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The drawn out arrival of Cohen James

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 04:35 PM

Just realised that even though my little man is nearly 4 months old I forgot to share his birth story. I loved reading others experiences on here so only far I share my experience. While long and boring it resulted in a beautiful boy that literally makes my heart nearly explode when I see him wub.gif
It was written as a BLOG post for my friends so excuse me if it is written different to the other stories smile.gif


41 Weeks 4 Days - Woke up at 5am on day of induction without even a twinge or niggle just like it had been for weeks. Wasn't nervous and didn't ever get nervous. Everyone kept asking and texting me to see if I was, but I was just excited to be meeting my boy. I was a little dissapointed at how planned it all turned out as I had been imagining how I was going to tell DH when it started and how I was going to labour at home etc but in the end I knew that wsn't important. As long as my boy was safe and healthy that was all that mattered. It was DH birthday the next day so we joked he might have to share his birthday but I hoped it wouldnt take that long for him to arrive.

We got to the hospital at 6:30am as instructed. Did the usual pee in a cup and weighing. I had put on a whole 8kgs the whole time which I was pretty excited about. I wasn't big with DS1 but I had put on 15kgs with him so as long as I didnt go over that I was happy. I got settled into a room and strapped to monitor when the midwife told me the Dr had been called in at 4am so he had gone home to bed and will be late. So we waited another few hourse and the Dr turned up at 10am. I had sent DH and sis shopping at this stage as I knew it was gonna be a while. Bub will still sitting awfully high so they kept checking and double checking my dates with ultrasound place but I was well and truly overdue.

I had the gel inserted at 10 and was told to go walking once they got back. The gel is just that a syringe thing of gel that is put up behind your cervix so it drips down and soaks in. The midwife held my hand and said it ws gonna hurt but it didn't. I dont know if I have a tough cervix or what as no internals ever hurt for me. After a bit my hoo ha got all hot and swollen and I kept having to sit as it felt like it needed pressure on it. Havent heard anyone else say this so no idea if I just had a slight reaction or what. Went walking and walking and bouncing on my ball. Was in my room watching TV with DH and sis when contractions started at around 1:30pm. Roughly every 3 minutes for 30 seconds long so nothing too major. Kept bouncing and walking. DH had a nap which is the usual for him when I am in labour LOL.

At 4pm midwife came and got me and showed me my birthing room. Hooked me up to machine and labour was counted from now as they were regular and bitey by this stage. No internal till 8pm I was told so went about my business having a spa and walking etc. By 8pm they were full on and coming every 1.5 mins and getting longer and longer. Dr did first internal and was 3cm. I very nearly cried as that was nothing. He then decided to break my waters to help bring him on. Was told I would be checked again in 4 hours. At about 10pm I couldn't move anymore they hurt so much so requested an epi. They offered me morphine but that stuff makes me throw up and drowsy so I declined and asked for epi as the anasthesiologist would probably take another good hour or so to arrive so knew I would have to wait a bit. Low and behold he was there within 15 mins! He asked the usual do I know the side effects etc and I said yes. He then told me the 2 main things he has to remind me is 1 it might give me a wopping headache and 2 it might not work. I had one with DS1 and had no problems so I wasn't worried. By 10.30pm it was all in and still hadn't taken pain away after half an hour so they called him back in and he admitted ok it isn't working so he took it out and gave me a spinal block and reinserted the epi for a 2nd time. He said the block would work for around 2 hours and if the epi didn't kick in after that then there was nothing he could do so I had fingers crossed I would magically dilate and bub arrive in 2 hours. Yeah right!

At midnight midwife did internal and I was 8cm. Yay! The same thing had happened like with DS1 labour. Once I relaxed with epi I dilated faster so I felt a lot better and imagined he might be born before sunrise. The midwife kept asking me if I felt the 'pressure' down below and I said nope nothing. So was told to rest and would be checked again at 4am. They were very strict about the 4 hourly internals and not before. I napped on and off but kept sitting up as bub was so high earlier all day that I was worried he would float back up and disengage. Kept asking me if I felt pressure but I didn't. Only wee pressure but I had a cathetar so wasnt surprised with that feeling. At this stage DH and sis were taking turns sleeping in my hospy room and on the recliner in birthing room. I was eating ice and drinking a lot at this stage as they were worried I had no urine output so was trying to keep them happy.

At 4am had internal and as she said I feel the head! This was great news for me and we turned off the epi to wait for pains to come back so I could push. I still could feel the contractions the whole time so I dont know why I couldnt start to push then but didnt think to ask. At 6am still didn't have 100% feeling in my thighs but did elsewhere so were planning to get ready but then bubs heartrate started dropping to around 50-60bpm. The Dr was called and decided to give my oxytocin rip to speed up contractions and get him out. If he wasnt out soon the vacuum was going to be used. At 6:30am the drip was turned on and I was put in stirrups. Was told to wait 10 minutes then start pushing. I was deadset he was not going to be born with vacuum so I pushed and did everything I was told and he was out within around 8 minutes! I meant to look and touch his head but I was worried that if I did and he wasn't out as much as I thought it would make me lose track so I just concentrated on pushing. He had the cord around his neck and they took a bit to get it off then he was born. Bright blue and covered in blood. Never seen so much blood as DS1 was a clean baby. He instantly grabbed by finger and gurgled a bit but never really yelled a lot. Was so nice to have him on my chest and not have him taken away. With DS1 he was taken away and cleaned up after a quick cuddle where as Cohen was on my chest until I passed him to dad. There was lots of blood and vernex and also he decided to poop on me but I didnt care. He was happy and healthy and finally here wub.gif

The placenta was shredded and I had bits everywhere for some reason so they were a little worried about that but it all seemed to have come out so no problems there. Thankfully I didnt tear and no stitchs were needed. I did have a couple of grazes that sting like hell after a few days but thankfully they are healing well so I can pee freely again. Witch Hazel and a fan have been my best friend. He was looking for the boob almost straight away so he latched on well and has been there ever since.

Born on Dads birthday - 2 February 2012, 15 hours labour, 9p 9 1/2oz and 53cm long.
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 05:57 PM

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story.

8 minutes of pushing and no tears - you're an absolute champ!

Congratulations again on the birth of your beautiful little boy smile.gif

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 06:59 PM

Congratulations smile.gif
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 07:33 PM

congratulations on his safe arrival
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**** Sarah and Adam ****

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 09:10 PM

Congratulations what a lovely story. You did so well with such a good sized hubby too.

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 11:51 PM

Congratulations and thankyou for sharing the story of your little man's arrival.
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Posted 31 May 2012 - 07:04 AM

Beautiful story... Thanks for sharing smile.gif

I love his name wub.gif
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Posted 31 May 2012 - 01:56 PM

Congratulations!! And what a good sized boy he was!
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Posted 31 May 2012 - 03:36 PM

Congrats again Carley! Lovely story, thanks for sharing smile.gif
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Posted 31 May 2012 - 05:57 PM

Great story

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