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Money Saving Tips

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#16 Angel_Elle


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Posted 07 February 2011 - 05:56 PM

For us we have to budget tightly as DH only gets paid monthly and although until recent events we had a fairly ok savings account to fall back on but now thats gone we have to work our ass off to get it back.

What we do is work out the monthly income then i have a seperate section of must be paid stuff - this is savings first - we need to feel like we are paying ourselves especially if DH manages to get some decent overtime - even if its just $50/month going into savings. Next its all the necessary ph bills, electricity and insurance.
Next is money i need to set aside for upcoming expenses that im aware of - mainly to reduce the overall cost over a few months - eg rego. In qld you can purchase a book from Australia post and pay money on it for the rego then use that to pay your rego when its due - reduces the high bill or chance of spending money you have previously set aside.

Shopping - we tend to only spend $550 a month on groceries and meat including nappies. The way we have achieved this is slowly built up a stock pile of shelf life goods and cleaning products. I buy washing powder, fabric softner, napisan in bulk from Big W as it just worked out cheaper - though occassionaly buying smaller quantities when on special is cheaper. We buy meat in bulk and freeze it so we can save more money that way. Get to know prices of goods that way you can spot a good price and not be tricked into thinking its good.

Fuel is another big drain on a budget - i should know as we recently did a few $200/week costs due to things happening here. So know we plan what we are doing during the week and what we can do on the way to certain places to reduce the double trips.
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Posted 07 February 2011 - 07:28 PM

Oh another thing (Angel_elle) reminded me. When you are say in woolies shopping don't be tricked by Everyday low Prices or value tags. They are not specials. If its a special it will have the savings printed on the ticket. Also even if something is on special still check the price per item/100g/ea because sometimes something not on special is cheaper.

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Posted 08 February 2011 - 08:54 AM

Wow - you girls are amazing!!!

These tips are fantastic, I am making a list of them all and printing it out for my DH.

Since I posted this I have managed to have a look at where we are spending money and it is CRAZY how much money is being spent on impulse buys that we don't need. We also spend heaps on eating out and soft drinks so some of these tips are perfect for us.

I cannot believe how budget wise you guys are, you're awesome! - Thanks so much and please keep them coming if you think of anymore smile.gif
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Posted 08 February 2011 - 09:52 AM

I think you really need to take the time to check out the grocery catalogues. I dont have time to usually go to more than one shop, but I will choose which store I go to based on the good specials they have in their catalogues and who has the most specials for the things I buy.

Things like:
Shampoo and conditioner, if you only use supermarket brands like I do then if you keep an eye out every couple of weeks or month one of the major supermarkets will have a good brand at half price. I have got Pantene, Dove, VO5 etc. My last purchase was the large pump dove packs for $6.50 each so half the normal price that will last ages.

Washing powder is another one often advertised for half price, I always stock up then.

Muesli bars, DH takes one to work most days and I have a couple a week, these are often half price as well, so $2 instead of $4 so I buy 2-3 packs when they are half price, which will last us 2-3 weeks for $6 instead of a $4 pack every weekly shop.

Soft drink, I only buy the cans when they are on a really good special like two 24 packs for $20 or something like that. And buying cans we dont waste half a bottle that goes flat in the fridge.

Fruit and Veg I buy in season and at the fruit shop whenever I get a chance, we also go to the local markets and stock up, much cheaper and lasts longer. On the weekend we got a big seedless watermelon for $5, when it would of cost a fortune in the shops.

I also use homebrand for all my basic pantry staples.

As for meat, most bigger towns will have a wholesale style butcher shop, much cheaper than the supermarkets. Also if you have time go to the supermarkets close to closing time to get the mark down meats and freeze them. We buy a whole rump when it is on special for $5.99 to $7.99 a kilo from our butcher and cut it up ourselves into steaks, stir fry strips, chunks for stew, and a couple of small roasts. It costs $50 to $70 or so, but it is amazing how many meals you get out of it, I would say we get at least 15 meals for 2 from it, not counting the cold meat left over from the roasts.

I also keep an eye out for chicken breasts on special for $7-9 a kilo at either lenards or the deli and stock up then and freeze in individual breasts. Better than paying $14 a kilo!!

The other thing I do is on things like coffee, cereal, cling wraps, toilet paper, paper towel etc, I like to have a spare in the cupboard, so once I open something I put it straight on my list for the next shop. But then when I shop if it isnt on special I will wait till next week to see if it is on special. So I still have enough to last me a while at home and dont have to buy straight away if it isnt on special. I just make sure I add it to my next list when I get home. Saving $4 at time on coffee and toilet paper etc by only buying it on special, really adds up over the year.

Hope some of that helps smile.gif

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Posted 10 February 2011 - 09:18 AM

There are some wonderful ideas in this thread. We are not struggling but when I think about how much we spend on rubbish it makes me sick. I know alot of it is me buying yet more clothes for Ethan because I am bored or they are on special. Fuel is a huge expense for us especially the last couple of week and next week we have been up in Perth (live 2 1/2 hours South) for DP to do some courses for his new job.
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#21 Monica


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Posted 10 February 2011 - 09:49 AM

As PP has said, buy in bulk when on special.

I bought toilet duck and shampoo/conditioner when they were on sale - 6 months ago!
I only need to re-stock now.

Paying off bills as you get paid.
DH gets paid weekly so a little bit goes to each bill so by the time it comes in, it's paid (or most of it).

Don't keep too much cash on you. Allocate yourself a weekly allowance and once that's gone, it's gone, don't go to the bank
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#22 Lisa~Lu



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Posted 10 February 2011 - 10:25 AM

Definitely buy in bulk when things are on sale

We came across 10 tubes of toothpaste on clearance for 20 cents each 2 years ago and have only yesterday had to buy more. We also bought 16 jars of spaghetti sauce last year for 50 cents each as a one day special in our local woolies that done 30 meals

#23 KoolKat



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Posted 10 February 2011 - 10:44 AM

As much as some people hate junk mail, I think it is a great money saving tool if you use it wisely. Be firm with writing your shopping list and use the junk mail to keep track of specials for things you can by up on and store without dramas. There are lots of things I refuse to pay full price for things like canned products, juice, cereals, garbage bags, jams and sauces.

Make your own cleaning products with things like Bi carb and Vinegar. It can save you heaps and is way more friendly on the nose and your skin since you are avoiding harsh chemicals. There is a good thread floating around here somewhere about DIY cleaning products.

All of our pay goes straight from our employers into our home loan. This means that we have to withdraw from the loan to put money into our spendings account. It makes us think twice every time we log on to internet banking to transfer and we have become really conscious of where the money goes. Before we did it this way it was easy to just withdraw money at the atm and not think twice about it. Also, another positive to this is that even if our pay is in the home loan for one extra day, it saves us a little bit of interest.
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#24 pinksweetie


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Posted 13 February 2011 - 04:45 PM

Sign yourselves up to to simplesavings.com.au. This site has something for everyone!! smile.gif

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