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Adorable April 2012 Babies!

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 10:55 PM

It has been increasingly quiet and not just in hear but the whole forum in general. For what it's worth my facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/kylie.mcbean although I don't really post much about the kids on there.

Violet is growing like a champ, just about 10kgs now but her lump is growing as well. She has her 6mth needles in 2wks so I'll get the doctor to check it again. Violet has rolled 4 times now only back to front though and likes chatting away, I'm a little worried about her lack of movement but sure she'll pick it up soon enough. But apart from that not much is happening here.

I'd love to hear updates on all our other little ones as well.
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Posted 24 September 2012 - 08:42 AM

QUOTE(~CSaM~ @ Sep 19 2012, 08:55 PM) View Post

Im here reading. Im not friends with anyone on FB though. Im just finding the forum quiet and not as ..... friendly?? maybe?

Im not sure sad.gif

Are you on Facebook? I will friend you if you are. I also have a blog and tend to prefer to update about the kids on the blog.

Kylie Violet is just so beautiful - I love her eyes. I know what you mean about being chubby - Raffie is so chubby it took the dr's 45 minutes to put a cannula in for his surgery he is so chubby. He looks like he sleeps with elastic bands on his arms and legs.

Raffie has his first appoinment at the Spina Bifida Clinic this Friday which we are very anxious about and we will feel better I anticipate once that is behind us. The first of many years of clinic appointments wink.gif

Kylie my daughter wasn't fussed on moving around very much. Rafferty seems far keener to get moving. He can roll over from back to front - but not front to back. He is just starting to move around more in his bed which means i may have to wrap him with arms out and pray he doesn't start ripping his CPAP machine off when his arms are out. Teething is really bothering him (such a man LOL) and none have cut through but they are close. He seems to be quite constipate with solids too so if anyone has any ideas then let me know.

We have his dedication this weekend so this week is a frantic run around to get organised.

We are enjoying preschool holidays for 2 weeks like school holidays so have both kids underfoot at present lol We decided about sending Raya to school next year. We would have loved montessori but we just couldn't afford it unfortunately.

Hopefully they other girls come back and update in here too smile.gif

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 11:26 PM

Hello smile.gif
Sorry to have not been around for so long. Life gets too busy huh?

Sounds like everyone's bubs are doing well. My little man is the runt of the group (should be used to that after Mayana!). He was 5 months last week and still hasn't quite hit 6kgs! We are now combination feeding and his weight gain has picked up to a more acceptable level, but I don't think either of my kids are destined to be chubba bubbas!

He is also well and truly on solids and loves everything he's tasted so far except for avocado. Despite trying it many times he refuses it and gags to the point of throwing up if I manage to get any in his mouth! His favourite a the moment is sweet potato.

How is sleeping going for everyone? We seem to have settled into a nice day time routine but nights are harder. He goes down fine, but is still waking through the night. He has one feed at around 3am and thankfully goes down easily after that. Lately though he's been waking just as we're ready to go to bed and screaming blue murder for half an hour or more. He's not hungry as he refuses to eat, and sometimes even cuddling him won't calm him. I'm not sure if its teeth or what but its making me barmy. I can't wait for him to sleep through the night. I think he's done it maybe twice in his life. I miss having a full night of sleep!

As Chell said Reuben was battling an awful mystery allergic reaction rash... We are still not sure what caused it, but after a round of steroid medicine and two emergency visits it seems to have cleared up. One doctor told us to immediately see an allergist, but a second opinion said to wait and see if it reoccurs first, because allergy testing at this age is not much fun. He's been rash free for a week today, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

I hope that Rafferty's dedication goes well Chell. We had the most lovely weekend for Reuben's. he is one very loved little boy!

It's a shame that Raya won't be going to Montessori. It's such a lovely and idealistic form of education. We don't have the option here but like you probably wouldn't be able to afford it even if we did. Have you decided on a school for her? I'm already feeling sad that next year will be Mayana's last at home. Where do the years go?

I'll have to remember to come back more often. I loved my mums group when Mayana was a baby!
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