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what are you doing

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#1 ~*pink*elephants*~



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Posted 19 February 2009 - 06:57 PM

cos we are on a budget we thought of just using our ipod with a mixture of songs and getting a friend or someone to mc etc


also what are you doing for your wedding entertainment/music?
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#2 L's Angel

L's Angel

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Posted 19 February 2009 - 07:13 PM

We're doing the same as you - Ipod plugged into the venue's speaker system. L's dad will be MC, his brother will control the music for us putting on the appropriate songs at the right times.
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#3 Bride2009



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Posted 20 February 2009 - 01:11 PM

Ipods seem to be quite the trend these days and you do save alot of money.

I don't own an ipod but luckily hubby is a dj with his own equipment so that's what we will be using biggrin.gif. We were going to use one of his staff to do the MCing but we have chosen to have his uncle instead. Give it that extra little personal touch IYKWIM

#4 ~AnA~


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Posted 20 February 2009 - 03:10 PM

We used our laptop and brought our own speakers... our best friend was our MC we just organised a selection of music before hand..

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#5 Mellybel


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Posted 02 March 2009 - 10:25 AM

We had a string trio for the ceremony and a dj friend for the reception - but TBH the dj was not that great, lost our fave song during the reception and instead of asking us what to play when we exited instead just played what he thought was appropriate which was something neither of us really liked! We also asked him to play a song for us to dance to but he decided during the dancing the guests wouldn't really like it - um hello the wedding was for us sad.gif mad.gif Wish we'd gone with a playlist - would've been cheaper to use my ipod and my stepdad is an audiovisual engineer so the sound system would've been great. Can you tell I'm still annoyed after 13 1/2 mths...

But oh well
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#6 FutureMrsJ



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Posted 02 March 2009 - 10:35 AM

Ipod. We are also setting up a stage as FH family are muso's so some of them want to perform at the reception. If you want live music ask at the local church they are always looking to perform and cheap too.

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#7 123


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Posted 06 March 2009 - 05:16 AM

We also went with the ipod.

Only problem we had with it was drunk guest going and changing the songs and cranking up with speakers, so someone ended up sitting by the ipod to "mind" it

#8 princess*meg


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Posted 06 March 2009 - 08:38 PM

We're going with a CD player/iPod for the ceremony and a DJ for the reception.

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#9 Malibustaci


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Posted 26 March 2009 - 01:01 PM

We used an ipod and it worked perfectly - I set up three playlists, one for canapes - which was chilled and relaxed Jack Johnson type music to play as background, then one for dinner, which was all swing/Frank Sinatra type music and then the final one for dancing later on, which started out as funk/Stevie Wonder and worked its way up to rock and dance tunes, so that everyone was catered for. I loved it - it was all our favourite songs throughout the day - plus we get to listen to the playlists again whenever we want smile.gif

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#10 mischa85



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Posted 28 November 2009 - 02:11 PM

Wow I didn't realize i pods were the go nowadays. Do they require someone to 'operate' ie change the playlists for each part of the reception?

We're going with Jazz Fever. They're doing smooth soft jazz during pre-dinner cocktails and full on swing/dance music after dinner. They're very reasonably price IMHO - $100/hr per musician. We booked a trio for 2 hours is costing us $600. Here's a link: Jazz Fever

#11 dingdeshi



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Posted 03 August 2011 - 01:52 PM

First,I hire a host to hold my wedding ,and employ a good band to play some popular music

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