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Oh and...since I wrote this message...
I just had my friend msg me from overseas saying she'll be back in time for the wedding....

so another 2 people added to the list...........

hmm...Alan will be pleased..laugh.gif

I told my family to not make friends with any of our family (there was a big falling out and recently after uno..50 years they have made up just in time for the wedding)...

ARGH! laugh.gif
Welcome back Candyandalan!!!

What a bugger about your guest list - but just think it could be worse - my friend is getting married in October and will have 500 guests!!!!!!!!

My todo list still includes

Make up 3 more extra invites for a few add ons then send them all off in a couple of weeks (how exciting!)
Finish rest of bonbon/placecards when we get rsvp's (i've already made the ones for those that i know will definately be there)
Meet with priest
Make OOS books
Do running sheet for reception
Have hair and make up trial
Get shoes for the girls
Get dresses altered
Help mum with MOB outfit
Choose locations for photos
Pay for everything!
Lose last 5kg!!!!!
Thanks Kylz4 smile.gif

You just reminded me of so many more things I have to do laugh.gif

Does the list EVER end? ? ?

Arghhhhh 10 weeks and 3 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate coming in all just make me realise how much more I have left to do!!! HAHA

I've been stressing out about a few different issues and ended up getting ulcers on my tongue and 1 on gum OUCHIES!!

My lil boy has been sick with tonsillitis, so we had a rough few days with him, but he seems to be alot better today, so thankfully the antibiotics seemed to have kicked in.

The bridal shop rang me this weel to tell me that my veil is in, I had asked for it to come in earlier so I could take it with me when I have my hair trial.

We also got our 1st ceremony draft.

ok catch up time ....

Kylz - Nope no luck with the tie... the dress material didn't match with the tie they had instore. However H2b was in a wedding party at the start of the year and they wore pink ties and he still has it, I checked the 2 together and they look alright. Otherwise will have to email MrK direct and ask if I can purchase some material so the store can make a tie to match. We also didnt end up going to the travel agent...maybe this weekend.
Goodness 500 guests? That will be 1 expensive wedding...but imagine the presents?? tongue.gif LOL

Marissa - did you get hold of the wedding car company? Hope there wasnt a problem! Good luck with finding a venue for your hens night!
I like the idea of the murder night..but if you dont have a big group it works out quite expensive and I can only find 2 companies in melbourne that does it.

I still have NO idea what I want to do yet..its stressing me out, I feel like just not having one! lol

Amy - wow you are SO organised...already adressing Thankyou Cards! Well done on the weight loss.
DOn't forget we want pictures! pictures! after you try on your dress tomorrow! Good Luck and have fun.

Princess-lissy - Welcome!!! smile.gif

Millie - wow you are SO SO organised! Well done, wish I could get that organised.

Candy - Bummer about the guest list. Although I do know the feeling, orginally we thought we would have about 65ish, the list now over 90, however I do know some people wont/cant come.

Ok on my to do list....

* Finish Invites and send. Almost done just need to print top layer. (been putting it off because Im scared I'll change something lol)
* MIL translating for German Invites will then need to type them up
* Set-up Honeymoon registry
* Book a car for me/moh
* send dress samples to florist
* Finalise music
* Dress fittings
* Hair/Make up trials.
* Purchase shoes/jewellry/accessories/lingerie
* Tux for Tristen (my little boy)
* MOH/Bestman/Parents presents.
* Wedding night accomodation
* Decide whether I want programs and then make them (decided I want the fan programs)
* Wishing Well & guest book ideas and then make them
* work on video montage with H2b
* Make bonboneirre/place cards
* running sheets for cermony & reception

I'm sure there is more but can't think of anything else at the minute.
First things first, xbuffyx stop stressing so much!!!! If you are stressing enough to get ulcers then you are stressing too much! Take a break from all wedding planning for a couple of days if you need to....don't think about it at all (easier said than done i know! hehe)

For my hens night i have booked a house in Rye for the weekend and me and some g/friends are going up there for 2 nights and going to day spa and strawberry picking while we are there (and dinner and stuff ofcourse) I can't wait!!! biggrin.gif

Well girls, it's friday so everyone have a great weekend (Amy make sure you take heaps of pics in your stunning dress - ooh, i can't wait to see it!)
Domestic Dreamer
omgomgOMG!!! Reading this is making me go crazy. I'm really feeling the pressure of things not done or can't be done until after we get RSVPs etc. One of the biggest things not organised which I forgot to mention earlier is that I haven't got my outfit for the tea ceremony sorted yet. Mum's in Singapore at the moment (well, side trip to Hong Kong with my aunt and uncle) so she's supposed to get it sorted there but fact remains - it still ain't done.

I'm also freaking out over the probable lack of blossoms (worse since it's not confirmed) and I'm trying to find alternative centrepieces and I can't find any I really like that won't blow my budget totally out of the water.

You girls really make me get a little bit panicky! But also make me pull my finger out and get things all good!

I was supposed to have a dress fitting this morning but they rang to change it to the 8th as they had had the pleating done in a different colour to my dress! Was frustrated as I was looking forward to it and had mum coming down.. oh well, over it now, guess it just gives me extra time to find some shoes so they can do the hem.

Things I've done recently:
*Decided on bm dresses - just having a friend make them (who makes heaps of stuff), having a simple design and just need to purchase material.
*Ordered Invites - they are cutting them and then we have to print and assemble next week. I thought these went out 6 weeks before the wedding???? I am pretty sure my wedding is first so why am I the last to do and send mine... blimey charlie I am hopeless!
*Wedding bands - ordered last night and am feeling very naked without my engagement ring at the moment.
*Met with celebrant and chosen vows & readings

Things I need to do, like right now:
*GM suits - H2B is going shopping with his boys tomorrow, so fingers crossed they find something and purchase it.
*Invites - fingers crossed it is all smooth sailing and I can have them finished by the end of next week.
*Material for BM dresses
*Shoes for myself - is anyone else having difficulty with this. I think I want bronze peep toe heels but having trouble finding any. I need something that has a strap over the foot or around the ankle so they don't slip off when walking in the grass/ sand.
*Make final decisions on flowers and cake.
*Work out what I am doing for centrepieces.

Sometimes I really wish I was anal! I kinda have a little panic then I think it will be fine and it will all work out on the day.

My future brother in law said as a gift he will pay for a few days in Byron after the wedding which is lovely. We decided to wait and go on our honeymoon in March as it is a busy period for work for both of us.

Have a great weekend girls!

WOW you girls have all been sooooo busy!!!
Not much new with me. We've got a cake, andrew is getting his boys together tomorrow for suit fittngs, and monday i'm going shopping for wedding shoes and my mums outfit.

Candyalan - wecome back!!! I'm already stuck into my assignments again, so i will be able to sympathise with you and Harmonie! I also sympathise with you about your guest list. Ours is constantly growing too. We also have about 150 ppl!

Puggie - congrats on the weight loss!!! Cant wait to see pics of you in your gorgeous dress!!!

Buffy - car hire place was just a check in, phew! Still looking for hens night venue, but it may just be done at my house now. That is good because it costs less to have it at home than at a restaurant, but it does mean a lot of mess and stress for my poor mother.

Kylz4 - your hens night sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!!!

Harmonie - hope the marriage course will be good. You're so lucky to have your assignments out of the way. Wanna do some of mine??? tongue.gif

Ok, my still to do list:

* Invites (this is my major one at the moment)
* Finalise music - have most songs picked, but need to talk to DJ
* Dress fittings - although not doing that 4 weeks before the wedding... and i need shoes first.
* Hair/Make up trials
* OOS books, and find readings
* Meet with minister
* Find and buy shoes - going on monday
* Make place cards
* Make final payments on cake, flowers, cars, photographer (not right now, but soon)
* Send away for passports
* Register with briths, deaths and marriages
* Buy chocolates for bombonierries
* Finish bridal registry

I cant believe how fast time is slipping away!!! 2 1/2 months to go (roughly) biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Hey there, ok so ill give you all some information on our wedding!! tongue.gif

My colour scheme is pinks, an aqua/green and sliver!! I was going with blue (as my fav colour) but the invites have a pink tigerlilly and are also white, and the bridesmaids dresses are the aqua/green colour and the silver will be what colour shoes and accessories the bridesmaids and myself will be having, plus the groomsmens ties!! Our theme is a balianese/tropical beach theme!! Have made my own centre peices using those bamboo huts from dusk and having them on a suare white plate with tea light candles and a tigerlilly (pink) on side of plate!! Hope that gives you an idea!!

The time of our wedding is 3.30pm and we are having it out on the decking of the Ranelagh Club, which overlooks Port Phillip Bay (hope it doesnt rain although there is shelter over decking)
Im having my three younger sisters as my attendants, and so far all i have left to organise is:

Dress fitting (just to take up hem) Organising next week!!
Ordering favours once number of guests known
Buying rest of bridesmaids presents
Meeting with band/MC to organise running of night-booked one month before wedding!!
Finalising Cake - Not needed till October!
Having trial of hair and makeup -waiting for veil should be in this month!!
Paying everything off thats left to pay!!! huh.gif
Just a quickie - take a look in the 'MY DRESS IS IN THREAD' in general wink.gif
YAH Puggie!!!! I wrote in the other thread, but to bump this one up, i'll write here too.

Your dress is gorgeous!!!! What style of veil would you get with it - cathedral length or a short style???
Thanks, Marissa - my MIL2B was so unsupportive that I cried all last night and decided *^%$ it - I am going to show it off!!

Am going to have a bum length (whatever that's called rolleyes.gif) veil

Amy - aww sorry to hear that your MIL was unsupportive..I have no idea why she would be??? That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you!!! You should show off!

Is that Alfred Angelo? I loved that dress when I first saw a pic of it and went and tried it on but it didnt suit me whatsoever sad.gif Not sure how tall you are, but I'm quite short and I think that was problem. But its beautiful none the less.

You will be a princess on your wedding day!! smile.gif
Hi my November twin pretties!

Welcome Princes-lissy! smile.gif

Girls: I think we need to put everything in perspective sometimes. Everything will get done in time and it will be beautiful...! wub.gif

............right?? laugh.gif

I think we are all pretty much on schedule. While some of us have more things to do than others, it may be because of time restrictions.

I know with me, timing is important because the wedding is back home in Albury and I have had to do some things earlier than I may have chosen if the wedding was in Sydney. Also with Uni..crazy time!!

Puggie, I saw your beautiful dress. Your going to look just gorgeous! wub.gif


I also had a VERY productive Friday I just have to tell you girls about!


* Paid for our honeymoon in full! YAY! So its official!
* We have received our beautiful passports laugh.gif
* We have ordered our rings...split wedders for me, 1ct of diamonds in total and Alan chose a gorgeous design for his band. We won't be getting them for 2 weeks and that has also meant I am without my engagement ring for this time so they can get them to fit perfectly! I was soooooooo sad when my jeweller took it... sad.gif but as Alan and he told me, I am giving my one ring for two weeks to have another two gorgeous rings plus it back. smile.gif So done deal. laugh.gif

* Paid off my cake lady!

* Booked the Bridal party car!

It was just such an exciting day. Talking about our honeymoon and organising our rings.......oh I have been excited ever since..

But also lost without my engagement ring ... sad.gif I get a bit sad every now and then and Alan just laughs at me. So I have to tell myself it is just in its bed sleeping in our room. laugh.gif

soooooooo wedding ready and honeymoon ready.

I think I'm going to find the perfect bikini now for our holiday! tongue.gif


Candyandalan, wow, what a productive day! Paying off our honeymoon is really going to hurt the bank account, but it'll be worth it tongue.gif

Puggie why would your MIL be so unsupportive, you looked gorgeous! Some people eh??? Dont worry about her, you've got all of us supporting you!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
here here Marissa. You will look stunning Amy!

Marissa, paying off our honeymoon hurt the bank badly laugh.gif but..
I love looking at our wedding budget spreadsheet and see the balance go down! biggrin.gif

Okay I am back - Had to go have a look at our beautiful Puggie~! OMG you look gorgeous! I love the design, the lace is amazing - the detail! Who cares about what your MIL said didn't she wear a bag dress to your engagement!!! tongue.gif

Looking at everyone in their dress and hearing about our rings is making it seem SO CLOSE!!! We had our last day at the marriage course... Thankgod thats over! Nah our guy was really good and Paul and I thought it was okay... Never too old to learn a few more things!

Princess-Lissy welcome - your venue sounds unreal! And if you would like we are having a meet coming up in Narre Warren if your interested!!!

Candyandalan - Wow you have done heaps of ticks!!! Well done... I too don't have my engagement ring and in the marriage course over the last two weeks felt like an imposter! I feel weird without it! I am so glad the balances are coming down!! Its so exciting now!!!

Well I rang the suit place (after choosing our style about 6 weeks ago) and BIL still hasn't shown up! So yet again I am whinging they get their butts into gear! Does anyone know where to get some nice clufflinks?? What are you buying your GM?

MIL came home on the weekend and are yet to see her other than at the airport at 5am... So I am sure we will go around tonight as we have to do our invitations this weekend!!!!

Speak soon everyone!!!

Domestic Dreamer
Hi everyone, what good process! Amy, I love the lacy glimmer smile.gif

Big process for me this weekend. I found the perfect pair of shoes. I love them soo much more than my original pair (which I returned for a full refund). Going to pick it up this evening and will definitely take pics!

I've also ordered artificial cherry blossoms for our centrepieces. Dusk came out with these gorgeous large branches over the weekend - $27.99 each (ouch) but I can always sell them afterwards. And since it's over $200 I get a 25% discount, which is absolutely massive. No more stressing over the real blossoms not being in season which is such a huge relief. Must be fate.

I also stopped by the jewellers to check on the progress of our wedding bands. H2B's ring is in and mine will be ready next week. Can't wait. I think most of us are without our rings at the mo? Its been 3 weeks without mine and I feel so self conscious mentioning I'm engaged when I don't have a ring on.

Harmonie: We're hiring the cufflinks along with the suits. H2B doesn't have any shirts which use cufflinks, and he doesn't wear shirts often (doesn't need to dress up for work) so it's not really worth buying for us. No idea what he's getting the GM.
Hi everyone!

I bought my wedding shoes today!!! YAH!!! Will have to get some photos for you.

On saturday the boys got their suits too, so yah... another thing to tick off!

Andrew is going to get his gm cufflinks for their gift - his brother actually said he needed some while trying on the suits! He'll probably get them from Pr0uds as his sister works there so he might get a discount, otherwise, we'll go somewhere else.

Invitations are still to get done... I just dont know how to decorate the front... Need some ideas!!!
Domestic Dreamer
Here you go girls! Crappy self pic, and excuse the chipped nail polish but they're my shoes. smile.gif

IPB Image
Puggie - I love your dress, the lace overlay looks sooooo gorgeous and romantic.... I think that is the dress I thought I wanted before I went dress shopping (and it didn't look as good on me!)

Oh Maiko - I love love love your shoes!! Will have to take some piccies of mine next time I go for a dress fitting (to do the hem).

Speaking of dress fittings - I love my dressmaker!! Don't know if you remember but when I picked it up it wasn't perfect - they had forgotton to add a couple of bustles where they should have been. So, $200 compensation later, here is what she has been able to do..... it is perfect and I am in love with the dress again!!! And check out the back - she has put three bustles in for after the ceremony - I almost like it more than when the train is out!

Well, thankfully I still have my e-ring smile.gif I just bought a wedding ring ready made so I didn't need to lose my e-ring to get it fitted! But I feel for you girls who don't have them at the moment - I hated giving mine up to be re-sized etc.

We are paying more stuff on the honeymoon too - booked out Phuket accommodation and flights from Bangkok to Phuket. All we have left to do is organise car hire in the UK, transfers from Geneva to Chamonix then pay off the balance of our chalet in Chamonix - and them its sorted - yay!!

Finally got the last of the invites made last night so can post / hand the rest of them out. That was certainly a task and a half! I hate to think how many hours in total I would have spent doing that - it seems to be worth it though, people's reaction when opening them have been awesome!

So, the only two things bugging me at the moment are:

1. I am having trouble sleeping most nights and I don't know why. I am not stressed about anything and I don't even know if its connected to the wedding but its really annoying - I hope it stops soon! Anyone else going through this?

2. After being really good for 8 months - I have stopped exercising as much as I did and have started eating junk.... and have therefore put on a couple of kilos.... why am I doing this?? Its ridiculous to think at less than 12 weeks out I start doing this now.... I might need help to motivate myself!!??

Wow everyone is on a roll!!! biggrin.gif

millie_belle - Your dress is gorgeous! And no signs of you over eating either! Your honeymoon sounds unreal - Wish i could come tongue.gif

maiko - Everything is falling into place for you! Your shoes are gorgeous!!! I don't really like my shoe - I hate my feet (think of flintstones!!) and everything is too strappy and my big fat toes show through! But they are gorgeous!

Oh I am so glad you could get the cherry blossoms... Are you having them in large vases??? I haven't really thought what I am doing - I know I am having canddlabra (?) but am thinking maybe ivy at the bottom???

marissa - Yep here we go again me doing everything you are!!!! biggrin.gif We are thinking cufflinks for the boys as well! They will be getting their ties (whoopy do) and cufflinks - when we find some nice ones! And wouldn't you know I haven't done our invites either (I bet you we finish at the same time!)

Puggie - Where have you gone? How was Swinny open day! Maybe you need a rest! I hope you are feeling great about your splendid choice and beatuiful dress! I still cannot wit to see your MOH dress!

Kylie - How is the Storm going??? What date shall we try for for our next meet up??? I think I will have to go back through everything! Did you get the results of Focus? Was it fun???

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week - Mine is crap I want to go home - Over work and having to cover for everyone! 4 people are on annual leave!!! Yeah! mad.gif

QUOTE(millie_belle @ Aug 29 2006, 09:24 AM) *

1. I am having trouble sleeping most nights and I don't know why. I am not stressed about anything and I don't even know if its connected to the wedding but its really annoying - I hope it stops soon! Anyone else going through this?

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, I am usually just thinking of the things that need to be done and trying to imagine things all together. I try to picture myself on my honeymoon, either lying on the beach or swimming in the ocean and that usually sends me to sleep! Maybe worth a try anyway Mille_belle.

QUOTE(Harmonie @ Aug 29 2006, 10:17 AM) *

marissa - Yep here we go again me doing everything you are!!!! biggrin.gif We are thinking cufflinks for the boys as well! They will be getting their ties (whoopy do) and cufflinks - when we find some nice ones! And wouldn't you know I haven't done our invites either (I bet you we finish at the same time!)

We have decided to do the cufflink thing too. I think it is a great idea and something they can keep for a while. I am having a hard time trying to think of what to get my Bridesmaids though. What are you girls doing?

My H2b got his suit on the weekend. I got butterflies when he came out of the change room. It is from Morrissey (they had 25% off on the weekend) and it is grey. We are thinking of putting the groomsmen in just pants, shirt and tie which will make it cheaper for them. It is a beach wedding so I think this will look good.

We picked up our invites on Sunday so are printing tonight and assembling over the next 2 nights. Am I crazy to think I can get them all finished by the end of the week?? They seem pretty straight forward and easy so fingers crossed.

All the best girls!

Domestic Dreamer
OMFG Millie I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!!!!!! It looks beyond incredible.

Slight problem with my shoes - I put them next to my dress and it's a different white, slightly off-white while my dress is bright white, so looks dirty. I know most of the day the shoes won't be seen but it bugs me enough to fantasize whether I'll ruin them if I paint them with bleach...
Hiya all -
Taking a bit of a break from the wedding stuff, as we are off to Sydney in a few days and I am planning that! Mind you, while there, we'll still be doing wedding stuff (finishing the registry, actually!!)

That's about it for me smile.gif
Mllie - your dress is absolutely stunning!!!

Harmonie - thats so funny, but its so great to know that i'm not behind on things... and if i am, well then at least i'm not the only one tongue.gif

Puggie - I hope you enjoy your trip to sydney!!!

I just went to spotlight to find inspiration for the front of my invitations, and just bought a packet of small flowers and 1/2 m of some pretty ribbon i found. Dont know if we'll use them, but its something. I'm so over invitations... but i still want them to be perfect!
Domestic Dreamer
Hi girls... a bit of DIY for my centrepieces. What do you think? The vases will be taller on the day, and there won't be 2 different types of river stones, they're just what I had on hand for the mock up.

IPB Image
Domestic Dreamer
Close up of the table number...

IPB Image
Hi lovely ladies!!!

its been a while since i was last one so i thought id jump on give u an update on how things are going.....

ok the rings are in well they're done and all made and we went in to the shop to see them and they look fantastic!!!!! so good that were gonna leave them at the shops until closer to the date so that way im not prone to get them out and play with them.... rolleyes.gif

all the invites are out and were getting a steady flow of rsvp's already so thats exciting!!!

and FINALLY i get my phone call from the dress place to say my dress just arrived yesterday WOOOOHOOOOO now that really got me excited and the lady said that i dont have to go in for my 1st fitting until the end of september so i can work on "trying" to lose some weight and tone up a bit - yeah right we'll see how that goes i guess!! smile.gif

Puggie: i think u look beautiful in ur dress its very very classy....

Millie: that dress is gorgeous, very nice indeed and it looks great on u!!!

Maiko: i love ur centre pieces, will there be that many cherry blossom branches in each vase?? and the table numbers done like that are a pretty clever idea! oh oh oh and those shoes are lovely - i love them! smile.gif

anyway thats my great news for the week - hope everyone has a great day!!! biggrin.gif
Domestic Dreamer
QUOTE(Juless @ Aug 30 2006, 08:00 AM) *

Maiko: i love ur centre pieces, will there be that many cherry blossom branches in each vase??

Yup, that's 3 in each, 2 pink and 1 white. Multiply that by 7 tables and you get a small forest of blossom. biggrin.gif

I'll try and pick up my beaded blossoms today. Might use that for the wish tree and cake. Will post pics!
Maiko: I love your centrepieces too. Gorgeous wub.gif

GIRLS! I need you help/advice...My invitations are still in the making. I've had lots of problems organising them from 6 hours away. Considering going elsewhere to get them done, somewhere here in Sydney.

But before I go OTT can you tell me...who has/has not sent out their invites?

My wedding date is the 25th. When is your RSVP date??


Hey Candy!

We sent ours out a couple of weeks ago - early compared to most but we thought we'd get them done and out while we had the time to work on them.

Our wedding is on the 11th November and i cant remember off the top of my head when the rvsp's were exactly but it was sometime around early-mid october.....

Hope that helps smile.gif
we marry 25 Nov, and sent ours 2 weeks ago but that is VERY early. i've got friends marrying a full month before us who've not sent theirs. they say 6 weeks is the norm. we opted to send early since so many people are booked to come from overseas. that, and we were tired of keeping the secret ;-)

I think you've got a good month to get it sorted without panicking :-)
Hi Girls,

I have been floating around this forum for awhile now. Just thought I would drop in and say hi because I am due to get married on Nov 18th.

My fiance and I have been engaged for 12 months and just celebrated our 8th anniversary of being together.

Not sure what else I should fill you in on at this stage but pretty much all is organised aside from a few biggest hassle at the moment is a troublesome bridesmaid but I suppose you have to cater for a few hiccups.

I am absolutely pumped and can't wait to get married!! Hope I can share it all with you and hopefully offer some advice and support to others along the way.

Chat soon!!

Millie_belle your dress looks stunning, and i'm with Harmonie, i can't see any extra kg's there!!!! tongue.gif

Maiko your centrepieces look fantastic! The room is going to look wonderful!!!!! It makes mine seem a bit plain now lol

Juless can't wait to see piccies of your dress when you go in for fitting.....i couldn't wait that long, i had to go as soon as i could to get into my dress again - hehe

Candyandalan, we sent out international and interstate invites a few weeks ago for our wedding on Nov 11th but haven't sent out the local ones yet (they have - well all but 3 of them - have been done and in envelopes ready to go out for the last month or two but didn't want to send them out before Sept.

I started doing up my hens weekend invites the other day typing up the price list for the day spa treatments and it got me so excited thinking 'ooh i might have that, and i want to have that and ooh that sounds nice i want that too' hehe. Better start saving!!!!!!

Need to get Pete and the boys out to try suits on in next week or two and decide once and for all which one we are going to go with!

Harmonie, my mum is ok thanks, she just had an op a few weeks ago and the wound started to leak (they thought it was infection but so far none of the cultures have shown anything so they think it must have just been fluid build up). She had op re done last tuesday and they left drainage tube in till today so cross fingers it doesn't build up again!!!!!

Oh and off wedding topic, Melb Storm are going really well (touch wood) so there will be a home game this sat night, probably next sunday 10th and then it depends if we win or lose that one as to what happens the following week.

We haven't been to get our results yet - we are booked in for Sat 9th Sept for that. Hope it doesn't take too long (guess it depends on how many different opinions pete and i had! hehe)
Not much to say here but nothing happening here (and I love the centrepieces, Maiko)!
Candy - dont stress, I havent even started my invites yet, and my wedding is a week before yours!!! RSVP will probably be 2 weeks before the wedding!

Maiko - your centrepieces are AWESOME!!! Its going to look amazing with all the tables done up that way. Nice work!!!

Jess - welcome, and hope to hear more from you!!!

No wedding news for me. The little piece of ribbon and small flowers i brought yesterday are perfect and have now left me with a million different ways to display them on the front. Do you think there's anything wrong with sending people different decorated invites???
marissa - i love the idea of different invites! you could do variations on a theme, where perhaps there are 3 or 4 different styles. I think it would be lovely for people who know each other to see the invite on someone ELSES fridge and notice the difference.

I feel quite out of touch with you girls, as i've not been posting that much.

I had my mum here for 2 weeks and did almost nothing wedding related at all during that time. i think i'm just in that hiatis between booking and confirming EVERYTHING now. *sigh*
Marissa, I also love the idea of different invites, it makes it a lot more personalised I feel.

Candy, we are doing ours at the moment and our wedding is on the 3rd so you have plenty of time. We hope to have ours finished and out by the end of the week or at latest Monday. Also our RSVP is the 6th, i figured this gives them a month then gives me a couple of weeks to chase up the slow coaches. Everyone knows when it is anyway.

Maiko, I agree with the rest of the girls, your centrepeices look fantastic. i love Cherry Blossoms! I really need to sort out what the hell I am having for Centrepeices... I am really stuck!

Jess, where are you getting married?

Have a good night girls

I'll try and pop back in later read everything properly,

My lil boy was sick with tonsillitis all last week and yup typical he has passed it onto Mummy! So Ive been sick all this week too.

Anne - I love LOVE your center pieces ..... off to Dusk I go! tongue.gif Although dont think my budget stetches that far and when I was in at Dusk a few weeks ago they didnt have any of those branches...they didnt even any of the smaller ones left.
As an after thought prob wont cost me too much because I think, as I only want 1 on the entrance table...already have my center pieces worked out.

Candy - Our date is the 5th of November...and we havent even sent out ours yet!!! So dont worry!!!
I'm getting peeved off at my MIL though because I haven't even sent the overseas ones yet.... Ive been asking her for 2 months to translate the invites in German, and she still hasnt done it!

I have 9 weeks and 3 days left!

My hens night isn't even organised yet!!

ok pop back in later tonight.........
Marissa: I like the idea of different decorated invites. I so could not be bothered doing that myself but I think it’s a quaint, unique idea.

Kylz4: I love the sound of your hens day spa. That’s exactly what I would like but worried it could be a little pricey…I haven’t even worked out when I could possibly have my hens day.

Rylie: Thankyou for making me feel better about my invites not being done. laugh.gif
Buffyx: You also have made me feel stacks better about my invite situation. laugh.gif I’m so glad we are in similar situations here.

My fiancé wants the invites out yesterday. unsure.gif

But I just read your responses to him and hes a bit calmer laugh.gif

Hi there.
I'm obviously very late in joining, but my name is Maree and I am getting married on November 12th this year, at Wollongong City Beach. My wedding theme is pink frangipani's (pretty common theme, from what I can see!) wink.gif
I have already bought my dress and booked everything, but need to start paying off things we have put deposits down for. We are paying for the whole thing ourselves, no loans or credit cards allowed!
Anyway I will go back and try and catch up on your posts!

Just wanted to say welcome to our new November twinnies!!! Fill us in on all the details of your day. What time do you get married, where are you going for honeymoon, do you have pics of your dress or flowers or cake, etc? What do you have left to organise?
So many new girls! A huge welcome to you all!

Firstly - please update yourself on our listing (just copy the list, pop yourself and your details in where relevant). Any of you oldies missing can update yourselves too tongue.gif

- 4pm Friday 3rd November (rylie)
- 4.30pm Sunday 5th November (xbuffyx)
- 2pm Friday 10th November (Maiko)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (kylz4)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (Juless)
- 12pm Sunday 12th November (kktb01)
- 2.30pm Saturday 18th November (Marissa)
- 3.30pm Saturday 18th November (millie_belle)
- 4pm Saturday 18th November (Harmonie)
- 4pm Sunday 19th November (Andie)
- 11am Saturday 25th November (Seedyem)
- 3.30pm Saturday 25th November (Candy)
- 4pm Saturday 25th November (Puggie)

Also - if you'd like to 'wear' the November Twinnie sig in your signature, just copy the following code into your signature block (my controls > edit signature)

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- 4pm Friday 3rd November (rylie)
- 4.30pm Sunday 5th November (xbuffyx)
- 2pm Friday 10th November (Maiko)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (kylz4)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (Juless)
- 12pm Sunday 12th November (kktb01)
- 2.30pm Saturday 18th November (Marissa)
- 3.30pm Saturday 18th November (millie_belle)
- 4pm Saturday 18th November (Harmonie)
-4.30pm Saturday 18th November (Jess32)
- 4pm Sunday 19th November (Andie)
- 11am Saturday 25th November (Seedyem)
- 3.30pm Saturday 25th November (Candy)
- 4pm Saturday 25th November (Puggie)

Hi Girls,

Well where do I start?

I am getting married on November 18th 2006 @ Big Hill Vineyard in Bendigo. The ceremony will take place at 4.30pm in the grounds of the vineyard followed by a reception in their funtion centre.

I have got my dress a Maggie Soterro which I can post pics of but don't know how so if someone can give me some pointers I will defintely show you some. I love it so much and although it blew the budget I am smitten with it!!

Most of the other things are booked and now I am just organising the little things. The invites have been printed and I am going to try and send them out next week. Photographer and hair and make up are booked. The boys suits are done.

Now really all we have to do is save the final amounts.....aaarrggghhhh

The honeymoon is two nights in Melbourne. We are having a limo transfer to melb on the wedding night followed by the sunday night in melb. Then we fly to QLD for 3 nights at Silky Oaks Lodge then followed by 6 nights on day dream island. Am absolutely stoaked with the honeymoon and cannot wait to fly outta here!!!!!

I don't think there's much else but I am sure I will be starting to lose the plot shortly!!

Thanks for making me welcome. I am having dress alterations done on Saturday so will take some pics for your opinions!!

Take care

Ooh, can't wait to see the pics of you in your dress. If you go to add reply there is a section there to add an attatchment....this is where you go to your picture and put it into your post. Your honeymoon sounds devine! I can't wait for that part either. I also can't wait till everything is paid off and we can start saving money for ourselves again instead of the wedding!!!! hehe
Lady CJ
- 4pm Friday 3rd November (rylie)
- 2pm Saturday 4th November (Carla)
- 4.30pm Sunday 5th November (xbuffyx)
- 2pm Friday 10th November (Maiko)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (kylz4)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (Juless)
- 12pm Sunday 12th November (kktb01)
- 2.30pm Saturday 18th November (Marissa)
- 3.30pm Saturday 18th November (millie_belle)
- 4pm Saturday 18th November (Harmonie)
-4.30pm Saturday 18th November (Jess32)
- 4pm Sunday 19th November (Andie)
- 11am Saturday 25th November (Seedyem)
- 3.30pm Saturday 25th November (Candy)
- 4pm Saturday 25th November (Puggie)


hope everyone is well, not long to go now.
not really stressing, but had some stress a few weeks ago when my video man did the runner on us, still trying to get our $500 deposit back from him, but when there is a will there is a way!

Here's a pic from our recent fg dress shopping, we got these dresses from Myer.

IPB Image
Hey Girls,

This is my dress......not me in it but the dress never the less!! New pics on monday I promise!!

- 4pm Friday 3rd November (rylie)
- 2pm Saturday 4th November (Carla)
- 4.30pm Sunday 5th November (xbuffyx)
- 2pm Friday 10th November (Maiko)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (kylz4)
- 1pm Saturday 11th November (Juless)
- 3:30pm Saturday 11th November (Em&Troy)
- 12pm Sunday 12th November (kktb01)
- 2.30pm Saturday 18th November (Marissa)
- 3.30pm Saturday 18th November (millie_belle)
- 4pm Saturday 18th November (Harmonie)
-4.30pm Saturday 18th November (Jess32)
- 4pm Sunday 19th November (Andie)
- 11am Saturday 25th November (Seedyem)
- 3.30pm Saturday 25th November (Candy)
- 4pm Saturday 25th November (Puggie)

Hi all,
We are getting married in Werribee & having our reception at the Werribee Mansion.
Everything is booked and partly paid for, my dress is hanging at mum & dad's-so i cant look at it!
I'm glad there are others who are still organising invites, ours are almost done, hopefully will be out by end next week, but i figure everyone already knows when it is anyway since they've booked their flights here.
I think Troy is more excited about our honeymoon sometimes, i guess it is pretty much the only thing we have paid in full!
i'm still trying to convince him that we should start thinking about ordering our wedding rings.
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