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Very quickly before I get totally behind on all my work that I need to finish today as it is MY LAST DAY!!! yay.

Amanda - the spa is called Spa Botanica

Sentosa Website on Spa Botanica

Spa Botanica Website

check out those links.

Sentosa Island is connected to the small island of Sinapore by a little bridge. It takes all of 5 mintues to get there - you can actually walk - or take a taxi across (or bus etc). You can actually do the spa thing in half a day. Alex and I did this actually. The couples treatments (the ones with the private rooms/outdoor villas) are S$560 which actually works out to be cheaper in Aussie dollar. This is usually for 3 hours and includes 2 therapists (one per person of course) and like I said, your own little paradise playground for that duration.

And you get to spend as long as you want at the spa frollicking in the lagoons and mud baths. It's been said that is the best spa in asia (by a couple of people who are addicted to spas - I can't really comment as I haven't been to that many!).

I wouldn't go to anything else on Sentosa Island. The rest of the island is crap. Just go to the spa if you want to go smile.gif

The spa and Orchard Rd would be my recommended itinerary for 1.5 days of relaxing and shopping!

You will be in Singapore for my Birthday - I'll be in Paris (very nicely orchestrated that one!) so we won't cross paths. Make sure you have a cocktail to celebrate though!!! Singapore Sling!!!

Beck - OMG GET BETTER!!!! Am praying hard for you that you will be glowing and healthy tomorrow - and that the weather will not be as hot as they predicted - weathermen, pft! they always get it wrong. Plus today is a gorgeous 24 degrees. I can't jump that high tomorrow!

I will have a serious chat with the period God who came through for many of us this month. She will no doubt have a chat with the Melbourne weather God and tell him or her to sort it out for you!

Amanda good luck for today!!! let us know how you go:)

Jo hope all is well wth your great Aunt. You poor thing. Have a good last day of work!

Guess what? I'm having my major fitting tomorrow night!!! Promise if I can access a laptop etc will post pictures of the dress in its almost finished state smile.gif

Now I'm off to go finish my emails, expense reports, etc etc etc.

Lots of love
Kathy W
Hi girls,

To Laurette,Beck and Carolyn,

Just want to wish you all the best for the weekend.

I hope your day is full of love and happiness and is everything you hoped it would be.

To the girls getting married this weekend,

All the best for a fantastic and memorable wedding day, thinking of you

Mich xoxoxoxoxox
To My fellow 18th March brides,

All the best for next weekend its been amazing having someone like you gals to share this journey with wub.gif

See you on the other side

Michelle xox
To the 25th March girls,

I hope your day is everything you could have ever wished for, I cant wait to hear your stories and see your pics

Michelle xox
Well I leave tomorrow and doubt I will get much opportunity to update next week as we will be flat out and mums computer sucks! Mum doesnt know we are going tomorrow she thinks we are flying in on Wed wink.gif

Goodbye and goodluck to you all, its been such a fantastic experience with you girls I am so honoured to share this time with you.

See you all when I return if I dont make it back before,

Love, Michelle wub.gif
ok last update rolleyes.gif I just got off the phone from my mum, I finally bawled my eyes out I have felt it building up for ages. Apparently on of the BM dresses that were made turned out very dodgy, but because the dress maker was a family friend, mum cant say anything (reminds me of not being able to say I didnt like something that was made for me) so mum was on the phone telling me hw she was going to fix it which I think would look terrible ohmy.gif so we had a fight and she got upset and I got upset so she has organised brown dresses to hire. It sucks because she thinks i wont be there til wed so she is trying to organise everthin g now i wish she could just wait til tomorrow night. she also told me 3 more people wont be able to make it now, from my dads family which is upsetting, no one is coming to represent my dads family now sad.gif *gulps on wine*
Oh Michelle you poor thing!!! I don't know if you will see this in time but I hope you sort it out. Good luck with it, I'm sure you will thrill your mum when you arrive there today. Have a blast next Saturday, I'm sure mum has your mobile so we can text on the day.

Carolyn, Beck, Laurette - THE BIG DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!!! Good luck girls, may the force be with you, and chat to you on the 'other side' as I think Jo (?) said.

Well, it is 4:30am and I cannot sleep. We have a wedding this afternoon, but I have a hectic morning of house cleaning and honeymoon packing and other last minute things that dont fit into the schedule this week! I have just finished my last 'crafty' thing for the wedding....the photo frame for the guest book table. I scored a nice little easel to stand it on, the frame has 3 6x4 pics along each row to give you an idea of the size....and here's a pic:

user posted image

I'll post a better close up in another message.

So, Monday has been blocked out to do wedding stuff, like paying a last visit to the photographer, and ringing around everywhere to check on things like cars, suits, musicians, receptions etc. Gotta give the reception venue the final numbers and pay the bill (eeek) we will be a bit poorer after that! A couple of gifts have started rolling in (cheques mainly) and a few people have now contributed to the honeymoon registry, which is good.

Anyway, in my sleepless state, I might as well go and iron my dress for this afternoon. Its going to take me the better part of an hour, bloody thing has so many layers.

Chloe - thanks for the links and info - I might go and look at that stuff now to get me excited that I will be going there in JUST OVER ONE WEEK!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Ok girls, good luck for those of you on today, and I'm sure I'll be in next week to say goodbyes etc to those up next!

A bigger pic of the photos for those who want a laugh!

user posted image

Now seriously, do tell me if you think it isn't a good idea to have this? If it is tacky etc?

Quick post to say - off to catch my plane to Brissie


Michelle - you poor thing!!! Will send you express post a bottle of wine. or 50.

Amanda - photo looks awesome!

Hugs, kisses and GOOD BYE MELBOURNE!!!!!!!
can't believe I won't be back for like another 5 or 6 weeks!!!

Dancing Girl
Just popping in quickly (again!), my last day of work yesterday turned out not to be my last day of work. I didn't finish everything, so I'm here again today.

Just wanting to give you my best wishes Michelle in case you don't get back on here before the day. Have a beautiful, fantastical day and I can't wait to here all about it. Try not to stress about the BM dresses. I'm sure they'll work out beautifully biggrin.gif

Chloe, good luck on your flight to Brisvegas and with the dress fitting. I'm so excited for you to nearly, finally have your dress. I'll be checking back in for those photo's!

Amanda, I love the photo frame. It's a lovely idea and photo's are so cute biggrin.gif How did your presentation go??

Back to work for me, but hopefully after today, that is IT!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

take care you travelling girls biggrin.gif

Kathy W
Hi girls,

I have just come from the Just Married thread and seen a sneak peek of Laurette's wedding photos.

All i can say is stunning she looked so happy and relaxed.

Congratulations Sweetie

Hi everyone! Logging on a little intoxicated after a bottle of red I shared with my big sis tonight, my football team won so we had to celebtate. We arrived safely in Townsvulle, it was such a long day a almost 4 hour flight from Darwin - Brissie then a 3 hour was in brisse then 1.5 hour flight up here. Mum was very surprised and very glad we came a week early.

The BM dress that got stuffed up in terrible! The top of the dress that runs along tehe bust is so uneven I tink I could have sewed it better. The Flowergirl dresses are gorgeous though. the junion bridesmaid (they decided to make her junior bm and change her dress without consultng me) looks crap but we can adjust it so it looks ok too.\\

Tomorrow ee have to see the reception place and make a big payment and finalise menues etc then go see the florist, go see the dj and do heaps of running aound. family starts to arive on wed.\

I am really nervouse but so excirted now Im so glad to be here.\\

Heather we should see you guys tomorrow I thin or thuesday.\

Laurette looked amazing i got tears in my eyes looking at her pics I feel so proud to share her journey.

I will update later on, mums computer is slow but at least it eventually lets me log on.

love michelle xoxox
Michelle, it's good that you could get there early by the sounds of it. And hey, you'll probably get them fixed up and looking gorgeous but there is a wonderful tradition of truly awful bridesmaid outfits throughout history. Don't know if that helps, but I'm in a strange mood and telling H2B that there is probably a long line of people that get crook on their honeymoons seemed to help..

We both have headcolds.. Both H2B and I were planning to do heaps of things this weekend and put in some hard yards at work for our last week in Sydney.. And we've both gotten crook. It's sore throat, stuffy sinuses and worst of all a complete lack of energy.. We're both off work today, although we'll be doing some from home, but we're really hoping we get over this soon.. this is my third day of feeling rotten.. sad.gif

Laurette's pics look good and she looks gorgeous wub.gif
Dancing Girl
LOL, Michelle, that bottle of wine must have been good - I'm having sleeping pill flashbacks reading your post laugh.gif I'm glad you arrived safely and are enjoying your lead up biggrin.gif

Chloe and Amanda, I hope you two are also enjoying your last days of singledom. Chloe I'm dying to hear about your dress, hope it's turned out well for you.

I'm off to check out Laurette's pic's now (I didn't realise she had posted in Newlyweds). Better grab the kleenex biggrin.gif

Thanks Jo....things have been trotting along ok. A few bridesmaid mishaps, which will make for a smaller hens crowd sad.gif but otherwise doing ok.

I made the last round of phonecalls to 'important service providers' last night, confirming cake, cars, musicians, photographer, videographer, DJ etc. I also paid up the reception bill as well, that was weird.

Last night, my LAST ever crafty thing was completed - framing the seating arrangements in nice frames so they can be placed on tables near the entrance for people to see where they are sitting. Today we are off to collect the groomsmen's suits, and then I'm off to have my hair trial and to get one last colour done.

It all starts happening tomorrow...BM's arrive at about lunchtime, and then the fun begins!

If I don't chat to you again before the big day Jo, have a fantastic wedding, and I'll chat to you on the other side!

Kathy W
Hi girls,

Well this is it my last visit in here before Amanda's wedding.

Thankyou all for sharing your wedding plans with me for the past 12 months its been fun watching all your plans come together.

Michelle and Chloe,

Have a wonderful,happy loving day on Saturday.I hope your day is exactly what you hoped it would be.


I will come in here on monday or tuesday and show you a few of the photos and a little bit about Amanda's day but i will leave the complete story for her to tell you all when she gets back from her honeymoon.


See you tomorrow laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Here are some pics from my hair trial today...we did it before the colour and trim, so excuse the uneven colour job and the frizz sticking out everywhere, as well as the currently unpressed veil! The eventual job will be a much sleeker 'do!

I can't believe everyone arrives tomorrow!

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
Looks lovely Amanda. I wish my hair would curl neatly like that. You'll have a great time.

I feel like I'll be talking on my own for the rest of the week. Have fun guys!

And I hope this cold clears up, we've been off work it's been that bad and we've both come down with it, so lots of sympathy, but noone to take over and do the stuff we need to do before we leave Sydney...

Ah well, the doctor cleared us for flying but I hope noone is catching the 8am from Syd-Perth this weekend and is sitting near us.. sad.gif
Hi Karen,

I'm sorry to hear that....hopefully you get better soon!

Well I believe mum is now on the road, so things will really start taking off this afternoon. Hens party tonight!!!

Just quickly popping in to say 'hi' and good luck to this saturdays brides!!!

I will tell you all about my gorgeous wedding day when i get back from Fiji.

All i'll say for now is that the day was perfect and nothing went wrong!!

Speak to you all soon.

Oooh hi Beck....good to hear from you!

Just thought I'd pop in here in hangover state and say that the Hens night was a blast, two of my lovely girls plus mum made it a great event. We had penis cake, pin the donger on the dude, and this lovely lounge all to ourselves which made for great cocktails and lots of giggles.

Needless to say I'm a little worse for wear today. Looking forward to 11am when KFC opens its doors and I can get some of the good stuff into me (i.e. the worlds BIGGEST chips & gravy that KFC will supply...I might have to see if I can hook up an IV of the gravy actually)....

Anyway, only 2 days to go now....ARGH!

just to let u girls know that i am going to Michelle's wedding this coming weekend, so if u have any messages for her i can give them to her.

Feel free to Pm if u want

Hi Beck I cant wait to hear your story!

Well 1 day to go for me, Ive been keeping an eye on the weather forcast as there is a low hanging around which is causing rain Saturday is "meant" to be ok then the rain starts on Sunday..

Well the next thing in the comedy of errors is that Neils wallet has been lost/stolen dry.gif doesnt surprise us really, I dont mind all this bad lluck so long as Saturday goes smoothly. I dont see the BM dresses until 4pm this afternoon so fingers crossed the new dressmaker has fixed them.

I have a hair trial now so better get going. We have been so flat out running around and having to pick up family from airport (we have 4 airport visits today and thats just neils family, mine is going to have to get taxis) I havent had time to scratch myself rolleyes.gif

We also have to pick up the celebrant from the ferry today as well somehow for our rehersal.
Glad yous hens was a success Amanda!!

Good luck for tomorrow 18th March gals!
Dancing Girl
Hi Girls,

just popping in quickly (again wink.gif ). This week has been manic. It just hasn't stopped.

Beck, Congratulations biggrin.gif biggrin.gif I'm so glad your day went perfectly and I can't wait to hear the full story and see the pic's biggrin.gif

Amanda, your hair looks gorgeous, sniff sniff. Kathy I would love it if you could pop in next week and post some pic's of the day wub.gif

Michelle, I can't believe the luck you have had sad.gif Your wedding day just has to be perfect (bad 'rehearsal', great performance etc ). Hope your hair trial goes well today and that the BM dresses are beautiful.

and finally,


I hope you all have fantastic days and I look forward to your stories and pic biggrin.gif

Hi Ladies!


Just in the internet cafe at Sydney airport, only 1 hour til our flight boards, woohoo!

The wedding went really well, and I am sure Mum will be on here soon to fill you in on all the details. It was such a lovely event - and even though we had a few hiccups (like one of the cars breaking down) we managed ok. The ceremony was lovely, and the reception was great (I believe a Conga line started at one point) and we had a great time.

But now....we cannot WAIT to get on this honeymoon.

It still hasnt really hit me, especially as I have checked into the flight today as Amanda Williamson, but when the Kennedy name starts getting added to things Im sure it will change.

Mum - post some piccies when you can!

Good luck next week Jo, enjoy every moment cause they fly by so fast!

Hi girls just poping in to say I am now a married woman! I will write up a story when I get back to Darwin, the day didnt exactly go smoothly but it was perfect Ive never been so happy in my life. Ive been calling Neil my husband all day it feels so surreal.

Luv from a very happy, very tired Mrs Michelle xo

ps it was timed perfectly, the weather on the day was gorgeous and today its raining and we are expecting a category 4 cyclone to hit at 7am tomorrow its a bit scary unsure.gif Thank God the weather held off one extra day so we could have a beautiful outdoor ceremony.
Kathy W
Hi Girls,

Well its all over and all i can say is CAN WE DO IT ALL AGAIN.

The day was perfect Amanda looked like a princess.

My first teary was at 4.30am when i realised it was the day but i got over it went to Amandas room had another teary at 6.00am but then i was ok for the rest of the day until that moment when she put her gown on then we both lost it and couldnt look at each other without crying.

Amanda's brother got me to the church i was fine untill i seen her get out of the car then the tears started again so he got me inside the church sat me down then the music started we all stood up and watch the most beautiful flower girl,page boy and bridesmaids walk down the aisle then it was time for Amanda and her dad to strutt their stuff down the aisle well i was completly gone by then and she was crying all the way as well so i wasnt the only big sook on the day.

I couldnt fault the day one bit the weather was fantastic.

The speeches were great

As a joke months ago we told Paddy he could marry Amanda but he has to give us three camels and a pig as the dowry,so when he got up to say his speech he had a black bag with him which i was told not to look in earlier in the day so i got a bit excited thinking it was something from the blue box shop,well it wasnt from the blue box shop it was three plastic goats and a plastic pig (the dowry)they couldnt find camels anywhere so he asked if i would except goats as a replacment laugh.gif

Amandas speech was wonderful and i even seen a tear in her dads eyes at one point which is amazing as he his from the boys dont show their emotions generation.

Food was delish

Im just sad that it had to end the whole week was fantastic.

Laurette and Michelle thanks for the best wishes text on saturday morning.

If i had to give it a rating it would get a high distinction with honors.

Will post photos asap.


PS:Have a wonderful day on saturday Jo take it all in as the time just flies.
Just a very quick pop in while at the international airport in BRisbane to say

I'm married!

It was perfect

Just absolutely perfect. Will post further hopefully when I get to singapore - I have some gorgeous pictures I want to share with everyone here.

I just wanted to say congratulations to Michelle and Amanda and Kathy for their recent nuptuals, and also congratulations and good luck to Jo for this weekend!

Lots of love,
QUOTE (ellerson82 @ Mar 19 2006, 11:47 PM)
Hi girls just poping in to say I am now a married woman! I will write up a story when I get back to Darwin, the day didnt exactly go smoothly but it was perfect Ive never been so happy in my life. Ive been calling Neil my husband all day it feels so surreal.

Luv from a very happy, very tired Mrs Michelle xo

ps it was timed perfectly, the weather on the day was gorgeous and today its raining and we are expecting a category 4 cyclone to hit at 7am tomorrow its a bit scary  unsure.gif  Thank God the weather held off one extra day so we could have a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

Hi there everyone,

Michelle's wedding was so beautiful,

she looked so gorgeous and so very happy

i have lots of pics to prove it

Sweet Bella thanksf or the update - I was actually very worried when I saw cyclone Larry up around there. I was thinking of Michelle and hoping it hadn't affected her special day.

We want pictures!!!

I've posted pictures in the general weddings section - just a few that were taken from my digital camera on the day. I can't wait to put our album together. We saw a preview of the professional photos at the reception - our photogrpaher did a slide show for us. They were just gorgeous.

Now off to take more pictures on our honeymoon!

Amanda - thinking of you (you and Paddy are just a bit higher than us and to the left of Singapore!)

Michelle - looking forward to an update!

Jo - All the best for this weekend!

Lots of Love,
Kathy W
Hi girls,


I just had a look at your photos in general wedding thread im lost for words absolutly stunning you looked so happy and yous dress maker did a great job on your dress cant wait to see more photos.

Enjoy your honeymoon see you when you get back.

Dancing Girl
Oh God, I'm getting all teary reading about your days girls biggrin.gif It sounded like you all had such beautiful day and I'm so happy for you.

Chloe the pic's I saw in the general wedding section were just stunning. Your dress is stunning, when I saw the pic with you facing the window and the back of your dress in silhouette, I literally gasped. Just gorgeous!

Amanda and Michelle, I can't WAIT to see pic's of your days (kathy, any chance of a couple of sneek previews before I leave next Thursday??? Pretty please). I know you will have both looked gorgeous.

The last week for me has been really stressful and I've hated it ph34r.gif I thought I was organised...but, clearly not. I'm on the home straight now and can't wait until Saturday. BRING IT ON!!! I was feeling really unexcited about the day until I read your stories. I got all teary and now I'm excited all over again. Thanks for sharing girls. wub.gif Kathy, your story was gorgeous. I can imagine my Mum is going to be the same. She's been with me the last week and is crying already at the drop of a hat laugh.gif

Michelle, I'm so glad your day wasn't effected by the cyclone. I've been thinking of you. Was your family touched by it at all?? The photo's on the news are devastating.

I probably won't get a chance to come in again before my day, so will pop in again before the honeymoon with my day.

Thanks so much for all your support and sharing biggrin.gif

See you on the other side!!!


Kathy W
Some photos from Amanda and Paddy's big day

wedding 1

wedding 2

wedding 3

wedding 4

wedding 5


Here's a peek for all you girls
Kathy W
QUOTE (sweet_bella @ Mar 22 2006, 10:41 PM)

Here's a peek for all you girls

Thanks for the sneak peek.

Our Michelle looks gorgeous.

I was going to post my pics when I got home on my fast computer.

Kathy - Amanda looks soo beautiful all the hard work you and her have done paid off, she looks like a princess.

Jo - Best of luck for saturday, I will be thinking of you all day.
**** Sarah and Adam ****
Hey girls,

Just wanted to congratulate those girls already married, and wish the girls for this weekend luck!

I'm looking forward to sharing my story and reading everyone elses and seeing all the plans come together into the fantastic days they will be!

all my best
Kathy W
Hi girls,

Heather and Jo,

All the best for the weekend hope your day is exactly what you hoped it would be.

We will be thinking of you.

Congratulations to all the beautiful March brides who are already married, your days sound absolutely beautiful and the photos so far are stunning!

I can't believe I've got one more sleep to go - I'm actually very calm, am I normal? I completely stressed over my hens night, I couldn't sleep was so nervous yet I'm so calm for the wedding (well so far!!!)....

To my twinnies, tomorrow is our big day girls, how exciting! I am looking forward to hearing all about your special days, you have all become such wonderful friends to me and I have enjoyed sharing the lead up with you lovely ladies... Well I must go and set up the reception centre - see you on the other side!!!

xxx Alicia xxx
Hi girls,

Just got back into Aus!! What a wonderful honeymoon!

I promise i'll give you all a full story of my wedding day and pics and honeymoon story and pics real soon!!!

Best of luck for tomorrow Jo and Alicia! I'll be thinking of you!

Kathy W
Hi girls,


Welcome back happy to hear that your honeymoon was good.

Now we want photos of your day and a full report.


I know you wont see this until after your wedding but all the best hope you have a wonderful day and everything goes the way you want it to.

Ok, there's now a full report in the newlyweds section.

There are also photos on our website (linked below).


Hey Beck good to see you back, glad to hear that your day was perfect too! You look sooo beautiful smile.gif

Im just about done uploading my pics now, I have so many but I have culled them, and have scanned my favorites. They should be up tomorrow.

Can you all believe that the 25th March girls are also now Mrs's as well!! Its so crazy how quick this has all happened.

where are you all?

My pics and story are posted in the newlywed section
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