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Getting ready for Prep. What have or will you do to get your child ready?

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Posted 21 August 2008 - 01:34 PM

Ryan's school has an orientation program that goes for 4x one hour. They have just had the first one, and will have 3 more before the full morning orientation in December. The teachers can usually tell by then if he is ready. The last one that goes for a full morning is when they place them in their classrooms and assign their teacher for next year. This will get him familiar with his class and classmates.

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Posted 22 August 2008 - 09:31 PM

Hi Dannielle

So many choices and thoughts to be made and had. It's lovely to see you really want the best for Kyan

It is a shame that your little fella isn't in Kinder as all this "testing" your asking about can be done at Kinder.

As a prep teacher (who has just about seen it all) Don't stress too much about the academic side of things. I wouldn't push him to much either as this could turn him completely off

Tthink about can Kyan toilet himself, get things in and out of bag and lunch box. Social skills is he comfortable to speak/seek help from an adult if required?

A lot of childen are unable to write their names when they begin school or stay on task for longer than 10 minutes when they first begin. Learning to stay on task is a big skill to aquire and comes with time and practise in the school environment. Hey I still have preps that need reminding about what they are supposed to be doing and ask to go to the toilet everything they cannot be bothered doing their work.

I suggest if you cannot get Kyan into Kinder and you think he is ready then start seeking out a school for him, (depending on if you have a choice, not sure where in vicotria you are). We have begun our transition program already. I think Kyan would benefit greatly from a really good transition program. As I don't know where you are living, but if your in country victoria look to see if you have a community centre or learning centre that may have the kind of professionals your seeking to do some form of assessment on Kyan for you.

Our school is fortunate enough to offer 2 hours per week of term four transition for our new preps leading up to a couple of full days before then end of the term.

If you have the opportunity to choose from schools start to visit them, ring up and make an appointment to speak to the prin and infant co-ordinator or prep teacher. in your appointment voice your concerns and ask their thoughts. Ask about their transition program and what resources are available to you to help make the right decision for Kyan, ask about their repeating policy, some schools are totally against it .

In my opinion and only mine !!! tongue.gif Going from what i have read, if you think Kyan is ready socially for school and has some independence then i would opt to send him to school and re-assess his progress through out the year and decided towards the later part of the year whether you and his teacher think another year of prep would be a good idea.

If you really want him to be able to write his own name before school, make some fun out of it like writing it in shaving cream, making it with play dough, writing it with glue and then stick dirt all over it .

hope all this rambling helps you and my PM box is open should you have any more questions.

Cheers Ali
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Posted 19 December 2009 - 03:33 PM

I thought I might update on where we are at over 12 months later...

I did enrol Kyan into prep, he LOVED it and made a heap of friends. We had to move towns again in March so we changed schools and I was rapt that we could get him into the school that we wanted which is a small private school.

Before we moved his teacher approached me about his behaviour and attention span as she was having difficulties with him. Then we moved and his new teacher was wonderful and we found out after second term that he was having difficulties with his behaviour and attention and his teacher has a son herself who has learning difficulties.

His teacher also suggested repeating prep next year, I was totally expecting this and I agreed with her as I didn't feel he was progressing well enough.

So we made an appointment with a GP who specialises in learning difficulties. We had a marathon appointment which included feedback from his teacher. mid way through the appointment the Dr. pulled out a massive book and opened it and read out a list of things to which I had to answer yes or no to, I answered yes to every question she then showed me the book and it was a checklist for ADHD.

She then went on to point out what she had observed with Kyan,

1. He couldn't stop fidgetting, this was something Id noticed before for Kyan this is the Hyperactive part of ADHD, while he doesnt' go completly off the rails and cause a large scene its still "hyper"

2. His lack of attention and staying focused was something she noted

3. His speech needs some help (we already knew this)

4. He still can't write his name

5. He has impulse control difficulties, apparently he would yell out words or noises during class time which would disturb the entire class.

She also believes that its ADHD from his prematurity, I asked about diet and she said she honestly doesn't believe it would help him as its a birth problem.

So we have been given the diagnosis, and he is repeting prep so at the moment we arn't going to medicate him until the end of 1st term next year, she wants to "prove" her diagnosis first, as a child without ADHD and who is repeting a year, they should excel however a child with ADHD would still struggle. So if Kyan is still struggling after 1st term then we will be medicating him.

Even though she has said that she doesn't believe the diet will help, I'm going to give it a try in the new year with the Sue Dengate Diet. At least then we know either way.

So thats where we are at. Thanks again for all your advice

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Posted 22 December 2009 - 11:48 AM

Hey Dannielle,
Good luck next year with Kyan, and hopefully with the diet change that might help. Goes to show that we really do have a mummy instinct about things. At least he had a great year this year anyway and hes had a whole extra year to settle into this "school" thing. Best wishes and Good luck next year Kyan!

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