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I know Amy! Alan decided on the RSVP date cause he wanted to know early er somethin'..the bridezilla that he is!

But I soon as u get an invite..with this much time to go until the wedding, u basically know whether ur going to make it, so it shouldn't take weeks to let us know. Especially when half of them have already booked their accomodation laugh.gif but I can't officially remember who, cause its all ran through FMIL sorta I dunno!

See I need to organise bon bons and chair covers n all that stuff so I want to know numbers NOW! My schedule is so full with uni..and exams.. and U2 laugh.gif and life..!

Looking forward to seeing your OOS Amy.
Hey ladies,

Got just back from dinner and our appointment with our photographer. We had our pre-wedding photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and we got our pics back today biggrin.gif We're thrilled with them wub.gif Our photographer is a super nice and heaps of fun so we're looking forward to our wedding day photo shoot which I'm sure will be great biggrin.gif We just recently found out that he won the AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year for 2006!! The photos that he has taken are amazing!

As for the pre-wedding pics, he will be sending us all the pics on CD tomorrow, but I begged him to send me a few tonite!! He's a gem coz he just sent me a few tonite via email. So here's a sneak peak:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


Just soooooooo beautiful and you guys look so relaxed and peaceful!!!

wub.gif ohhhhhhhh love is in the air laugh.gif

They are just beautiful!!!
wub.gif Thanks hun wub.gif

We had a great time at our pre-shoot - it was loads of fun biggrin.gif

I'll post up more pics tomorrow when I get the CD. We'll need to pick a photo to blow up (to display at the reception) so you girls can help me decide smile.gif
Hey Pinky.
Just had a sneak preview and your photos look really nice! You both look so much in love!
Where did you have your pre wedding shoot?

aww Pinky, how beautiful!!!!

Carla - so sorry to hear you were so sick on your Hens night, but glad that you had fun anyway.

Sorry girls haven't had a chance to read up on everything but wanted to come in and post my pics from my dress fitting today. They are not the best pics as MIL is totally stupid using the camera. LOL

Just ignore all the pins if you can see them, took photos after she finished hemming/alterations. Also ignore the hideous bandaid on my arm lol the pins kept stabbing me and I had a little blood.
I still need to go to the solarium/spray tan as I'm too damn white.

Front 1
Front 2
Back - sorry didnt really get a good pic of my train.
closeup of beading

So what do you think? I was so scared that I would try my dress on and hate it as I haven't tried it on since May but I still loved it.
Ignoring the pins etc. you look GREAT! I can really see this dress (and you) on the day. LOVELY!

Pinky - what gorgeous shots - no WONDER you are so pleased biggrin.gif

Candy - delegate delegate! I got a PROMPT responce on RSVPs by telling everyone my Mum would be calling those people who did not respond!!!!

Night all - finished the OOS which I can (ran out of cord - can't get more until Saturday) but they are quick and easy to put together and look GOOD!
Thanks tnt3103, Puggie & xbuffyx for your lovely comments wub.gif My pre-wedding shots were taken down at Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont. Can't wait to get more pics today biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

xbuffyx - I'm loving your dress! I really like the colour biggrin.gif The lace on your dress is just beautiful biggrin.gif I'm sure by the time the dress is done, it will even be more stunning biggrin.gif I was a bit worried about my dress too, after not seeing it for so long. But yeah, I still love it smile.gif

Puggie - well done on finished your OSS! You are soo organised! Your wedding is in late Nov, and mine is in early Nov and I haven't been nearly as organised as u have! Well you know what that means - we want pics of them now biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Candy - how are your RSVPs going? Trust me, we're having the same problem. Our RSVP date just passed last Sat and on Mon, I had to ring around and ask people if they were coming or not. Some responses were... "Oops, of course we're coming", "Oh I keep forgetting to call you...", "You don't need a RSVP, u know we're coming"... hmmm.. people don't realise that we cann't just make assumptions and assume people are coming!

I went to a dress fitting with my BMs for their dresses and the dresses are coming along nicely. I love what my dressmaker has done with the dresses, very simple but elegant and sexy at the same time smile.gif I will have to post pics in a couple of weeks at the next fitting. We finally got shoes for them all (4 of them) and boy, that was a hard task! It's hard coz everyone has different tastes and trying to actually get 4 of them in stock was a challenge too.
good morning lovelies!!!!

Pinky - ur pre-wedding shots look so beautiful!!!! u guys make a lovely couple and u must be very happy with how they all turned out...they'll look just as good if not better on ur wedding day! smile.gif

Puggie - good work on the OOS, u seem to be powering thru all ur weding stuff! i wish i had the time to start putting a dent in mine.....unfortunately work is being a right royal pain and demanding all sorts of crap! grrrrr mad.gif

Candy - We were in a very similar boat with our RVSP's too.....we had stacks of ppl to chase up and i just gave the list over to mum and got her onto it and amazingly enuf 2 days after the rvsp date ended we got everyone confirmed!!!! and i agree with Puggie - delegate this task out to one of the mums and get them onto it - it works a treat! smile.gif

Buffy - ur dress is gorgeous!!!! i love all the detail on it, looks beautiful and u look pretty spunky in it too!!! smile.gif

not much wedding related to report for me this morning....been busy with work and crap to worry about the wedding....oh hang on i think we decided on our menu last nite but i woke up this morning not liking what we chose so i may have to go and talk to H2B.....sheesh here we go again....

have a day girls!!!! biggrin.gif

Thanks girls.

Puggie - pics of your OOS books please??? tongue.gif

For those doing OOS booklets, how many are you doing? I'm not going to do 1 for each person, probably just 1 per couple or have them in a basket at the front as you walk in or get 1 of my friends to hand them out too whoever wants one. But I'm thinking I might make about 40, people can share and its not like everyone would want to keep them (much to my dismay).

Pinky - glad you found 4 pairs of matching shoes. I'm so glad I'm only having 1 bridesmaid, soooo much easier (and cheaper! lol).

Jules - lol ahh just as well its a womens prerogative (sp?) to change our minds.
We havent even looked at our menu and we have our meeting next thursday to finalise everything.

I was meant to be going out today but those plans got cancelled, so I might try and get some place cards done and I need to do 2 more invites for some last minute inclusions. Its so hard trying to get things done with a 16 month running around, so have to wait till he's down for his nap to do things on the computer.
I am doing 52 OOS for around 90+ people (we know there will be additional people attending the church as it's a 2 minute walk from the hospital HTB works in 2 days a week, and our service is 1/2 hour after the main shift change!!) Apparently quite a contingent are planning to get dressed up and come and see us!

Reason for 52? Well it was to be 60, but the store only had 52 pieces of the right coloured card biggrin.gif

LOL makes sense to me puggie! AND less work for you.

I've decided I'm going to do them double sided (if I can figure them out and align them properly). So will be 4 pages double sided. Better get my act together H2B is stuck with cutting them for me tongue.gif and has already said he doesnt want to be up at midnight with only a few days to go. Knowing me I'll get fed up with them and decide not to do them anymore.

I cant believe I only have 3.5weeks to go!!!! Thats 24 days!! OMG
I have the weirdest thing to report.... There was a problem with our registry (things kept disappearing and reappearing on there for no reason...) so I asked them to send me a copy of what's sold so I could reconcile that against the original list.

So they emailed it through, but didn't take the names of who bought what off ohmy.gif Was pretty annoyed at that dry.gif

Anyway - once I got over that, I (of course) took a look at who has bought what for us tongue.gif

WHAT A SURPRISE! A friend of the family who I barely know has spent a considerable amount of money, whereas an uncle I see regularly has spent very little.

I actually don't care whether people spend a lot, little or nothing, but I am BLOWN AWAY by how generous the majority of people have been! It is really embarrasing unsure.gif

For instance, for the amount of gifts which had disappeared from the list, I thought A LOT of people must have already purchased gifts. This is actually not the case - only 7 people/couples have bought 13 gifts so far ohmy.gif
Lady CJ
sorry i can't see any of your photos as i am on my work computer, but as soon as i get home i will be able to check them out.
not much happening today, i am suppose to pick up my candles today, just waiting for the lady to get back to me.

Hey Mazz!

How did you go this morning?
Yeah, Mazz? We want to know how you went!!

Carla - make sure you post pics of your candles!

You just inspired me to call the travel agent and see if anyone has put into our registry yet. I'm doing better than you tongue.gif only 1 couple has contributed so far!! LOL (I asked who, but not how much).
She said she finds most people tend to do it the week of the wedding, we dont have a closing date on ours, so all is good.

How annoying though for you that they have stuffed up the registry.
Well - it's sorted now, and now I am inspired to make sure that the wedding is more lovely and perfect than ever... It's nice to know so many people care about us... I am STILL stunned by their generosity ohmy.gif
I went for my interview....I just got a call back (already) saying 'we are 99.9% sure you have the job, we just need to run something by someone....we will let you know definitely by Friday'.

How ANNOYING. Do you know how slow this week is going to go now??

But looking good so far! Fingers crossed smile.gif smile.gif

Yeah Mazz, we wanna know! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Oops, just saw your post! Horray!!! Congrats Mazz - the job is yours for sure!!! What great news biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
YEAH MAZZ! You must be so so so pleased (although still nervous, of course) tongue.gif Rock on Friday!!
mazz - Yay. Congrats I'm sure the job is yours! woohoo well done. Friday is TOO far away!!!!!

I forgot to post this yesterday aswell. I bought 2 of these and they will be going on the bridal table (aswell as everything else!) Sorry cant seem to take a nice pic of it, but they are from Dusk. I'm sure Dusk should sponser my wedding, with the amount of money I have spent there on things for the wedding.

IPB Image

Who is everyone having on there Bridal table? We are pretty sure we are only having us 2 and MOH and Best Man, so that will make only you think that would look stupid???
Not at all buffy - we're doing the same (plus parents), so 8 in total for us.
Lady CJ
hey Mazz, that's excellant, maybe they are checking if you have a crim record or somthing like that, i have heard that some companies do that, i had it done once for me.
Good point, Carla - if this is a school she is working for then she will actually require a police background check. I had to have one (as I occaisionally teach a TAFE class). Didn't need one to teach at uni, though tongue.gif

Oh buffy - forgot to say - your centrepiece is really nice smile.gif

Hi again girls....

Yes thats possible about the police check, they probably want to discuss me with other people too, possible the teacher I am taking over etc. It's only for 4 weeks, and I will be taking over while the teacher goes on long service leave.

It's such a nice school, it overlooks Sydney Harbour and has the nicest grounds I have ever seen in a school.

Jess- love your centrepieces, they are so pretty.

We are having 10 on our bridal table - it's us plus all of our absolute closest friends, since we don't have a bridal party per se. If we were to have had one, this would have been it smile.gif

wooohooo Mazz its in the bag for u!!!! pre-congratulations!!!! biggrin.gif

Ooooohhh Buffy ur bridal table deco's look lovely!! and dont u just love dusk....i havent bought the shop out for the wedding but just in general - its such a nice place! smile.gif

hmmm we havent really decided on who's will be on our main table yet but probably going with ur, bridal party and paretns i guess - thats more than enuf ppl im thinking....

nothing more from me ooohh other than H2B finally made a wedding related phone call!!!!!!!! bring out the band ppl he's called without complaining about something!!! tongue.gif such an exciting time for me! (i know i am one of the saddest ppl on this earth i get it)
QUOTE(Juless @ Oct 11 2006, 02:22 PM) *

....nothing more from me ooohh other than H2B finally made a wedding related phone call!!!!!!!! bring out the band ppl he's called without complaining about something!!! tongue.gif such an exciting time for me! (i know i am one of the saddest ppl on this earth i get it)

Not at all - if I can get mine to do that (without me nagging and him whinging) I'd consider that to be a major success!

Finally!!!! We are almost at 100 pages! tongue.gif
Hehe - I'll try and get us a bit closer, then.
Lady CJ
nearly there girls!!!!


We are here!! tongue.gif
Lady CJ
Yay! a century!!!! woho!
Wooo hoooo! Congrats Nov gals!

xbuffyx - nice candles by the way

juless - u crack me up! yep, it's a real achievement when your H2B can do something for the wedding without complaining biggrin.gif

Oh yeah, we'll be having 10 table on our bridal table. Me, hubby, 4 GMs and 4 BMs.
Hi all...

Yippee 100 pages!!!

xbuffyx- Love your dress, and your centre pieces they are beautiful!! biggrin.gif By the way part of our centre piece is from dusk as well ( the bamboo huts see below) gotta love that shop!!!

IPB Image

Mazz - Congratulations!! wishing you all the best, bring on Friday!!! laugh.gif

We are having 8 people on our bridal table that includes us and 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen!!

Well I have typed up our menus and OOS books just need to buy the paper and print out and assemble and then that job is done!!

Will post a picture of my bonboneirre boxes and place cards once i take a photo of them!!
Yay Mazz - the job is in the bag my friend!!!

Buffy - gorgeous dress (you wil be a stunning bride!) and nice centrepieces too!

Pinky - those photos are devine - what a cute couple you are!! you too will be a gorgeous bride!

Pugie - please show us pics of your OOS.... I just made a test one for us and I am really happy with the way it has turned out. Have bought the paper and the ribbon, just need to sneak into work after hours to print the damn things off...... then I cn start making them! I may as well utilise this time off work well!

Glad we have hot the century, methinks we will pass through a few more pages before November....
well gee..a girl goes out for the day to get her hair done and comes back to find you've all reached 100 pages without me sad.gif

Sorry Pinky forgot to say how gorgeous your photos are, cant wait for the wedding ones!!! tongue.gif
Ok here is a picture of our favour boxes and place cards sorry if it is not very clear!! Having 2 heart chocolates in silver and pink wrapping inside boxes!! (dont mind the ribon, will be tied properly on the day!!)

IPB Image
YAH to 100 pages!!!

- Pinky... OMG u and h2b look amazing in those photos!!! wow... if thats your pre photo shoot, imagine your wedding photos!

- Buffy you look stunning in your dress! (and your dress is gorgeous too). I love it! I also love your candles. I wanted something like that on the bridal table but then h2b reminded me that i'll have all the bouquets along the front so i wont be able to. Might buy them for the house though.

- Mazz, that awesome news! Congratulations!

- Lissy, your boxes look awesome!

Ok, my menu tasting was last night and OMG it was divine!!!! We've decided on the following:

- Rigatoni W sundried tomatoes, olives, and a chive cream sauce topped with crabmeat, parmasan and mild chili
- Spicy honey roasted pork loins W an apple and mustard sauce

- Pan fried free-range chicken breast served with poached prawns in a champagne chive sauce on roasted vagetables
** This is the only one we're definate on. Still deciding on the other one. The steak was beautiful, but not really anything special. I was actually disapointed with the mains. Not at all what i thought they'd be, but yummy all the same **

- Brandy snap basket filled with cointreau lased strawberries
** This one is definate, still deciding on the other 3 **

- White and dark chocolate mousse in a chocolate case topped with seasonal berries (mums fav)
- Baked blueberry cheesecake with a frangelico sauce (my fav)
- Chocolate ambassador with chocolate and tia maria sauce (andrews fav)

Anyway, one and a half assignments down... 1/2 to go then NO MORE!!! Have a good night girls!

Lady CJ
didnt end up picking up the candles tonight, the lady didnt get back to me as to what time to meet tonight, ehh! i can't stand some annoying wedding suppliers!
but thursday night will be exciting as it will be my dress fitting, always love them!
Domestic Dreamer
Wow, so many posts and I totally haven't been able to keep up today. Was doing my head in at work.

Pinky your engagement pics look great! You're so pretty though you'd look good in anything.

Buffy your dress is gorgeous! I especially like the lace and bead work. Isn't it exciting??

We've got 10 on our bridal table, us, 4 in the bridal party and 4 friends. We can't fit everyone in if we have less.

Marissa I'm not a fan of alcohol in sauces so I'd go with the chocolate mousse mmmmmm.... tongue.gif
I am managing to keep up with reading all the posts you girls are making but not managing to keep up with replying to them! I will make sure i get a few things in though.

Pinky your photos are absolutely stunning!!!!!! I can not wait to see your wedding day ones biggrin.gif

Puggie, I so want to see a pic of your OOS books!!! I am off to priest this sunday to check ours out and see if they are ok to go to print next week....cross fingers!

Buffy you and your dress are gorgeous! I can't believe how many spunky november brides there are going to be starting in a few weeks!

All those candles are just gorgeous - I LOVE DUSK too, just can't afford their stuff for the wedding!

Ok, that's it from me now. Hehe to go have dinner. Packaged ravioli!
I need help.....................................................
Lissy, millie, marissa, kylz, maiko - thanks for all your lovely compliments wub.gif You're making me blush! wub.gif

Oh lissy, i love your centrepieces, your favour boxes and place cards. I love dusk too and candles are a part of our theme too smile.gif

Marissa - way to go with your menu tasting! biggrin.gif - Baked blueberry cheesecake - yummo!!!

Carla, how exciting about your dress fitting. I found that the dress fittings are always exciting - makes the wedding seems more real IYKWIM.

And CANDY - what's up hun? You are making me worried! We'll help out any way we can so just ask ok smile.gif
wooohooo for us girls - weve finally hit 100 pages.....bring on thenext 100 i say - ok maybe not but a few more until we all run off toget married at least smile.gif

Lissy - ur bon bons and place cards look beautiful! did u guy do them urselves? great job if u did....

im just waiting on our lil choccy hearts to come in to throw into our bon bon boxes and well be ready to go in putting them all together....

Marrisa - the whole lot of ur menu tasting sounded hard it is to choose from tho blink.gif
we thought we chose our menu the other nite but since then have changed it 3 times already!! im not looking at anymore until we have to finalise the details with the reception place now!

Carla u must be excited about ur dress fitting....guess what i got mine on in a few hours and u know what im just plain nervous!!! the dress was a lil too tight the first time i had my fitting so im scared it wont fit again....yikes! unsure.gif but im trying to think happy thoughts and itll all go well nothing to worry about (i hope)

ok off to get out of my pj's and drive over to pick up my mum & sis (MOH) before trying that nasty dress on!!! wish me luck girls smile.gif

have a great day!

oh nearly forgot - Candy what's ur question??? is everything alright?!?!?!
What's up, Candy? PM or MSN if you'd rather unsure.gif
I dont think it's an unreasonable to ask the parents to leave their babies at home.

I am having children at our wedding but most are 10+ so they will be able to amuse themselves.
Lady CJ
have fun with your fitting today Jules, i have a similar problem, my dress was a little tight on me just around my tum tum & she said she would give me till tonight to lose that little bit, but i dont think i did!! she will take it out a little bit if i dont'.

are you alright Candy?
Don't worry Carla and Juless - mine has to come out TWO SIZES on the bust dry.gif We always knew it would have to (I have large, aherm, assets) but still sad.gif
Cnady - are you OK....? Please check in and let us know!

Well I received the CD from the replacement photographer today. The only style of shots he has included are standard posed portraits of the Bride and Groom and bridal party. There are also some really dodgy ones eg the bride standing on the side of the road with one leg on a suitcase, pulling her dress up to reveal her garter, hitchhiking. ohmy.gif Another with the B & G posing nicely, and the bridal party lined up next to them, all pulling weird faces and pointing at them.

Our brief when chosing a photographer was some one who does photos that are:
• Elegant
• Stylish
• Classic
• Candid
• Spontaneous
• Close-up
• Emotional
• Details
• Photojournalistic

We have prepared an extensive list of the exact photos we want taken, and there is a chance that this guy does do more of the style we wanted but didn't include them on the CD. I guess our choices are to be very instructive prior to the event about the style we want, and hope he comes up with the goods, or try and find a new photographer who is willing to travel from Canberra to Thredbo, can do the style we want and has a smilar package (and is free!). What should I do??

I was comfortable with this replacement photographer as a person, I think he would be easy to get along with on the day and I do not think we would mind if we told him what we wanted, in fact he said it would be helpful to him.

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