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My 6 year old has asked "that" question

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 04:56 PM

My daughter is almost 5 and we are expecting our second baby (which is a boy!) in only 8wks time!

She has a few times asked how and why the baby was made...

The first one was "why are you having a baby?" I replied and said, "Because Mummy and Daddy wanted a brother or sister for you so we made it."

Then she asked how... Being as curious as she is, I asked her how she thinks we made him...

Her response was that i ate alot of food and that's how we made the baby...

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 07:57 PM

I have already had the exPerience with my son when I was pregnant with Mollie. It was never explained to him all at once. It was a but of information giving based on his question and then further questions were asked and the information I told him just stemmed from what I had already said.

Kids get taught sex education (age appropriate of course) as soon as they start kindy. So while I provided him with information so did the school. I have tried to keep it as open as possible.

I even brought up the topic of puberty the other night while myself, my partner and son were in lounge. Just asking him what he knew about it. Not being a male I didn't fully know what a boy is to expect in puberty and my partner getting quite Rosie cheeked when I brought up the conversation. I had my son beside me and we looked up on the net for info on what boys should expect eg pubic and body hair, wet dreams, voice change. My son is 11 but u can never tell when it's going to start. So the more awareness around those sorts of topics the better.

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 10:41 PM

My personal opinion is that kids should know the basic mechanics of reproduction as soon as they start asking. I can't remember ever being told about sex and babies being born, it is something I have always known, since I can remember (and my earliest memory is from three years old). My folks were always frank and honest about sex, led mainly by my dad who was great about telling as it is without being too graphic or scary.

My DD is three and has already asked the big questions about how babies are made - it's rather prevalent for her right now wink.gif

We had already read that book "Mummy Laid An Egg" (borrowed it from the library) and it was pretty good (it did have some silly bits though that I omitted). So when Cate started asking questions I used the basics from there. I told her that daddy had seeds in his penis (she has no idea about testes etc at this age) and he put them in mummy, who had a special egg waiting inside her tummy (again, womb / uterus is over her head). She knows that dad's penis had to go in mum's vagina to 'move' the seeds. She knows it was one seed and one egg and that they mixed together and from that a baby grows. It was all pretty matter of fact and she took it all in her stride.

I think hyping it up / putting off the discussion / dodging the question just blows it all out of proportion for kids. They are called the facts of life for a reason - it's the facts, just deal with it!! laugh.gif Having said that, I would never go there with someone else's child and would always re-direct the discussion - I think the OP's friend handled that situation perfectly.

Now explaing periods to a three year old - that's a different story!! And yes, she has asked!! I am trying to work out a way of explaining it that doesn't scare her half to death and a way that makes sense too. So far it has alluded me.... unsure.gif huh.gif

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Posted 03 June 2012 - 06:19 PM

My daughter asked the same question a few weeks ago.

I have always made a promise to her that i would never lie to her no matter was the question was.

I explained it in a way that i knew she would understand, and i am glad she came to me for the answers and not anyone else.

I personally think it is best to do it in your owns words and go from there.

Once i did have that conversation with her i felt relieved cause it is now in the open.

Good luck with it and tell us how it goes for you smile.gif

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