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I havent watched Idol at all this year. Is it any good?
I was thinkin' of Izzy/Issy from Greys...

But I love the name Isabelle/Isobelle. There are so many lovely names that can come from that one beautiful name.

Hmmn now I'm hoping l'il Chessor will be a girl... But then again, Alex is a very highly recommended name too laugh.gif
Chloe, you know what - your name (ie CHLOE!!!) is also at the top of my list, but there was once a family pet with that name, so I just cant do it! I wish that I could though, I love the name so much!

Of course, it would be 'Alexander', but Alex for short. I actually love Xander as a name, but Glenn hates it. Sigh.

Oh, yeah, Izzy from Grey's - I had forgotten about her! I guess she's never actually been called 'Isabelle' in the show at all!

I was ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif at Alex in last night's show - what a wanker - I cant believe that he said that he would hurt George... poor baby George...

Idol this year is pretty good Amanda - a few that annoy me, that are actually pretty good, and some that annoy me that really need to go! And some that I love, that I really dont think will last the distance!
There was some hoo-ha on Current Affair yesterday about another young girl getting called fat by that arse Kyle Sandliands. He is such a tosser. I think Id rather Dicko.
I reckon that was all taken way out of context.

The other two commercial channels just wanting to have a go at Channel 10 AGAIN after the Big Brother saga! I took it as meaning 'dress appropriately' instead of 'lose weight' and I think that that's how it was supposed to be interpreted!
I see....i didn't catch what she was wearing. Was it as bad as Paulini's dress? That was uncool...

Nah, it was nothing like that - she had jeans on that were too tight, so it made her have a 'jelly belly' or muffin top, for lack of a better word - then she had a tightish white shirt, which stuck to the 'jelly' - it was a bad look, even Glenn commented and he NEVER notices that!

Nah, it was nowhere near as bad as Paulini's effort!

Here is a pic

IPB Image

And here is my man Mutto....

IPB Image
poor girl!

i hear many people love mutto. I might have to watch it.
He makes me go all gooey.... *slobber*
Ohhhhhhhh Chloe your house is beautiful. Such a gorgeous big kitchen. Congratulations again, what a huge year you have had!!

Yes, it has been a big year Chloe!

There's still time to get UTD if you want to get the hat trick!
Do I:

Stay here by myself for 7 months where I dont know many people. BUT I have a good job which I love?


Leave here, and go to Qld where all of my close family is, potentially get a crap job like th eone I had in Melbourne, which I absolutely HATED it used to make me sick I hated it so much.

Its such a big decision to make, and needs to be made very soon. I dont want to elave my job, but I dont want to be here when I can be in Qld.


ps. I havent even told any of my family that this move is possible, because they will obvsiously give me biased opinions (they would want me home)
Michelle - if the risk is only that you will *potentially* get a crap job, then I would look more into moving back to QLD. Your family and friends are there, and unlike Melbourne, if you do end up with a crap job, they will at least be there to support you. I reckon those 7 months, whilst you are doing a job you love, will be long and lonely.

That's just my opinion anyway sweets....

Good luck with it,

Michelle, I reckon that you would be much happier in QLD smile.gif And if the risk is only potentially getting a crap job, then it's worth it, I think. You would be able to stay with you mum, yes? So you dont need to have a massive income straight away to pay rent and stuff...

I think that being back in QLD would make Neil being away much easier on you smile.gif
QUOTE(Laurette @ Sep 19 2006, 04:25 PM) *

Yes, it has been a big year Chloe!

There's still time to get UTD if you want to get the hat trick!


Lemme ask alex and I'll get back to you girls tongue.gif

Michelle oh you poor thing - again, I can't believe the sort of decisions you have to make. Sometimes I think if you make a decision you suddenly know whether it is the right one or not. Like, if you made the decision to stay and you told your family, you might realise you'd rather go back to Qld.... Or vice versa.

I would probably want to go back to QLD where all my family and friends were. I don't know how well I'd cope being by myself for that long, however I'm probably a whimp and you're much stronger than me lol.

Let us know how you go and if you do decide to stay, we'll be online everyday to chat with you and keep you company smile.gif

I've just been watching the Steve Irwin special and crying my eyes out. I only caught the last 15 mins as well but it was so emotional....
No I would live by myself in qld, and I would have to pack everything up here to move there. I still dont know what to do, I wish I had some sort of life coach advisor who made all my big decisions for me blink.gif Dont we all.

I havent seen the Steve Irwin thing yet, but heard a tiny bit on radio of Bindi talking. WHat an inspirational and brave little girl, I couldnt even speak at my dads funeral and I was 20, let alone being younger like her...
Ah, I see Michelle. It's very hard then I guess sad.gif You would have to find a house, job etc - or do the DHA find you somewhere to live?

Like Chloe said, I dont envy the decisions that you have to make, darling girl. I guess that the best thing you can do is dicuss it with Neil, and see what you work out together? I think that in your heart, you would have to 'know' what YOU really WANT to do, and hopefully that would make it easier?
one word to describe the experience I just had - OUCH
Oh...back to the depi cream I go then. NO WAY am I putting myself through that pain. I think I remember mum saying it was worse than childbirth....come to think of it though, she often said a lot of things were worse than childbirth...I think she was just trying to con me!
Amanda it was actually better than I thought, just hurt a lot down near the hoo-ha, but no pain no gain eh!! laugh.gif
By the way I spoke to MIL and stepFIL tonight on the phone, they both support me 100% moving to Qld wub.gif I really do love them, prehaps cos I live in a different state to them, but still...haha
Michelle - the first time always hurts the most...

(isn't that true of many things laugh.gif!!!)

But isn't it worth it?!?! Feels so smooooooth!!! Again, I can't talk. Still a walking fire hazard - legs, underarms, eyebrows..... Eh! It's still cold here in Melbourne so I can't be bothered yet with the preening and the pruning!

Whatever your decision, take as long as you can to make it and then let us know so that we can tell you that you've made the right decision and why tongue.gif cool.gif

Amanda - I agree! I really think your mum is biased (re pain and child birth laugh.gif). Methinks she's lookin to knit you something teeny tiny!

Actually. I think the situation has gotten out of hand. Think I need to get the emjoy out from its winter hidey spot....

Went beserk tonight at the Country Road sale.... They were having 20% off storewide. I didn't mean to go, but I went to Kikki K (stationery/organising shop) and attended a photo workshop (how to organise my thousand and thousands of photos -mostly wedding of course) and bought heaps of stuff there. Then wandered into Country Road which was open tonight til 9pm on account of the sale... Brought some towels...cups... chopping boards... etc etc etc... On account of the new house thingy... oh dear... Must stop spending... Remember mortgage... Eekkk!!!

Wow, look at me rambling on and on and on....

Edited to adddd.....

PSML Alex happend to look over my shoulder at the computer screen when I was typing that last post. It GRABBED his attention and he went *gasp* is someone going to have their first time?!?!?! *gasp*!!!

I laughed at him and told him to read on - then he very disappointedly said... oh.. brazillian huh?... not so interesting then. laugh.gif I just love to laugh at him....!
Muhahahahha yes Alex....someone in the married March maids thread has held on to the big V for this long!!!

I just don't think I can bring myself to do the Brazilian thing...I did have the pulsed light hair removal thing done, it works, but yeesh its pricey. No pain at all though.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do Michelle! We are all behind you whatever you decide.

Mum and Dad are near Port Hedland from what I can ascertain. They had a great time up north of Broome and didn't want to come back!

Better go....big day today!

Mrs Amanda Kennedy what on earth are you doing up at 5am in the morning?!?!??! I'm sure I was just going to sleep about that time...

Good news is I've organised about 600 of my wedding photos into 2 pretty blue album/boxy thingies.

Feeling very orjinised.... For now!!!!
Michelle you have inspired me.

I've booked myself into get my nether regions waxed this afternoon.

We can be twins in pain laugh.gif
Getting ready for work today sad.gif

Long long day ahead
Oh dear Amanda smile.gif You poor thing - I hope that you dont have too rough of a day smile.gif

Chloe, all I can do is laugh at you and Alex!
Way to go chloe - get smoooth for summer. Although its been hot here for ages, Im just liked the feral look. Poor N I showed him last night he was stoked... but I wasnt in the mood so poor boy was a bit dissapointed haha TMI
IN regards to Alexs comments about what he read - well it may just come true for me, I may be a born again virgin by the time N gets back. After 7 months perhaps it grows over? TMI haha
It's entirely possible Michelle! Though before I met Glenn I went for longer than that, and it didnt grow over, I dont think. All still works.

And by the time that this baby comes out, it probably will be another seven months. Better not grow over, I want more kids!
Well Laurette, Lil Chess confirms that it still works, unless it was an immaculate conception?

Heh, we really are TMI today arent we!
Come back to townsville michelle.

you can count on me for support and friendship.

Goodness me this afternoon is dragging on. 1.5 hours still til I can go home from work. Ive had to turn off the a/c's because they are dripping all over my front desk, phone keyboard etc, and the back a/c is dripping all over the floor. So hot outside.

Im so bored at work, Ive resorted to scanning paperwork. Tomorrow is Friday woot!!
Bugger Michelle - sorry that you're having a slow arvo sad.gif

Look how close I am to 10,000 posts!

I hope that *its* still working when I have to give birth!
OMG laurette you sure like to post dont you heh! Im struggling to get to 3000. Very close though.

1 hr to go.Too bad I can't win the lotto and quit work.
Im struggling to hit 500!
IPB Image
Hi Little Chess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Hello Michelle!

here I am in proper colour - it's a lovely shot of my scar on my tummy!

IPB Image
OOOooh Laurette!!! There's little Isobelle/Alex biggrin.gif Wow! He/she's grown since we've last seen him/her!

Well ladies and gentlemen. In the grand theme of today's TMI, I am going to tell you that...

I AM CROOKED!!! I reckon Alex is going to have to tilt his head when he sees me laugh.gif I always end up crooked but today is the worst. I should have just asked her to take it all off after I saw it... Seriously, they always wax too much on the side that they are standing on. My landing strip is not fit for ANY type of 'landing'.....

Oh well!

LOL Michelle you crack me up!!!! I've never heard of it 'growing over' but I have heard of some weird operations in Japan where you can actually 'sew' a new hymen on... Talk about perverse torture huh!?!?!

Hope you survived today Amanda!
Theres been more action in this thread this week that there has been for months...

Chloe - hahaha sorry I shouldnt laugh, but the way you describe it is funny!! The woman who did me (oh now that sounds rude) walked around the table to do my other side. I am a perfectionist with certain things so if I was waxing I would make sure it was even before I let you walk out. Oh well it will give Alex something to look at!!

Lookin good Laurette, motherhood suits you wub.gif
yes, this thread is going great guns! I am very excited abotu that, I especially am excited to be able to share my pregnancy with you all - after everything with the weddings and stuff, would have been a huge shame for it to just finish then! I really hope that we can keep it going! Cant let those September brides catch up (or have they already? Must check that!)

Landing strip? Nah, just take it all off - much easier that way!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my belly wub.gif Just dont look at the dirty mirror (which I since cleaned - I hadnt noticed it that it was dirty before I took that photo) or the unmade bed (which is still unmade) and the great scar across my gut (which is also still there)

Long live the March 06 thread!!!!

Michelle -what a brilliant and logical thing to do. Walk aroudn the table. Put the table in the middle of the room. I've had these done at quite a few places and they never have the table in the middle. I'm going to find out next time if they do have a table in the centre. Or just take it all off but it just seems a bit ... you know.. 12 year old school girl sort of wrongness you know???

I haven't had a chance to reassess the incorrect engineering of my landing strip. Will probably have to attack it with the tweezers myself tonight. Ouch. Hmmmn I actually have some wax here for bikini lines.. wonder if I can manage to do this myself.....??

This could be very bad/dangerous.......!!!!!!!!
And it could hurt even more!
Allo Ladies!

Survived yesterday but back for more hell today, a full day of teaching (blergh). It totally sux.

Lol Chloe at your landing strip! You totally crack me, perhaps that wasn't the best choice of pun!

I agree with michelle, Laurette - motherhood totally becomes you! You look radiant! I also love the new pic in the sig. If I could be arsed I'd change mine. i must get around to framing our pics.

Well you have all inspired me (sort of) with your talk of landing strips and brazilians. Im going back to get the pulsed light hair removal done again. Not totally as painful as a wax!

Better roll and get ready for skool sad.gif

Have a good day Amanda - dont work too hard smile.gif
I left it alone last night.

Alex is really bemused - he can't understand how someone could get it so...diagonal laugh.gif


Couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up til almost 4am (probably about the time you woke up Amanda!) and completely rearranged our bedroom (3rd and probably last time) must to Alex's initial disgruntlement.. .and then he was very very happy as he gained himself extra bedside table space. He's such a nerd...

I completely organised my bedroom 'office' and its lookin good biggrin.gif (as in I paid all my bills, and filed 'em and threw away a whole heap of crap!)

IPB Image

Look Look!

I put all the crap in boxes under the bed (gotta love the pretty Ikea Boxes!!!) and labelled 'em biggrin.gif

IPB Image

And this pic is for free - our newly reoriented bedroom. I've tried 3 different walls to put the bed against and I think we'll see how the South wall goes... I think I like it.

I'm not bored. I've got craploads of work to do. But I think the only time I actually clean and organise myself is when I have lots of OTHER stuff I'm supposed to be doing...

I used to clean a lot when I was at uni laugh.gif

Sorry for boring you guys.....I need a life huh?

IPB Image
Chloe - friendly word of advice DONT WAX YOURSELF. Well correction - dont let your husband wax you.

You see, one hot summer day, Neil decided to try and give me a brazillian (with my approval of course) Anyway we bought this microwave stuff... I lay down and he applied this gunky stuff. It dried and he ripped. OMFG Ive never been in so muchpain in my life. I got so terrified of the pain I wouldnt let him rip the rest offf. So I had chunks of wax all over my you know what, too scared to remove the stuff.. Ah the adventures we get up to.

There is also the story of someone trying to wax themselves, and in the process glued themselves TOGETHER down there, if you know what I mean. Ouch *shudder*
OMG i cannot believe you let him WAX YOU!!! That would be a death wish for me!

Hey Beck! I see you lurking!! need to get a hobby pet. Those rooms are looking way too clean for me! U want to come to my place?
Yes, i am here!

I had no idea this thread was still going *blush*

I have done a very quick skim of a lot of pages and you girls all looked so beautiful.

Well, yes, I am up the duff (again, things didn't go so well the first time) as far as i know everything is going well. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow, and now that i know this thread is still alive, i'll definately post you girls a picture. I am due somewhere between April 8th and 13th, i will get a more definate date tomorrow.

I promise to keep on popping in here now.

Oh and i've moved back to Melbourne.

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