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Night waking!

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 11:58 AM

QUOTE(Monica @ May 29 2012, 11:20 AM) View Post

If she has them, would she be complaining? I remember them as a kid and they were hideously itchy. I am assuming girls can get them at the front as well? She is ALWAYS touching herself (just a phase hopefully) so I’m wondering if that is more the problem.

Worms are highly contagious, most of our friends experienced them when their kids were at daycare and all the kids were unsettled during the night (crying and uncomfortable/in pain). From what I understand (thread?)worms "travel" from the anus to the vagina. My friends were advised to shine a light on their child's bottom (anus/rectum) during the night. I think the light draws them out? Not sure ... but they were like thin threads of cotton and they used the tweezers to pull them out. Gah, I couldn't sit still with someone with a pair of tweezers and a flashlight up my date. Thank heavens for combantrin blush.gif

Let us know how you get on, hopefully it's all just a stage and it's nothing more to it than that!

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 12:03 PM

Vent away!!!

I am definitely the softie when it comes to the bedtime stuff but seeing how well Cate responds to Justin's 'tough love' has encouraged me. He never offers food or water or foot rubs or cuddles or any of the other crap I end up giving in to....so I have decided no more, I'm not doing it either!! It's a shame your DH can't see that what you do works better...and like Heather said, whilst you're both this tired and over it, normal relationship stuff is never going to be easy.

Re; worms...I think they are only in your bottom? Haven't heard of them becoming a 'front' problem IYKWIM? They are definitely itchy but the tablets are gold, they seriously clear them up within 24 hours...well, that's how it worked with Cate anyways. You are supposed to treat the whole fam at once too, just FYI.

Last night, Justin was on nightshift and, of course, Cate woke up twice dry.gif The first time I left her and she self settled within five mins (at 2am), the second time (at 4am) I figured she needed the toilet so I went to her. Of course she DID need the loo, but instead of waking and working that out for herself, she wakes and sooks about other stuff until she gets my attention. She was quite sad to not get a star on her chart this morning but we didn't make a big deal of it. Just said "I'm not angry, just try again tonight". She is pumped to try again and I hope it bloody well works!!

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