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Reintroducing foods to a 3 year old

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#1 Becca13


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Posted 09 January 2009 - 03:46 PM

Here I am again, I have a (now) 3 year old who refuses to try anything new.
My Dh and I are eating basically the same thing every night because I am sick of cooking two separate meals.
He won't eat meat, I know some of you will say he doesn't *need* to eat meat but that is becoming little comfort to me.
His diet consists of peas, beans, carrots, broccoli, chips, bread and vegemite (and fruit for snacks), I also give him a multivitamin as I am worried that he doesn't get enough vitamins from what he eats.
How would I go about reintroducing foods? (and actually getting him to try them)
He flatly refuses to try anything new, we give him the smallest bit of meat and he will chew it to within an inch of it's life but won't swallow it until he absolutely has to because his mouth is welling up with saliva.

#2 Claire


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Posted 03 June 2009 - 10:30 PM

The only way I get my 2 year old to at least swallow something he's not keen on is to tell him to wash it down with a drink of water, which seend to help us.

Maybe start with the things you want him to eat, like the meat and then add the vegs to his plate after he has tried some??

I don't know what else to say??

I am still waiting for my instuction manual for my son!!! wub.gif

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#3 ~steph~


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Posted 04 June 2009 - 08:04 AM

Ummm I could have written your post about Hayden even down to the no red meat. Although most of the time he won't even touch it let alone chew it!!! His favorites are plain pasta, plain rice, frozen carrots and peas (won't touch them if they have been heated rolleyes.gif ) and occasionally mashed potato

I also refuse to cook two meals so I just make sure there is something that he will eat included in our meal, then he gets what we are having as well. He is slowly starting to eat more things, he will sometimes eat the chicken, and even had roast the other night ohmy.gif He is starting to want to experiment as without prompting from me he asked for cheese and lettuce to make a sandwich with.

So basically my solution has become, always offer what we are having but just make sure there is something on his plate he does like. and in the meantime keep giving him his multivitamins.

Claire glad to know I am not the only one upset my model didn't come with the instruction manual!!!
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