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Focus, attention and active listening

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Posted 18 June 2011 - 10:17 AM

Penny is nearly 4 1/2 and goes to preschool 4 days a week.

Bit of background... at age 2 Penny had no receptive or spoken language. She was fully assessed by a speechie, psychologist, psychiatrist and paediatrician. They all said she is perfectly fine but had a lack of focus and that would improve as she matures.

Penny is delightful. She is never angry and is a pleasure to have around. Apart from the fact that she DOES NOT listen!!! I will tell her something then ask her to repeat it and she can't. Her focus is still generally poor. She does ballet in a 3-4yo class with her sister and doesn't listen to the teacher there either. She's very easily distracted.

Her school aren't concerned at the moment as it's still over 6 months until the next school year starts. Her father and I have told them that if they think it's appropriate for her to stay at the preschool for another year, then that's fine with us. (She's at an early learning centre attached to the main school).

She's bright enough. She knows her letters and numbers, has a very good memory for tunes (though often gets the words wrong), has fantastic motor skills, is great at puzzles and has highly developed social skills.

I'd love to help her to develop the skills she needs. ie. focus and listening. Does anyone have any tips they can share?

We live in PNG so I can't just pop along the ECHC, library or bookshop!
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