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GRRR - don't I get a say?!

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#1 Scutha



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Posted 10 March 2004 - 11:04 PM

Tonight we went to meet with a photographer, I won't mention the name of the place.

When I spoke to him on the phone, he assured me that we got a say in the way our album was designed, and the kind of photos we wanted. From that, I took that to mean that the three of us would work together and create the perfect album.

Boy was I wrong.

We got in there, and saw samples of his work, and we were impressed. Then he asked us what kind of album we wanted.

So I told him what Scott and I have discussed and decided that we want:

The invite (or a copy of) on the front page.
Our vows done in calligraphy on opposing pages, with corresponding photos of us exchanging the vows.
Song lyrics (if we can get them) of our first dance, calligraphied nicely, next to a picture or two of us dancing.

I also don't want a "staged" album - I'd rather look back at the album and think, I remember that! That was when so and so did such and such - rather then looking at a whole lot of shots of me and scott and {insert relative/guest here} standing and posed.

I mean, obviously, there are going to be those photos, but I want a fairly candid theme throughout the album.

To all of the above, I was told : "We don't do that."
Yea, fine, okay, I'm going to pay you $1500 to give me something I don't like.

When asked what kind of a feel / theme we wanted, I told him that we want a very casual, candid and fun theme, because it isn't a very formal affair - almost (please take note of the word ALMOST, he didn't) like a guest with a camera.

To that, I was told "That won't work."

Now I realise (as stated earlier) that there will need to be some staged photos, other wise we won't get the shots we want.

But to just be told "That won't work" and "I've done hundreds of weddings, I know what's good" rather then trying to suggest a comprimise, or telling me WHY it won't work seems to me to be rather condescending.

Not to mention the fact that he also suggested that we change our venue, change our time, and do something that we really don't want to do. (go to a seperate location for the photos)

But, I know how I want MY wedding album, not the stock display one. mad.gif

I don't think I'm being a Bridezilla in trying to get the album I want, and I was under the impression that for $1700, a person would try to be nice to a potential customer. I do understand that as a proffesional photographer, he knows what he's doing, and I am perfectly willing to take advice on lighting etc. But I don't think that gives him the right to tell me "This is how your album should be."

Isn't your wedding album supposed to be a cherished memory of a very special day?
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20 November 2004

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Posted 10 March 2004 - 11:10 PM

Hmm sounds like youd like my photographer, he is very candid and natural. He does'nt usually do proper staged wedding photos but will do some posed if we ask Im sure. He is a journalistic/surf photographer and is now getting into the wedding stuff. He is only costing us $1800 and we get negatives to do with as we please. I liked his style because there were beautiful photos of just the things happening 'the way they occur'. For example, close up of the couple kissing, children playing outside a marquee, a group of guys just laughing with their arms around there shoulders. We are getting an album of the best shots also , but I suggest you make one yourself otherwise get another photographer if you are not happy with him. I am buying albums to do my own aswell. And no he shouldn't tell you thats how it should be. I had a hairdresser like that and I gave her the flick, she said No to all of my suggestions also.!
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#3 Mad Puncher

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Posted 10 March 2004 - 11:18 PM

Ok..... that is very rude of the photographer to brush off all your ideas!!!! You're so right... for the amount of money YOU're paying... and for YOUR wedding day, you should have a big chunk of say in it.

Is it too late to change photographer?
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#4 Bree



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Posted 11 March 2004 - 08:13 AM

It sounds like the aproach your photographer has taken was a little bit rough! I do think though that you do need to listen to the photographer and be guided by them, if you have looked at their work and you really love it then i would be inclined to be a bit more guided by him/her. We picked our photographer cause we loved her work. We had what we wanted in mind and where we wanted to have the photos taken, but in the long run she had thought that what we had in mind we wouldn't be happy with in hindsight. She suggested what she thought and then told us where she thought we would get the best photos and said it was totally up to us, she would still do it our way if we wanted. I felt at ease with her and trusted her judgement since her work was just stunning. In the end we are so glad we just trusted her and let ourselves be guided by her as we are just so happy with our photos.

I'm not saying to you that you should let your photographer walk all our you or say an outright "No" to what you want, but like i said, if you are really happy with his work then listen to his ideas, trust him and ask nicely for a comprimise smile.gif
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#5 Vincent



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Posted 11 March 2004 - 08:23 AM

I agree with Bree..... biggrin.gif

Wedding albums should be designed with input from the photographer and the couple.

Some photographer pre design the album and let the couple make alterations, others will designed it together with the couple.

Make sure you look at actually wedding albums from the photographer, that they have designed....what do you think???

Don't just look at the portfolio, this only shows the best images.

ps. Time is a major factor in getting great images....rushing around will limit the images taken and also it will show in the images........


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