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Which baby food?

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#1 beckabunny



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Posted 08 June 2012 - 11:26 AM

DS2 is 3.5 months old and will be starting solids at some point over the next month or two but I'm so confused as to how this is all supposed to go I could use some help.

He has been exclusively BF from birth with a couple of sips of sterilised water from a bottle when he hadn't pooed in a week. I have bought a packet of Raffery's Garden organic baby rice cereal to put in the pantry to try when he seems ready but where do I go from there? Do I try just once a day to start with and wind it up to 3 times a day? And what's next after rice cereal? All the 4+ moth foods are fruits (apple, pear etc) and all the 6+ months foods are vegies but I remember being told off with DS1 that you should always do vegies before fruits otherwise they'll be fussy eaters, but I can't imagine doing pumpkin and rice cereal or whatever, that just seems weird to me.

And what about pre packaged stuff? There's so many different varieties! Raffery's Gargen, Only Organic, Ella's Kitchen, Heinz are any of them better than the other??

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#2 ClaireBear



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Posted 08 June 2012 - 11:49 AM

It's hard, isn't it? Even though I've done it before, I just couldn't remember what I did!

So this time we started at 4.5 months, had a weeks break for sickness and then back into it. We tried a new food every 3 days to start but are now not as stringent with that now that she is almost 6 months.

We did rice cereal with EBM, then apple, carrot, pear, zucchini, potato, sweet potato (in varying combinations) and now she's just started eating homemade yoghurt and chicken breast pureed.

I'm not a huge fan of prepacked food but I think Rafferty's Garden is pretty good. We have a few packs stashed in the cupboard as "baby takeaway" if for some reason I haven't made my own. We also use their rice cereal. I only give her rice cereal at breakfast time, mixed with EBM or apple or pear.

I don't really think it matters what order you do it in, really.
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#3 Amelia Jane

Amelia Jane

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Posted 08 June 2012 - 11:52 AM

When my DS was 5 months we started him on a teaspoon of rice cereal mixed with EMB. He had a few teaspoons at dinner time for a couple of weeks, then we moved to lunch and dinner, then 3 meals a day and gradually built up the quantity. We didn't have him on rice cereal for very long as I found it was clogging him up. We mixed rice cereal with pureed pumpkin, for example, and then phased out the cereal and just had him on the pumpkin. His first foods were rice cereal, pumpkin, zucchini, avocado, pear and apple.

I prefer to offer vegies first but fruit is so convenient that it's not uncommon in this house for the bulk of his meal to be banana or pear.

My son didn't have packaged food until we went away for the weekend when he was 8 months and then it was a mix of jars and sachets and sweet and savoury. A lot of the jarred food I find to be really quite revolting, in taste and texture, but some of the sachets are pretty nice. I think it is Only Organics, some of their blends are really good and have just the fruit and veg and some lemon juice in them. There is a banana, pear and apple one which I would happily eat myself. ph34r.gif Mixed with greek yoghurt it is pretty delicious actually. blush.gif I won't give my son any prepackaged food with sugar or salt in it until he is 12 months, that's just a rule I have but it's not hard to find sachets without any additives. The jarred 'meals' like pasta bolognaise, rice dishes, porridge and fruit, etc, are disgusting and only good for spreading on toast or bread, IMO.

We basically went
5-6 months: rice cereal and/or pureed vegies or fruit, a couple of teaspoons a few times a day. Introduced toast soldiers around 6.5 months.
7-8 months: Weetbix for breakfast, and mashed vegies and fruit and grains, so vegies and pasta, vegies and rice. Toast and bread and chunks of steamed veg or raw fruit. Toast with mashed banana spread on it. About 1/2 cup twice a day and 1 weetbix for breakfast and 1/2 bit of toast.
9-10 months: Meals of vegies, meat and grains, so risotto, shepherd's pie, pasta dishes, vegie dishes, sandwiches, a meat and 3 veg meal in baby sized chunks. Cereal for breakfast, yoghurt for morning tea and chunks of fruit for arvo tea.
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#4 carleyjt


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 12:17 PM

I just did sleep school with my 4 month old and asked the nurse how it worked. My son is breastfed.
The routine they offer is feed, play, sleep. She said when introducing food, feed milk, play for a few minutes while food hits stomach then offer a tablespoon of rice cereal/fruit/veges. Start once a day and slowly increase till 3 times a day. Baby should be at the age where they stop breastfeeding/drinking bottle when they realise they have had enough so there is limited risk of over feeding.
She also offered if we weren't comfortable to feed yet wait till around 6 months then start Baby Led Weaning if interested. I Youtubed it and looks like the path we will take as well as starting food now as he is a big boy and loves boob and from what I have seen with food is going to be a big eater!

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Posted 08 June 2012 - 12:57 PM

I can't exactly remember how we went about it but what I do remember is that to begin with I made all of my own purees and I combined veggies and fruit a lot as I figure both are good for them and the sweetness of the fruit is appealing to bub. I think over time I gradually decreased the amount of fruit so that he got to really "taste" the veggies in there and then started doing separate veggies and fruit.

On the odd occasion that we did buiy pre-packaged - and for the record I see nothing wrong with pre-packaged, I actually just enjoyed making my own - we used Rafferty's Garden. These days the majority of them are fairly natural though I think so I don't think you can go too wrong.
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#6 squeaza


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 01:32 PM

Firstly - have a good think about exactly when you want to start solids. Some people swear by 4months, a lot of research says 6 now. Some people say wait until they're able to sit up on their own, others say wait until they're showing an interest in what other people are eating!

We did a combination of the latter two, and suddenly he started looking at us eating and lunging - it was nearly 6 months for him, and I know others who it's closer to 4 months.

Have you also had a look at Baby Led Weaning? It's a completely different approach to purées and worth considering, even if you mix the two approaches.

We did a bit of purées for a week or two an then went almost exclusively finger food from then on, with pouches and purées when we were out or traveling.

The Rafferty's garden things are great and taste nice! Some of the jars are appalling! I taste them all and have thrown a few straight out biggrin.gif

Annabelle Karmel has some fabulous cookbooks covering everything from simple purées to really good finger food. It doesn't take long to make a big batch of something and freeze it (decor dressing containers are a great size!).
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#7 Malibustaci


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 02:35 PM

I went to a solids talk at a CHCN centre and this was the key points that they raised:

The Do’s List…

Introduce solids between 4-6 months (definitely by 6 months)
Watch for signs of baby being ready ie. open/closing mouth, tongue protruding decreases, is interested in what we are eating, opens mouth when near food
Baby will swallow only until about 9 months, then begins to sweep & chew
Mainly milk at 6 months; mainly solids at 12
By 12 months food doesn’t need to be mushy, finger food is good
Babies need iron in their diet from 6 months, so introduce food with fortified iron ie rice cereal
Introduce any food you wish to from 4-6 months old.
Avoid cows milk & honey until at least 12 months
Introduce one food at a time slowly waiting 3 -5 days until next food is introduced (to watch for allergies)
High allergens are: cows milk, soya, peanuts, eggs, fish
When beginning solids, start with one teaspoon and work up to ½ cup at each sitting
Start with once daily and work towards 3x daily.
Offer water from introduction of solids
Teach baby how to use a straw (it will come in handy) and also drink straight from a cup (this helps with language development)
By 12 months old baby should be eating what parents are eating
Offer dairy products (ie yoghurt & cheese) from as early as you start
Make a list of safe & unsafe food if needed
Not all food needs to be steamed, blended food is just fine

The Don’s List…
Don’t fight over food: if baby doesn’t want it, don’t push it, gently keep trying daily (it can take 15 attempts sometimes)
Don’t replace refused food with alternative food – rather, allow child to refuse food, then eat what’s on offer later (when hungry)
Don’t give baby/child juice or cordial, it only has empty calories and will lead to tooth decay – instead give baby water
Don’t offer desert at home, it can lead to increased behavioural problems around food – allow desert as a treat when out
Don’t offer too many snacks – will lead to increased tooth decay & being less hungry at mealtime
Interestingly, food allergies/intolerances are less common than we think!

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#8 chelley


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 10:18 AM

Raya was premmie so she started solids and had foods introduced differently.

Her first food was avocado and she loved it. She took to solids with gusto and quickly increased the amount she ate.

We never used food in jars but we did use the Rafferty's pouches which she loved and they tasted really nice. We will use them again when Rafferty is ready for solids.

I have anaphylaxsis to several foods so we had to be cautious about introducing foods just one at a time. I found many jars and pre packaged foods had combined fruits or vegetables which didn't work for us.
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