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how do you handle melt downs?

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#1 Sharron


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Posted 23 November 2009 - 10:39 AM

Any advice on how you handle melt downs would be much appreciated sad.gif

#2 Sharron


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Posted 24 November 2009 - 05:27 AM

OMG! I am not the mother, it is my nephew, and like your son the smallest thing can set him off.

There does not seem to be any "expert" opinion on what is the best thing to do. We didn't know if we let the melt down takes its corse of to try and stop the melt down?

After reading what you go through, I am just blown away. I might speak to you with a pm, when I get a chance...thanks

#3 ♥ Emsie ♥

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Posted 27 November 2009 - 09:10 AM

I handle meltdowns with Jordan almost identical to mummy A.

If I catch it early enough, if I sit him down on the floor and sit next to him and cuddle him really tight (sometimes with arms and legs wrapped around him), and tell him to breathe, that works too. Not straight away, in fact it makes him more agressive and angry, but it fizzles out after a few minutes rather than a few hours. Once its fizzled, I say "I know you didn't want me to cuddle you then, but I did it to help you. Do you feel better now because I did that?" he'll stop for a second and say 'yeah I feel better now mum, thanks"
^^this only works if I catch the meltdown on its way up. If he's already peaked, it won't work, and usually ends with him being violent towards me.

If I dont' catch it quick enough, then he is sent to his room to calm down. He'll quite often come out and do his very best to aggrivate me, I hate you Mum, this is the worst family in the world, I'm never coming here again, you're a f**king c*nt (he's tried that ONCE, has never said it again after the consequences though I tell you!) All of this behaviour is responded to with a "thats OK Jordan." or "No worries, we'll talk about it later" or after a while "get back to your room I'm not talking to you until you have something nice to say"

Thats a general summary of how I deal with meltdowns, although I'm the same as Kylie, each meltdown is different so I handle it differently each time.

Jordan is 10 - so he is a bit older so some of the tactics I use may not be suitable for a yougner child? Not sure.
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