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Radical Diet for a 9 year old?

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Posted 01 February 2009 - 08:05 AM

QUOTE(Emma Mint @ Jan 21 2009, 11:34 PM) View Post

thats another thing that irks me with them, they are quick to cry "its his autism its his autism" when most of the time its just the behaviour of a 9 year old boy. it seems they can't differenciate (sp?) between the two.

In saying that... we have a zero tolerance policy in this house. bad behaviour = suitable punishment. Autism or not, he needs to learn right from wrong, and needs to learn to accept the consequences of his actions.

I will NOT allow my son to use the "I'm autistic" scapegoat!! His autism is very mild, in fact, sometimes I question the diagnosis at all.

At least he has one parent who will keep him on the straight and narrow! I have read many cases of mildly autistic children actually being reassessed at a later date and no longer rating on the scale. Poor excuse for low activity!

He definitely isn't obese. My poor cousin was put on a massive diet at around the same age. She was very very overweight and lost all the weight but has picked up the most unhealthy eating habits due to it. She is always extremely skinny and eats almost nothing but drinks massively. I put her terrible body image and eating habits down to that extreme diet back then.
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Posted 01 February 2009 - 11:07 AM

Oh I have new stories on this one!!

Step Mother has written me out a "diet plan" for Jordan. (her writing, nothing in writing from dietician yet)

I was absolutely appalled when I received it. Its not even a diet I would put myself on!

throughout the day there is ONE serve of diary, ONE serve of breads/cereals and ONE serve of meat.

the rest is fruit and veg, but only certain fruits and vegetables.

She can shove it up her arse. I will continue to stick to the "5 food pyramid" but thats it. He is 9, still growing and needs dairy, meat and breads/cereals.

Good on her for giving me proof in writing that she is starving my son though *off to the lawyers tomorrow*
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Posted 01 February 2009 - 11:49 AM

From what you have said Emma, that diet is shocking - especially for a child! At 13 (so a bit older), my brother used to have half a loaf of bread as toast in the afternoons as a 'snack'. They need the energy. And one serve if dairy!? That is awful. Their bones need it, they are still growing!

The activity thing really worries me too. They don't need to do organised sport if they think its too much effort. Just run around and be silly, ride a bike, go for a swim. If he is eating fairly well, he will burn off those calories easily!

He's lucky he has you on his side to reassure him. I think the way his father and step-mother are treating him could set him up for weight issues later in life (such as binge eating due to the locked fridge etc).

Good luck, you are a great mum smile.gif

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