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I cant do it for much longer

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 06:18 PM

this seems like the place to come to vent and i realy realy need to vent. I have 2 lttle boys wyatt who is almost 3 and david who is almost 2 david is my little angel he is always so well behaved we rarley ever have a behaviour problem with him the only thing is he is a little clingy to his daddy chris but he has spent more time whith him than he has with me i should proberly explain this.

when chris and i got together it was basically a few 1 night stands thrown together and out of that i fell pregnant with wyatt (which was the BIGGEST shock ever as i have had ovarian cancer nd was told i would never have children) when i told him i was pregnant he basically told me i was lying and the baby wasnt his and he left to go and work in perth which is where we now live i had wyatt at 30 weeks he was 7pound 10 born and was an absolute little angel wehn he was about a month or so old chris came back to qld and i took wy to meet him and his parents as soon as his nanna saw him she knew the baby was her sons as he looked exactly like her father as a baby we had dna done and tada told u so. chris and i then decided to give being a family a go as he wanted to do the right thing by us and he was verry smitten with his new son. around december we discovered i was prenant again another huge shock as i thought i got realy lucky and wy was my miracle baby. we talked for a few weeks and in the end we decided to go though with the pregnancy and started preparing we told his parents and mine on christmas day and everyone was sooooo excited no need for dna tis time hehe. throughout my whole pregnancy with david i was in and out of hospital i had placenta previa and high blood pressure i almost misscarried at 18 weeks i was put on strict bed rest and managed to carry on the pregnancy to 25 weeks when at like 6am one morning i woke up covered in blood and i just couldnt stop it thi time we got from our house in oxenford to the gold coast hospital in about 10 mins chris was like a crazy new york taxi driver david was born at 9ish in the mornng by emergency c-section and was taken away b4 i could even get a look at him the nurses made chris go with him wherever they took him i didnt get to see him for 10 DAYS sad.gif.

fast foward a few months everyone is fine david is doing great catching up realy well and we have decided to move to sydney wyatt and i moved down first staying at my mums while looking for a house while chris and david lived with his parents in qld while he continued working they moved down almost 5 months later and i had only seen my baby once in that 5 months i missed him like crazy but him and his dad had formed a realy strong bon as had wyatt and i. about a year later we decided to mve again to follow chris's parents to perth chris landed a realy great job in perth and this time wyatt went to perth with chris and david stayed with me in sydney we were seperated for about 2 and a bit months this time while i organised our packing and furniture removal and waiting for our sydney leese to end b4 following them over.
this was about 4 months ago now and ever since we have moved into our new house wyatt has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE he is so naughty all the time and i dont know why all of a sudden his behaviour has just turned right around He's violent and disobediant he beats up his brother whenever we turn our backs he throws rocks and digs up plants in the backyard he destroys his room every single night we are on the second toddler bed as he keeps jumping an them and breaking the slats he throws anything he can get his hands on into the toilet or hides things in the dishwasher he has broken his fathers very expnsive computer the other night as he snuck out of his room and pulled it off the desk at 3am and now his favourite thing seems to be taking his nappy off nd covering the walls, windows door and bed is his own feacies.

i realy am at the end of my rope i dont know wot to do anymore punnishment doesnt work smacks are no good he stands there and laughs at you no matter how hard u smack his bum ive taken him to a pedeo and they say he will grow out of it but i swear if he doesnt stop soon he wont get a chance to grow out of it i had to lock myself out of the house with david this morning after i found his white walls brown i didnt trust myself to hold back enough and not seriouslly hurt him.
any advice would be great i realy dont know wot to do anymore

sorry for the wall of text but it finally felt good to get it out of my head b4 i exploded

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 06:46 PM

DO you think he has enough understanding to follow some sort of star chart. Use pictures for good things instead of words and as soon as he does something good give him LOTS of praise and a star.

Can you baby proof some more. Block off the kitchen, close bathroom door,and put things up high or in a diferent room with the door shut all the time. Remove as much temptation as you can.

How about tight pants or jumpsuits over his nappy to stop that. heck get some duck tape and tape them on. EWWW. I think extra strength is needed and do a full circle around the nappy, starting and finishing at the back. Shut hs bedroom door so he doesn't escape at night.

sorry quick post will check again tomorrow.

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 07:11 PM

Sounds like the move has unsettled him a bit.

Can you perhaps try preventing as much as you can, e.g a mattress on the floor as his bed, completely baby proof the room, a toddler lock on the toilet. Also, is there anything that seems to 'trigger' these outbursts? e.g if you are paying attention to David and not Wyatt at the time?

As he doesn't seem to be responding to punishment, perhaps ignoring undesirable behaviour and rewarding good behaviour is the way to go? Something simple like a trip to the park for playing nicely with his brother (and explaining this is why you are taking him to the park) or when he follows a simple instruction. I have also found asking "can you do xx" to be far more effective than "don't do xx", for example, "Can you make sure the pen stays on the paper?" instead of "don't draw on the floor/walls"
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Posted 07 June 2010 - 04:19 PM

It certainly sounds like his a handful. I think the moves have had something to do with it.

If your that frustrated perhaps get in contact with your Early Childhood Centre and ask for their opinion. They may have some ideas for you to follow or put you in touch with someone that can help.

It excellent that you realise when to remove yourself from the situation so as not to harm your child. However, you need to speak to someone in order to help you work through this and give you some parenting tips. God Bless, I hope it works out well for you soon and that Wyatt is just going through a phase.
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Posted 08 June 2010 - 07:13 AM

I second the suggestion of going to your Early Childhood Health Centre. They can refer you to the local Child and Adolescent Team (that's what it's called in our area) who are experienced in dealing with challenging behaviours. They have access to child psychologists and psychiatrists.
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