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Dancing Girl
Ooh, I just realised (Michelle, your post popped up just as I had finished writing mine laugh.gif ), HAPPY 2 MONTHS TO GO Michelle, Chloe and other 18 March brides!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Jo, i reckon you are brave going the brazilian. Chris would love it if i did this but i have this fear of pain - we dont go well together..

Michelle, i am taking two weeks off before the wedding - to do all the things like foils in hair, nails and any last minute things. 4 weeks will be taken off after the wedding and we plan on spending 7 nights in Surfers paradise. It will be the first time ever i would have flown and the first time ever i would have left the state of NSW - so for me it is a big thing.
As for the rest of the time, i have not had time of since March last year, so i will just be looking forward to doing nothing and i guess doing the wedding thank you's.

I am praying for rainfor my wedding day - so many brides do this or am i just totally queer??? I am doing this because i really dont want to get married in 40 degree heat, esp since the church does not have air conditioning. It has just rained here now and i so hope it pours on the wedding day!! tongue.gif tongue.gif
Happy 2 months to go for the March 18 girls!

Jo, you make me laugh. Re Brazilians, it’s best to probably have it done the day before, or the Thursday if you can. This way, your skin is still baby smooth, and you don’t start getting hair growing back. Depending on how often you have it done, the longer it takes to grow back. I would recommend starting now, and then you can have another between now and the wedding, if that makes sense. Go THIS WEEK. Then you will be used to it, and your hair will start to thin out. Hope that makes sense. But, then, if you are wanting it as a surprise for the wedding night, I would make the appointment for the day before the wedding. You wont get red skin or any sort of markings until the hair starts to grow back, so get a loofah glove and some ingrown hair inhibitor (with tea tree from your beautician) before the honeymoon, and you will be set until you get back from the honeymoon. You’ll need to go about every 4 to 5 weeks.

Once you’ve done it you will never go back…

Sorry if that was more information than you were after.

Thanks also for your comment about mum’s comment. I spent about 24 hours in tears, and Glenn wanted to ring her back and tell her what he thought, but I didn’t let him. It wasn’t one of the best moments of my life, but I will get over it and she will have to jam it up her bum.

You have all convinced me about the cars. I know that when I tell Rick that we don’t need his anymore, he will say that ‘it’s OK, no use it’ but I will just have to be strong and try not to offend him. He is quite a good friend, and I don’t want him to think that we are snobbing him, but I am more worried about his $80K toy and not wanting to hurt it… at least if Luke is driving his own car, I will be 100% comfortable.

MichelleA, that is excellent news about your mum – isn’t she beautiful! I wish that my mummy helped me like that – the other day when she was up and I said to Glenn that I would prefer that he stayed home instead of going back out to the golf club, she went crook on me! I am sure that your flowers will be gorgeous and when you have got them everywhere in vases, you can take some photos and put them up for us to have a look at, OK?

Jo, great news about your honeymoon – you are going to have a trip of a lifetime, I hope that you enjoy yourselves and again take us lots of photos! (oh, and some for you too tongue.gif )

MichelleA, I am sorry that my list gives your heart palpitations, if it makes you feel that way, imagine how it makes me feel.


Happy 2 months girls!
MichelleBelle - You can have rain on your wedding day so long as its clear on my wedding day smile.gif. I have put in an order for a clear day with no clouds (Getting married outdoors and have no back up plan!)

Just regarding brazillians, if I wasnt so much of a sook I would definatly get one done professionally. When we were in T'ville for xmas neil bought me some kind of bikini line wax, and I let him wax me blink.gif My God it hurt, I think they could hear me screaming in Melbourne. I let him do a few strips which was all I could handle, so I was left with a very patchy area down there hehe rolleyes.gif

But let me tell you the regrowth has been so slow, theres hardly anything there in the patches and its been a few weeks now. I know it wont hurt as much if I go to a pro but Im still a sooky.

I think Im getting next door neighbours a removalist truck turned up. I will have to drag Neil over there soon to meet them.
Ooh, Neighbours! Someone for Michelle to play with!

Michelle, go to a professional - I promise that they wont hurt as much you think they will.

I go once a month and get it done, then my eyebrows, and sometimes my upper lip... (shh, that one's a secret!)
uh oh. In 3 minutes my ticker will say 1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

And yes I know Im up late, but I got nothin worthwhile getting up for tomorrow.
I thought that there would be a post from you at some insane hour!

I am again going to attempt staying away from the forums for the rest of the week, I need to get some work done before my boss gets back from holidays - I havent done much these last three days....

And there has been a heap of others away who are back now, and they are likely to dob. So it's all work for this little black duck. Remember you can email me at should you get bored. Michelle A, I expect to hear from you!

CHLOE! where are you?
Im sure you will be back this week Laurette you love us too much!
Yeah, you're right.....
So, do you know what I am meant to do with a selection criteria? I have posted in the workplace also. Do I submit my resume and my answers to S.C or do I just word my resume so that I have encluded all of the qualities they are looking for?

Feeling very dumb here Ive never had to do this before.
I assume with a selection criteria you are going for a job?

What i woould do (and have done before) is along with submitting your resume write a letter addressing why you meet the selection criteria. Pretty much sell yourself to them.
Yes they can see all this in your resume, but you need something to grab their attention. They need to see that they need to employ you and out you on thier shortlist of applicants.
I would just put it all in a letter of application Michelle. Sort of like an essay; address each point of the selection criteria in a new paragraph, and detail the reasons that you meet the selection criteria.

If you would like to send me your finished letter, I can have a look for you if you want, I am in HR – It’s what I do…
Thanks girls

Im justy doing a very rough one, just letting my ideas pour out then i will go back and make it sound better (use grown up vocabulary lol)

I might just email you Laurette so you can check it out when I finish, its not due in until the start of Feb smile.gif
No worries at all - I will always be happy to help you smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Dancing Girl
Thanks for the info of the Brazilian Laurette! I think I'll take your advice and book in to get one done now. I wanted it to be a surprise, but knowing my luck, I'd break out in a rash or something which would not be too attractive on our wedding night laugh.gif If all goes well, I'll get it redone a couple of days before the wedding biggrin.gif Thanks also for the tip on loofah etc! I'm a bit scared of the pain too Michelle(s), but I've been waxing my legs and bikini line for nearly 15 years, so hopefully that's built up a bit of a pain threshold in me laugh.gif I'll let you know how I go. I just have to find an "experienced in Brazilians" waxer!

MichelleBelle, I think you must be the only bride I know that is hoping for rain on her wedding day! Although, I can understand understand where you are coming from! I hope you get your rainy day and I'm with MichelleA in wanting a nice sunny, clear day biggrin.gif

Just bumping this thread back up top, where it deserves to be.

Well we were out driving last night and the clutch broke blink.gif Thank the Lord Neil was with me, if I was by myself I would have died. I was meant to be driving the car myself today to get my licence fixed up but thankfully I had an urge to go out last night with Neil. Poor thing had to push the car away from the lights (yes it had to break in the 6pm traffic, thankfully Darwin doesnt have very big peak hour traffic)

Just another thing to go wrong really. I really sobbed on the way home, I thought how much more can go wrong - all starting from when we found out we were getting posted to Darwin. It was soo embarressing, Neil had to drive all the way home in 1st gear. We were doing 30km along a highway LOL in the emergency lane. So I cried half the way home then laughed the rest of the way home at how embarressing it was.

This was the car that Neil crashed last yr(yes more bad luck). It should have been written off, especially now if the bloody clutch has died, and the cd player is dead too mad.gif We will be ringing the company who "fixed" it and getting them to find someone in Darwin to fix it again. The reason it took us so long to discover it was broken is because we got it back in Melb, then it went into storage to be transported back here and its been here a week (came witha flat battery too, more money sad.gif)

Uh oh. Just got a call for a interview tomorrow. He said its mainly to see how people look and how they speak. ohmy.gif I hope they dont employ just based on looks because Im screwed if they do sad.gif Thats so unfair
Oh Michelle, dont panic - you are gorgeous! best of luck with the interview, Princess! You will be fine!

I am so sorry to hear about your ongoing car woes, but you do have to admit that it's a little tiny bit giggle worthy!
Sorry I haven't been updating you guys lately I just been having problems lately. I still don't have a dress but everything else is falling in place now. Not long to I get married now. I can't believe how fast it went. I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. Does anyone feel like that as well or is it just me?
Yeah Laurette it was so sad but so funny, I was saying, "come on chitty chitty bang bang you can do it!" It was so embarressing rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Hey Rochelle!! Good to see you. Im so sorry to hear about your sad news sad.gif Its good to see your wedding plans are coming along well. I am very nervous and excited, somedays I wish it would hurry up but other days I wish it would slow down. I can't wait to be married smile.gif Make sure you come back soon and update again !
Ok, one week until our RSVP date is due!!!

We have 59/80 RSVP's so far, not too shabby, it's mostly the relo's who are being slack dry.gif

My flowergirl got her dress on saturday but apparently the suit was too expensive so now they're going to see what the cost of hiring one is. The kids apparently don't have appropriate shoes to wear, i hope they can find some quickly.

My chief bridesmaid is running around trying to get her dress altered, apparently it's way too long, i don't remember it being too long but people don't usually shrink and apparently larger heels won't make enough of a difference.

My FMIL STILL doesn't have an outfit!!! We warned her time and time again to hurry up or shops will run out of summer stock and she went shopping last week and then complained she couldn't find anything mad.gif apparently she's starting to consider getting something made, but with only 7 weeks to the wedding, i doubt that's going to happen given she hasn't even called anyone, let alone bought the fabric mad.gif

I'm so pissed off right now!! I've been on everyone's back to get their butts into gear and they leave it 'til the last friggin minute and then they stress me out by telling me they're not sure they can get it done in time!! WELL THAT'S WHY I WARNED YOU SERVERAL WEEKS AGO TO DO IT THEN!!!

sorry, rant over!

Aww Beck Im sorry to hear that things are stressig you out. Dont worry most of my invitee's havent bothered to formally RSVP which is annoying, considering the rsvp date was 10th Jan.

Im sure your flowergirl will pick up some shoes fairly easily - I havent got shoes for myself yet blink.gif I did have a pair but decided against them when I tried them on with my dress.

Come here and rant any time you like, we're always here with an open ear to listen (well read) smile.gif Hope it gets easier for ya

Oh I just got off my phone - I have a second interview tomorrow.

2 interviews in 1 day is pretty stressful! Im going to be upfront with them and tell them I need 1-2 weeks off in March, That way, if Im honest and they dont like it then there is no use me wasting their time, and vice versa
That's probably the best policy Michelle!
Dancing Girl
Hi Girls,

Michelle I'm sorry to hear about your car. sad.gif When it rains, it pours! Hopefully the last place that fixed it will take some responsibility. Hopefully your luck will start changing and you'll get a job soon (at a nice place, not a nasty one!). I think the up front policy is the best, it'll avoid people being pi$$ed off down the track.

Hi Rochelle, good to hear from you. biggrin.gif I'm glad things are falling into place for you and you're looking forward to your day. I'm feeling mostly excited. Every now and then I get a bit nervous, but mainly it's excitement. biggrin.gif

Beck, feel free to rant away! That's what we are all here for - to share our highs (woo-hoo's) and lows (rant-rant-rants) laugh.gif At least your RSVP count is looking good. I haven't even got my invites out yet, so you're going pretty good compared to me laugh.gif

Well, I just got a really disappointing phone call. My make-up lady just rang to tell me she can't do my wedding sad.gif I found her through trawling through all my wedding magazines and loved her work so booked her back in June last year. I had a trial with her when I booked and she also did the make-up for my best friends wedding (who I was MOH for) and I loved her work. I actually didn't mind the photo's of myself tongue.gif Apparently her daughter (only 14yrs) was in a movie last year and the overseas launch is on the same day as my wedding sad.gif Complete bummer, but I do understand it is her daughter, so she has to come first. She has contacted another artist that she works with and is apparently very good, who thinks he is available. He is going to check and she's going to organise a trial for me (hopefully for tomorrow with the hairdresser as originally planned) and if for some reason I'm not happy with him, she'll find someone else. So, at least she hasn't just pulled out and left it up to me to sort out. She has also offered me a complimentary make-over after the wedding when I have a special something on. Bit of a bummer, that sh!t happens (can you tell I'm trying to be positive wink.gif ) and I'm sure it will all work out smile.gif

have a good weekend girls biggrin.gif

Hey Jo thanks for posting I think Im going insane from boredom (I dont like cricket or tennis, both on TV at the moment)

Well thats a shame to hear about your make up artist, but hopefully the guy she picks for you will be even better! And if he isnt at least she has offered to keep searching until you are happy. Its not very often you hear about helpful people in the wedding industry. The free make-over sounds like fun as well cool.gif

Dancing Girl
LOL at the sport Michelle laugh.gif I hate cricket too, but unfortunately it's on our T.V tonight wink.gif

Well, my hair lady rang me up. She has organised a trial with the make up guy for next Saturday. She said she has done a lot of work with him and he is a fantastic artist and a really nice guy. She also said we were lucky he was in the country at the moment because he does a lot of overseas training and shows huh.gif So, I'm thinking he must be O.K. So both trials are now happening next week!

I hate cricket dry.gif I should get back to my invites I guess. I just needed to check my emails so thought I'd sneek in ph34r.gif

Good luck to our girls having hair/make up trials today

hurry back with pics!! smile.gif
Hey, my pics are available in the wedding hair/makeup forum... or click here!
Michelle how were your interviews? Email me if you like smile.gif
Laurette I replied in the other thread. I love your hair wub.gif

The interviews went ok, I wont be devistated if I dont get the jobs. The first one was 43 hours a week for not much pay. The second one was much better but didnt discuss the pay, it was just to see how I "looked" mad.gif

Im still hanging out for my perfect job which Im trying to do the selection criteria for, its not due in for ages so I have time to perfect it.

Im having a bit of a sook day (yes another one, becoming more regular) I just got off the phone to mum I was crying to her. I miss mum and having her close. Im sick of living so far away sad.gif

Im also upset because none of my "friends" are making an effort to come to my wedding. I travelled interstate for one of their weddings (which got called off 2 days before mad.gif ) and she isnt making any effort to come to mine. When I spoke to her last she was saying how much money she is making so its not a financial thing. sad.gif They have all had plenty of notice... Maybe I smell?

Love Smelly Shelly xox
You dont smell sweetie - I promise.

What did they say were their reasons?

Thanks for the lovely hair comments
Hi Girls, I just wanted to pop in here and say I'm so eccited cos we've paid off our honeymoon. My dress also arrived yesterday. It's been a great weekend except for the fact that it's been over 40 degrees over the past few days.

Hope all your preparations are going smoothly. Not long now for the March girls. smile.gif
I finally got off my bum and made a wedding webpage for us. Please go and have a look and tell me what you think.

Laurette I can see you online but not on msn just checking that your weekend has gotten a little better? Not long to go now. Ride on cowboy!


Dancing Girl
HI girls,

Well, it's 12.05am and I just finished printing my invite envelopes blink.gif Tomorrow night I will take pic's then start to put the invites and inserts into the envelopes. We are wax sealing them, so unfortunately the job isn't finished yet, but I can see the light biggrin.gif

Laurette, I just went and had a look at your hair trial and posted in there....stunning!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif A couple of the girls mentioned the fringe, but I actually liked the fringe, it really softens the look at the front and suits your face. You're going to look bewdiful wub.gif

Michelle, that's really disappointing for you about your friends not being able to make it sad.gif Unfortunately there are some people in this world that just don't believe in making an effort for other people (but of course, expect it for themselves) dry.gif Try not to let it upset you too much. If they can't be bothered making an effort to get to your wedding, then they don't deserve the privelege of spending this special day with you.

Carolyn, congratulations on both paying off your honeymoon and getting your dress in biggrin.gif What a great weekend for you. Are you happy with your dress? Any chance of piccies??? cool.gif (i lurve the pic's)!

Beck, I'll go check out your website now biggrin.gif

My weekend hasn't been to bad. Apart from nearly finishing the invites, I ordered my BM jewellery - and thank goodness I did because it takes 6-8 weeks to come in ohmy.gif I didn't realise it would take this long. My day is in 9 weeks, so I should just scrape in. I also ordered some cufflinks from Tiffany's for Jason (as his wedding present wub.gif ) and apparently they also take 8 weeks to come in huh.gif . Talk about cutting it fine.

I also got my Dad measured up for his suit/vest, picked up the hankies for my BM's that I had embroidered (with their first initial) and made the hair pins for my BM's. Oh, and I also picked up some "honeymoon" items. Phew! Busy weekend - but my list is STILL huge!! It seems to be never-ending sad.gif

Well I better go to bed otherwise I'll never get up in the morning!

Dancing Girl
Beck, I just had a quick look at your wedding website. It looks great biggrin.gif Good job!

Wow Jo, you had a hugely productive weekend! I am so jealous... though I did manage to cut up the Hens night invites (ie 5 mins work with a guillotine).

Beck, you site looks fab. Well done.

I just realised that I have made our RSVP date AFTER the time the the caterer wants numbers. Yay - I've done well!

6 weeks and 5 days to go - the countdown is on 11 March girls! and those on the 4th March - I dont even wanna think about how quick that's going to come around.

I am more excited about the 5 weeks of work remaining - once that is over, then it will be a cinch - that last week, that I have off, is going to fly right on by.

I am so so tired today - I have had two late nights in a row, but Saturday didnt matter, as I was able to sleep in yesterday morning.

But last night I stayed up and watched a movie on TV after the cricket. I am an idiot - I didnt go to bed until 1.10am, and then it took me FOREVER to go to sleep - I was hearing really really strange noises, and I was pertified.

So I am sitting here, yawning, and my boss is back tomorrow after a week and a half off, and I dont really have a great deal to show for it!
Hi all!!!

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I've been popping in and out of the forums in between work (very inconsiderate of work to interfere with my social life - or lack thereof!) and travelling around the countryside.

Laurette - Love the hair. Just love it. Its so simple and elegant but still very formal and difficult to achieve. It will look stunning on the day! I know what you mean about the pins though - I'm not sure how I'll survive all day with those pins in my hair. I had to pull mine out about 5 hrs after it was done. I was going crazy with the pins sticking into my head. Think I'll take some morphine on the day...

Michelle - So sory to hear your friends have replied that they can't make it. I'm just wondering, maybe the friend (who's wedding you said was cancelled 2 days before) is still sensitive about her called off wedding and would prefer not to come in case she gets overly upset on your special day? I'm sure its not cos you smell. That was just a casual thought and potentially good reason for her not coming... Good luck with the job hunt - especially the dream job with the selection criteria.

Jo congrats on being so close to finishing your invitations! I love the wax seal idea - we were thinking of doing that but apparently there was not enough wax (and not enough money:)).

I was thinking of getting Tiffany cuff links for alex - mind if I ask which ones you got? I didn't know they needed to be ordered in! Better get a move on then!

Beck congrats on your webpage! We have one too - its lovely when people who can't make it to the wedding, or are living overseas compliment and say its nice to be able to see how the wedding is going from far away.

Carolyn - congrats on collecting your dress and paying off your honeymoon!!! How exciting!!!

Think I will post a new post to update my own progrss.. this one's far too long already....
OK - here's where I'm at:

The Dress I've pulled a fastie on my mum and changed the design. I bought a whole new batch of material (spent a FORTUNE!) and sent it up to brisbane. Basically the skirt is the same, same train etc, but the top will be different. I've bought a stunning piece of lace that we'll use at the top. I fly up to Brisbane on wednesday so I will post progress reports then on how the dress is coming along - I'm very excited to see how she's gone with the sewing so far smile.gif

We have just driven up to Sydney and back on the weekend so I can accumulate more km's on my car. I have to get a certain amount of driving done before March 31 or else I will be hit with a massive FBT bill. Sydney was nice but it meant I couldn't do wedding stuff.

I have more invitations to make - basically the invitations for the guests our parents forgot about.

I have to buy a new bed! Such a hassle. It's apparently a chinese tradition that Alex's grandma insists we follow. Our bed is perfectly fine (Only a few years old) but we need to havee a brand new bed, with brand new sheets (preferably red) and a happily married couple needs to set it up for us and have a small child roll and jump on it before the wedding.

I can't think properly as I think I have Laurette's tired bug. I have an appointment this afternoon then I'm coming home to plan more honeymoon stuff. Half the accommodation is booked -I'm slowly booking each city as we get closer to March. I'm so HANGING out for a holiday!!!

Please hurry up. But also please be slow so I can organise everything else I havne't already done...
Oh Chloe, I so agree with you – it has just got to that stage where I want it to be now, but still a bit panicky about all the stuff that I have to do in between to get ready! Argh!

I hope that you had a nice time in Sydney – my boy was there this weekend on his annual boys trip to Bondi. They have been doing it for about 10 or 12 years (yes, he’s a lot older than me!) and it’s a bit of a tradition! They go up on the Saturday and go to the races at Randwick (leave here at 3.45am) all day, and then spend all day at the icebergs on Sunday. What a life hey! They stay at the Bondi Beach Hotel… I am sure that you stayed somewhere much nicer than that though!

You would have gone almost right past me you know! If you went on the Hume H’way (which turns into the M5) you would have seen a sign to turn off to Temora just before the big McDonalds/Caltex Service Centre at Yass. Let me know if you did go that way!

And if you ever do it again, let me know and I will come have lunch with you at Yass or something!

WOW about the dress – that is so kewl! I can just imagine what the top of it is going to look like – I have a picture in my head of what it will look like! How is your mum about it? I don’t imagine that she would be real impressed!

Are you having and traditional Chinese things in your ceremony? Are you wearing any traditional dress (excuse my ignorance, because I wouldn’t even know whether there is a traditional Chinese dress!)?

That’s so so funny about the change of bed. I just bought red (well, really deep maroon/red) sheets the other week – Sheridan …. Mmmmm…..

Wow, maybe you should be DRIVING to Brisbane, or would you get your Km’s in do you think? I am quite willing to take your car off your hands for a month and clock up some k’s for you, if you like??

Good to see you back here – we missed you so much! wub.gif
I got a package in the mail (no not the type that comes in a brown paper bag wink.gif ) and I had a quick look and they are better in real life than in the pic. I will still take it somewhere that sells others and see if I can do a bit of handy work. I may have found my calling in the wedding industry only joking rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif wacko.gif
Laurette - we DID drive past Yass!!!

In fact, think we stopped there at the big servo both ways! Bugger - oh well, definitely next time!

We actually stayed at the most budget motel we could find - the Formula1 in Kings Cross. Definitely not 5 star but it was clean and we had a nice view of the harbour bridge! Oh and a TV so Alex was happy. Kings Cross is er... very interesting at night. Some say it has cleaned up alot but I can't see the change of the main drag (hahah! should I have used that word?) since my last few visits...

Apparently it is ok for couples to go into the nudey bars together. I know cos we were asked every 2 metres...

Mum was ... ok about the dress... Not fantastic, but luckily she hadn't actually cut any of the old fabric (now I have 5 metres of pure silk satin in ivory and I"m not sure what to do with it...) and she won't actually ahve to change the pattern of the bulk of the dress for the new one. Just ammend the top a bit.

On the sunday we will have the traditional chinese tea ceremony and for that I will wear the traiditional chinese 'kwa'. Basically I will look like a very over-done gawdy red present *wink*. Actually its not that bad but it might be hot. I'll see if I can find a picture for you... I wore one many many years ago for a work documentary we were making when I was over in Hong Kong - anyone remember Yan from Yan Can Cook! (and so can you!)...

Michelle - ermm the brown paper bag... although not THAT kind of brown paper bag... the items are a little more g-rated than you feared?? no.. erm. interesting shapes? Or semblances of shapes?
The traditional chinese wedding outfit - This is me with Yan many years ago.

user posted image
Wow Chloe, thanks so much fortelling us about that - it sounds as though it will be fun! You look great dressed up likea big red present! wub.gif

Michelle, I am glad that you 'package' arrived - and it was such a relief to read that things are OKish with it...

I hear that there's a bit of $$ in doing that stuff from home, so I wouldnt discount it completely!
QUOTE (Dancing Girl @ Jan 22 2006, 11:52 PM)

Carolyn, congratulations on both paying off your honeymoon and getting your dress in biggrin.gif What a great weekend for you. Are you happy with your dress? Any chance of piccies??? cool.gif (i lurve the pic's)!

user posted image

Hi Jo and other March girls, I'm going to try and post a pic of my dress, so please be patient with me, I've never done this before smile.gif

Well it sorta worked, except I got it mixed up in a quote which wasn't Jo's hope you can see it.

I bought a digital camera on the weekend, and am still trying to figure out how to use it. Will post proper pics a little while later.

I have to get ready for work now. Hope you all have a great day, Carolyn biggrin.gif
Oh Carolyn, it's stunning. So So So So So beauitful! You must be so happy with it! Congratualtions on learning how to post pics! if you need any help, give me a holler!
Carolyn that dress is gorgeous!!!!!


Are you going to have the capped sleeves on or off?
Thanks girls for your sweet words wub.gif I'm going to have capped sleaves, but atm they're not yet attached.

I'm playing around with the digital camera to try and up load pics.

oooh I'm going to be so late for work! lol
Work? Pfft - dont worry about that!
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