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JC1984 ties the knot!

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Posted 25 March 2011 - 06:29 AM

Congratulations once again Jess.

Hope the photos are absoultely stunning!!!!
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Posted 25 March 2011 - 02:35 PM

What a beautiful wedding, you look gorgeous, Congratulations! And beautiful photos Hope!
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Posted 25 March 2011 - 02:49 PM

Lovely photos and a lovely bride! Congratulations Jess smile.gif
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Posted 03 April 2011 - 12:24 PM

Thanks girls, and Thanks again Hope for reporting for me smile.gif
Thought it was about time I did my own report of the week leading up to our day...

The monday before the wedding was a public holiday here so while I couldn't do too much last-minute stuff it was a bit alright as we'd done our hens/bucks that weekend and were still a little under the weather LOL

Tuesday and Wednesday was so busy finishing off forgotten little things and stressing that the weather would be bad and we'd have nowhere for the ceremony to be (was supposed to be in a garden) as the forecast for Sunday was 22 with a 75% chance of rain

Thursday I went for my waxing, only to have a new girl do it and she a) ripped part of my skin off and cool.gif had the wax too hot or something because I ended up COVERED in welts ohmy.gif I had been pretty calm the whole way thorugh planning but I flipped out. I didn't even finish having all the waxing done, I was in so much pain I had to go straight to the doctors for a remedy.

Friday before the wedding...the rain started! J was in care and C was supposed to take H to the park while I went for my fake tan but it was too wet for them to go out. Sitting, waiting for the tan to dry so I could shower took up so much time! before I knew it I had to pick my mum up and she, H and I went to have our nails done while C went to have his tattoo finished all at 3pm.

We were at the nail place longer than expected and at 5.30 we left there, I took mum home so she could go to the hall to start the set up and I picked up J from daycare and took the kids home to feed them. C didn't get home until after 6pm and his arm was so bruised and sore I had no idea if he'd be able to move it properly in time for the wedding!

About 6.30 I headed up the hall with the screen a friend had done for us and when I opened it up, preparing to hang it - IT WASN'T FINISHED!!!! My sister flipped (it was essentially her friend that did the painting, and told her it was done) and I had to rush it back to him to finish painting that night.
A nice surprise was a few of my cousin's came to help set up the hall and tie the chair bows for the ceremony chairs (the man running the reception place had a spot we could do the ceremony that was fairly nice if it rained). About 10-11pm we headed home, still not completely set up and I was really starting to worry.

Saturday was bedlam. The hall wasn't finished in set-up until about 7pm and then All the catering couldn't be completed until Saturday night, and I wasn't packing to go to the hotel until 11pm that night sad.gif The catering didn't finish being assembled until after midnight (even with the help of my mum, sister, aunts and cousins) The kids were so upset that they couldn't come with me to the hotel - as was I because I really wanted them with me in the morning. My mum came to stay instead. I was still up until almost 3am because the i-pod stuffed up and I had to reload the wedding music ph34r.gif


Woke up about 5.30am when the alarm went off and it was pouring down outside! I had to take mum home so she could a) get her clothes to get ready with me and dad and cool.gif she had to be up the hall for the cake to be delivered and the food assembled on the table at 9am.

I messaged C and told him he had to wait in the laundry because I had to come home and get the kids and a few other forgotten items LOL
Once back at the hotel the kids ran riot! The room door wouldn't lock from the inside and J kept trying to do the bolt.

Just before Hope and Tara arrived I got a phonecall from mum to say the reception hall manager was going to let us use a room to get ready in instead of having to dodge the rain to get to the ceremony. Waiting for mum to return to help cart everything to the other end of town, Hope and Tara started snapping detail pics and the kids.

Mum arrived just before 10am and it took hardly any time to getfrom teh Sundowner to the Playford Whyalla. Up in the room my brother's girlfriend (my MUA and hairdersser) was just finishing my sister's hair, so we layed out all the wedding clothes etc and the girls set off again snapping while I sat down to be 'tarted up" LOL laugh.gif

About 11am Tara headed off to my house to photograph C and his parents getting ready dry.gif what a fiaso there (but that's a whole other story & set of issues) before they all came for the ceremony at 12noon.

When I was finally made up and hair finished and it was time to put my dress on it went on.. and slipped! I'd lost weight and even the straps I'd had added wouldn't keep it in place properly ohmy.gif yay on the weightloss - boo to the dress LOL

Snap, snap, snap went the girls and then the video guy turned up. everything was so rushed here.. mum getting ready, kids getting dressed, more shots, family pics, glass of bubbly, more shots LOL I'd planned on heading down the stairs at about 1.20pm but as it was I didn't leave the room until almost 1.35pm

Praying someone had got the ipod working we walked right outside to enter from the street (luckily the balcony covered the sidewalk)
We entered to MARRY ME by train. I was so nervous and could feel the tears starting to well.
I felt so beautiful walking down the aisle, couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
The ceremony went by so quickly. I know it doesn't really matter now (as we're married) but I was quite upset that the celebrant changed almost my ENTIRE ceremony after saying she would leave it as it was mad.gif it was still lovely..but it wasn't MINE, and mine had special meaning that she missed sad.gif

Well the ipod didn't start again after we were pronounced husband and wife, so instead of LOVE'S MY SONG FOR YOU by katie noonan for waling back up the aisle, we had MARRY ME play again LOL oh well smile.gif

after hearing a congrats from everyone as they left the room, we walked back through a shower of rose petals to the main entrance. Everyone entered the reception hall while C and I had 2 minutes of quiet time. the MIL came out and complained that there was no designated seating and that annoyed me (but apparently I didn't hear/see half the antics she got up to!!)

The reception went so quick. I don't think we got a chance to sit in the hall at all, and I know we didn't get a chance to talk to everyone sad.gif

The speeches were given (our MC, my dad, FIL and me), the cake was cut and then we danced to I'M YOURS by the script. for the father/daughter dance I had HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY by rod stewart picked for months. C and MIL got up to dance too...it was the song they'd used at MIL's best friend's funeral not 3 weeks before ph34r.gif then C danced with mum and I danced with FIL to FIREFLIES by owl city.

At about 4.30pm we said goodbye to our kids and everyone else and made our exit, as did most of the guests. grabbing a plate of food (we hadn't eaten all day) Hope, Tara, C and I set off for our couple photos. That was a lot of fun! I'm so glad they were done after the wedding was over because my dress is FILTHY! all the iron ore dust covering my train, I doubt it will come out even after it's cleaned.

At about 7.30 the girls dropped us at the hotel and we said our goodbyes.
C went in and showered and I called room service to order some dinner. at 8pm there was a knowck on the door I was expecting it to be our food but it was someone come to set up the 'romance package' for the room.. petal heart on the bed, choccies on the counter and a bottle of zibbibo on ice biggrin.gif with LCD candles scattered around the room smile.gif

We ate, we talked, we kissed and cuddled on the bed (while watching hawaii 5-0 laugh.gif ) and fell asleep together around 10.30pm ♥

They day was wonderful, as everyone always says, it goes too quickly, but I wouldn't change a thing (well...hardly anything LOL)

if yov've read all this, thanks ♥

Jess xx

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 02:01 PM

Congratulations Jess, looks like it was a beautiful day! The photos are lovely smile.gif
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Posted 03 April 2011 - 03:48 PM

Congratulations and a great story to read. The photos are just beautiful.
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