutely attest that contractions in the car suck....... I had 2 min apart contractions lasting a minute all the way to hospital, very unfun sad.gif Sounds like the rest of the birth was a breeze though. Well done for no stitches and such a big baby!

It's so fantastic that you and your sister got to share the pregnancy and each others births. I'm sure the cousins will love growing up together!!

Congrats again, more photos are always welcome dry.gif dry.gif
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Posted 07 September 2012 - 02:18 PM

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful story biggrin.gif
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