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Disappointing Honeymoon

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:12 PM

Well, my wedding was fantastic. It was perfect.

We were so excited about our honeymoon, 13 nights in Thailand.

The whole thing was disappointing unsure.gif . I can't get past it. Every time we think of it we get down.

Firstly, on the way over we had to change flights. Our travel agent told us this, and that we needed to go to a different airport for it, but we didn't realise the airport was an hours drive away. Or that we had a 6 hour stop over. We were tired and cranky.

Everyone I had spoken to had raved about Thailand, and I just don't get it. Our hotel was ok, but the room stank like that horrible wet/musty smell . It was coming out of wet season but still, it really just brought down the mood. sad.gif

We got bored very easily as we had 10 nights in the one place and there wasn't much to do. Plus, I have seen pics of other people who have stayed at the same place and they got honeymoon welcome cakes, and flowers on the bed and stuff, we got none of this. I feel ripped off!

Then when we went to bangkok, the minute we got to our hotel i was sick, for about 36 hours. No ones fault, but it brings you down! Plus we were put in a smoking room . Neither of us smoke, and my husband is asthmatic. I would have thought the travel agent would have said something, but no, we were not advised that we had to request non smoking (have NEVER had to do this in Aus). We asked to be moved, but there were no non smoking rooms left, and we could be moved the following day, so we said ok. We ended up needed to be moved (to another smoking room, and they STANK), as the toilet clogged and overflowed the first time we flushed it (and no, it was nothing bad at all). This happened again in the non smoking room on our last night, but we just couldn't be bothered moving again, so we had to go to the foyer every time we needed to go to the toilet.

I was looking forward to the shopping. I thought it was cr@p. So many people love it, but nothing was my taste/style.

Then on the way back we went via Sydney. Not usually an issue, but after the events of the past couple weeks we just wanted to go home. And I HATE flying. And we weren't aware unti; we got on the plane that we weren't going straight to Brisbane. Our ticket said Bangkok-Brisbane. No mention of stop over.

I don't want to put anyone off Thailand, as so many people love it, but my husband and I hated it. And we look back at our honeymoon with sadness.

Am I the only one?? I really hope I can get over it, but I think it was a massive waste of time and money at what was supposed to be one of the best times in our lives.

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:17 PM

im so sorry you had such a dissappointing honeymoon. i have heard really good things about Thailand as well...especially the shopping.

personally, i had a great honeymoon - probably not what you want to hear, but we went on a cruise, so it was never boring...maybe you could save up for another slightlyshorter, less expensive "one year anniversary" weekend...kinda like your second honeymoon???

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:18 PM

You're not alone! Mine was pretty sucky as well! I'm sorry you had such a yucko experience sad.gif
We are going on a 'mini-break' for our annivesarry to try to make up for it smile.gif Maybe you could do something simliar?

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:28 PM

Oh no, that is really dreadful. I'm so sorry what was meant to be a dream expereicne turned out so horribly, and you don't have wonderful memories. sad.gif

Are you able to complain to the travel agent? I know it won't fix anything, but perhaps you can get a credit and take another holiday somewhere special.
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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:32 PM

i can sympathise. ours was, but wasnt, Jovica feels let down more than me, i was glad to be rid of wedding things and veg laugh.gif

we didnt have a huge budget for the honeymoon so it was very budget and not very glamorous.

we stayed in a self contained unit in Noosa for 5 nights. when i say self contained, that meant that i cooked EVERY night we were there as the restaurants we too expensive. so it was like being at home, but more tropical.

we felt like we couldnt fully relax as our house was still shambles mid renovations and we had so much more to do. plus the place was riddled with families and kids, not very romantic.

anyway it has made us realise that every holiday from now on will be 5 star and spectacular!

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:38 PM

QUOTE(*Ez* @ Dec 13 2007, 03:18 PM) View Post

You're not alone! Mine was pretty sucky as well! I'm sorry you had such a yucko experience sad.gif
We are going on a 'mini-break' for our annivesarry to try to make up for it smile.gif Maybe you could do something simliar?

So we aren't the only ones! You have made me feel so much better.

I was thinking of going to Melbourne or somewhere I already know I like for our anniversary, but it might have to be at another time, because we have 2 weddings in the same week as our anniversary next year. I really want to do it though smile.gif

#7 bats


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:39 PM

Our honeymoon was a great holiday, but not really a honeymoon. We went on a cruise, and had an awesome fun time, but there was no privacy..anywhere, we could hear the people next door sneeze and never had dinner alone
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#8 septbride



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Posted 13 December 2007 - 04:07 PM

don't feel too bad - our honeymoon wasn't the greatest either but we walked away with a few stories. I had a head cold when we left s was sick for 4 out of 7 days, then my hubby got food poisoning for 24 hours from airline food! We were happy to get home actually! We stayed at 5-star hotels in Malaysia, but the food was far from 5-star. There were disappointments but I think we still had a chance to relax.

#9 Kite


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 04:28 PM

Oh how sad you didn't have a wonderful honeymoon....

But hey - there will be plenty of time to make up for it - like, the rest of your lives biggrin.gif I agree with the others, make your 1 year anniversary something to remember.


#10 ~steph~


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 05:02 PM

Just like septbride ours wasn't the best fun, but we certainly remember it!!!! I got food poisioning on our first night in Fiji in some dodgy stop over hotel, the dr we called out at 4am tried to talk us into taking me to hospital which would have meant missing out on going to the 4 star island we were meant to be staying at, so we declined, meant I had no energy and felt like crap till the last night we were there...

Can you maybe go away next year as a kind of second honeymoon?

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#11 MrsTeach


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 06:50 PM

Oh that's terrible that you had a bad time. While i'm not married yet, I've been hesitant to discuss any honeymoon plans with FH because i hate going away. The only place i can relax is in my own home. I'm happy for a short break but nothing overseas - a short break is proably just what you need. Somewhere secluded with no smelly toilets or rooms (B & B somewhere?) or Melbourne in June/July - hmmm maybe not for Hubby - but shopping would be great at that time tongue.gif

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:24 PM

QUOTE(MissGucci @ Dec 13 2007, 03:12 PM) View Post

Plus we were put in a smoking room . Neither of us smoke, and my husband is asthmatic. I would have thought the travel agent would have said something, but no, we were not advised that we had to request non smoking (have NEVER had to do this in Aus). We asked to be moved, but there were no non smoking rooms left, and we could be moved the following day, so we said ok. We ended up needed to be moved (to another smoking room, and they STANK)

Sorry to hear that. I can't say I can relate but I can understand if you have never been to Thailand or Asia before that you may not have found it as great as others told you.

Re the smoking thing I ALWAYS ask for a non-smoking room when I book the hotel. Doesn't mean I'll necessarily get one (haven't had a problem though). And also re-confirm this when checking in.

It sux that in this day and age they still allow people to smoke inside hotel rooms. I am asthmatic too and the smell is just plain revolting.

I'm really sorry for you hon. I think it's definitely time for you to have another holiday in a few months time to make up for it. smile.gif

#13 Full of faith

Full of faith


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:35 PM

We went to Thailand for our honeymoon too. I had gastro the night before we left and was still throwing up before we got the taxi to the airport, oh and I was sick on the plane too - nice!

I also had a monkey shit all down the front of me when we were out one night in Koh Samui!!
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#14 ~Charbella~


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 08:42 PM

Hey gorgeous.... I am soooo sorry your honeymoon sucked. Its definately not how you dream it to be like.

well..... we did have a great honeymoon. We went to lots of destinations but Thailand was one of them. Well we only went to phuket.

We had a great time there BUT.... the shopping sucked! We went same time last year and we bought sooooo much stuff. I bought like 23 handbags!!! This time I bought a big fat 0!!!

Last time Max i paid for a bag was $15 this time the lowest ALL shops would go was $75!!!! Now yes its cheaper then if I was buying geniuine LV but we go there for a bargin and there was no bargins to be found. They were telling me what their cost price was... I was like huh!! Last time they never mentioned their cost price and also this time they didnt chase up down the street to get us back to buy off them. They were no where near as nice last time and people where even being kicked out of their shops.

The one thing that was weird was everyone all over patong beach was saying the same thing. 'I know you will not get a better price' and boy were they right. We walked all over looking for a good bargin. I was soooo upset sad.gif BUT in the end I just didnt let it bother me.

I just spent the rest of my time relaxing on the beach having cocktails.

I guess when everyone raves about Thailand they dont mention things like accom etc alot of the time. We went to koh samui last year and the place we stayed at smelt sooo musty. The bed was wooden and the bed head was sooo musty. So we turned around and slept at the other and we just put up with it. We figured that its a tropical place and that its really to be expected.

We have been on trips where it totally sucked and I really think with us it starts off with one thing going wrong and puts you in a different mind set. So what happens is I think things just stick out for you and then everything starts to suck. One time we drove 4 hours to our weekend get a way destination (this was for our 3 year anniversary). Firstly they didnt have our booking, then they wanted to charge us more to stay in another room that was available and nicer but there was no way we were going to pay more. We then argued with them - long story short we got a refund on what had been paid and drove all the way home! I was sooo upset all weekend : (

We have learnt that bad things will happen and can happen but you spend so much money and time planning these trips that you cant let things get to you. We now never let these things ruin our trip.

I think what everyone has said - do something extra nice for your anniversay.

Note to your hubby (pls pass on for me) pls spoil your wife, she totally needs it and deserves it! : ) xxxx

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 08:57 PM

We had a great honeymoon (cruise to Mexico ouyt of San Francisco) but we did have a voyeur looking through our cabin window on several occaisions, and the Norovirus (sp?) effected about 1/3 of those on our ship. Made the last week onboard interesting wink.gif

I know what you mean about not getting a direct flight home. Our flight was delayed getting in to Sydney, so we had to wait there for 4 hours before getting a connecting flight to Melbourne. By that time I was exhausted, ratty, desperatly wanting to get home and not particularly friendly. Hubby spent the entire 4 hours trying to make sure I did not explode....

Now I can laugh about the things which went wrong - it takes a while, though smile.gif

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