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Toilet Training

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 08:39 AM

A few weeks ago we started to TT. Lets just say it hasnt gone well. Over a weekend we put him in undies and would ask every 15-20min if he needed to do a wee. It got to the point that he would get really angry and scream NO! And it just got worse from there! I feel we made no progress. He was just constantly doing a wee in his undies.I gave up unsure.gif

So a few things I have picked up on:
~He wants to go to wee as soon as you do a nappy change (which we take him to the loo and he does a wee)
~He will tell us when he has done a poo - These are so random we havent even attempted the toilet
~He can control the stop and starting of a wee

I need your advice to get me back on track. I have done a google search with not much luck of finding any advice.

So whats your advice, tips and hints? Should I just keep up with trying and hope he passes this angry phase?

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 09:02 AM

I think toilet training is much harder on us than them smile.gif

A book I read was "the no-cry potty training solution" - it gave me some really good tips & it wasn't a one size fits all approach - there were lots of different suggestions to use, depending on your child's nature & what suited your family.

The main things I picked up (that suited my DD - so may not work for every child) were:

Have a reward system - we use 1 lolly for a wee, 2 lollies for a poo & a star chart. Miss A doesn't get lollies otherwise, so it's very motivating for her

Not to ask them if they need to use the potty as toddlers always seem to say NO to everything first up, so to re-phrase it. I thought that sounded weird but it really worked for us. We say "if you feel wees coming, run to the potty, 1 lolly for a wee, 2 lollies for a poo" and other random reminders like that. Because she really wants that lolly, it's enough to make her want to go there, without "asking" her IFYWIM.

I found that at first, having undies on was too much for her, so I just left her bare bummed.

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:36 AM

At the beginning of TT'ing, I didn't really ask him whether he needed to go, we just had potty time at regular intervals, between half hour and an hour. Then when he did a wee in the potty or toilet we would make a big fuss, clap and praise him and do a high five. Then slowly he started
recognising the signs of needing to wee and would let us know.

He was in undies since day 1 of training, and we just dealt with the accidents. I never made a fuss of the accident, just cleaned up and would say something about remembering to tell me when he needed to do a wee.

If we're out and about, I now will ask him sometimes if he needs to go as when he is excited or engrossed in something fun I know he will hold it in and not tell me, so I need to remind him

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Posted 22 February 2010 - 06:42 AM

Hey Ems as you know we are training Jack.

The main thing i have learnt is not to ask.If i ask generally he says NO.Like everything LOL.

I normally make it a fun thing like Hey Jack Mummy wants to come play trains but come on lets go to the toilet then go play together.He loves playing together so will always go to the toilet.
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#5 Renee`


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Posted 22 February 2010 - 07:36 AM

Up until recently, we never asked Kaele - we just put her on the toilet. Because she would say No.

Now we can ask her, and she will tell us for both poos and wees.

We never used a reward like lollies or anything, heard stories (particulary with boys) who would do a little tiny wee, and then ask for a lolly, then 5 mins later go back and do another little tiny wee and got another lolly.

We did silly dances, high 5's lotsa excitement every time she went.

Heaps and heaps of NO undie time, even now, when Kaele is undieless, I don't even know she's gone to the toilet, she takes herself, there are some wipes on the windowsill and she wipes herself, flushes, goes and washes her hands.

I think just take him every few mins - what you feel he needs, for Kaele it was every 30 mins a trip to the toilet...which gradually increased.

No pressure on anyone...
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