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Night toilet training & bottom wiping dilemma

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 07:49 PM

Hello ladies!

Just a quick question for all of you. DS turns 5 in December and will be starting "prep" here in qld next year and we are having a few hiccups with night training him. He has been say TT for 2+ years now and wears nappies to bed at night. Rarely does he ever wake up with a wet nappy (maybe once a week) but whenever we have tried no nappies, it quickly goes downhill.
He has a consistent routine as well as NO fluids after 6pm (just after dinner) and does a wee just before he goes to bed but still a few accidents. I'm not hugely concerned but was just hoping for some sort of tips if I can get any smile.gif

As well as this, he has shown no signs of being interested/able to do it. It just concerns me because he can't not wipe it at school as well as he feels the need to take both his pants and underwear completely off after "pooping" and brings all of it to me. I encourage him to go back, sit on the toilet, wipe and put each thing back on but he still comes back everytime. Any suggestions?
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Posted 29 August 2012 - 08:59 PM

My DD is 5 in November & still has accidents randomly. We can go for a week when she is dry & then have 4 days in a row of accidents. There is no rhyme or reason to her dryness overnight, she is either dry or not & never wakes to go to the toilet. From all the research I did, it seems that dryness overnight is purely physiological rather than something you/they teach/control. It's also pretty normal to have night wetness until about age 7.

We have stopped using nappies, and bought 2 brolly sheets instead to keep her sheets dry (they go over the top of the sheet & you just change the brolly sheet, rather than the whole thing)

She much prefers the brolly sheets.

I'm no help on the other issue, apart from my nephew did a really similar thing & just out grew it.
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Posted 29 August 2012 - 09:13 PM


What she said re: night training. While our guy night and fully #2 trained at the same time, a big number of kids wet overnight until 7ish and it's normal.

FWIW our guy had huge full wet nappies many mornings until we went 'nappy free' - and I can count on one hand the number of 'sheet changing' accidents he's had since then and it's been ages.

He occasionally would do a tiny pee in his jocks/pants before he woke and would get to the toilet to finish the job - not enough to wet his sheets, though - and the odd jocks/pants change is hardly onerous!

As for the all off pooping thing? We had similar. I started at home by bribing him to wear ONE ARM of a shirt while he did his business. Then a shirt over the head but no arms. Then head and one arm. Then a shirt on. Then shirt AND one sock on. The shirt and TWO socks! Then shirt, two socks and jocks (at ankles). Then shirt, socks, jocks at ankles and pants at ankles, too. Finally did shoes, socks, jocks, pants and shirt.

Sounds like it would take ages - but really once we mastered arm, arm, head, shirt and then shirt and socks and socks it took 3 or 4 days? Maybe 3 weeks all up? And only at his regular (in our case once daily) #2 time.

Now it's not an issue. Goes as and when needs be.

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