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I am Planning My Twin Girls Christening

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Posted 06 April 2011 - 10:10 AM


I am planning my girls christening and i dont know what the norm is now.

Is it traditional to give a bonbonnaire and are almonds a tradition again like at weddings? Do you have a order or service or booklet?

Here is what I have so far

Theme: Chrysanthumums, Topaz and Owls (the owls are to give it a baby theme) and the girls love Giggle and Hoot they always laugh when it comes on tv. There room has been done in an owl theme as well.

Colours: Pale Pink and pale orange.

Church: St Pauls Presbyterian Church (this is the church we were married in)

Dresses: My mum and dad bought some beautiful Thai silk in Thailand and had them made. The gentleman made them for 6 year olds not 6 month olds so my Grandmother and mother are going to adjust them over easter for us. So the basic dress is done it just needs to be adjusted.

Cakes: My mother in law is doing two one each for the girls a round cake with flowers and crystals on top a plaque on the board with there names and a little owl.

Invites: am thinking a C6 size with a invite on each side for each child I am also thinking of using a border punch on the bottom and the side so when it closes the border punch closes it on the side and the bottom holds the invites in place. Maybe I can add the heart thing to it. not sure how i am going to add the owl and still make it look classic.

Afterwards: Cocktail type party at our house (no cocktails) with sandwiches, mini pies, sausage rolls, moroccan meatballs, mini quiches, cob loafs, cheese and biscuits, etc. I am thinking of enlisting friends and family to help. Once upon a time I could have done it all on my own. Can you supply wine and beer or should it be alcohol free.

Decorations: I was thinking on the present table of having a picture each of the girls in there christening gowns in a white frame or there pettiskirts. White table cloth with a pale pink runner down the centre. A tree in the centre as a centrepice and tags so people can write nice messages one each for the girls Hang some pompoms and balloons and have two long tables with white table cloths some sort of centrepiece x 3 one pink and two pale orange table runners across and the food on the long tables.

Bonbonnaire: I am thinking even if we dont need a bonbonnaire I could make a bookmark by printing off a thank you and punching a hole in it and getting the girls fingerprints on air drying clay and cutting them out in heart shapes and attaching them by punching a hole in the top and threading ribbon or string threw. Maybe this could double as a thank you card so I dont need to send thank you's and that would save money there. My question is would you still also need to send thank yous would this be expected on top?

Photography: I learnt from my wedding everyone is too busy to download pictures and put them on a disc. In some peoples defence I did get some emailed to me 5 years after my wedding. My parents camera at the time took blurry photos and I wasnt happy with my wedding photographer I was rather bitter about it for a long time. So I did a trash the dress and it made me feel better. So my big splurge will be a baby photographer that I have seen the work of. I only get once chance at this as well and its very important I get it right. because lets face it photos are all thats left after the day has come and gone.

Is does anyone have an ideas or pictures they can add to help.

Your opinion would be greatfully apreciated. One think i have always loved about the I do forum is everyone is so helpful


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Posted 06 April 2011 - 10:30 AM

No real advice here Tracey, but TWINS!!? It's been so long, I had no idea you were even pregnant!

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Posted 05 May 2011 - 08:22 PM

Wow sounds amazing, I have no idea about christenings at all but would like to get my twins done before they turn 2 so i should get my finger out and arrange something.

Pleas epost some pictures I adore twins now I am used to mine own
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Posted 06 May 2011 - 02:22 PM

sorry to butt in. But on the almonds......so long as you are sure none of your guests have a severe allergy to nuts smile.gif

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