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Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:19 AM

I just thought I'd provide an update!

I saw the psych through the perinatal mental health unit yesterday (along with my case social worker who is lovely). Although I hate talking to psychs with there 'how does that make you feel' stuff I'm glad I did it.

They think I'm travelling fairly well given the circumstances and don't think there are any real underlying issues other than I have an anxious personality type and I like to internalise stress. Things I already knew but it's good to have it pointed out again. They also think I have a lot of unresolved issues around my chronic pain and feeling inadequate due to not being able to work so I need to have someone to talk to about that on an ongoing basis, so I'll get a referral to a psychologist. This was something that was supposed to happen ages ago but it kind of fell through the cracks with everything else going on.

I'm definitely at risk of things going pear-shaped after the birth so I'm going to see the psychiatrist again about a month after bub is born to see how things are going. I can of course talk to them/see them before then if I feel I need to.

We had another long chat about medication and I was given more conflicting advice. This doctor was not all concerned about me being off meds for the birth and breastfeeding. Despite all my other docs wanting me off and having to have a neonatologist present at the birth due to med exposure causing respiratory issues for the baby. He is actually writing to my other doctors and telling them he is perfectly happy for me to BF on medication, as I was told I'd be formula feeding if meds were re-introduced. This makes me happy as I really want to give BFing a shot and have a feeling my pain will be out of control after the baby is born and I'll need the medication.

I'm currently pretty much off all my meds and will see how I go until the birth. I'm less worried about taking them again now if I have to.

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