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Early Pregnancy Signs (m/s, weight gain, etc.)

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#1 Cath H

Cath H

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Posted 20 October 2004 - 11:06 AM

Thought this was one of those repeatable, repeatable questions - so how about we pin it???
Try to be as brief as you can.

My First Pregnancy Signs
* Found out: 6-7 weeks with both the boys. About 5 weeks with number 3.
* Early symptoms: feeling dirty in the tummy (not quite nauseous) and as though I was coming down with a cold or something.
* Slight period cramping but no period
* The third I had none of that, just a furry mouth for a week and brief flashes of nausea..

Other main pregnancy symptoms
* Rapid weight gain with Josh (3 cup sizes by end of 1st tri - 35kg in total by the end), not so bad with Hayden, completely different shape and everything.
* Had really stingy nipples - hurt to spray them with body spray, or to have a shower. Stopped by 14wks, then they got itchy towards the start of the last tri.
* Didn't really get morning sickness that badly until the 8th/9th months - I'm such a weirdo : )
* Indigestion started early with both boys (around 12-15wks) and I was on meds for Josh as it was that bad.
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#2 Mrs_Stevo


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Posted 20 October 2004 - 11:29 AM

Good idea Cath smile.gif

Initial Signs before testing
* 10 DPO I had crampy/AF type discomfort that lasted about 3 or 4 days.
* Tired 12 DPO & feeling a little nausea, although I was also taking Synarel which is a drug to suppress hormone's during IVF so was not sure if that was the reason behind symptoms.
* sore boobs/nipples (although sometimes would get this pre-AF)

After testing / around the time AF was due
* tested on 13 DPO in the afternoon, second line fainter than control line but within time frame
* extremely hungry
* burping / bloated / abdominal discomfort
* sore nipples & swollen boobs, very heavy when I would take my bra off
* pregnancy confirmed with b/t at 14 DPO, levels low, second b/t 17 DPO
* 19 DPO very strong +HPT - test line darker than control line
* hunger stopped around 5-6wks & has changed to nausea, especially if I don't eat often

#3 Vicki


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Posted 20 October 2004 - 12:52 PM

blue veins on the boobs!!! and a positive HPT tongue.gif I knew I was pregnant at 3wk5days so I dont remember any of the others smile.gif

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#4 Leanne


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Posted 22 October 2004 - 01:27 PM

I found out I was pregnant at about 3 weeks (OR 5 weeks as the doctors would have it)

My biggest sign was the utterly sore boobs. I have never felt anything like it. It felt like the skin on my back was getting ripped off from the pulling out the front.

A bit of sick feeling particularly at the smell of food, regardless of what it was (This idsappeared quickly for me, thank goodness! smile.gif)

And exhaustion. 7:00pm I would be passed out on the sofa. Absolutely gone and Michael would pretty much have to carry me to bed because I couldn't wake up.

I tested after my period being 1 day overdue, purely because of what I felt other wise. smile.gif

#5 Loulamai Belle

Loulamai Belle

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 02:26 PM

I found out at 5 weeks, after crying over nothing all weekend, and being 4 days late, we decided on a test The sore boobs helped, but that happened sporadically anyway.
I'm 13 weeks now & just got the flu. At least I kept my morning sickness under control...I'm an acupucturist & took Chinese herbs. best invention ever!
so rarely here...
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#6 ~ Emma ~

~ Emma ~

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 03:17 PM

I found out l was preggers at 7w2d, and my early symptoms were:

* lack of period (although l thought this was the after effect of coming off the pill..)
* sore, very crampy stomach (never had period pain in my life, so again l thought it was an after effect of the pill)
* weight gain - almost instantaneous for me and so far l have put on around 7-8kg
* sore boobs, which seemed to grow overnight.
* tiredness. 8pm and l WANTED TO GO TO BED
* Constant peeing - around 6-8 times a night. Even now l go around 2-3 times overnight and several times a day.

#7 Leanne


    What's with the 31st? :)

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 03:23 PM

Actually they are good points!

Mine was crying also... even at the stupidest thing like I cooked the meat a tiny bit too long!
And the toilet thing. (But this I actually laid down to the fact that I lived up North in the heat and drank a lot) smile.gif

#8 Raelene


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Posted 22 October 2004 - 04:37 PM

Probably my first sign would have been at the time of ovulation. For the preceding few months I had migraines that coincided with ovulation and that month I didn't - we must have just timed it right to beat it.

Next symptom was incredibly sore, heavy, huge boobs (I nearly bought maternity bras before it was confirmed!)

We never had an official confirmation (doctor didn't test in any way, shape or form) but I guess 5 out of 6 pregnancy tests can't be wrong! LOL - oh yeah, and the huge bump I'm currently carrying around.

Symptoms after pregnancy was confirmed were mild nausea from 6 weeks and continually growing boobs. I swear they have quadrupled in size! I never really had morning sickness as such in that I never vomited and it only last about 5-6 weeks from onset.

Indigestion kicked in around 20 weeks but was mild for the first few weeks. It has now subsided again (thank goodness)

#9 christinem



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Posted 22 October 2004 - 05:29 PM

My first pregnancy signs were
* very sore nipples at about 3-4 weeks and sore boobs (although that stopped at 5 weeks)
* Dizziness, nausia, cramping like AF was comming...
* I also developed a rash on my arms which was strange as I never get that!!

I havnt had any further symptoms as yet apart from frequent peeing, mild cramping and very tired, Restless sleeps and weird dreams.



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#10 MrsV


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Posted 22 October 2004 - 07:47 PM

First signs of pregnancy were:

* Very heavy boobs
* Blue veins on the boobs
* Feeling totally exhausted and needing to go back to sleep an hour or two after waking up

Other symptoms

* I never threw up (I tried hard not to) however I would become very nauseous if I didn't eat
* Extremely tired up until week 16
* Sore boobs until around week 14
* Bleeding gums when I brush my teeth (Yuk!)
* Constipated until around week 12

#11 Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia

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Posted 23 October 2004 - 02:34 PM

First signs

*veiny boobs
*really bad bowel cramps every night (thought I was dying of some strange disease!) along with feeling sick. This started about 1 week PO and was apparently caused by my uterus being on a lean backward into my bowel.
*of course lack of AF (but not unusual for me at all).
*and then.... the constant throwing up until I was 15 weeks - lost 5kg.

#12 karma


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Posted 30 October 2004 - 07:57 PM

the first real sign for me that i might be pregnant was that i relised my period was 2 weeks late- and im always on time.
but when i think back there were other signs that make sense now, i just thought were related to other things like being so exhausted- thought work was getting to me, sore boobs, teary, swollen belly- thought my periods were on the way etc etc.
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#13 Kim


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Posted 01 November 2004 - 11:01 AM

Ok i think first couple of signs for me were:-

My boobs bigger than usual and i was asking my partner if they had gotten bigger and hed say i don't know until a couple of months later when he said they have gotted bigger. I think they have stopped growing for now.

Also one night i went to roll over and lie on my tummy and when i did i felt ok i shouldn't lie on my belly it was a little weird.

One afternoon i was at a neighbours place and her visitor was saying they could sense a child being, but not meaning my baby. That afternoon it was comining over cloudy and for about a couple of hours i was going to the toilet once every 1/2 hr. I then went home and it just poured down with rain. So it might of jst been the wet weather coming but i tested the next day anyway and it came up positive.

I was getting like period cramps like i usually do when i get my period. But with that sign i wasn't quite sure.

I didn't get morning sickness. And still haven't got it.
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#14 Mrs M

Mrs M

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Posted 01 November 2004 - 10:24 PM

Wow so hard to remember.

My boobs were very full and big from the get-go.
I bought a new Bra just after Christmas -when we concieved- and when i was trying it on i just knew i should have asked to see maternity Bras.

Also i just knew, I did the HPT 2 weeks after AF didn't arrive.

After the DR confirmed with another urine test and bloods then i felt a little nauseaus and everything stank.

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#15 eloise78


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Posted 11 November 2004 - 08:42 AM

Wow, I can post here.

I've been going mad with all these symptoms but only BFN's until yesterday. So I'd love to help anyone else going mad by sharing the symptoms I've had over the past few weeks (in the order they appeared):

* Missed AF

* Tiredness - feel sleepy all the time

* Dazed and confused - kept forgetting to do important things and mixing up stuff at work. Also I sit staring into space for many minutes on end.

* Cramping - First I felt ovulation-like pain on one side. Then light cramping started in the middle, like AF cramps but not very severe.

* Heartburn occasionally

* Lower back pain - this would coincide with the cramps, especially when I have been on my feet or walking around for a while

* Frequent urinating, more than normal

* Slightly more emotional, but not heaps

* Changed sleep patterns. I've been waking up really early, or waking up every day at 4am then going back to sleep.

Those are my symptoms at 6 weeks pregnant. I was worried because I've had NO morning sickness/nausea and NO sore/tender breasts. These might come later I guess.

Hope that helps!

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