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Posted 22 February 2005 - 12:19 AM

I have cut & pasted this reply from a post I put in another topic on m0byd1sc a few days ago:

As a former pub manager for almost 10 years I got to see a lot of mobile disco companies perform at functions in the venues I managed. The one thing that is a fact, and for which I therefore cannot be accused of libelling anyone is that if you go thru your local Yellow Pages and ring several of the larger ads in the "Disc Jockeys" section and get verbal quotes from them, you will usually find that m0byd1sc are the cheapest. You can draw your own conclusions from that. From my own observation, their equipment set-up is probably the smallest of any of the major companies we had thru the various pubs I managed, and has virtually no lighting. check out this photo which shows one of their disco systems:


You can see that the speakers are tiny - not even knee high and the only lighting is six bare coloured spotlights in a rectangular box. Not a lot of "wow factor" there compared with all the other companies disco systems I have seen.

Also their DJs weren't really DJs if that makes sense. They just put songs on at random from their list, and I did learn that the company actually supplies all the DJs with the same library of CDs - they don't have to own their own music collection like most DJs do. Oh, and the Cd players in their console were simply two little walkmans like you would take out jogging, not proper DJ Cd players like the other disco companies had.

Also I will tell you what I used to tell customers planning functions with us, and I only advised them because I wanted them to have a good time, so that they would afterwards always talk about having had a good time in my pub. Go to DJ company web-sites - look at photos they have of their equipment and photos taken at functions - ring them up & get their brochures or pamphlets or whatever and then make some careful comparisons.

If you do your homework properly you will soon suss out the companies who cut corners. I mean there are only four things you need to find out about:

1. Their DJs - where do they get them from, how experienced are they etc
2. Their music info -do they send out charts & lists for you to choose what gets played, how many pages of lists do they provide (the more the the better I guess) and do their collections span all musical eras
3. Is all their sound equipment "proper" disco gear - that might sound silly, but lots of companies only use "home stereo" type sound equipment instead of the good stuff
4. Lighting - some people underestimate the effect it can have, but from my observation the companies with some decent disco lighting got more people up dancing than the ones who brought so little lighting that we couldn't even dim down our normal room lights. With those companies we really had no choice but to leave our normal room lights turned on - which really does seem to inhibit people from dancing - but we couldn't have them tripping over the furniture or each other smile.gif

So my advice - put in some time on studying up on different disco companies until you are sure you are getting quality in those four areas I mentioned. Don't accept any "near enough is good enough" approach.

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Posted 22 February 2005 - 09:53 AM

A friend of mine worked for M disc in Sydney area, he quit late last year for the following reasons.....I thought that it might be interesting for a few of you to read why.

1. He was given a warning as he always contacted his Bride and Groom before the wedding and introduced himself and asked if they had time to catch up. (This is not the company’s policy and was told that he was wrongly representing the company). Basically felt uncomfortable being a MC to someone he had no idea what they looked like, the dress and the suit where the only give away on most events.

2. He was told what to wear and felt that this was not appropriate for every function; if some one was having a Hawaiian theme party he would dress to suit the host requirements. The same with a wedding he felt that a white shirt, red bow tie and black pants was underdressed therefore wore a three piece suit with tie or bow tie.

As Traci said make sure that you meet with your DJ, I appears that some DJ's can be as worried and stressed as you about getting it right.

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Posted 22 February 2005 - 10:16 AM

Hey there,
I am also from newcastle and we used Moby Di*c for our engagement.Never ever again.Also have been to a wedding that they were ate.Our main problem was there always seemed to be a break into between.People would be dancing the song would stop then guy would be fiddling around with his CDs and everyone would go sit down then he would start another song.We used a company at Wallsend Called newcastle DJ enterta%$ment.They were fantastic we had the guy as our MC and he was wonderful as well.They actually train and coach the new DJ for a radio station NX%$.We paid I think $50 extra to have the guy who owns it.He was great funny and you will probably have actually heard of him I know we had.
Good Luck but please skip on Moby
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Posted 22 February 2005 - 10:17 AM

Oh dear I just read how old this post was.....Ah well hopefully you didnt book them Sorry for the late reply
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