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Awaiting little Lewis

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#1 Phantom



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Posted 03 September 2008 - 10:21 PM

As the weeks, hours, and minutes, slowly count down to Mrs Megs and my little angel arriving, I can honestly say that I am shitting bricks with the impending arrival. With the birth of our son Jack I was quite stressed at the start cause it was a new experience but now being the second time around I should be quite at ease with it being the second time around. However that's not the case at all. The first time Jack was born at the royal womens, but this time we're going to have Lewis at home.

To start off with we were going to go with a midwife to assist us in this regard which I was thrilled with because I know what it was like for my wife in hospital the last time. Without going into lots of detail lets just say that it wasn't a enjoyable experience. So what better way to birth Lewis than at home......... that was until I heard about the price of actually having a midwife assist us. It was going to cost approx $3K which for some people may seem an ok amount of money to spend, but for myself I cannot justify the cost of it. However I know how much my wife wants this birth at home. For the love and the respect I have for my wife, I am trying to put my fears aside, and I have put my foot in it by saying that I don't want a midwife and have suggested that it just be us and a few select support people. I have heard all the arguements against it and have heard all for it. I know that some if not a lot of people will frown upon the decision, but I feel that I will come out a better and stronger father for it as well as a better person, and hearing comments like - I, like all men turn to water during these times - from the SIL, only confirm in my mind that you may have been present for the birth of our son Jack where you made me feel like a 3rd wheel, however this time you or your family wont even get though the front door.

Finally, Megs, I may be nervously excited at the prospect of having Lewis at home, but I want you to know that I have your back and I wont let you down wub.gif

Husband to TrulyBlessed and daddy to the two ferals Jack & Lewis

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Posted 04 September 2008 - 10:03 AM

Thank you for sharing Phantom.

It is lovely to hear a man's perspective.

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Posted 04 September 2008 - 10:20 AM

Awww wub.gif

What a wonderful husband you have there Megs. He truely DOES have your back there and with such a wonderful support I am really positive that this birth will be a wonderful exprience!

Thanks for taking the time to come here and express your feelings MrMegs!!

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Merry Christmas!!

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Posted 04 September 2008 - 10:55 AM

Andrew that is just beautiful.
I know you are a great daddy to Jack and have no doubt you will be a great one to Lewis as well.

I agree I would be nervous about a home birth but hey us that know Megs know dont argue with her especially hormonal and pregnant Megsy laugh.gif laugh.gif

She is very lucky to have you watching her back wub.gif wub.gif
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Posted 04 September 2008 - 11:47 AM

Christ Andrew. Way to get the pregnant woman hormones all atizz - I am all teary! Megan, you are so lucky to have such amazing support and such confidence in you. You guys are fantastic parents to Jack and darlin Lewis will be just as lucky.

I think your homebirth will be absolutely amazing, and exciting, and be something that changes your life for the better forever. What a beautiful thing to go through together, and with that support, you really can't go wrong.

I am so excited for you guys! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

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Posted 04 September 2008 - 12:39 PM

It's nice to hear your thoughts Andrew. I too am having a HB and am lucky enough to have a aunty that's an independent midwife that will be attending my birth but if I didn't have that option then I would have no hesitation in paying the fees involved in hiring one. An independent midwife is worth her weight in gold and I think you'll see this for yourself in the coming weeks.

To me there is going to be nothing better than birthing in my own home, but really the labour is just such a small part of why I choose to HB. Having family and friends around me when I need them most is so important to me and I love the fact that I will be able to have their support constantly from the moment I go into labour to well past my baby being born. I look forward to sitting around after the birth and just enjoying being together, food will be made, cuddles will be had, I'll be able to rest on my own furniture... for me it'll just be perfect and that in itself makes having the choice to HB priceless.

I'm looking forward to following the rest of your journey with Meg's to meeting Lewis smile.gif
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